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What I Read (recommendations)

Currently writing for Sons Of Anarchy and Stranger Things.


Stranger Things Imagines:

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HeadCanons/ Would Includes:

Being Steves Younger Sister would Include

Billy Hargrove Imagines:

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Run To You 

Part Two

Part Three 💦

In My Feelings 💦

Sweet Dreams 💦

Last Christmas


Whiskey & You 💦


Steve Harrington Imagines:

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In Your Arms

Sons Of Anarchy Imagines:

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Head canons || Would Includes || Preferences

Being Gemma & JTs daughter and dating Happy

Being Jaxs Little Sister & Opies Old Lady

Being Best Friends With Lyla Would Include

Being Venus’ younger sibling and liking a member would include

Being FWB with Juice would include

Getting High with Chibs and Tig would include

The type of lingerie they’d like to see you in

Happy Imagines

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History (New Version)

Stood Up

Part Two

Part Three

Wrong Number  

Wrong Number Part Two 💦

Wrong Number Part Three

Its Your Love

I Don’t Love You

I Don’t Love You Part Two


Without Him

Movie Night

Counting Sheep

God Loves Her

Will You..?    

Will You..? Part Two



Crystal Part Two

Whore 💦

Your Call

Connect Call  

Part Two  

Part Three 

The Wrong Girl

Come And See Me

Why Don’t You Do Right

Not Your Babe 💦

Knock Knock

Parent Trap


Ménage à Troi 💦

Meet The Lowmans

Near Light

Good Girl 💦

The Girl With The Crow Tattoo

Office Hours 💦



Happy Holly-Day Series:

Happy Halloween

Happy Thanksgiving

Juice Imagines

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History (New Version)

I’m With You

Part Two


I need you


Shower Time 💦

Lets Go 💦

Wicked Games  

Wicked Games Part Two  

Wicked Games Part Three

Welcome Home 

Jealous 💦


Part Two 

Part Three

Part Four coming

The Garage 💦

The dress 💦

Piece by Piece


Double Trouble

Someone Nice

What Happens in Vegas

Birthday Boy 💦

Seven Minutes In Heaven

All Night Long

Good Vibes Only 💦

Drunk Dialling


Burnin Up

The Strangers 

Downwards Facing Dog

Shiv-alry Isn’t Dead

Friend Zone    (Written & Submitted by an Anon)


Part One

Part Two

Part Three  

Part Four  

Part  Five  

Part Six

Part Seven 💦

Part Eight

Part Nine

Tig Imagines

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Deception Part Two


Guard Part Two 

Surprise Me 💦

No Strings Attached 💦

Ménage à Troi 💦


Baby Blues 

Playing Games

Submitted & Written by @moonlightdoll13:

Chibs Imagines

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As Long As You Love Me 💦

Sweet Child O’ Mine   

Part Two  

Part Three 💦

You Shook Me All Night Long💦

Daddys Girl 💦

Chibbys Birthday: A SAMPERV Challenge

Jax Imagines

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Sorry Part Two 


Inside Out

You + Me  

 Part Two 

 Part Three 💦

Stay 💦

Third Love

Part Two  

Blind Threats



Pure 💦


Scar Tissue

The Lost Girls:

Part One      

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Kozik Imagines

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Pray You Catch Me  

No Scrubs

Hurricane Herman

I Get Off

Opie Imagines

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Just Friends 💦

Waiting 💦

You Had Me At Merlot

Break Up Sex 💦

Little Things


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What I Write

What I Recommend


Nueva Vida - Ao3
Collaboration with @codenamekaraortiz​​

I Gave You All: Unfinished/Under Editing

Charming Nights: Unfinished
Tumblr | Ao3

ScarJuice: Unfinished

Run, Beefcake! Run!
Tumblr | Ao3

Diaries of Anarchy
Tumblr | Ao3


Stand By Your Man

Permanent Mark
| Ao3

Car Wash For Charming
| Ao3

Homecoming Surprise
Tumblr | Ao3


Juice Ortiz Journals

Flirting and Trying
The Only Exception
Game On
Running Scared
GeekGirl and FanBoy
Getting the Message
Drunk Words, Sober Thoughts
Sleep On the Floor
Hot & Steamy
Beauty & the Biker

Come Out Wherever You Are
Puppy Love

The Grumpy Side of Happy
Happy to Have You

Educated Distraction - Part One
Educated Distraction - Part Two
Cruisin’ For a Bruisin’
President and Prospect
Punctured Love
Dinner and a Show
Blast From the Past
Just Say Yes
Tears Dry On Their Own
Total Knockout
Sharp Instruction

Craving You

Family Matters
Chibs Confessional
Car Trouble


Jax/Opie HIghschool
Anarchist Beginnings
The Guitar Incident 

Juice cheating on his Old Lady
Juice bringing his girl to Queens to meet his family
Halloween with Juice…
Sex with Juice would include…
Juice being in a relationship with a bookworm would include…
Being Juice’s sister

Tracing Jax’s tattoos while cuddling
Play-fighting with Jax
Being Jax’s Old Lady and in a baking war with Gemma
Having a crush on Jax and being flustered around him
Playing hard to get
Jax playing pranks with Opie
Jax dirty talking to tease/sweet talking you into something
Celebrating his girl’s birthday
Jax taking a girl’s virginity
Jax’s Old Lady being prudish
Jax knowing smoking turns his girl on

Being Opie’s daughter 
Play-fighting with Opie

Chibs and Juice having coffee

Happy admitting he’s in love

Being Piney’s daughter

Non-character specific
What Hogwarts House would each Son be in
What Hogwarts House do the Sons Old Ladies belong to
Daughter of a Son, secret relationship with another Son
Guys reactions to Old Lady not calling them “Old Man”


Tig Trager flirting with you would include :

(Woooo more nasty prompts! Woooo Tig 😏Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original)

-Him gawking at you on purpose whenever you would walk in the clubhouse, just to hint at you how hot you are to him

-Him making countless of sexual innuendos whenever you’d both have a little chat just to see you smile

-Him always putting his arm around you whenever you would stand close to each other, acting like he doesn’t know what is wrong with it

-Him looking you in the eyes with a lingering look whenever you’d hand him something, only to touch hands with you for a rather long while

-Him always standing extremely close behind you whenever you try to get something from a shelf just to whisper to you if you need his help

-Him whistling whenever you stand up for yourself before he starts praising you

-Him working harder whenever you would visit the guys at the garage just to catch your attention and tease you as you’d look over

-Him wrapping his arm around you to lead you to ride his bike when you are both out

-Him having no problem telling you that you make him hard on a daily basis, only to once again make you laugh

-Him hanging around you during parties, only for one night to finally make out with you and tell you about how hard he’s been working to get to this point

“Birthday Sex”

Tig Trager x Reader 
(GIF isn’t mine)


This is for you doll @mjcumberbatch Happy (early) Birthday!


[Your Perspective]

“Your birthday is coming up…” he trailed off as he held the phone to his ear.

“Yes it is,” you smiled in response, “but you know I’m not big about birthdays Filip.” You could tell by how awkwardly he brought up the subject that he had something in mind. You were hoping he’d come back to Easterhouse to visit the family, but you knew that was a long shot. Filip hadn’t been back since he left as a teen. You were the only family he was even close to anymore. The rest had labeled him a black sheep and moved on with their lives without him.

“So why don’t ye come out here an’ spend your birthday in California?”

You saw that request coming from a mile away, “I don’t know Filip I–”
“–Lass you haven’t visited in years. Me an’ the guys, we all miss you… Tig too,” he added, causing you to blush. There was a teasing tone in his voice that antagonized you. Chibs knew you had a small crush on his outlaw brother, but he also knew, unbeknownst to you, that Tig had grown fond of you the last time you visited on your birthday four years ago.

“Alright, fine,” you spoke finally, feigning annoyance, “I’ll come. I’ll text you my flight details when I know them.”
“I’ll be waiting at the airport for you when you land, lass,” Chibs smiled and hung up the phone, pushing away from the desk in the office at TM and walking out into the garage where Tig, Bobby, Opie, Clay and Jax were all working on bikes and cars for customers.

“Just got off the phone with (Y/N)…” Chibs paused as he saw everyone’s attention turn to him, but none’s head whipped around quicker at the mention of your name than Tig Trager. Chibs grinned, “…She’ll be joinin’ us in Charming for her birthday next week.”
“That’s really good, brother,” Clay smiled, patting the Scotsman on the back, “It’ll do you good to have your family around for a little while.”
“Yeah…” he smiled back, looking across the garage at Tig whose mouth was agape as he stared off into space. Chibs didn’t know what it was about his younger cousin that made Tig so nervous, but it was entertaining to watch.

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Prompt List of Sarcasm [2]

Prompt List of Sarcasm: One 

  1. “I just know something bad is going to happen.” 
  2. “You don’t look like an angel.” 
  3. “This is who I am. Nobody said you had to like it.” 
  4. “Don’t talk. Please.” 
  5. “I’ll make my own decisions, thank you.” 
  6. “This is the dumbest thing you’ve ever done.” 
  7. “Thank you, Captain Obvious.” 
  8. “Whoop! Whoop! Over-reaction alert!” 
  9. “It’s so ugly… I LOVE IT!” 
  10. “You lucky bastard.” 
  11. “We’re young. We’re fine. Let’s do some damage.” 
  12. “Who’s the bitch now, bitch?” 
  13. “I picked a helluva a day to quit drinking.” 
  14. “What’s that? Your stripper money?” 
  15. “Don’t you just hate those things you say that make you feel really blonde?” 
  16. “When I say problem, I mean global crisis.” 
  17. “Well, you don’t need to be snarky about.” 
  18. “If KARMA doesn’t hit you, I’ll do it.” 
  19. “Did you just fall?” “No, I attacked the floor.” “Backwards?” “I’m freaking talented!” 
  20. “Of course I can see you. I’m not blind you know.” 
  21. “The world can be amazing when you’re slightly strange.” 
  22. “Life is too short to wear boring clothes.” 
  23. “You throw punches, I throw insults.” 
  24. “Wow, I wish I could speak whale.” 
  25. “Sometimes I forget my middle name.” 
  26. “Let me just pound your head into the cement quick.” 
  27. “Yeah, I got that from your 600 voicemails.” 
  28. “I love the way your foul little mind works.” 
  29. “Haha, made you look.” 
  30. “Have you ever tried to run in heels?” 
  31. “Oh honey, I have a fake laugh with your name written all over it.” 
  32. “That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard come out of your mouth.” 
  33. “All due respect, but that’s a bunch of crap.” 
  34. “Generally speaking, you aren’t learning much when your lips are moving.” 
  35. “Brains aren’t everything. In fact, in your case, they are nothing.” 
  36. “How did you get here? Did someone leave your cage open.” 
  37. “I hope karma slaps you in the face before I do.” 
  38. “Well aren’t we just a freakin’ ray of sunshine.” 
  39. “I’m the dumbest smart person you’ll ever meet.” 
  40. “You say I’m a bitch like it’s a bad thing.”
  41. “Do you want me to accept you as you are, or do you want me to lie to myself and try to like you?” 
  42. “I could do that, but I won’t.” 
  43. “How come you’re here? I thought the zoo is closed at night…” 
  44. “You’re just jealous because the voices are talking to me.” 
  45. “Oh, honey, don’t feel bad. There’s a lot of people out there who don’t have talent!” 
  46. “I’d like to kick you in the teeth, but why should I improve your looks?” 
  47. “Sorry… I wasn’t born with a filter.” 
  48. “At least there’s one thing good about your body. It isn’t as ugly as your face.” 
  49. “I’d like to see things from your point of view, but I can’t seem to get my head that far up your ass.” 
  50. “People would follow him anywhere, but only out of morbid curiosity.” 
  51. “You grow on people, but so does cancer.” 
  52. “It’s always darkest before dawn. So if you’re going to steal your neighbor’s newspaper, that’s the time to do it.” 
  53. “Always remember that you’re unique. Just like everyone else.” 
  54. “If I throw a stick, will you leave?” 
  55. “Not all men are annoying. Some are dead.” 
  56. “And that’s why women living longer.” 
  57. “Well, this day was a total waste of makeup.” 
  58. “I’m trying to imagine you with a personality.” 
  59. “If we killed everybody who hates you, it wouldn’t be murder, it would be an apocalypse!” 
  60. “This is an excellent time for you to become a missing person.” 
  61. “Are you always this stupid or are you making a special effort today?” 
  62. “I’m busy now. Can I ignore you some other time?” 
  63. “Don’t let your mind wander, it’s far too small to be let out on it’s own.” 
  64. “Don’t you realize that there are already enough people to hate in the world without you putting in so much effort to give us another?” 
  65. “I don’t know what makes you some dumb but it really works.” 
  66. “Don’t thank me for insulting you. It was my pleasure.” 
  67. “I’m impressed. I’ve never met such a small mind inside a big head before.” 
  68. “You are not as bad as people say. You are much, much worse.” 
  69. “Please keep talking. I always yawn when I am interested.” 
  70. “What do I say?” “I hear “hello” is really popular.” 
  71. “My ex had one very annoying habit. Breathing.” 
  72. “Please don’t interrupt me when I’m talking to myself.” 
  73. “You did what with who for how many muffins?” 
  74. “Heaven won’t take me and hell’s afraid I’ll take over.” 
  75. “I’m still drunk from last night.” 
  76. “I’m sorry for the mean, awful, accurate things I said.” 
  77. “Zombies ear brains. You’re safe.” 
  78. “If only closed minds came with closed mouths.” 
  79. “I’d agree with you, but then we’d bot be wrong.” 
  80. “Babe, if a woman tell you “You’re right” that’s called sarcasm.” 
  81. “Some people just need a high-five. In the face. With a chair.” 
  82. “There’s someone for everyone, and the person for you is a psychiatrist.” 
  83. “I want to say I’m hear to listen to your problems, but I’m not a therapist and I don’t like you.” 
  84. “Your flexibility amazes me. How do you get your foot in your mouth and your head up your ass all at the same times?” 
  85. “I’m actually not funny. I’m just mean and people think I’m joking.” 
  86. “Oh, you don’t like me? Well have a seat with the rest of the bitches waiting for me to give a fuck.” 
  87. “I’m sorry I slapped you… But you didn’t seem like you would ever stop talking and I panicked.” 
  88. “It’s called karma, and it’s pronounced ‘haha fuck you’.” 
  89. “I’m not jealous, I just don’t like the bitch.” 
  90. “Wanna see how far my six inch heel can go up your ass?” 
  91. “Oops, my bad. I could’ve sworn I was dealing with an adult.” 
  92. “You look like something I drew with my left/right hand.” 
  93. “Keep rolling your eyes. Maybe you’ll find a brain back there.” 
  94. “I’ve got a good heart but this mouth…” 
  95. “I don’t have the energy to pretend to like you today.” 
  96. “I take super hot showers to practice burning in hell.” 
  97. “If you don’t like me and still watch everything I do, BITCH YOU ARE A FAN.” 
  98. “Sweetie, I’m gonna need you to put those few remaining brain cells together and work with me here, okay?” 
  99. “Have you ever had those days when you are holding a stick and everybody looks like a pinata.” 
  100. “The trash gets picked up tomorrow. Be ready.”

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Request from the lovely @crystalbaby12 for a Jax x Reader based on the following prompt:

#78 - “I need you to be my girlfriend for about 5 minutes.”

Sorry I didn’t include both prompts that you originally asked for!!! Hope you still like it x

Originally posted by journeyslegend

A whistle catches your attention, Jax smiling widely at you from across the room. Getting up, you move over to him, eye brows raised in question.

“Last time I checked, I’m not a dog. My name will do if you need my attention.” He continues to grin as you eventually end up smiling, a common reaction when faced with the man you love.

“I always need your attention, darlin.” he flirts, the playful banter a daily occurrence for the two of you. Though you expect it’s harmless on his end, you can’t help but fall deeper and harder for him, him having no idea about your feelings.

“Doesn’t everyone?” you ask sarcastically, moving to stand beside him, the two of you watching as Gemma and some of the others set the table, a family dinner about to take place. You had of course been invited, Gemma loving you like her own, you and Jax being as close as can be since the two of you met each other four years ago.

“You know how you love me?” Your heart stops for a moment, until your mind catches up and realise he’s just talking platonically, your face flushing all the same. “I need you to do me a favour.”

“Is that so? What’s in it for me?” you question, lifting your bottle of beer to your lips, Jax watching you intently. He continues to smile at you, the look of pure adoration as clear as day to outsiders. But not to you.

“Can’t you just help me out of the goodness of your pretty, pretty heart? You wound me.“ He places his hand on his chest, faux offense on his face. Rolling your eyes, you nudge his body with your own, your skin tingling at the connection.

“What do you need?” You wait for him to respond, genuine curiosity on your face. You had no idea what he needed from you, but knowing Jax, it wouldn’t be simple.

“I need you to be my girlfriend for about five minutes.” The alcohol gets stuck in your throat at his request, an unattractive cough breaking out as you try to recompose yourself. Jax chuckles, shaking his head as he watches you with amusement, liking that he can catch you off guard after all this time.

“No way! I refuse to put myself through such torture.” you say, covering up for the fact that you’d actually love to be his girlfriend. Not just for five minutes, though. For a lot longer.

“You haven’t even heard my reasons yet!” he laughs, used to your stubborn behavior. He grabs your hand, his huge one covering your smaller one so perfectly, his skin warm and comforting as he leads you outside the back, the others not noticing as you slip away.

Once you’re outside, Jax pulls a cigarette from his pocket, offering you one in the process, you declining. “Those things’ll kill you, you know.”

“I’ve heard there’s quite a queue, they’ll have to get in line.” Jax jests, his lungs inhaling the nicotine before the smoke escapes from his lips, your fingers tightly gripping your bottle as you remind yourself to breathe.

“So, please entertain me. Why do you need me to fake date you? I’m sure you’re not short on potential candidates.” You hike yourself up onto the brick wall, your boots just about touching the floor.

“Straight to the point, as usual.” He takes a seat next to you, your thigh brushing his in such a delightful way. “My mom has invited some chick round, thinks we’d get on well.”

You feel like you’ve been punched in the gut, the thought of Jax with somebody else so painful even though you should be used to it by now, females seeming to be everywere he goes.

“You never know, you might like her. Your mom has good taste.” you encourage, trying to keep your expression as natural as possible, not wanting to let on how you really feel about this idea.

Jax shrugs, taking his last drag before throwing the stub to the floor, his eyes finding yours, you looking down from the intensity of his gaze. “Of course she has good taste. She’s been trying to hook us up for years.”

You smile into your lap, a red hot blush covering your cheeks as butterflies flutter in your stomach as Jax gauges your reaction.

“Is that so?” you challenge, the tension between the two of you rising as you look up at Jax, determined to hold his gaze as your faces stay only inches apart.

Jax hums in confirmation, his tongue running over his bottom lip. You break away, your eyes moving in front of you. His thigh moves from yours as he pushes himself off the wall, his body coming to stand in front of you as he pulls you up, you letting him.

“This is new.” you say as Jax pulls you closer to him, his hands resting on your back to keep you from moving away, not that you would. Nevertheless, you remain stiff, not wanting to make a move incase it’s too much.

Jax senses this, rolling his eyes dramatically, huffing as he leads your arms, placing them around his neck, his hands going back to where they were before as you’re pressed up against one another.

“Does that bother you?” he mumurs, the distance between you so small that even if he whispered, you’d hear it as clear as day. You shrug your shoulders shyly, your cheeks definitely a bright shade of red. “You’ve gotta get used to this if you wanna be convincing.”

You can’t control your change in moods as you realise Jax is only doing all of this so you’ll help him get rid of some chick, a sigh leaving your lips as you push at his chest, a confused expression on his face as he removes his grip from you, you stepping back to create distance.

“Is that all I’m useful for, hm? Helping you make excuses so your entourage backs off?” Jax goes to defend himself, you stopping him with your hand. “Save it, Jackson. Thanks for making it clear.”

“Making what clear? What are you talking about?” He grabs your wrist as you turn away, you snatching your arm back as if you’ve been burnt by his touch. He looks completely clueless as he studies you, you trying to compose yourself before you start blubbering in front of him.

“I’m talking about us!” you say, gesturing between the two of you. Sighing, you run your hand through your fringe, trying to think before you speak. “I get that I’m not enough for you, that all I’ll ever be is a friend. But really, asking me to be your girlfriend for five minutes before you drop me again? I’ll pass, thanks.”

“I didn’t think you’d mind! You’ve done it for me before-” Jax stops mid sentence, realisation hitting him in the face like a bus. You frown as he begins to smile, his tongue slipping out of his mouth slightly as he nods towards you. “You’re jealous aren’t you?”

You freeze for a moment, shock on your face, before you feign disgust. Scoffing, you cross your arms defensively. “You wish.”

“Don’t try and lie to me, don’t forget I know you better than anyone.” You curse under your breath as you realise you’ve stepped in a big pile of metaphorical dog shit, and you’re unable to see a way out of it. “You like me.”

“Obviously. You’re my best friend.” you say, trying to remain casual. Jax slowly moves closer to you, you moving backwards until you come into contact with the side of the house, the brick firm against your back. Jax continues to move as you stand, trapped, your palms sweaty due to your nerves.

“That’s not what I mean and you know it.” he teases, his hands being placed either side of your head as he boxes you in, his face hovering just above yours. “You like me, like me.

“What are you, twelve?” You keep your eyes focused on his, your anxiety almost getting the better of you. Your stomach flips when you see his gaze flick to your lips, you swallowing nervously.

He moves even closer to you, your eyes fluttering closed as he brushes his nose against yours, his breath fanning onto your lips. “I don’t hear any denial.”

“Just kiss me if you’re going to, you idiot.” You open your eyes quick enough to catch Jax with slight shock on his face, before you close them again at the feel of his lips upon yours. You grip his shirt in your fist as you enjoy the moment you’ve been dreaming about for years.

Jax sucks on your bottom lip teasingly, a moan erupting from inside of you. You’re embarrassed for a moment, that is until Jax moans in response, his hands sliding to your ass as he squeezes, lifting you up and pushing you against the brick.

“Guys-” Chibs’ voice interrupts the two of you, his sentence cut short as he sees how you’re occupied. He smirks, you red faced as Jax remains calm and collected. “Gemma is looking for you. No rush, though, take your time.”

He winks at the two of you before disappearing back inside, Jax still holding you as you wiggle to get down. Chuckling, Jax complies with your request, placing you carefully back on the floor. “Continue this later?”

You hum, slipping your fingers up his shirt, his skin warm as he flexes under your touch. Leaning up, you move to his ear, your hand drifting to the waistband of his boxers.

“We’ll see.” With that, you separate from him quickly, slipping back inside with a parting wink.

A/N - Longer than usual but I hope you guys liked it anyway! Xxx

Surprise Me

Originally posted by samcroimagine

Originally posted by dearsaay

Request: Imagine giving Tig head in the bathroom.

Note: Okay I haven’t edited this at all, so Im sorry if there are mistakes. Also sorry that the ‘backstory’ is shitty, I wrote this in like an hour, plus i wrote the smut part first and then just wanted to post it for you guys 😂 Hope y'all enjoy! xx


(Y/n) (y/l/n) was quiet. She was that quiet, shy girl that always sat in the back of the classroom. You never raised your hand and you’d always worry the teacher would pick you to answer a question. Lyla was the popular one. She was beautiful, confident and everyone loved her. Blond hair, perfect body, and well- she was a pornstar. Of corse all the boys loved her.
Yet she was your best friend and somehow, despite all your differences you got on like a house on fire.
You were nervous when she invited you to a party at SAMCRO.
Of course you wanted to go, God those bikers were sexy as hell, but you were.. you.
You were the quiet one that no one ever talked to, and next to Lyla and her pornstar friends, you knew you didn’t stand a chance.
It’s not that you were ugly.
But you just weren’t.. them.
They wore barely any clothes and you wore jeans and a singlet.
They coated themselves in cheap perfume and spent hours on their make up and you had no idea what the fuck contouring meant.
But you had to suck it up. You wanted to go and you wanted to hang out with your friend and as long as there was eye candy invlolved, you couldn’t really complain.
The party was in full swing when you walked in and you gulped as you eyed the crow eaters dancing around in practically nothing.
“Come oooooon!” Lyla said and dragged you into the crowd.
You sighed and followed your friend.
Seeing all these half naked girls had never made you feel more insecure, in your ripped jeans and black singlet.
At least you had bothered to put on mascara, you thought to yourself.
“(Y/n), this is Opie!” Lyla said and shoved you towards a large biker.
He smiled down at you and you smiled back up at him.
She continued to introduce you to the surrounding guys; Juice, Jax, Tig and Bobby.
“Hey I didn’t know Lyla had friends that weren’t pornstars.” Juice said.
Lyla rolled her eyes.
“How do you know she’s not a pornstar?” Bobby answered.
“I’m full of surprises.” You winked and you all laughed.
Tig watched you closely and you blushed slightly under his gaze.
“Come on, let’s get you a drink.” Lyla said and dragged you to the bar.
An hour or two had passed and you headed for the bathroom.
The night was going well so far, and different from what you had expected.
You had spent the evening sitting with Tig, Bobby Opie and Lyla and you had gotten on well, laughing and talking together.
The clubhouse was packed and you moved through the crowd, brushing shoulders with strangers.
Eventually you made it to the bathroom and you closed the door behind you.
After doing what you came to do you stared at yourself in the mirror as you washed your hands.
Suddenly the door opened behind you and Tig walked in.
He stopped when he saw you and a playful look came over him.
He was sexy, all in leather and God those eyes just did something to you. His hands were masculine and covered in rings and you wanted to know how it felt when they touched you.
He leant against the wall and watched you as you dried your hands.
“You know if you wanted to get me alone you coulda just asked.” He said.
You laughed and turned towards him.
“If I’m not mistaken, you are the one who followed me in here.”
You smirked and wiped your hands in your jeans.
“Something tells me you wanted me to follow you in here.” Tig said and stepped closer to you.
“Is that so?” You asked with a raised eye brow.
Tig reached out and locked the door before stepping towards you once more.
“Mmhmm.” He nodded. He bit his lip and looked you up and down as he closed the gap between you.
You breathed in his scent and your heart began to beat faster.
Before you could more he leant forward and kissed your lips lightly.
“But then again, maybe you’d rather be left alone.”
You didn’t even hesitate. You dropped to your knees and tugged down his jeans, not even bothering with the zipper. Tig had tight black briefs on that were thin enough to make out the shape of his hardening length.
You looked up into those blue eyes, now filled with shock and winked before kissing him through the fabric.
“Oh Jesus.” You heard Tig whisper as he threw his head black and you smirked and ran your tongue along his length, still through the fabric.
The heat from your breath and the saliva from your tongue made the fabric damp and you looked up to meet his eye as your fingered traced inside the waistband.
He stared down at you, his bottom lip between his teeth and those blue eyes sparkling with arousal.
You tugged the briefs down his thighs and let them fall to his ankles, your eyes widening slightly as you took in the full length of him.
Tigs hand reached out and he placed it gently on your cheek. You smirked up at him and moved your head closer.
You slowly licked a trail from base to the head and twirled your tongue around the tip.
Tig gasped and you wrapped your lips around him before taking more of him in your mouth.
Your head moved back and forwards along his length and with each move you took more of him in your mouth.
Tig looked down at you, your cheeks hallowed and your eyes watering as he hit the back of your throat.
But you didn’t gag, you just continued to pull him further into your mouth and Tig moaned in pleasure.
His hands wrapped into your hair, his rings tangling into the strands and he pulled it into a ponytail, guiding you up and down his cock.
You pulled back, letting him leave your mouth with a pop and you licked your lips and gently grabbed his cock with your hand.
You licked along the underside of him and kissed the tip softly.
“Good girl,” Tig moaned and you smirked and licked along his length once more.
He loomed over you, dominant and he had a wild look in his eyes.
He placed his hand under your chin and lifted it til you were looking at him.
He continued to lift, gesturing for you to stand and you obeyed.
You came to your feet and Tig was quick to press his lips against yours.
His hands grasped at your hair, taking it in handfuls and he kissed you hungrily.
You moaned into his mouth which only seemed to make him want you more.
He pulled back from you and licked his lips slowly, his eyes running over your body hungrily.
You felt the slightest pressure on your hips as he placed his fingers there, brushing the cool metal of his rings against the skin between your jeans and your top.
“Are you a good girl?” Tig asked you.
You bit your lip, feeling his fingers move lightly back and forth over your skin.
“I try to be.” You whispered and ran your hands up his chest, and grasped the leather on his shoulders.
He arched his neck and leant towards you and you felt the heat of his breath on your neck.
“I think your a bad girl,” Tig said.
You shivered as you felt his lips trace ever so slightly across the skin of your neck.
He pulled his head back slightly and smirked at you before pressing his lips against yours.
You moaned, letting your mouth open and he slid his tongue inside. The kiss was different to the one before, like you were at his mercy now, like you were his and he slid his hands around you, grabbing your ass and squeezing tightly.
He’s not shy in the way he moves his lips with yours and you taste the cigarettes and whiskey on his tongue.
His pants are still around his ankles and and you can feel his length pressing against you as he pulls you closer to him.
Suddenly he pulls back from you and you bite your lip as he pulls his body away too.
His eyes are filled with lust and he stepped back to look at you.
You lifted your shirt above your shoulders and let it fall to the ground before reaching behind you and unclipping your bra.
Tig stroked himself as you let your bra fall to the floor and his eyes burnt into your bare chest.
He steps closer to you once more, looming over you all black leather and he reaches out and grabs the back of your neck. His movement was rough but gentle enough to not hurt you and you almost whimpered at his touch.
Your fingers tangled in his black curls and you felt his hands explode your breasts.
He squeezed your breasts and took a nipple between his fingers and squeezed gently before massaging them once more.
He’s kissing you with such force that you stumble backwards slightly til you feel yourself hit the sink.
Tig ripped his lips away from yours and kissed down your neck, sucking hungrily at the skin and you moaned as he nipped gently, leaving a trail of bruises along your collar bone.
He lowered his mouth and sucked at your breast, making you gasp.
His hips pressed into you, his erection pressing against your abdomen and you lifted yourself up slightly so you were sitting on the edge of the counter.
You moan at the touch of his tongue licking over your hardened nipples and you wrap a leg around his waist, pulling him closer.
You grasp at his hair, tugging gently at the black curls and he digs his fingers into your hips.
Your pussy was wet for him, dampening your panties and you ground your hips, letting the fabric of your jeans run against him.
Tig growled and pulled back from your breasts.
His fingers grabbed at your jeans and he tugged them down your body. He eyed the red panties covering your pussy and he licked his lips. He moved to stand between your legs once more and you wrapped them around him and grabbed at his leather, pulling his lips to yours.
Tig ran his hand between your bodies and you feel his thumb run against your clit through the fabric.
A load moan left your lips and suddenly the hand that was on your pussy is pressed to your mouth.
“Keep it down,” He ordered.
You nodded and he lifted his hand and stroked your cheek gently.
“Are you gonna be a good girl?” He asked you and he pressed his erection against your inner thigh.
You bit your lip, fighting the moan wanting to escape you and nodded.
His hand traced your cheek and his tongue stroked your lips gently.
You wrapped your mouth around his thumb and sucked gently.
Tig growled and moved his free hand down to his pussy, leaving his thumb in your mouth.
He traced along your slit and you whimpered slightly.
He met your gaze and you stared into them as he rubbed your clit through your panties slowly.
“That feel good?” He asked you.
His finger slid beneath the fabric and between your folds, feeling your wetness and you moaned against his thumb in your mouth and nodded.
He pulled his hand away from your face and pushed your legs open wider, his eyes looking hungrily at your pussy.
Gently he lifted your panties and pushed them to the side, exposing your wetness to him.
Tig licked his lips and ran his finger through your folds once more.
You whimpered slightly as his fingers ran over your clit and back to your core and he teased you with his fingertips.
He stares at your pussy in awe before sinking to his knees before you.
His lips kissed your folds softly and you moaned as you felt his tongue slide between them.
His tongue circled your clit and you bit your lip, fighting the moans that threatened to escape you.
He licked at you hungrily and slid a finger inside you.
You could feel him moan against your clit, causing vibrations on his tongue and you couldn’t help but moan out in pleasure as he pumped his finger inside of you.
You grabbed at his hair, holding him to you and you moved your hips slowly back and forth, grinding yourself against his lips.
Another finger slid inside you and he pumped ten expertly, rubbing against your g spot with each move.
His tongue ran laps around your clit and heat began to build within you.
“Tiggy!” You moaned as you felt yourself reaching the edge.
Tig growled and moved his tongue faster, pumped his fingers faster and you squirmed, tugging gently at his hair.
You moaned again and suddenly you were trembling, waves of ecstasy floating over you as you come. Tig lapped at your juices, his fingers still pumping inside you and your legs shook.
He let you ride out your high, his tongue lapping up all of you and slowly he pulled back from you and licked his lips.
You were panting and he stood and kissed you gently, letting you taste yourself on his lips.
You met his eye and you gulped at the hunger and lust that filled his gaze. He was no where near finished with you.
He pulled you off the sink and turned you around, making you look at yourself in the mirror.
You bit your lip and looked at your reddened cheeks, your ruffled hair and your almost naked body.
Tig pressed himself against your back and massaged your breasts as he kissed your neck roughly.
You closed your eyes and threw your head back, letting him take control of you.
His cock pressed against your ass and you knew he must be desperate to come now.
His hands left your breasts and trailed down your hips and he reached between the two of you and squeezed your ass cheeks, separating them slightly. He pulled down your panties and let them fall to your ankles.
You laid your hands on the edge of the sink and leant forward slightly, letting him see more of your ass.
Tig growled and slapped your cheek hard making you gasp.
He rubbed the reddening skin before slapping it once more but this time you moaned.
You felt his hand cup your pussy and you bit your lip.
“This pussy is mine now.” He growled and you nodded.
“It’s all yours Tiggy.”
He grabbed his hard cock and pressed it against your entrance, circling it slowly.
“So wet for me, baby girl.”
You moaned and arched your back, pushing your ass towards him.
Tig smirked and pushed himself into you slowly.
A low moan left your lips as his length slid inside you slowly, stretching you.
He pulls back slowly and enters you once more and you arched your back once more.
Tig grasped your hips and pushed himself further into you.
You whine as he leaves you and you hear him chuckle slightly behind you.
Suddenly he pushed into you once more, harder than before and he leaves you breathless.
Your knuckles are white as you clutch at the sink and he pounds into you relentlessly.
Moans leave your lips as he slaps against you and you can feel your juices running down your thighs.
“Your so tight for me baby,” Tig growls.
You whined and arched your back and his hand leaves your hips and he gently wraps it around your throat.
He meets your eye in the mirror and you nod, allowing him to squeeze your throat tighter as he fucks you hard.
His thrusts pound into you and he moves his free hand between your legs.
His fingers rubs circles at your clit and his cock slams into you even harder.
You moan at the double sensation and Tig squeezed your neck tighter.
“You gonna come for me babygirl?” Tig breathed in your ear.
His grip on your throats loosened and you moaned as he rubbed at your clit faster.
“Fuck! Tig!” You moaned.
He slammed into you harder.
“You gonna come all over my cock?” He growled.
He continues to slam inside of you and he rubs at you.
“I wanna feel you come on my cock baby girl.” Tig growled in your ear.
His hand moved back to your neck and squeezed gently.
You grip the hand between your legs, but he keeps rubbing and rubbing and a loud moan leaves your lips.
Your body trembles and your walls clench around him and you feel yourself become wetter.
Your still coming as he finishes fucking you and he slams into you once more before he releases himself, filling you with his heat and he bites into your shoulder with a groan.
He comes down slowly, your breaths mingling as he rests his head against your back.
Your legs are still trembling and you clutch at the sink to keep your balance.
He pulls out of you and you dress yourselves in silence.
Once you’ve pulled your shirt back on you lean against the wall and stare at the ceiling, somehow still breathless.
Tig stands in front of you and he placed a hand either side of you in the wall.
You lower your gaze from the ceiling to meet his eye and you blush slightly.
His blue eyes shine as they look at you with adoration and he runs his hand over his face.
“You really are full of surprises.”

They Get Violent


I could tell that he was in a bad mood the minute he walked in. Whenever Chibs was like this an unpleasant tension would always followed him, like a thick fog which choked everyone around him. Chibs threw his keys on the kitchen table with a force shooting me a glare when I turned to greet him.

“Hey babe, bad dad?” I ask moving forward to give him a kiss but he moves out of the way before I can reach him.

“I don’t want to talk about it, I’m fine” he hissed with venom in his voice. I froze at this, whenever he had come home in a bad mood I could always put him in a better one but tonight I felt like an argument was going to present its self.

“You are not fine Fillip. I think by now I should know when you are and when you are not fine!” My voice raises slightly as the fog begins to work its magic. Fillip turned back to me a bitter laugh leaving him as he does.

“What after only being with each other for a few months ye think that ye know me lassie!” He was shouting now but I held my ground not flinching from the harshness of his voice. The one thing that I had been given advice on when I became an old lady is that you can’t let them walk all over you but at the same time you have to be clear on your boundaries. This piece of advice must have somehow slipped my mind as this argument escalated.

“We have known each other for years! And don’t come into our home and start taking out your frustration on me Fillip! I’m not the reason your in a mood oh but you know what I might as well be since you won’t bloody tell me what happen!” Their was fire burning in his eyes at my outburst which was growing in volume. He wasn’t used to me shouting like this and by the looks of it he didn’t like it.

“Awk, ye know what I’m going to go stay at the clubhouse tonight cause a canny be bothered with your shite tonight” Chibs accent grew thicker as his anger rose. He was the type to try and avoid fights with me and try to leave half way threw arguments where as I am in it to the bitter end. He tries to push past me to get to his keys but I quickly stop him.

“Don’t you dare walk away from me when you started this!” I say grabbing hold of his upper arm and without any thought he spins around and pushes my body with the full weight of his sending me flying backwards. My head hits off of the metal handle of the cabinet and then bounces off of the tiled kitchen floor. The pain is immediate and intense as I put my hands up to cradle the back of my head and to my horror when I bring my hand back to my face it is covered in a dark crimson colour. Blood. My face pales and I feel sick. I look up to Fillip and his face has gone whiter than mine as his face shows not other emotion than regret.

“Y/N-” he tries to speak but I cut him off

“Don’t” I whisper moving my body to sit up but begin to feel light headed as I do I hold on to the cabinet handle for support.

“Love, I didn’t mean to - you know I would never -” he can’t seem to find he words as he stands there looking helpless and sorry

“I know” I whisper yet again unable to find my voice, he moves closer to me and I flinch. Hurt is clear on his face.

“Baby I’m not going to hurt you-”

“But you did Fillip” he looks as if he’s about to answer but I cut him off again “just leave”


“GET OUT” I scream my voice breaking and he jumps at the sudden noise. Slowly he moves backwards towards the table and grabs his keys.

“I’m so sorry love” he says making no eye contact with his head down. I take the opportunity to let the tears which have been pooling in my eyes fall and stream down my face. Without another word he moves quickly down the hall and he is out the front door in seconds leaving me to cry alone on the kitchen floor.


I couldn’t get over it. He had done the one thing I always warned him of, the one thing he knew I wouldn’t take lying down. I felt the sting on my skin before I had realised what happened and I could feel the redness forming rapidly. The room grows tense and I am unable to comprehend what has just happened.

“Y/N” he whispers his voice breaking and I know he didn’t mean it, I know that he loves me and didn’t intentionally hurt me but that’s what the club does to pure hearted souls. It chews them up and spits them out.

“I warned you” is all I say as I keep my eyes fixated on the wall to my right where my head had uncontrollably turned on account of the impact from Alex’s hand. “I knew this would happen if you kept being in Clays pocket-”

“I am not in Clays pocket!” Now I turn to look at him my eyes full of sympathy and tears as I watch the man I love unable to come to terms with what he has become.

“Alex baby, you are and you know it. If you weren’t you wouldn’t have let Clay order you to kill a brother and went though with it blindly and as a readily you kill his wife instead” my voice rises with intensity as I become more emotional as I re-live Donna’s death “you killed my best friend and you sat with me night anger night as I cried and never told me what you did! You never told me that you killed her!”

“You would have never forgiven me” he says in a feeble attempt at defending himself. Scoffing I look to him in disbelief.

“You know that’s not true, I would have understood because I know you! Yes I would have been angry but I would have know that it wasn’t your fault and that Clay misused your loyalties with him!” Anger once again rose upon his face at the mention of Clays miss use of Tig’s loyalty which was what had gotten me the slowly forming bruise on my face in the first place.

“I already told you! I’m not in his fucking pocket so keep your god damn mouth shut about shit you don’t know anything about!” your left in shock as Alex screams at you. He had never done anything like this to you before and it left you mute. Realisation quickly flashes across his eyes as he takes in your destroyed expression.


“No Alex” you voice come out stern and strong “Get out before you do something else you regret and don’t come back until you have gotten rid of the poison that is Clay Morrow from your life”

You both stand their knowing that Tig may never be able to do that, knowing that this will stretch your relationship to its limit and that Alex may not choose you over the club - over Clay. The thought crushed you because this might be your last memory of you and Tig, you hated that it had to this one. One that left a bruise on the side of you face ensuring that you will have a constant reminder of this night for weeks to come. Without another word Alex leaves and you feel a relief wash over you from the thought of not fighting with him for the entire night, which had become a retune for you both. However you felt that tonight would be worse as you wouldn’t be making up with the love of your life and cuddeling in bed into the early hours of the morning rather, you will be crying yourself to sleep unable to think of anything else than that of the throbbing pain on your check and who left it there.


You couldn’t believe that he had done it. You had loved him since you where sixteen, followed him wherever he wanted to go and did nothing but support him when he joined the club - you did not deserve what had just happened to you. Juice had came home in a sate, he was muttering to himself and frantically walking around your apartment. Concerned you tried to calm him down but upon mentioning the club he lost it. Pushing you back against the wall making you hit the back of your head then proceeding to choke you. The bruising had started as soon as he had tightened his grip. You managed to somehow get him off of you and when you did you ran as fast as you could to your bedroom and quickly locked the door so no one could get in.

“Y/N…I’m so sorry” came the whimpering voice of Juan from the other side of the door and you closed you eyes knowing that if you listened to him you would end up opening the door, you couldn’t take the chance. You listened to his pleas silently from where you sat on the bed. When you caught sight of your phone , from where it lay on the bed, you quickly took a hold of it knowing exactly who to call as Juice continued his muttering from the other side of the door. Within two rings he had answered.

“Hiya love, everything okay?” The soothing voice of Fillip Telford came from the other end of the line. A voice of comfort that you had recently grown accustomed to.

“Fillip” It comes out shaky and a bit scratchy from how long you had been crying.

“What’s the matter love, what’s happened?” The frantic voice of the man that had been flirting with you for months behind Juices back said though the phone.

“He-e … Juice he los-st it and he em …” Its quiet on the other end the only thing that could be heard was Fillips breathing, ” he came-e ho-ome in a stat-te and he banged my head off-f of the w-wall and - and h-he choked me-e"

“Where are you right now y/n?” Despite how well he tied to hide it you could clearly hear the anger in his voice.

“I locked myself in-n the b-bedroom, he’s o-outside the door” you answer while trying to calm your breathing

Yea “I’m going to be there in 10 minutes, okay? Do not move” and with that he hung up the phone leaving you to make a difficult decision. You knew that if you didn’t tell Juice that Chibs was coming he would get a bad beating from the Scot and if you did tell him he could try and escape this mess he’s made for himself.

“Juicy?” You say softy and you know that he’ll hear.

“Y/N I’m so sorry-”

“Juice listen to me” you say cutting him off “you have to leave”

“Leave? What do you mean leave?” Moving closer to the door you rest your head against it salty tears once agin streaming down your face.

“I phoned Fillip…I told him what you did Juicy and if your here when he gets here - you might not walk out of this house alive baby” and just like that you forgive him. You know that you couldn’t be with him again - that you wouldn’t be able to trust him again but that didn’t change the love you have for him, the love that you knew would never go away.

“But what about you” his voice cracks mid sentence and your heart breaks

“After this Juan it wouldn’t ever work between us and once the guys find out about this - on top of everything else… they’ll kill you. I’ll be fine her the club will look after me I’ll give you whatever money you need but I can’t watch the only family I’ve got kill the man I love” you pause trying to calm down but it doesn’t work “please don’t make me watch you die baby” sobbing you shake your head trying not to picture what they would do to your childhood love.

It goes silent and you can her his ridged breathing from the other side of the door as he decides upon his fate. Finally he speaks. “I love you, and I’ll never stop loving you. Im sorry” and with that he’s gone. Leaving you alone with the club - the people who want the most important person in you life dead. As you waited for Fillip you came to terms with what had happened and what is going to happen. Juan was the man you loved but you would soon learn to love Fillip because in this life you have to adapt because if you don’t you’ll enough just like Juan.


Happy had never hurt you and he had always promised that he never would but as the pressure from the club grew on his shoulders he became more and more distant as time went on. He would usually be extremely affectionate towards you but he hadn’t come close to you in weeks, sleeping on the couch, leaving before you woke up, coming home after you had gone to sleep and staying out all weekend when he knew you where home all day from work. He was avoiding you so you decided to take matters into your own hands.

Driving into the lot you instantly lay your eyes on the man who had been avoiding you for weeks. Your not sure why but he’s the only one there, his bike sat alone and their was no other sign of his brothers. Good, at least you wouldn’t have an audience for this. Making your way towards him you notice Gemma in her office and she throws you a smile before turning back to the paper work she was hunched over. “Happy” it came out emotionless and he didn’t even acknowledge your presence. “Don’t ignore me”

“I’ll do whatever the fuck I want to little girl” it come out as a growl but at least he is talking to you, that’s a start.

“Oh finally he speaks” you usually know not to be snarky to him when your fighting but you just wanted a reaction from him. Anything something because you had gone far too long without looking into those brown eyes of his.

“Watch it girlie” he grumbles as he stands from his bent over position across a cars engine and for a minute your breathless. His dark and dangerous eyes stared straight into your soul and it made your pain even worse. It make you think of how much you had missed him and also how angry you where that he had practically abandoned you.

“Watch it girlie? I’ll do whatever the fuck I want little girl? Really, that’s all you have to say to me right now” your voice bitter and a scowl placed upon your face as you confronted Hap “not I’m sorry I’ve been a prick lately, and I’m sorry that I’ve been avoiding you and acting like I don’t love you anymore”

“What are you taking about?” He has a clear look of annoyance on his face. The way he said those words they make you sound as if your crazy, as if your a stupid fling trying to cling onto him.

“Are you serious right now? You’ve been avoiding me for almost a month now, sleeping on the couch, not coming home at the weekends and you haven’t came near me for even longer than that - what is it about you that is so repulsed by me that you can hardly even stand to look at me!” I am screams at this point and I can tell that he’s at breaking point but I don’t care I keep going because fuck him, I need to let off some steam “what the fuck is wrong with you? Why can you see that your tearing me apart! Why can you stop being a fucking asswhole-”

Then I was on the floor. It took me a few seconds to realise what had happened but the burning pain in my jaw confirmed that I haven’t imagined it. He had punched me. Without any hesitation or a second though he floured me. Blood was pouring out of my mouth and noise. Am scared to look back up at him but I give my self to, if only to let him see the damage he had cause.

“I…I” he is unable to form worlds as his eyes take in what he did. The door cone ring Gemma’s office to the garage opens and out come the queen with a stern face and an ice cold glare aimed at Happy. “I didn’t mean-”

“No but you did” the coldness in Gemma’s voice surprises both me and Happy as she comes to my aid. She kneels down in front of me and examines my face as she does so their is a rumble of bikes pulling into the lot, great the audience has arrived. “I think you’ve fractured your jaw sweetheart, you gotta get to a hospital” Gem helps me up and I let a few tears slip not only from the physical pain but the emotional pain which I had never experienced so intensely in my life.

As Gemma turns me to walk towards her car I am met with a group of worried faces, with one in particular standing out. Tig was in my face examining my entire body for anything other that the visual damage. When he’s satisfied his watering eyes bore into mine.

“Who the hell did this to you doll” and before I could answer my surrogate brother a deep yet shattered voice comes from behind us.

“I did” before I have time to react Tig has flung himself at Hap as I try to scream out as best I can as the while being forced away but not only Gemma but Chibs and Jax too. Then push me back towards the car as I watch Alex scram in Haps face before the punches begin. Happy doesn’t fight back, he takes it at one point dropping to his knees. The tears stream down my blood stained face because despite what he did I can’t help but love him.

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Tig having a crush on you would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Woooo Tiggy!! :3 Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him getting annoyed with other guys that flirt with you and realizing that it has to do with the feelings he has for you

-Him getting shy and embarrassed whenever you’d thank him for calling you “Doll”

-Him loving to look at you walk away from him and just admitting out loud to the others that you’re making him hard

-Him gladly and rushing to give you his kutte whenever you complain about being cold, only to afterwards wrap his arm around you as it obviously doesn’t keep you warm enough

-Him loving it that you’d always offer to help him with whatever problem he has, making him feel comfortable enough to open up to you and ending up staring at you as he realizes how much he appreciates you

-Him finding it too cute to see you interact with his dog that he’d rather spend the day with you than go on a run with the others

-Him trying to make you laugh with his weird behavior, as he enjoys seeing you happy, only to be teased for his obvious crush on you

-Him following you around as you’re hanging out, only to offer to take you on a bike ride with him just so he could tell the others you were both on a date

-Him always bragging to the others about how he had the chance to wrap his arm around you and hang out with you

-Him telling you straightforwardly that he has a thing for you and that you better do something about it because he keeps getting turned on by thinking about you, making you laugh

Tig Trager x Reader
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SMUT / Violence

You could see it in his eyes, it had been a tough day. The tension in his shoulders was visible from the kitchen as you watched him hang his kutte on his coat rack and lean down to untie his boots.

“You okay?” you asked, stepping around the kitchen island and closing the distance between you as he stood from kicking his boots off. You reached out to touch his arm, but he shrugged you off, “M’fine,” he grumbled, moving past you and into the kitchen, “Dinner done?” he asked, gesturing to the lasagna that was sitting on the stove, cooling. You took a deep breath, it wasn’t your fault he was being short, he was just stressed.
“Its cooling, but its finished. Sit down, I’ll fix your plate,” you forced a smile, gesturing to his kitchen table.

He rolled his eyes and shook his head, “Alright,” he sighed, plopping down at the table as you approached the stove to dish out his meal.
You sat his plate down in front of him along with a freshly opened beer and squeezed his shoulder before you returned to plate your own food.

On days like this, being with Alexander Trager was a tough job. It became even tougher when taking into account the fact that you weren’t his wife, old lady, or even his girlfriend. You were just his favorite croweater, the one he allowed to spend the night and didn’t kick out in the mornings. You had made it clear recently that you wanted more, and he had seemed open to it, you just had to keep your cool and take his bad moods in stride. You needed to prove your worth to him.

You sat down with your plate and a glass of water; across the table Tig had his head down, shoveling the food you prepared in his mouth. You chuckled, causing him to look up, “I guess it’s good then?” you smiled.
“Too much sauce.” He shook his head, looking back down and continuing to eat.
“I made it just like I usually do,” you spoke softly, looking down at your own plate which tasted fine.

“Obviously not.” Tig grunted, tossing back his beer and letting out a belch. He stood from his seat and pushed his plate away from him as if he was disgusted. You watched, trying to keep your cool, as he pulled another beer from the fridge and walked into the den to plop down on the sofa.

Just like that your appetite was gone. You pushed your plate away and stood up, taking a deep breath and walking lightly over to him. You sat down on the coffee table in front of him, placing your hands on his knees and while his head that was once leaned back against the seatback tilted down to look at you, you whispered to him.
“Talk to me?” you pleaded, meeting his eyes.

“Nah…” he sighed, looking away and taking a swig of his beer.

“Tig I just–”

“–You just what? You’re not my old lady. I don’t owe you anything.” His words stung like the tears that you were trying to hold back as they welled up in your eyes.
“K….” you huffed sadly, standing up and walking back to the dining room to gather the plates none-too-quietly to put them in the sink.

“Right. That’s how you get to be an Old Lady by throwing a fit like a fuckin’ baby when your feelings get hurt.” Tig bit out over his shoulder in your direction.

You threw your water glass in the sink, causing it to shatter as your top finally blew. You were livid. “I don’t deserve this Tig!” you cried out, breathing heavily, your anger bubbling over at how easily he insulted you over and over again.

“You’re right,” he said, standing up from the couch and turning around to face you, “So why are you here?” he asked.

You let out a humorless laugh, “You’ve got to be kidding me. You know what? I’m done with your abuse.”
You stomped towards the door, struggling through your anger to put your own boots on as Tig continued to make things worse.

“I hope you’re not bluffing, thinking I’m gonna beg you not to go.”

“No. Tig. I wasn’t expecting that from an asshole like you!” You didn’t care about pissing him off anymore, in fact, you wanted to piss him off like he pissed you off.

“I’d rather be alone anyway!” his voice was getting louder.

“Well you’re getting your wish,” you answered matching his volume, “I’m gone.”

“Am I supposed to be sad?” he was bitterly mocking you now, getting louder.

“No,” you spat, “And neither am I because unlike YOU, I won’t be alone tonight.”

“So?!” Tig growled.

“So! Your. Dick. Ain’t. Shit!!!” You yelled finally before turning and fumbling for your keys in your purse, your anger boiling over making your hands tremble and your breathing unsteady.

You could feel the uneasiness in the air as Tig processed the last words you spoke.

“…… What did you say?” His voice was shaking lividly as he questioned you through gritted teeth. He was still standing at the sofa, his fists were clenched, and his jaw was set.

“You heard me,” you growled as you continued to look for your keys.

With that, Tig was striding over to you, his eyes were intense and furious. You were actually afraid for your safety but you held your ground, swallowing your fear and looking him in the eye as he stepped toe-to-toe with you.

“You wanna say it again,” he was daring you.

“Your dick,” you paused, studying his face, “is weak.” Your top lip curled into a scowl before turning into a menacing smile. Of course you were lying, but insulting Tig’s manhood was the only card you had to play, so play it you did.

Tig looked down, tilting his head to the side and cracking his neck. His mouth was moving, but no sound was coming out as he shook his head and flexed his hands, talking to himself.

You had just begun to turn around to leave Tig standing there in his own company when he grabbed your arm, spinning you back around to face him, and pushed you backwards. You couldn’t help the squeak that left your throat as your back hit the door and you threw your free hand up in front of you defensively.

It was Tig’s turn to laugh humorlessly, “It’s not smart to piss someone off who can beat your ass.”
You squirmed against his grip, “Tig, let me go.”  His grip was bruising your arm as you tried to pull away.

“Unh Uhh,” he growled, pushing you with even more force against the heavy wooden front door, securing one hand around your throat as he did, and leaning into you, “Remember who you’re talking to, who I am. And next time you decide to get your feelings hurt, remember who you are,” he whispered aggressively in your ear as your chest heaved, both with residual anger from your altercation only moments ago, and now in fear of what Tig was capable of when he was truly angry.

He let go of his grip on your arm, but his other hand remained clasped around your throat as he pulled his face away from your ear to stare into your eyes with his piercing blue ones, his alcohol-ridden breath ghosting across your face while he watched you.

There was a beat of silence where you thought he might let you go and tell you to get out, but then out of nowhere he pressed his lips against yours. Shocked, you tried to pull back but his grip around your neck tightened as he held you in place and stepped in closer, pressing his body against you. He reached up with his free hand, roughly grasping your breast and squeezing it through your shirt as he ground his hips into you. You could feel him becoming hard through his jeans as he rubbed against you. Soon your fear gave way to excitement, his touch eliciting an involuntary moan to escape your mouth.
“You like that? Huh?” he whispered against your lips, and you nodded while his fingers uncurled from around your neck and shot down to your jeans to unbutton them.

“You dirty little girl….” he growled, kissing you again but harder this time, biting your bottom lip as he did.

He shoved his hand inside your panties, moving his lips from your mouth down to your neck and biting down on your pulse.

“God, Tig…” you panted, looking up at the ceiling as his assault on your neck continued and he circled your clit with his middle finger. As quickly as he began, he removed his hand from between your legs, tangling his fingers in your hair and pulling your head back to look into his eyes. He kissed you one more time.

“On your knees.” he scowled.

“Fuck you,” you spat, scowling back at him.

He grinned menacingly in response, licking his lips before forcing you down by your hair and unbuckling his own belt to pull his dick out.

“Come on,” he ordered. You just stared at him.

Tig let out an exasperated growl, “You’re just making it worse for yourself.” He warned, yanking you back up to your feet and dragging you into the kitchen.

He stopped when he got to the dining room table, stepping aside and pushing down on your back to bend you over.

“Don’t move,” he warned, moving behind you and jerking your jeans and panties down. You had to stifle a giggle as he delivered a smack to your ass cheek, soothing the sting with a sloppy open mouthed kiss. Just as the sting began to subside, he bit down harshly, causing you to moan loudly.

“You like that?” he mumbled against your skin, “But I’m weak, remember?” he taunted you before pressing his mouth against your exposed core.

“Ohh fuck Tig,” you moaned aloud, your nails scratching at the tabletop you were pressed against as he worked his tongue against your center.

“God… Don’t stop.” You breathed, pressing your ass back against his tongue.

Tig pulled away from you, a low chuckle coming from his throat as he did. He knew how much you hated being teased and he was punishing you for insulting him. He stood up behind you, kicking his own jeans off and stroking himself as he traced the bruise forming on your cheek from his bite.

You began to stand up from your doubled-over position but Tig had other plans for you, placing his palm between your shoulder blades and pushing you back down, “I said…. Don’t move.” he warned as he ran the tip of his length across your entrance.

“Dick ain’t shit, huh?” he asked, as he pushed inside of you and you gasped at the intrusion.

Tig chuckled at your reaction, “What was that baby?” he taunted as he thrusted inside you, making you yell out.

“Shh….” Tig cooed as he stilled himself inside you, “Be quiet, doll. This weak dick shouldn’t be making you scream…” you could hear his smile in his voice as he began to move again. In an attempt to keep quiet, you covered your moans with your hand as he set a fast and violent pace, pounding into you. You knew he was trying to make you moan, scream, yell, and you knew you really wanted to, but you didn’t want to give him that satisfaction. Your body betrayed you though, as your orgasm approached quickly, rippling through your body as your inner muscles spasmed around his dick. You turned your head to the side, a silent ‘Oh’ etched across your face as your knuckles turned white from the grip you had on the table.

Tig bared down on you, reaching forward and tangling his fingers in your hair, pulling your head back so he could press his lips to your ear.

“Tell me the truth, doll,” he teased, “you love this dick.”

You couldn’t keep it in anymore, you let out a moan as he bit down on the shell of your ear, “I love it, Tiggy.”
“You fucking love it?”
“Yes baby I love it!” You answered just as he shoved his dick in you one last time before pulling out and spilling himself all over your ass. His free hand squeezing tightly on your left cheek while he stroked himself. The two of you let out a sigh at the same time, finishing in a snicker.

Tig slapped your ass, “Get off my table, girl,” he joked, beaming at his job well done.

You turned to him as you stood from the table, kissing him briefly on the lips before walking down the hall to his restroom.

“Hey, start my bath water while you’re in there!” he yelled to you as you reached the bathroom door.

“Watch who you’re ordering around, weak dick,” you winked at him from the doorway as his expression fell into a scowl again and he started down the hall after you.

“You are one hard-headed bitch,” he growled, a smirk beginning to pull at the sides of his mouth as he reached the doorway and pushed you inside the bathroom.

Powdered Sugar

Prompt: A simple trip to the grocery store turns sour when a new guy in town doesn’t realize who your old man is.

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You strolled down each aisle trying to remember everything you needed. You cursed yourself for forgetting your list at home. This was incredibly important, you were hosting a family dinner and while you and Tig had been together for a while now, you knew that it was super important to nail this dinner. You had decided on a low key but delicious menu. You were making your mother’s famous bolognese sauce along with multiple trays of a hearty lasagna that you were sure would both fill and feed all of the SAMCRO family that would be arriving at your home in two days time. You knew the ingredients for the sauce and lasagna by heart as Tig requested you make them often, however you were having trouble remembering the ingredients for your side dishes, a ricotta stuffed zucchini, and a Caprese salad. You were lost in thought trying to determine how much cheese you needed to buy when you felt a sudden jolt. You were quickly broken out of your stream of thought as you looked up to notice the cause of the sudden stop, you had rammed carts with another shopper. He had a big smile on his face and seemed to want to engage you in conversation but you quickly apologized and scurried away. You didn’t have time to deal with idle small talk or with Tig’s temper when he saw some random guy chatting you up. Besides Tig had gone to get gas in the car and pick up your prescriptions from the pharmacy so you had to be quick.

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Ménage à Troi

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Request: Imagine a threesome with Tig & Happy

Im sorry, the storyline is trash. SMUT 💦

I have not edited this so I apologise if there are any mistakes. 


“Nah brother, I reckon she’s one of those kinky girls ya know. Freak in the sheets.”
“I dunno man, she looks pretty innocent to me.”
They both looked at her, smiling sweetly to the man in front of her as she wiped down the bar top.
Her hair was tied in a ponytail and with a pink ribbon wrapped into a bow. Her makeup was plain, all rosy cheeks and a flick of black eyeliner.
Pink cardigan and a pretty pink dress. She looked like something out of Edward fucking scissorhands.
Who woulda thought a girl like her would be.. here.
She didn’t fit in with the group of bikers, she didn’t fit in behind a bar in all honesty.
She looked like she belonged in a library or wearing an apron and baking cakes, a housewife.
Yet here she was, serving drinks to a bunch of burly bikers in the middle if the Tacoma Clubhouse.
They both watched her as she pulled a lollypop out of her pocket and unwrapped it, her delicate fingers tossing the plastic wrapper into the trash can.
She stuck the lollypop in her mouth and wrapped her lips around it. Tig let out a low moan and Happys jaw clenched as they watched her cheeks hollow as she sucked on the candy.
“You think she knows what she’s doing to every one?” Tig whispered, glancing around the bar a the bunch of bikers ogling the girl behind the bar.
Happy nodded and twirled his toothpick across his lips. “She knows.”

The early hours of the morning were rolling over and the Tacoma clubhouse was slowly emptying as the party dwindled out.
You had stayed behind the bar all night serving drinks, your smile never falling from your face.
Of course you knew everyone had been watching you with curious glances. You weren’t blind. But you were used to it.
You had a mirror. You knew exactly how you appeared.
But you loved the shock value when they found out what you were really like.
“They’ve been watching you all night.” Kiki whispered to you as she slid behind the bar and grabbed a couple of beers from the fridge.
You didn’t need to look, you had felt the pair of eyes on you since they’d walked in here. Instead you mixed yourself your favourite drink - Sex On The Beach. You finished pouring in the cranberry juice and stirred the contents of the glass with your straw..
A smirk came across your face and Kiki groaned, knowing exactly what the look on your face meant.
“Can you at least try and keep it down? Ive already got a headache.”
“Better take an aspirin, babe.” You winked at her and stepped out from the bar, smoothing down your dress.
Both men perked up eagerly as you approached them, drink in hand and you threw them a warm smile.
“Didnt anyone ever teach you boys that its rude to stare?”
Your voice was like honey and it melted sweetly into their ears.
The one with the black curls stuttered an apology and you stared him down under your thick lashes.
The familiar hunger you always attracted burnt in his eyes and you smirked and turned to the other man.
He didn’t speak,his dark brooding eyes just lingered on your face.
“He’s Happy, you can call me Tig.”
You frowned, pouting your lips out and turned to him.
“I was gonna call you both Daddy, but I guess names will do.”
They were both stunned by how casually you spoke, like you were taking about the weather.
You lifted your glass and twirled your tongue around the straw before taking a long sip.
After you swallowed you licked your lips and placed the glass back on the table.
“So are we gonna cut to the chase or what?”
Happy raised an eye brow and you rolled your eyes, toying with the straw in your glass.
“You both want to fuck me. And I,” You looked between them. “Want both of you. So, shall we?”

Tig stood straight and placed his hand on the small of your back and leant closer to you.
His lips hovered above yours and you licked you lips teasingly. He could smell the strawberry lip gloss on your lips and he inched his head closer.
But you placed a hand to his chest, stopping him from kissing you.
You reached to your back and grabbed his hand and gave it a squeeze.
Happy had been watching closely and now you turned to him.
You stepped between his legs, your hand still holding Tigs and you leant forward and placed your right hand on Happys cheek.
You leant in close and breathed in his scent before you licked along his neck, up to his ear lobe.
You took his ear lobe between your teeth and gave it a lick and a nibble.
“You coming, daddy?”
Happy growled in response as he felt you nibbling at his ear again and he glanced at Tig.
They began a silent conversation, and after only seconds they both nodded.
Happy stood and your hand slid from his cheek down his chest and across his abs.
You were already wet, the anticipation always turned you on and you shuddered as your fingers ran over his ripped muscles.
You looked up at him through your lashes and ran your tongue along your top lip before taking your bottom lip between your teeth.
You turned to look at Tig, his blue eyes watching you closely.
“Follow me.”
You dropped his hand and removed your hand from Happy and clasped your hands together behind your back before moving swiftly through the room.
They listened and followed you into the hallway.
You threw a glance over your shoulder, smirking to yourself as you saw them walking behind you, hunting you like prey.
Finally you reached the last door on the left and you turned the handle and slipped inside.
They were quick to follow and Happy shut the door behind them, twisting the lock as he went.
You stood facing the bed, your back to them and you unbuttoned your cardigan and tossed it to the chair on the corner of the room.
They stepped either see of you, Tig on your left and Happy on your right.
You felt a hand lay on the small of your back, you weren’t sure who it belonged to and you didn’t care.
You turned to Happy and placed a hand on his chest before reaching up and kissing his lips.
His lips were soft on yours and he kissed you gently, his lips moving in harmony with yours.
Tig ran his hand down the curve of your ass and palmed himself through his jeans with his other hand.
Your body turned to face Happy as he slipped his tongue into your mouth and Tigs hands roamed over your ass.
He dipped a hand between your legs slightly, above the fabric of your dress and ran his fingers close to your core.
You moaned and pulled your lips away from Happy.
Tig acted immediately, kissing the nape of your neck. and his fingers moved to the zipper of your dress.
He pulled it down agonisingly slow, his lips leaving soft kisses along your neck and your collarbone.
His hardness rubbed against your ass, only a few layers of fabric separating your skin from his.
Your hands were on Happys chest, holding you steady between the two men and you moved them down, looping your fingers through the belt loops on his jeans.
Tig slipped his hands into your dress and ran his hands along the seams, reaching up to your shoulders. He yanked the fabric down, revealing your chest and your black lace bra.
You shrugged your hands out of the dress and placed your hands back on Happys chest once more as Tig tugged the rest of your dress over your hips  and let it fall to the floor, pooling around your ankles.
“Oh baby,” Tig moaned behind you, his eyes focused on the curves of your ass covered in the delicate black lace.
You smirked and leant back, resting your head on his shoulder. He kissed you hungrily, his tongue immediately roaming your mouth as his hands squeezed your ass.
Happy was focused on your chest and he took hold of your left breast and gave it a gentle squeeze.
He bowed his head and his lips lingered on the arch of your neck.
He sucked gently at the soft skin, sure to leave a bruise and trailed his lips down to your breast.
Tig gripped your hips and rubbed himself against your ass and through the fabric of his jeans you could already feel how hard he was.
His lips were rough on yours, the taste of his whiskey on his tongue.
You moaned against his mouth as you felt Happy tug the fabric of your bra away from your right breast and run his tongue over your nipple.
You pushed your ass back into Tigmaking him growl and you wrapped your hand around Happys neck.
His lips wrapped around your nipple and he sucked gently, his other hand massaging your left breast.
You felt a calloused hand run over your right hip and by this point you didn’t know- or care whose hands belonged to who.
The hand slipped into the waistband of your panties and you spread your legs as much as you could.
It ran between your legs and you heard Tig moan behind you. So it belonged to him.
He ran a finger between your slick folds and you moaned, parting your lips from his.
“God your so wet, baby,” Tig moaned in your ear.
His index finger slid easily between your lips and he massaged your clit.
You moaned and leant forward against Happy, who left your breasts and stood straight. He cupped your cheek in his large hand and pulled you into a deep kiss, made deeper by the sounds of your moans.
Tig held your hip while his other hand dipped lower into your panties and he slid a finger inside of you, making you gasp.
“You like that, little girl?” Happy whispered against your lips.
God, his voice was sexy.
You let out another moan in answer as Tig pumped his finger inside of you, and Happy took the opportunity to slide his tongue into your mouth as his hands found their way back to your breasts.
Tig placed a sloppy kiss to your back and suddenly you pushed Happy away.
He growled, his dark eyes burning with lust and you smirked at him.
Your hands wrapped around Tigs wrist and you pulled his hand from your body before turning to him.
His lips crashed against yours and you pushed the leather from his shoulders.
You had been around the club long enough to know how to treat a mans leather and you stepped away from him, laying his butte over the chair in the corner.
He was already unbuttoning his shirt when you made your way back to him and you pushed it off his shoulders before pulling him towards the bed.
Happy stood back, watching you closely as he grabbed at himself through his jeans.
Tigs legs hit the bed and you pushed him back, making him fall against the mattress.
He shuffled his body up the bed and lay against the pillows as you knelt on the edge of the bed, your eyes roaming over him.
His hands quickly fumbled with his belt and his hips lifted as he slid his jeans down his thighs.
You helped him, tugging them from his body and tossing them to the ground.
You threw a glance at Happy and reached behind yourself, unhooking your bra and throwing that too to the ground before pushing Tigs legs apart.
You crawled up the bed towards him, wriggling your ass in the air as you went.
Tag took your face in his hands, pulling your lips to his in a long wet kiss.
You pulled away first and kissed a trail down his neck and down his chest, only stopping when you reached his naval.
Your hand grasped around the base of his cock and you glanced at it before biting your lip and eating his eye once more.
His blue eyes were burning with an urgency and you let him out of his misery.
You dipped your head and ran your tongue along his length. He let out a low moan as your wet tongue slid along him and you wrapped your lips around the tip of his cock.
He sat up on his elbows to watch you.
You slid your lips down around him, your tongue running along the underside of his length with each movement and your hand still gripped around the base.
You pumped him slowly as you moved your lips back and forth.
Happy watched your cheeks hallow and he quietly undressed, his eyes never leaving you.
You pulled your head back, letting his cock fall out of your mouth with a ‘pop’ and you spat the saliva in your mouth onto him, using your hand to spread it along his member.
You licked the underside of his cock, from the base to the tip before taking him in your mouth once more.
This time you weren’t slow with your movements and your eyes began to water as you bobbed your head back in forth.
You moaned around him as you felt Happy take hold of your as cheeks and you wriggled your ass for him, earning you a harsh slap.
Tig hit the back of your throat and he groaned, closing his eyes at the sensation of your lips vibrating around him.
Happy rubbed the red mark that had already appeared and landed you another slap before tugging your panties down your thighs..
You ignored the sting as you felt his hands spreading your cheeks, exposing your slick pink folds.
He growled as you wriggled your hips.
You came up for air, using your hand to pump Tigs cock as you licked your lips and attempted t catch your breath.
That idea went out the window, however and you let out a loud moan as Happy slid a digit inside of you.
Your walls clenched around his finger and he reached with his thumb to massage your clit, earning another moan.
Tig cupped your chin and gently led you back to his hardness.
You met his eye as you licked your tongue around the head of his cock and you maintained eye contact as you took him in between your lips, sliding his whole length inside of your mouth.
Tig groaned and you moaned in sync as Happys fingers pumped inside you, his thumb ghosting softly over your clit.
Your back arched, exposing yourself further and you heard another growl come from behind you and he grasped your hip, holding you still as he added another finger inside of you.
Tig stroked your cheek as you moaned around him and before long the pleasure became too much. You pulled away from Tig and he took your face in his hands.
“You gonna cum baby girl?”
You moaned in response and Tig smirked, pressing a hot kiss to your lips.
Waves of pleasure rolled through you and your walls clenched around Happys fingers.
“Good girl, baby. Cum for Daaddy.”
“Fuck!” You moaned as your legs shook and Happy relentless pumped his fingers inside you, your juices dripping down your inner thighs.
Suddenly he pulled his fingers away and you whined, only to let out a gasp as they were replaced with Happys soft lips.
Tig held your head still, his eyes never leaving yours as you bit your lip, overwhelmed by the pleasure of Happy lapping up your juices.
He ran his tongue from your clit, sucking gently on the sensitive nub before licking up to your hole.
The mattress shifted slightly beneath you as Happy climbed onto the bed behind you.
He and Tig exchanged a glance and you felt a tugging of your hair.
Happy wrapped his hand around your hair and pulled your head back gently.
Your neck arched and you looked to Tig who threw you a playful smirk.
Happy lined himself up, running the head of his cock between your folds and you whined, shaking your hips for him.
He pushed into you slowly, his whole length filling you and he paused, letting your walls adjust to the size.
Tig knelt before you, running his hand over his cock before holding it out for you.
You looked up at him and he cupped your cheek, stroking your face with his thumb.
He shook his dick and you took the hint.
Happy released his grip on  your hair only slightly, his fist still wrapped around your locks and you moved your head forward, licking your tongue around Tigs cock once more.
Happy pulled out of you slowly, making  you whine at the emptiness and he smirked before plunging back into your warmth.
He placed his free hand on the small of your back as he picked up his pace.
Tig groaned as your mouth wrapped around him once more and your cheeks hollowed as he slid himself in and out of you.
He moved his hand to your arched neck, and wrapped his hand around it. He met your eye as he slid out of your slightly and you nodded.
As he slid his cock back into your mouth he squeezed your throat gently.
The tip of his cock hit the back of your throat and you fought off the urge to gag.
Happy released his grip on your hair and slapped you on your left ass cheek before gripping both cheeks in his hand and spreading them.
He growled as he watched his cock sliding in handout of you, your pink wetness wrapped around him and his cock glistening with your juices.
He thrust into you harder and you moaned, pulling away from Tig.
You gasped for air as Happy pounded his cock into your soaking pussy over and over again.
Tig grasped your elbows and lifted you up. You placed your hands on his shoulders and he crashed his lips on yours as Happy thrust into you faster.
Tig held your waist wth one hand while his other brushed over your breasts, squeezing your nipple as he went.
He stopped when he reached your throat and he wrapped his hand around it once more.
The room was filled with the sound of Happy slapping against your wetness, and your whining moans of pleasure.
Tig squeezed your throat gently and pressed his lips against yours, his tongue exploring your mouth.
You moaned and Tig squeezed your throat slightly harder.
“You like that, baby?”
“Yes Daddy!” You gasped.
Tig smirked and grasped your right breast, squeezing the soft flesh roughly.
You nodded.
“Tell us what you want babygirl.”  Tig whispered in your ear.
“I wanna cum!’
Happy growled behind you and dug his fingers deeper into you.
“What do you want baby?”
“Fuck I wanna cum, daddy!”
“Good girl.” Tig whispered against your lips and he tightened his grip on your throat.
Happy rammed his cock inside of you, and you fought back a yell of pleasure when you felt Happys fingers on your clit.
He massaged your clit fiercely as he slid his cock in and out of you and you collapsed against Tig as your body trembled with pleasure.
“Fuck, Daddy!”
Happy let out a growl as he released inside you, your pulsing walls making it impossible for him to hold out any longer.
He rode out your high, gradually slowing his pace until he pulled out of you, and you whined at the emptiness.
Tig smirked at you and pushed you away from his body gently.
He lay you down, and slid off the bed. He stood at the edge and grasped your legs before pulling you closer him.
His body hovered over yours and he kissed you roughly once more before dipping his head lower and taking a nipple in his mouth.
He sucked harshly and nibbled while you stroked your hand through his dark curls.
Happy slid off the bed and walked around it, his eyes focused on your naked form, spread out against the sheets.
Tig ran his hands up and down your thighs and spread them open.
His eyes ran to your core and he licked his lips.
A blush rose to your cheeks as you watched him looking at your pussy.
“Mmm baby your so wet.” Tig groaned.
He ran the tip of his cock along your folds, coating it in your juices.Slowly he ran his cock up to your still sensitive clit and he rubbed himself over you, making you squirm.
You clutched the sheets and tilted your head back, searching for Happy.
He stood next to the bed and he met your eye. He knelt in front of the bed.
His rough calloused hands felt featherlight on your waist as he trailed them slowly across your skin.
He stood and leant over your body before lowering his head and licking his tongue around your nipple.
Tig moved his cock to your entrance and he pushed himself into you, his hands gripping your thighs tightly.
You moaned as his cock filled you. His thrusts were hard and fast and you clutched at the sheets beneath you.
Happy teeth brushed over your nipple and he took it between his teeth gently.
He pulled away from you and stroked him self. He usually took a while to get ready for round two but with the sound of your moans and the memories of you spread open for him made his cock harden.
You saw him exchange a glance with Tig and suddenly Tig pulled out of you.
Happy looped his hands under your shoulders and pulled you towards him, your shoulders resting on the edge of the bed.
Tig knelt on the bed once more and shuffled forwards. He sat back on is legs and wrapped his hands under your ass and lifted you into his lap.
He grasped your knees and spread them wider and you stretched your legs out. He pushed himself into you swiftly and you gasped at the sudden entrance.
Happy cupped your cheeks, the cool metal of his rings soothing the heat in your face and you arched your head back, dangling it off the bed.
He held out his cock and you opened your mouth. You wrapped your lips around the tip of his cock and he thrust himself further into your mouth slowly, letting your jaw adjust to his size.
Tig picked up his pace, his grip on your legs tightening and he pounded into you.
Happy held your face gently and picked up his pace too, his grip on your cheeks tightening slightly as he fucked your mouth.
You moaned around his cock as Tig rammed his cock further into your warmth.
“God baby, your pussys so tight.”
Tigs words made you moan and you felt heat building within you once more.
Tig couldn’t hold out much longer and he leant over you. The change of angle allowed him deeper access and he buried his cock in your pussy.
Happy took your cue and pulled himself out of your mouth while you gasped for breath.
“Fuck, daddy!” You whined, your fists twisting in the sheets.
Your back arched off the bed and Tig pounded himself deeper into you.
You squirmed beneath him and loud moans left you reached your high once more.
Tig growled and buried himself deeper in your pussy as he spilled inside you.
Happy stroked himself as he watched you cum, clutching at the sheets and your body trembling.
Tigs pace slowed and he pulled out of you, collapsing on the bed beside you.
You lay still for a moment as your breath caught up with you.
Happy was cleaning himself up and Tig was still laid against the sheets the you sat up.
Somewhere during the antics the ribbon had fallen from your hair and you spotted it on the floor.
You slid off the bed and lifted the ribbon.
Both men watched you as you tied the ribbon in a neat bow around your ponytail.
You lifted your dress over your body and reached around to pull the zip up.
Once you grabbed your cardigan you turned to the men, who were still watching you with intrigued expressions on their faces.
“Nice to meet you, boys.”
Your voice was full of sweetness and if they hadn’t just seen you naked and spread open for them, then they would have thought you were headed for Church.
You walked to the door, a spring in your footsteps and blew a kiss to each of them before shutting the door behind you.
Both Tig and Happy were stunned.
Who the hell was this girl?
As if he read Haps mind, Tig turned to him.
“I need to marry her, man.”


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Sleeping Over

Combined request from two anon readers for a Jax x Reader using the following prompts:

#18 - “You’re warm, s'great for cuddling.“

#36 - “Woah, I never knew you had a tattoo!”

Originally posted by marip0sadahlia

Throwing yourself down on the couch, you yawn, the episodes of today wearing you out.

Pretty much all day you’d been helping Jax redecorate the house, him deciding he wanted a fresh start combined with the fact that Abel was dying for a race car bed, so why not just give him a whole new room?

You’re probably the strongest mother figure that Abel has, although yours and Jax’s relationship is only platonic. Of course, you’d love it to be more than that, but you’re not one to push, and Jax has been through more than enough these past few months.

The man himself appears from the hallway, smirking at you before lifting your legs up and sitting down on the couch, your limbs being draped across him. “Look at you, all worn out.”

“I have been helping you since eight this morning.” you remind him, your eyes flickering to the clock on the wall. “I’d say fourteen hours of work is more than long enough to tire anybody out.”

Jax whistles lowly, his head lolling back as he looks up at the ceiling, his hands moving soothingly up and down your legs. “I guess time flies when you’re having fun, babe.”

“Easy for you to say. I’m pretty sure half of your paint went in my hair.” Jax chuckles in response, your fingers pulling at the knotted strands that are splattered with blue pigment. “I should be going anyway.”

“Or, you could stay.” Jax suggests, your cheeks tickling pink as he turns on his pleading eyes and his charming smile. Pretending to think about it for a minute, you roll your eyes, nodding in acceptance.

“Guess it makes more sense, probably easier for you to put me through more slave labour if I stay the night.” Jax smiles at you, the sight seemingly more beautiful everytime you see it. “Is it alright if I take a quick shower?”

“Sure. We could take one together, you know, save water and all that.” he says, a smirk on your lips. Sitting up, you move your legs from his lap, tapping his cheek twice before standing.

“Keep dreaming, big boy.”

You walk through to the bedroom from the bathroom, humming a random tune as the smell of Jax covers you, the combination of his shower gel and his clothes that you’re currently wearing making you smell nothing but him. Moving to the mirror, you adjust the waistband of Jax’s sweatpants, running your fingers over the inked writing on your hip.

“Woah, never knew you had a tattoo.” You almost jump out of you skin as Jax speaks from the doorway, a smirk on his lips as you look over your shoulder.

“What can I say? I’m full of surprises.“ He shakes his head and smiles before stepping back and heading into the bathroom. “You still sleeping on the right side?”

The toilet flushes, followed by the running of the tap, before Jax reappears in the bedroom. “Yeah. Surprised you still remember.”

“Of course I do, I used to stop here all the time before you started being a dirty stop out.“ You tease, your heart clenching at the idea of Jax sleeping with other women. Many other women.

“Jealousy suits you, babe. You mind?“ he asks, gesturing to his shirt. You shake your head, trying to contain the flush that’s definitely crawling up your face as his toned physic comes into view. However, the knowing look in his eyes makes you think he’s already aware of the effect he has on you.

The two of you pull up the covers, slipping inside the sheets. For some people, sharing a bed with a male friend would be awkward, but for you and Jax, it was comfortable, normal.

Once he’s turned out the lights, Jax settles into the bed, the two of you facing one another, a barely there gap between your faces. “Thanks for today. Sometimes I wonder where I’d be without you.”

You smile within the moonlit room, Jax’s expression changing to a slightly more troubled one. The struggle and hurt is heavy within his eyes, the man in front of you having seen a lot more shit than most.

“Probably dead.” you deadpan, attempting to lighten the mood. You pat yourself on the back mentally when it works, Jax’s pink lips tugging up slightly. Rolling his eyes he turns onto his back, lifting his arm up and silently inviting you into him.

You comply - obviously - shifting to rest your head on his chest, his arm closing around you as you rest your palm on his chest. He sighs, content with your position, something about you just calming him like nothing else could.

“You’re warm. S'great for cuddling.” you whisper, Jax trailing his fingertips up and down your arm as you close your eyes, the melodic sound of his steady heart beat acting as your lullaby. He hums in response, a gentle kiss being placed on the top of your head.

“Abel loves having you around, you know.” Butterflies swarm your stomach at Jax’s words, your ears open and listening, your mouth not sure what to say. “So do I. Just feels right, like everything isn’t completely shit.”

“I like being here, feels like home.” you admit, placing a small, experimental kiss on Jax’s chest, his grip on your arm tightening encouragingly. Grinning to yourself, you wrap your arm around his torso, part of you wanting to see if anything progresses tomorrow and the other half wanting to stay here forever. “Goodnight, J.”

“Goodnight, (Y/N).” Jax says, holding you close within his arms, the two of you drifting into the best sleep you’ve had in ages.

A/N - Hope you liked this!! I wish I had me a Jax Teller 😭 maybe without the cheating😂 Check out my masterlist if you’re new, I write mainly SOA but also some SPN! Tomorrow’s imagine will be a Chibs x Reader! ❤

Wearing Tig's Kutte would include :

(Woooo more prompts! Woooo TIG!!Hope it is as requested and you all like it :3 Gif not mine/found it on google/credit to the original owners.)

-Him usually laughing when he’s in bed and sees you trying his kutte on, only to call you his cute little thing as he asks you bashfully as to what you’re doing

-You enjoying the scent it gives off as it comforts you and you could tell it to be a mixture of him, his bike and the leather

-Him pulling you to his lap whenever he catches you wearing it in the club house and playfully asking you like it that much

-The other Sons always whistling and teasing you whenever the see you walking out of his dorm with it on

-Him running around after you while just having a good ass laugh as he’d try to catch you and get it back, only to do so by trying to grab you by your ass

-It being rather big on you and for him to laugh when he sees you with it before jokingly asking you if it wouldn’t be better if he made you one

-Him easily taking it off of you whenever he just pulls it from behind and doing so to catch you off guard and to get a great laugh

-Him joking around by asking you if you’d also like to patch it up with some of your favorite patches while you’re at it

-You wearing to mimic him and for him to either laugh along with you and the others or pull you away to “punish” you for embarrassing him

-Him joking and asking you to give it back because he wants to smell your scent and get off on it, making you hesitate

Tig Trager x Reader
(GIF isn’t mine)

“Who the fuck do you think you are?!” Tig was hot on your heels, following you down the hall and through the clubhouse as you stomped angrily in pursuit of your vehicle in the TM parking lot.

You stopped, wheeling around and going toe-to-toe with the dark haired man. Your glare was intense and you had to wrestle with everything inside you telling you to slap him as you met his glimmering blue eyes. 

“Who do I think I am!?” you questioned, your index finger pointed at yourself before turning and pointing right in his face, something you knew he hated, “Who do you think you are, Tig!?”

He grabbed your wrist, inches from his jaw which was clenched tightly in a scowl and wrestled your arm down. You couldn’t help yourself, your anger had boiled over at Tig’s touch as your free hand struck him hard across the cheek. 

“Don’t you fucking touch me!” you screamed, wrenching your arm free from his grip as Tig, dazed, backed away a few steps. 

In the frenzy you backed away as well, realizing that striking him had been a mistake. Suddenly from all directions sons were rushing to pull you back and hold Tig back as he lunged for you. Kozik, Happy, Chibs and Opie each had hands on Tig as you, awestruck, were being dragged backwards by Juice and Bobby. 

“I HATE YOU!” you screamed at him over Juice’s shoulder as you allowed him to walk you backwards towards the door, “I fucking HATE you!”

You were in the threshold of the clubhouse door when Tig responded, “Shut the fuck up, whore,” he growled.

“Shit…” Juice cursed under his breath as he stopped trying to steer you outside.

You were seeing red again, “Whore!? I’m not the whore you cheating piece of shit!” you pushed Juice backwards with all your strength, yanking your arm away from Bobby as you stormed closer to Tig, rushing up towards him as Kozik peeled away from Tig to stop you from getting closer. You lifted your shirt to reveal your torso, “Do you see this!?” you pointed at the tattoo on your side and watched Tig’s expression change as he flinched at the sight of his crow, “Yeah. It was supposed to stand for something you bastard,” you bit out, rolling your eyes as he stopped fighting against his brothers and stood there shielded by them. His breathing was beginning to normalize and the rage in his face was starting to fade. “And if that didn’t mean anything to you, then this should!” you held up your left hand to show him your ring. 

He said nothing in response.

“Fuck you, Tig,” you shook your head, “I trusted you,” you turned around and stepped past Juice and Bobby as you walked out of the clubhouse, leaving Tig behind.

Puppy Love

A/N: Drabble request with Tig for @dontblinkangelsinside​. 114. No more dogs. How hard it to understand? Hope you like it!

The pup sat in front of you, wagging it’s tail joyfully. It looked a bit dopey, one of it’s ears folded over and it’s tongue hanging lazily out the side of it’s mouth. It was damn cute.
“You ju-”
“Tig.” You turned on the seat, the expression on your face as firm as the tone of your voice. “You’re not keeping him.”
“This is not about me, this is about us. This dog is for the both of us.” Tig reasoned.
You scoffed and rolled your eyes. “This has nothing to do with ‘us’ or ‘we’. The only ‘we’ I can see in this is the wee I’m going to have to clean up when the dog pisses everywhere while I have to toilet train the thing.”
You got up off the couch and went in to the kitchen to make some tea. You’d had this conversation with Tig so many times.
It’s not that you hated dogs, you loved them. You were just struggling with looking after the ones Tig already had. He’d been away on club business a lot lately, and that paired with you working full time, all your spare time was taken up with caring for them. As much as you loved them, they were a handful.
You’d explained this to Tig, but he’d sworn black and blue that things with the club were settling and he would be taking a lot of the care off of you. But you knew that the club life was unpredictable.
Tig was just such a softie, and Kozik had told him about a few pups that were looking at a sad end if someone didn’t take them in. Tig had said he’d have one, thinking that the dog’s sob story would soften you to the idea of another.
“No more dogs. How hard is it to understand?”
“I don’t see why we can’t get another dog.”
“We already have three!” You stressed.
“Then what’s one more?!” Tig’s voice was raised. “Argh!”
The pup growled at Tig, coming between you and him, baring his tiny little teeth.
“I’m the one who’s trying to get her to let you stay, she wants to kick you out!”
Tig looked to you and you quickly wiped the small grin off of your face.
“Why don’t you ask Jax and Tara to take it, for the boys? They’d love a dog!”
“They already took one.”
“What about Gemma? Juice? Literally anyone else.”
Tig shook his head. You sighed and Tig walked toward you, slipping his arms around your waist. 
“Come on, babe. He’s just gunna end up at the pound, or worse. What if someone takes him and puts him in dog fights or someth- OH GOD DAMN IT!”
You and Tig looked down at the sound of trickling coming from underneath you both. The pup had decided he still wasn’t happy with Tig’s tone from earlier, and was peeing on his foot.
You couldn’t hold back this time, snorting out a laugh as Tig went and looked for a cloth to wipe his shoe.
When the dog was finished, it turned to you, leaping and pawing at your legs. Maybe it wasn’t that dopey after all. You picked him up and cuddled him.
Tig paused from wiping his boot, scowl dissolving off his face.
“Yeah?” The hope in his voice made you smile and nod.
“This one’s mine, though. He’s obviously chosen me.”
Tig grinned and rolled his eyes. “Sure, babe, he’s all yours.”
He came back over to you and gave you a kiss. Jumping back, Tig wiped his cheek. The dog had licked it while he was kissing you.
“Sure, you like me now.” Tig shook his head and you chuckled, scratching the dog’s head and grinning at the man you loved.

You Get A Dog


It had been pretty rough the past few months and Fillip was constantly going on runs. Usually you wouldn’t mind but recently you had started to get lonely and it didn’t go un-noticed by Fillip. He saw the look in your eyes when he told you that he would have to leave again, you would put on a smile but it wouldn’t reach your eyes, it pained him to see you like this so he decided to do something about it.

“Darlin, do you know where the car keys are?” Fillip asked coming out of the garage, where he had been hiding away for most of the day. You where busy typing a document up for work, you where a lawyer and mostly worked with the club and this particular document concerned Juice.

“They should be hanging up in the garage, next to all the boxes babe” You answer without looking away from the screen hoping that he would leave you alone to finish what you had started almost two hours ago.

“I looked they’re not there” You sigh while shaking your head

“I don’t know where they are Fillip, its your car not mine” You sigh yet again when you hear him scoff, finally turning to meet the eyes of your old man. He stood leaning against the door connecting the garage to the kitchen, his leather vest hugged his body tightly from the way he had his arms crossed.

“Yer always using ma motor and yer the last one to use it so help me look. I need to get to the TM, my bike is actin up” He states before simply turning and walking back into the garage. You throw your head back and groan loudly, your annoyance only growing when you hear him laughing in the next room. Making sure to save your work you then proceed to shuffle into the garage entrance ready to give your man some cheek when you see it. The little bundle of adorable fluff chasing a ball around the garage floor.

“Oh my god” I laugh running over to the puppy who, upon seeing you runs over attacking your face with its tongue

“I’m going on another run in the next few weeks and I knew that I couldn’t leave ye all alone again so I though its either get ye pregnant-” you cut him off

“Yea no thank you, not yet” You say and he nods in agreement

“-So a puppy is like training for a baby, d'you like him love?” Chibs asked crouching down to pet the dog which in return licks his hand

“yes very much, thank you.” You smile turning to face him and planting a slow thankfull kiss on his lips “Love you”

“Love ye too darlin but we better get movin cause Tiggy’s dying ta see this dug”

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“Come on Alex lets go babe, I want to get to the cabin before it gets any later” I shout out of the passengers side of the car window towards the open door of the house. A few seconds later Tig comes running out and is almost at the car when he remembers that he needs to lock the door, I shake my head a familiar smile on my face as I watch him lock the door before jogging back over to the car.

“Sorry baby, couldn’t find the keys” He smiles starting up the car and pulling out of our driveway.

“ I can’t wait to get to the cabin for a few days” You sigh contently. The cabin was your happy place and Tig knew that, so whenever he could get a day or two off, that’s where he would take you.

“Yeah I’ve got it all planed out baby doll, make some dinner, have some desert then we’ll head to the bedroom for some fun loving” I laugh as he says this watching out the window as we exit Charming

“Looks like you’ve got it all planned out baby” I say smiling lovingly at him before returning my gaze to the window

“Oh yea I’ve been-”

“STOP THE CAR!” The car comes to a screeching halt as Alex looks as me like I’ve gone insane, which maybe I have.

“What the fuck Y/N?” I don’t answer him as I throw open the passengers side door and run over to the side of the road, Tig not far behind me.

“I saw a dog..” I mutter looking around the bushes for the small dog that I had seen walking into the forest area.

“It was probably a rabbit or something babe, their aren’t any houses up here except for the cabin. I don’t think that a dog would be-” I am quick to stop him as I spot the dog in the bushes

“Oh really is that why the dog is rolling around in the dirt Tiggy?” He raises an eyebrow before looking past me his face melting as he sees the little dog no older than about 6 months old. Alex drops to his knees and the dog immediately seeks his comfort and the look on Tig’s face makes my heart melt.

“Hey little guy, where did you come from huh bubby?” Tig asks while picking the little bundle up and brining him over to me, he pulls his attention away from the dog and locks his sky blue eyes with mine “I think we should take him up to the cabin with us” Tig says with a look of concern in his eyes and I give him a soft smile, moving forward to move his hair away from his eyes

“Yea I think we should, I mean we can’t leave him out here” Tig nodded in agreement as we made our way back to the car. I grab a blanket that we keep in the trunk to wrap around the small dog while we drive the rest of the way up to the cabin.

The rest of the night was spent giving the dog a bath and something to eat, I had no doubt in my mind that we where going to fall in love with the little guy. I watched from the couch as Alex played with the dog on the ground, it was jumping up on him and trying to grab Alex’s black curls with his sharp teeth making me laugh as Tiggy tried to get away laughing loudly as he does so. “I love him” I say and Tig gives me a look at say that he thought the same “We need to keep him Alex, I mean we’ve been talking about getting a dog for so long and this one is perfect babe” I say joining Tig on the floor the puppy immediately coming over to greet me. I watch Tig face as he has what looks like an internal debate with himself but when the smile formed on his lips I knew that he wanted the dog just as much as I did.

“THANK YOU!” I shout throwing myself on top of Tiggy and placing a kiss on his lips and placing my self on his lap.

“No problem Doll” He mumbles against my lips a smile on his face but we are quickly separated as our new dog jumps up and starts licking my face “Okay that has to stop”

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“OH MY GOD” I shout as I fall back onto the bed groaning loudly afterwards. I hear something fall from down stairs and someone sprinting up the stairs the next thing I know Juan is in the door way of our bedroom, his chest rising and falling at a rapid pace as he looks round the room frantically.

“What happened! Are you okay?” He askes while walking over and looking over my body checking over for any harm.

“I’m okay Juan” I laugh as his reaction giving him a reassuring smile “I just saw this puppy on the adoption website, I mean look at his little face!” I shove the laptop in his face, his eyes squinting as they adjusted to the brightness. He takes the laptop out of my hands and takes the seat next to me on the bed before beginning to scroll through the website.

“You wanna tell me why you’re looking through a dog adoption site?” He asks while not taking his yes off of the screen.

“I always do it, I love dogs” I say shrugging “it’s no big deal I’m just looking I mean I know that you would never get one because of the mess and-” I’m cut of by Juice suddenly looking up.

“You want a dog?” Your caught off guard by the question but you simply nod your head.

“A dog would be nice…but babe you hate mess and a puppy is very messy-”

“If you want a dog then you can have a dog no ifs not buts, come we are going so the shelter” And that’s what you did. He drove you down and let you pick whatever one you wanted and took them home. It took a while and some adjusting to your lives but the little guys finally fit into your lives and Juice didn’t hate him as much as you though he would

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I hummed quietly and softly to myself as I worked on the dinner for tonight. I hadn’t seen Happy a lot this week so you thought that this would be a good opportunity to catch up with one another and have a romantic night in together. However this was interrupted when you heard noises coming from outside your front door. A confused look over comes your face as you stare at the front door where the whining sound was coming from. Making your way towards the door the noice gets louder and louder and when you open the door you are shocked as to what you find. Sitting in a basket in front of your door step was a little puppy playing with the blankets in its blanket.

“Aww baby, what are you doing out here in the cold?” You question and at the sound of your voice the little dogs head snaps up and if immediately tries to escape the blanket in an apparent to get to you. You smile at the dog as you make your way forward and pick up the blanket and once you have the puppy wastes no time in attacking your face with kisses making you laugh loudly. You don’t hesate to take the dog inside and place him by your feet in the kitchen as you worked after having given him a plate of meat. Around half an hour later you hear Happy’s bike pulling up out side but do not move from your position. As Happy walking into the kitchen expecting to have you greet him with a kiss he finds you one the tiled floor with a little dog using one of his socks as a chew toy.

“You got a dog?” Turning to smile at your old man he replies with an uncertain look.

“No, well yes and no. I found him outside our front door, someone must have left him out their” you shrug simply then continue to play with the dog. Happy continues to watch you interact with the puppy a smile pulling at the corners of his lips before he snaps out of it.

“I don’t want a dog” he stares firmly making you scoff

“Good because she’s not your dog, she’s mine” you say in a matter of fact tone while picking up your new family member and walking over to Happy sighing when you see the frown on his face.

“I promise baby, I’ll train her and she’ll be not trouble. Come on, I mean just look at this face” you says holding the small dog up in fort of his face. The dog simply sniffs Hap’s fave before licking him.

“Looks like you’ve made a friend for life” you giggled as Happy made a disgusted face before running over to the sink to wash his face .

“Keep that dog away from my face” that’s all you had to hear before you spent the rest of the night chasing Happy around the house with the dog.

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No Strings Attached

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Request: Imagine your Bobbys daughter and FWB with Tig.

I kinda went a different direction here, I hope you guys like it.

Smut 💦


You moaned as he rubbed his thumb against your clit.
You stopped your hips from rolling against his, the double sensation becoming too much and you placed your hands on his chest, leaning against him to catch your breath.
“Who said you could stop, baby girl?” He scolded.
“I did,” You panted. “Ya know, since I’m doing most of the work.”
Tig shrugged. “Hey, you’re  the one who wanted to be on top.”
“I like being in charge.” You smirked.
“Is that so?” Tig bucked his hips, pushing his erection further into you and you moaned.
“Mm-hmm.” You moved your hips back and forth, slowly, allowing you to feel every inch of him as he slid inside you.
TIg smirked and grabbed your hips tightly, and you knew you’d have bruises there tomorrow.
You slid your hips back, so only the tip of him rested inside you before you rolled your hips forwards once more and both of you moaned as every inch of him filled you.
“Ohh baby,” Tig moaned. 
“Shut up.” You ordered and slapped his hands away from your hips.
He raised an eyebrow but obeyed.
You grabbed his wrists and held them above his head, pinning them to the bed.
He licked his lips and breathed in your scent and you rolled your hips slowly against him once more before letting go of his wrists.
He didn’t try to move them and you sat straight, a soft moan escaping your lips at the change of position .
Tig eyed your bare chest hungrily, admiring the soft curves of your breasts and the small bite marks already bruising across them.
You leant back and placed your hands on his thighs before pulling your legs forward so you were squatting on top of him.
He growled in approval and you smirked as you pushed yourself up.
You hovered your body over his, teasing him with just his tip inside you.
His eyes were glued to your core, seeing your folds wrapped around the tip of his cock, dripping wiht your juices was driving him wild and if you didn’t start fucking him soon he was gonna have to take control.
Suddenly you slammed your body down, taking all of him inside you in one abrupt movement.
“Oh god baby,” Tig groaned, fighting hard not to move his hands.
You grinned and lifted your body up and down. Each movement brought you closer to the edge.
Tig could tell you were close and he couldn’t resist any longer.
He licked his thumb before pressing it against your clit and rubbing circles.
“Fuck, Tig!”
Your walls began to tighten around him and you were overcome with pleasure.
“Good girl, baby.”
You dropped to your elbows, either side of him as your body trembled around him, both of you moaning through your orgasms as he found his release.
Tig wrapped his arms around you, holding you to his chest as you both caught your breath.
After a few minutes you rolled off him and lay beside him, a thin layer of sweat coating both of your bodies.
You laid like that for a few minutes before you swung your legs off the bed and stood, shaking out your arms as you did.
“Well, that really was as fun as I remembered.” You walked around the room, picking up your scattered clothing.
“Im surprised you remember last time.” Tig laughed. “You were wasted, doll.”
You turned towards him and put your hands on your hips, a mock stern expression on your face.
“You takin advantage of drunk girls, Tiggy?”
“Please, if anything you took advantage of me.”
“Yeah, who could resist, huh?”
“I cant help that I was blessed with good looks, (y/n).”
You laughed and walked around the bed.
“I know, Tiggy. I know.” You leant down and kissed his lips before heading for the shower.
With your back turned, you didn’t notice the strange expression on his face.
When you returned to the room he was still in the same position; lying naked on the bed, a sheet draped loosely over him and a joint between his fingers.
You quickly dried off and pulled on your clothes, Tig watching you thoughtfully.
“You leaving?”
“Yeah,” You fished your shoes out from under the bed and tugged them on. “Dad wants to take me out for breakfast so I gotta get home before he gets there.”
“Why don’t you just go grab him, he’s in his dorm.”
“What?!” You turned to Tig.
“He crashed out last night.” He shrugged. “Old man cant handle his booze these days.”
Your eyes widened in disbelief.
“Jesus Christ, Tig! Why didn’t you say anything?!”
“Really, doll? You think your dads gonna recognise the sound of your moans?”
You swore steam was coming out of your ears and you were about to argue when he cracked a smile.
“Im just kidding baby. He went home last night.”
“I swear to God, Trager I am gonna kill you one of these days.” You fumed.
Tig frowned, still as casual as ever. “Then who are you gonna fuck?”
You laughed. “Thankfully theres plenty more dick in the world.”
Tig clutched his hand to his heart with mock hurt and you laughed again more leaning over him and pecking his lips.
“I’ll see you later?”
“I’ll be here.”
Tig watched you leave, checking the hallway was empty before sliding out of the room.

Tig laid there for several more moments before it became too cold to tolerate, and the joint in his hand was almost burnt out.
Goosebumps waved over his skin as a cool breeze wafted over his sweat covered body and he forced himself off the soft bed sheets.
He stubbed the remains of his joint out in the ashtray on his bedside table and headed for the shower.
Standing under the shower head, Tig let the steaming hot water wash away the scent of you. He closed his eyes and stepped under the stream. And as the water splashed his face and  flowed down his skin he thought back to the day you had come into his life.


The door had slammed and Tig had turned towards the door, only to see her marching into the room.
“Is my dad here?”
It was only Juice and himself in the room and Juice had turned his head to the side, a blank look on his face.
“He could be.” Tig said.
“I could be your daddy.” He licked his lips.
She raised her eyebrows and stared at him for a moment before turning to Juice.
“Is this guy serious?”
Juice had nodded. “Sadly, yeah.” He smiled apologetically.
She turned back to Tig and sighed.
“Is Bobby here?”
“Wait Bobbys your dad?” Juice had interrupted.
“(Y/n)? Long time no see!” Clays voice boomed through the room and you all turned to look at him.
She smiled at the familiar face and walked towards the President.
“Hey Clay, is dad here?”
“Hes in his dorm, sweetheart.”
She thanked him before heading down the hallway he had pointed to.
Tig and Juice were standing there, staring at Clay with confused looks on their faces.
“Dont even think about it.” Clay had warned before walking past them and heading into Chapel.

Tig had been very interesed in her sudden arrival and had finally learnt (thanks to Gemma) that she was, in fact, Bobbys daughter from a one night stand many years ago. Her mother had kept her a secret from her father for years before finally allowing them to meet once she was a teenager.
She had accepted the fact that her father hadn’t known of her existence and they had slowly built a relationship, despite her living out of town.
It was still unclear as to why she was in town, and Tig was interested in finding out. Or rather, he was interested in her.
She had spent the day with her father, but now the sun had set and she was still here, drinking at the bar with Juice, while Bobby talked club business with Clay.
Tig sauntered across the room and leant against the bar.
“Sorry about earlier, doll. I didn’t know who you were.”
She looked at him and smiled. “And who are you?”
“The man of your dreams.”Tig said.
Both her and Juice groaned, before she laughed loudly.
“Im Tig.”
“NIce to meet you, Tig. (y/n).”
She introduced herself with such charm, but it had been the mischievous glint in her eyes that had made Tigs interest peak.
Juice could sense it and he shook his head before standing. “Ill leave you to it. Nice to meet you, (y/n).”
She had waved goodbye to Juice and Tig had stepped around her and slid onto the barstool where Juice had sat.
“You look like someone who needs something a little more fun than..” He picked up her glass and tasted the drink. “Ugh what is this?”
He reached behind the bar and poured himself a shot.
“What makes you think I need more fun in my life?” She asked.
“Drinkin all alone on a friday night. All dressed up with no where to go.”
“I wasn’t alone, Juice was h-“
Tig raised a finger, hushing her.
“Shh shh Its okay, doll. Tiggy’s here now.”
She had raised her eyebrows but then she had laughed before she downed the rest of her drink.
“Well, Tiggy. I may be all dressed up but I got somewhere to go.”
“Oh and wheres that?”
She had smiled playfully before she had grabbed his shot glass and downed that too.
“Away from you.”
She placed the glass back on the bar and walked away.
Tig might have thought she wasn’t interested, had he not kept his eyes on her.
But luckily for him his eyes had followed you across the room, and he definitely did not miss the playful smile and the wink you threw him on the way.


Tig stepped out of the shower and dried himself before heading back into the room and climbing back into the bed. It was probably for the best that you had left, he thought.
He wasn’t used to sharing the bed anyway.
At least that was the excuse he gave himself as he drifted back to sleep.


Tig answered the door to find you leaning against the wall opposite his dorm room.
“Hey you.” You smiled seductively.
Tig smirked and stepped aside, allowing you to enter the room.
“Four nights in a row, huh?”
You rolled your eyes and walked past him into the room.
“Dont flatter yourself, Trager. Charming’s a boring town.”
Tig smirked and closed the door behind you.
“Thought you’d be watching Elvis performing at the Boulevard tonight.”
“Please, like I wanna see my dad in those outfits.” You sat on the bed and peeled off your shirt, exposing your bra. “Can we not talk about my dad?”
Tig chuckled and walked to stand in front of you.
He leant downed kissed your lips. “How bout we don’t talk at all?”
You reached for his shirt and pulled him down again. “I like the way you think.”
You kissed him hungrily and he reached down and lifted your legs, pushing you further up the bed and he hovered over you.
His hands moved up your thighs, caressing the soft curve of your ass cheeks. His lips stayed on yours, his tongue exploring his mouth but the usual hunger was lacking.
He kissed you slowly and deeply and pushed himself against your core.
You moaned and he pulled his lips away and kissed down your neck.
This time though, he didn’t bite you. He kissed you softly and sucked gently at your skin.
You bucked your hips, desperate for friction.
“Come on, Trager. I didn’t come here so you could make me come with kisses.” You whined, pushing yourself up to rub against his crotch.
“Patience, baby girl.” Tig hushed and kissed along your neck once more.
You wrapped your legs around his waist and pushed, rolling the both of you till you sat in his lap and he was lying against the bed.
“Fuck your patience.” You kissed him hungrily and reached behind you to unclip your bra.
His hands roamed over your skin, holding your body close to his.
You pulled away from him and sat straight, unbuttoning his shirt with hurried fingers.
Tig lifted his hands to caress your breasts and you met his eye.
The gaze that met yours frightened you. You’d seen it before, only a couple of times but you knew what it was. It wasn’t a hunger, it wasn’t desire. it wasn’t just lust, there was a longing.. possibly even love?
You pushed the thought to the back of your mind and kissed him again. He rolled you over so he lay on top and this time you didn’t resist.
His hands moved to your jeans and he tugged them down your thighs, leaving only your panties.
Tig kissed you, with more passion than you had expected. It had been a long time since you’d felt such passion in a kiss and when he pulled his lips away to catch his breath he stayed close. His breath was on your lips and he rubbed his nose wth yours gently. You opened your eyes to meet those piercing blue eyes and you saw that same longing look once more.
You were quick to bring his lips to yours again and you pushed your tongue into his mouth. Your hands ran down his body and unbuckled his belt and his hand left your body long enough to push his jeans and his boxers down.
He Tugged your panties to the side and ran his thumb through your slick folds before lining himself up at your entrance.
He met your gaze as he pushed into you,causing you to gasp and when you saw that same look in his eyes you clutched yours shut.
Tig always felt so good inside you, stretching yu and pushing into you over and over.
The room was filled with the sound of his skin slapping against yours and your moans and it wast long before waves of pleasure were rolling over you.
Yet every time you looked into those blue eyes as he pounded into you that same look was there, that same yearning. Like he was searching the very edges of your soul for some kind of connection.
The more you saw it, and he more you thought about it, the more uncomfortable it made you feel.
Until he pounded into you harder and your orgasm drove all those thoughts from your mind.

Tig brought the joint to his lips and watched you from his spot on the bed as you got dressed,
Like usual, you were quick to leave after your encounters. Normally that wouldn’t bother Tig, but with you he wouldn’t mind if you stayed, maybe just a little while longer.
“You going to Gems dinner tonight?”
You turned to look at Tig as you pulled your shirt over your head.
“Yeah, told her Id be there.”
“You can ride with me, I’ll pick you up.”
You raised your eyebrows. “And whats my dad gonna say when I turn up riding bitch with you?”
“Oh he wont be there.” He took a drag of his joint. “Clays sending him and Hap up to Tacoma to sort some business.”
“Oh,” You frowned. He hadn’t mentioned it to you yet. “I dunno, we should probably take seperate rides.”
Tig nodded. “Well maybe you could stay here after, since Bobbys gonna be outta town.”
You stopped what you were doing and sighed before sitting on the edge of the bed.
“You know Im leaving soon, right?”
“Right, in a month or so.”
“No, Tiggy. Im leaving at the end if the week. Im going back home.”
Tigs heart sank and he took a long drag of the joint before stubbing it out in the ashtray.
“Guess we better make the most if our time then, huh doll?”
“I don’t think thats such a good idea.” You smiled sadly and looked down at your hands. “Maybe it’ll be best if we just stay friends- without the benefits.”
Tig frowned. “I thought were having fun.”
You stood and leant over him. “We were.”
You pressed your lips to his, kissing him deeply. You could taste him on your tongue and when you pulled away you stroked his cheek gently.
And just like that you turned and grabbed your bag before heading out of the room, without another glance.
The moment your lis had pressed against his Tig knew it was over. It wasn’t a ‘see you later’ kiss. It wasn’t a ‘thanks for the sex’ kiss. it wasn’t a ‘maybe one last time’ kiss.
It was a Goodbye kiss.
Tig sighed and rolled over, the memories of you beneath him taunting him, knowing he’d never see you like that again and the taste of your Goodbye still lingering on his lips.


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Angel (Tig-Sons of Anarchy)

Request: can I request a fic about a new girl opened a baker shop in charming, where the guys & Gemma always stop by cause they love her food. Though she gets a hard time from some guys damaging her shop and the sons come help her out. Could she maybe have a crush on Tigger too?

I absolutely adore this idea!! Thank you!

“Thank you. Have a lovely day.” The girl behind the counter said as her costumer walked trough the door.

“Good mornin’ darlin’.” The one and only Jax said in a way that would make any girl melt in to a puddle in front of him., as he walked in to the bakery, with Tig, Juice and Happy right behind him.

“Good morning. How are my favorite bikers doing today?” She smiled preparing their usual order as they sat down at one of the tables.

“Better now that you’re here.” Tig said, flirty as always.

“Well I’m glad I can be of service.” She laughed giving them their order which they all started to eat as soon as they got it.

“Mmm, How is this so good?” Juice moaned as he took  his first bite of his muffin.

“Secret ingredient.” She winked  as Tig wrapped a hand around her hip.

“And what’s that, doll?” The black-haired man looked up at her.

“Love.” She said, her voice like honey as she gently cupped his cheek.

“I love it here.” Happy said making Jax and juice look at him. “It’s the only place Tig is speechless.” He explained making everyone laugh.

“I take it you talk too much?” Y/N smiled gently patting his cheek.


“You sure he even knows how to talk?” The girl raised an eyebrow at the others.

“Maybe we picked  up the wrong guy at the club house.” Jax said before all of them busted out laughing again.

“Well that’s my clue.” Y/N said shaking away Tig’s hand and walking back to her spot as she heard the bell that announced that someone walked in to the Bakery.

“I love her.” Tig said, his eyes still on her.

“Tig you say that about every pussy you fucked.” Jax laughed.

“True, but I, sadly, haven’t fucked her.’‘  Tig said turning back to the other Sons.

’'Hey! Let her go!” Y/N said in a calm but demanding voice to the guy who has grabbed his girlfriend hard enough to make her whine She noticed that the girl had a black eye.

“What did you say?” The man said looking up at her, not letting go of his girlfriend.

“I said let her go. You’re hurting her.”

“She’s mine, I can do whatever i want to her.”

“No, you can’t.” She said again, her voice serious, before she looked at the girl who made eye contact with the girl coming to her rescue. She could see it in her eyes. The poor girl was scared and hurt.   “Look, buddy. There is a police officer across the street, there are guys who could eat you for breakfast sitting over there,” she said nodding in the sons’ direction, “and i can start screaming and they or the police will come here and arrest you. So I’m giving you a chase to let go of the girl and go. She’ll stay here, with me.” Y/N finished, making fists with her hands to stop them from shaking.

The guy looked around, realizing that she was telling the truth. “Fucking bitch.” He said letting go of the girl. “You’ll regret this.” He said before leaving.

“Hey, are you okay?” Y/N asked after letting out a sigh of relief and walking over to the girl.

“Than you!” The girl started crying, wrapping her arms around her.

“Shh it’s okay, you’re safe now.” She aid rubbing small circles over her back. “Where are you from honey?”

“I’m from Louisiana, i was stupid and ran away from home two months ago.”

“Okay tell you what, I’ll give you some money and you’ll take a train back home, okay?”

“No, he’ll find me before i can get to the train station, he’ll kill me.”

“No, he won’t. I will get one of my friends to give you a ride there and wait for you to get on the train safely.”

“Thank you!  Thank you so much.” The girl cried in to her shoulder.

“Shh it’s gonna be okay. Come.” Y/N lead the girl to one of the tables and gave her a glass of water. “I’ll be right back.” She says before walking back to the sons’ table.

“Boys, I have a favor to ask you.” She said, a hand on Jax’s shoulder.

“Sure, what’s up?” The blonde man looked up at her.

“You see that girl?” She said pointing to the girl she just saved. “She ran away from home and got in a bad relationship with some gang member. She wants to get back home, but she needs someone to keep her safe till she gets on the train for Louisianan. So what I’m asking you is to send one of your guys with her. I just need you to drive her to the train station and make sure she makes it on it safely.”

“Sure thing, darling’,” Jax said before looking at Juice and Happy. “Will you two manage that?”

“Yeah.” They both nodded.

“Here,” She reached in to her pocket ad pulled out some money, “This should be enough for her ticket.”

“Alright.” Happy stood up taking the money, quickly followed by Juice.

“Follow me then.” She said walking over to the still shaking girl.  “Hey sweetheart. This is Happy and this is Juice.” She said knelling down next to her and pointing at the guys behind her. “They are good guys, and they will get you to the train station. Okay?”

“O-okay.” The girl agreed.

“Here’s my number.” Y/N said writing her number on a peace of paper. “If you ever need anything, just call me.”

“Thank you.” The girl wrapped her arms around her  neck. “Thank you so much.”

“It’s alright. Go now, you’ll be home before dark.” Y/N smiled before walking the girl out of her bakery, closely followed by the two men.


Y/N let out a deep sigh sitting down between Jax and Tig. “Thank you guys, I owe you one.”

“Don’t be ridiculous, you don’t owe  us anything.” Jax smiled before standing up. “I have to go, how much are the muffins?”

“It’s on the house.” She smiled before quickly standing up, grabbing a box and putting two cupcakes in it. “Here, give this to your boys.”

“Thank you.” Jax hugged her before leaving.

“How did you know that girl?” Tig said after Y/N sat down again.

“She and her 'boyfriend’ just came in to the bakery like 5 minutes ago.” The girl smiled and shrugged. “I had to help her.’' 

’'You’re an angel.” Tig said looking at her in awe.

“Oh shh, anyone would of done it.” She said with a smile.

“You’re too good for this world.” He said again looking straight in her eyes making her blush. She always thought there was something about him, something that attracted her to him.

“Fuck, I have to go.” Tig said looking down at his phone. “I’ll see you later, doll.” He said before giving her a long hug and walking out of the bakery.


Y/N sighed, turning the sign on her door from “open” to “closed”. It’s been a long day and all she wanted was to go home and sleep.

She suddenly saw a huge car driving directly in her direction. Before she could do anything else the car crushed in to the window, only a couple of inches away from her making her let out a scream as a part of the wall fell on her. It didn’t crush her, but it did cage her in between it and the wall behind her.

She heard the person leave the car so she stayed quiet, hoping that he won’t come looking for her. And he didn’t. she quickly reached for her phone, without thinking dialing Tig’s number.

“Yeah?” She heard his voice and it made her instantly feel a bit safer.

“Tig, I need your help.” She said, her voice shaky.

“Y/N? What’s wrong? Are you okay?” He asked worried.

“S-someone ran a car in to my bakery. I’m trapped. I can’t get out. Please Tig, help me.” She said, tears starting to run down her face.

“Shh, angel. We’re on our way. We’ll be there soon.” Tig said before hanging up his phone.

“Jax! Y/N has been attacked, She needs our help!” Tig called out making Jax and the rest jump up and run to their bikes.


Minutes later they arrived at the bakery, or what was left of it.

“Y/N?” Tig screamed as soon as he got off his bike.

“Tig?” A week yell came from some where behind the car.

“Its alright angel, we’ll get  you out.” Tig said, as Jay and the rest joined them.

“Opie, Bobby and me will pull the car out. You and Rat get her out.” Jax started barking out orders.

A minute later they tied the car to their bikes and pulled it out. Rat and Tig pushed the part of the window frame away from the girl lying on the floor.

“Are you hurt?” Tig quickly  knelled down to the girl, picking her up in his arms.

“I’m okay.” She said wrapping her arms around his neck.

“You’re staying at the club house today. Okay?” Tig said down at her and she nodded to weak to talk.  “Are you gonna be able to hold on to me so we can get there on my bike?”

“Yeah.” She nodded before he sat her down on his bike, getting on it himself.

“Hold on tight, angle.”

They finally got to the club house where Tig picked her up again and walked in to his dorm with her. He lied her down on his bed. “I’ll be right here when you wake up, okay?” He said siting down on one of the chairs next to the bed.

“Can you hold me?” She asked, hardly keeping her eyes open, tired from everything she had to go trough today.

“Of course angel.” He said, getting in bed next to her and wrapping his arms around her. “I’m right here.” Were the last words she heard before falling asleep in his arms.


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Hope you liked it, feel free to request more :)