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- ✓      It’d been a long while since he’d come to rest in the bed he was now in - and even longer since he’d taken the time to peruse the grounds that he called home. Would this even constitute as a home? There was blatant doubt in whatever answer that his mind managed to conjure up; and even more in blank orbs that gazed inattentively in the direction of his ceiling. Pink hair obstructed his view, as normal, and he puckered his lips to blow silk strands from his face. The colour that he’d become synonymous with was even louder than ever after his eldest sister had convinced him to let her re-dye it. He was certain that someone he used to know would see him from kilometers away - if only he would move to go outside. At the thought of the outside world, the composer shifted his head in the direction of his window, eyes fixing on the familiar expanse that stretched out past Harrington House. Maybe it wasn’t a bad idea to go for a walk - it would prolong the assault of boredom upon his senses, at least, for a while longer. Coming to the decision to actually peel himself from the comfort of his bed, he reached to the side, slender fingers fumbling around until coming into contact with the discarded v-neck tee that he’d taken off earlier. The fabric was tugged into place before he searched out his favourite blazer and boots were toed on and tied, situated to rest atop the calves of his jeans. iPod and phone were tucked into proper place and he had just opened the door to his dorm to step out, not bothering to show the most minute amount of attention to where he was going.

【 sms ━ minhee❤ 】shooting stars in a jar - if only mystical stars can be captured.

【 sms ━ minhee❤ 】your present is indeed under my tree awaiting the opportune time to be gifted. 

[ ` sms ; snow white ] if only. i do believe you can do so. it might be quite difficult. it is as difficult as stealing a dragon’s tooth or diamonds from banks. very eccentric and fanciful.

[ ` sms ; snow white ] wonderful~! does your christmas tree have pretty lights like the ones in the movies or popcorn? popcorn strings… yummy. 

☓― broken mirrors ● ❪ Tiffany // Thunder ❫

There are certain things you can’t fight; acts of God. Then again, man was never made for defeat but, instead, destruction..

⇢     False cordiality aside, he was as irritated as ever. It wasn’t because of what he’d been asked to do but, rather, the arrangements that he’d been requested to adhere to. A weekend in Japan was always welcomed in his eyes, especially since it’d been quite some time since he’d found refuge there. It was akin to the home-away-from-home, if that would make sense to anyone besides himself, and the faintest smile began to dance its way into existence upon his features at the very thought of being able to walk upon those busy streets once more.

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If an angel and a demon procreate, would that make a human?

“Of course not, Porcelain. That’d create Nephilim; though, I doubt you’d want to carry such a spawn. They’d have my cruelty and your innocence. My chains and your wings; the power to lead and, at the same time, determine the destructive fate of all the world. Could you handle being the creator of such a tyrant? Of one being that would have the power to end both you and I?”