If you’re one of over 6 million players stuck in Bronze or Silver and just can’t seem to get higher up the league of legends tier list, we can help. When picking a build for your character, you have to know your character inside out and find a build that’s proven to work.

For noobs, here’s a quick summary of the most important characteristics:

Assassin: Does strong burst spell damage combined with the ability to creep up on - or catch up on enemy characters.
Carry: Deals most of it’s damage from basic attacks. These characters are mostly built towards dealing late-game damage and take patience.
Fighter/Brawler: Both strong in offence and defence, relying mostly on basic attacks.
Mage: Usually lower-hp characters that can deal huge amounts of spell damage if built correctly.
Tank: High defense, hp, and crowd control abilities. Usually used for distractions or absorbing the damage when pushing through enemy lines.

When you’ve found your favorite type of champion you’ll realize that building your character the right way will often be the difference between succes and failure.

As a result, players will often look up highly rated build guides for their champion online and follow them blindly. Generally, this isn’t a bad idea, but consider you’re taking the advice of just a single player who created this build from his own limited experience.

Ofcourse the builds might have high ratings, or this player might have a solid win record, but it greatly oversimplifies what it takes to create a solid build that matches your gameplay.

If you really want to climb up to that Diamond Tier you’ll need more data: decisions made by thousands of diamond and challenger players in all 7 regions. One of the most popular sources of LoL Builds, lolbuilder.net, is providing just that.

Their tool imports the best Diamond Player builds directly into your in-game interface and includes an entire guide full of game strategies and statistical goodness.

For more info, check out the video below:

Grüner Papagei - Green Parrot von Carmen Neumeier
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Diesen kleinen Kerl hab ich mit seinen Artgenossen im Kensington Park fotografiert. Keine Ahnung wie der kleine Exot nach London gekommen ist, aber er war eines meiner besten Fotomodelle vor Ort. :-) This little guy I’ve photographed with its peers in Kensington Park. No idea how the small exotic has come to London, but he was one of my best photo Models on site. :-) England Vereinigtes Königreich (United Kingdom) London April 2015