bring stormchat and bpdcosima​ together! 

OK! so me and my girlfriend have a window of time we can spend together, and because she is unemployed and i work a minimum wage job and an abusive home that constantly takes my income from me, it’s really unlikely that we could come up with the money ourselves. We really love one another and it is really important to us to have physical presence in each other’s lives.

If you could help us by donating a little bit of money to my paypal for this trip, it would mean the world! If you donate over $25 you can request a drawing, song, recipe, spell, or pictures of our cats. our cats are really cool. the total we are trying to get to is at least $300. preferably more if we can. 

my paypal is

please, this is literally what keeps us happy many nights, and even if you can reblog it would mean the world.