You Talk Too Much

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Request: “Hello! Could I request an imagine where the reader is starting their first day as a new member of Uma’s crew. Uma has left the reader with Harry to show her the ropes of the ship but while he is rambling on about the ship, the reader gets bored and snatches Harry’s hook to get him to shut up haha…thank you!”

Requested by: Anonymous

Pairing: Harry Hook x Reader

Warnings: None

Notes: This took so long to write because I love Harry Hook so much and I wanted to make it perfect!!!

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anonymous asked:

can u plz do a Gil x harry x uma and Harry's really scared of water and they teach him to swim,harry cries beforehand and afterwards they can't get him out of the sea (HEADCANON)

- Harry’s like 5-6 and he’s terrified of the sea because most of his experience with it at this point is his dad making recalcitrant crew mates walk the plank or fearing the crocodiles and killer sharks living in the water. He knows what’s down there.

- Sadly for bby!Harry it’s HOT out so Uma leads him and Gil to the water and basically says ‘we’re going swimming’.

- Gil jumps right in and shakes his wet hair around like a dog and getting in the water makes Uma’s tentacles come out and the next thing Harry knows they’re splashing around and screaming and laughing.

- Harry WANTS to get in, he really does, but all he can think of is his father’s face blanching at hearing the familiar tick tock tick tock tick tock of the crocodile and it makes his blood go cold so he keeps standing at the edge of it just staring at them.

- BBY!Uma getting huffy and ordering Harry into the water because it’s too HOT to stand around on the beach Harry and they’re here to have fun so you get in this water NOW.

- Harry gets upset because he’s looking weak but he cannot help it because the water is terrifying and so yeah, he starts crying and explains quietly he’s afraid of the water.

- Bby!Uma is not impressed. She points out that both she and Gil are in the water and they’re fine, that there aren’t any crocodiles or sharks around THIS part of the water and he can always get out if he hates it now GET IN HERE Harry

- Harry does and Gil helps him come in deeper and shows him how humans tread water and it’s not so bad. Then, again, Uma and Gil start splashing and throwing each other around and Harry is knocked underwater so he’s spluttering and annoyed when he gets back up and whoops, now he’s the one splashing the others in annoyance. Uma explains you need to hold your breath, Hook, you can’t breathe water like she can and so it’s not AS bad next time he’s knocked underwater.

- He loves swimming and whoops good luck getting him out of the water. Uma gives him a congratulatory kiss on the cheek and so does Gil because, hey, Uma did.

- Cut to them being older and now Harry can jump in with no hesitation and yeah, now it’s basically swimming, splashing, throwing each other around and yeah, kissing in the water. These three are the most fun throuple on the Isle.

Killian Jones Quotes

Killian Jones Appreciation Meme Day 3: Favorite Quotes 

A man unwilling to fight for what he wants deserves what he gets

 Killian Jones. But, most people have taking to calling me by my more colorful moniker…Hook.

 I don’t mean to upset you Emma, but I think we make quite the team.

 Tick, tock, time’s up, crocodile.

 Perhaps I just needed reminding that I could

 Actually, I quite fancy you from time to time when you’re not yelling at me.

 Perhaps you’re the one who couldn’t handle it

 I never thought I’d be capable of letting go of my first love… of my Milah. To believe I could find someone else. That is, until I met you.

 When I win your heart, Emma, and I will win it. It won’t be because of any trickery. It will be because you want me.

 There’s not a day will go by I won’t think of you.

 I came back to save you.

 If it can be broken, it means it still works

One of these days I’m gonna stop chasing this woman

Red leather doesn’t come into vogue here…ever

Pick a partner who knows what me’s doing 

I’d go to the end of the world for her….or time.

 Behold! The Rolly Joger!

 I’m devilishly handsome again.

 They are if you’ve got something of value to trade

 Why, the Jolly Roger of course.

 There is always a crisis. You might want to consider living your life during them, otherwise you might miss it.

 If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s surviving.

 It’s a device for talking. I don’t bloody know, I press the “Emma” button and she answers, usually.

 I’m a fan of every part of you.

 Don’t you know, Emma? It’s you.

 We’ll find another way, together

 The future’s nothing to be afraid of.

 I’ll never stop fighting for us.

 For this lovely piece of hardware, I’ll take your hand. For Milah, your heart.  And for pulling Emma into the darkness, I think your head will do quite nicely!

 Get your affairs in order, dearie! For we duel at noon on my ship!

 Let me die a hero. That’s the man I want you to remember me as.

 When you love someone, you know.

 Everything Liam did was to ensure I had a future.  And I dam well intend to have one

 It’s true love. Emma, you chose me, that was the test.

 If I helped take off that armor, don’t put it back on just because you’re gonna lose me.

My Emma’s too strong for that.

And you kiss me with that mouth?

Shush, shush, shush. It’s story time.

Once upon a time, the Evil Queen tried to kill Snow White and separate these two. But, no matter what she tried, they always found each other. And then, they found you. And you you inherited the strength of that love. So that even when they couldn’t find each other, you made sure they did. True love can break any curse and so can you because that’s what you’re made of. You’re the savior because you were born of their love. And they’re in love today because you brought them together. You, you can overcome these visions. You can overcome anything. Now, remember you who are: the product of true love.

You’re amazing, Emma.

 I just really desperately need to kiss you.

 Captain Hook doesn’t get cold feet.

 I never thought I’d live anywhere but the sea, but I…I do miss that patch of dirt we call home.

 I’m not a bloody matchmaker!

 I’m trying to get home to you. And I won’t ever stop until I do.

 I don’t remember asking your opinion.

 Swan, I know that you face an uncertain future, but there’s something I want you to be certain of. That I will always, always be by your side. So, Emma Swan, what do you say? Will you marry me?

 I wasn’t talking about the pancakes

 And that’s how you wake up Blue? With dead baby dragon?

A seafaring man does not take superstitions lightly!

Emma, when we met, there was just one thing that mattered to me: getting my revenge.  And you did something that no one else ever could. You showed that a heart full of love was the most precious treasure of all and one I don’t intend to lose. They say a captain’s heart belongs to his ship, but with this ring, it now belongs to you.

 But one thing is for sure love, with you I have everything.

 I think I wanna get back to my wife.

 It was our first adventure together.

 Granted, it was hardly love at first sight, but things changed, we changed. Look, we made each other better. Emma and I were never a predestined love story guaranteed a happy ending. We fought for our love and we won.  And you, you of all people should understand that. But now you…you saw into that mirror, she doesn’t remember who I am. So yeah, I’m gonna climb this beanstalk and I’m gonna find that bean because I’m not gonna lose everything I have just because some bitter fairy cast another bloody curse! Our story began on the beanstalk and I’ll be dammed if it ends there too.


dapper day fall 2014. disney bounds (post 2 of 2).

1-3.) disney bound group picture
4.) got her beauty sleep: aurora 
5.) this disney bound is somewhat unique and calls for a different kind of introduction: bellhop 
6.) hungry for more…tick tock: crocodile 
7.) hee-haw: lampwick 
8-9.) too cute to be gloomy: eeyore
10.) hats off to these three: aurora, snow white, && cruella deville.

Separate Lives, Heart Ripper

You might remember this from the epilogue:

And he kept his promise, with one exception. Just one exception to finally close that chapter from his past that had haunted him for centuries. But it was done and dealt with and he was back at her side, ready for the next doctor’s appointment.

A couple of you asked about it… and yes, I’ve always planned to expand on that…. so here it is!


Heart Ripper

“Captain? There’s someone from Boston Police Department calling from you.”

Killian automatically sat upright on his office, his heart sinking.

“Aye, put it through…”

“Killian, it’s Tom Cavendish. First, congrats on the promotion.”

“Thanks Tom, how are things over there?”

“Not so good, I am afraid… I’m calling regarding that case you asked me to keep an eye on for you. There had been recent developments…”

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