dapper day fall 2014. disney bounds (post 2 of 2).

1-3.) disney bound group picture
4.) got her beauty sleep: aurora 
5.) this disney bound is somewhat unique and calls for a different kind of introduction: bellhop 
6.) hungry for more…tick tock: crocodile 
7.) hee-haw: lampwick 
8-9.) too cute to be gloomy: eeyore
10.) hats off to these three: aurora, snow white, && cruella deville.

Separate Lives, Heart Ripper

You might remember this from the epilogue:

And he kept his promise, with one exception. Just one exception to finally close that chapter from his past that had haunted him for centuries. But it was done and dealt with and he was back at her side, ready for the next doctor’s appointment.

A couple of you asked about it… and yes, I’ve always planned to expand on that…. so here it is!


Heart Ripper

“Captain? There’s someone from Boston Police Department calling from you.”

Killian automatically sat upright on his office, his heart sinking.

“Aye, put it through…”

“Killian, it’s Tom Cavendish. First, congrats on the promotion.”

“Thanks Tom, how are things over there?”

“Not so good, I am afraid… I’m calling regarding that case you asked me to keep an eye on for you. There had been recent developments…”

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