Grasslands in Qinghai China, on the edge of the Tibetan Plateau - perhaps a salt evaporation pond in the foreground.


Leading Ladies: (3/?) Coriane Jacos-Calore (Queen Song by Victoria Aveyard) 

He [the prince] asked her to call him Tibe after a few weeks. A family nickname, used among the royals and a precious few friends. “All right, then,” Coriane said, agreeing to his request.” “Saying ‘Your Highness’ was getting to be a bit of a pain.” They first met by chance, on the massive bridge that spanned the Capital River, connecting both sides of Archeon. A marvelous structure of twisted steel and trussed iron, supporting three levels of roadway, plazas, and commercial squares. Coriane was not so dazzled by silk shops or the stylish eateries jutting out over the water, but more interested in the bridge itself, its construction. She tried to fathom how many tons of metal were beneath her feet, her mind a flurry of equations. At first, she didn’t notice the Sentinels walking toward her, nor the prince they followed.

Cal’s sad childhood

I was rereading QUEEN SONG the other day and realized once again how sad Cal’s childhood must have been.

According to Coriane, Cal was “a fat baby, smiling early, laughing often, growing bigger by leaps and bounds,” and according to Maven in KING’S CAGE, Cal was “always smiling and talking and laughing and perfect.” And then when Cal was only seven months old, Coriane died. The poor baby might not have understood a lot of things yet then, but he must have felt the loss of his mother. The once always-smiling-talking-and-laughing baby became lonely. He was left under the care of nannies, because while Tibe loved his son, he was too busy being king and most likely spent most of his free time sulking and drinking the pain of losing his dear wife away… until he became an angry, lonely, and heartbroken king. 

Norta needed a queen and a spare ASAP. Only three months after Coriane’s death and just a month before Cal’s first birthday, Tibe had to remarry. (Had because I think Tibe would never have wanted to get married again, only three months after Coriane’s death, much less to Elara whose guts he hated.) This time, he unknowingly married the woman who had caused the loss of his first three unborn babies and psychologically tortured and killed his first wife and who would also plot his demise eighteen years later. And so, that was how Cal got himself an evil stepmother. He had to live with the woman who had killed his mother without knowing about it. Did Elara ever mistreat or control Cal in any way? We’ll never know. Just imagining Queen Elara holding baby Cal makes me sick.

And then Maven came. Cal’s Mavey. The brother he loved with all his heart. The brother he looked up to. The brother he’d always known would make a much better king. Maven had a mother. Of course, Cal never knew Elara’s sick way of raising her son; in his eyes, his brother had a mother who loved and cared for him, and to him that was more than he could have ever asked for himself. “Cal definitely wished his mother was around. And there were other qualities in Maven that he admired and wanted, but couldn’t find in himself.” Tibe did shower Cal with so much love (to the point that Maven felt neglected) to make up for Coriane’s absence in his life, but a mother’s love is still different and cannot be substituted. Imagine how Cal must have felt all those times seeing Maven and Elara. He was envious of Maven for he still had a mother, but despite his envy, he still loved him nonetheless. But in the end, Maven betrayed him.

Cal was controlled and forced to kill his own father thanks to Elara and Maven’s scheming. He lost the only parent he’d ever known, and he will forever blame himself for his death. The horrible nightmares. (”And when do you sleep, Cal?” “I don’t. Not anymore.”) He lost the crown that was rightfully his. He was a sad child who grew up with the knowledge that he was going to be king after his father. He made that his only mission. He equated his identity to the crown. But who is Cal without the crown? Without his father by his side? Without Mare by his side? That’s what I want him to find out for himself. 

Most of all, I wish Cal to find happiness too. Not as a prince, not as a king, but as a normal young man. He’s been living a sad life. He deserves happiness too. 

Red Queen Facts
  • 1. All young women at the royal court were physically made to become queen, so it's a game of power among their parents and their kids are their marionettes.
  • 2. Silvers often don't marry out of love, because their kids have to be the most powerful, so Silvers mostly are betrothed with men and ladies they don't even like.
  • 3. Young Silvers are raised to hate Reds and to think that they are scum. That's the reason why most of them are so brutal and upstage.
  • 4. For Silver men, it's very useful that their children often inherit their ability because so they know whether their wives cheated on them.
  • 5. When Coriane was pregnant with Cal, she was 21 years old. Elara had to be between 20 and 22 when she was pregnant with Maven and there are 2 years and 2 months between Maven and Cal. So there are 1 to 3 years between Elara and Coriane. That means that when Elara and Coriane first met, Elara was between 12 and 14 years old, because Coriane was 15. So, already in her early life, Elara used her ability to torture others and to scare them (read Queen Song).
  • 6. When Coriane died, Cal was probably between 6 and 8 months old, because he could sit and had one single tooth. When you count back, that means that Tibe married Elara no later than 9 or 11 months after Coriane's death.
  • That's all what I have for you guys today. I hope I could shock you a little. 😉

**FAIR WARNING: Some offensive material, but just you wait ;) homophobes & sexists won’t prevail**

Host: Give it up for everyone’s favorite rebels, Evane vs the Kingdom of NORTAAAAAA!!

KON: You’re just two bitches, sailin’ along!

What’d you think? We’d praise you in song?

Girls are weak, the boys should rule,

Females just think that they’re oh-so-cool!

Please, do you really think that you’re powerful and great?

We’ve never had one ruler who hasn’t been straight!

Well we had ‘Tibe-Tibe’ but didn’t he die?

Well there’s a reason and his grave shows why!

Evangeline: Hmm well let’s think then, who should rule?

Elane: There’s no one more confident you fuckin’ fool!

Evangeline: Oh the Calore brothers? Maven and Tibe?

Evane, together: We got bigger balls than those two combined!

Audience: oooHH SHIT!

KON: Oh sure, and you say that you’re good with knives?

Girls should be cooks and quiet home-wives!

That’s how it’s been and that’s how it will be,

Can you imagine? Not a ‘he’ but a ‘she?


Evangeline: Yeah, you say all these things with a nice big smile,

But might I remind you that I won Queenstrial?

Elane: She’s the most powerful out of all the women here,

Evangeline: Thanks for the compliment, but stay quiet, my dear.

If anyone has the right to rule it’s us,

Not the brothers who fall at one kick in the guts!

KON: And what are we gonna have if you two lead?

‘Oh cramps, oh pain’ when you two bleed.

Guys don’t have these problems, unlike girls,

You spend hours gettin’ ready ‘my face my curls!’

Audience: dAMN!

Elane: *sarcastically* We very much appreciate your traditional style,

Evangeline: But can’t we just mix it up once in a while?

Elane: Your lying little media is filled with hate,

Evane, together: Name a more Iconic duo, yes I’ll wait! *get back to back and cross arms*

[crowd goes wild]


By @jemsauce

A really stupid thing I wrote to distract myself from my cold.  Which totally backfired, as you can see.

Tentoo x Rose | 1,782 Words | All Ages | sick!Doctor

The Doctor had never experienced cold symptoms as a Time Lord.  Now that he’s human, he’s more than susceptible, due to his new body’s untested immune system.  (Just a silly, fluffy one-shot.)

Originally posted by tennydr10confidential

Before becoming human, the Doctor never imagined just how horrible it really felt to have a cold.  Of course, some colds could be worse than others.  But he hadn’t spent the better part of his life building up his immune system against all these relatively innocuous viruses the way most humans did.

So when his first cold hit him, it really hit him.

On the first morning, when he woke up from a somewhat fitful night’s sleep, he thought maybe he’d breathed a bit too much smoke from that alien spaceship crash the night before.  His throat felt a bit scratchy and thick, and he found himself wanting to swallow more than normal.  He was also very thirsty.  All that smoke and heat must have dried him out a little, that was all.

But then he tried to sit up, and the entire room began to spin.

“Whoa…” he rasped, grabbing the edge of the bed to stabilize himself, taken aback by how hoarse his voice was.  He reflexively cleared his throat, but it didn’t help, and seemed only to make the soreness worse.

Rose half rolled over to look at him groggily.  “What, what is it?”

“Blimey…” he said, closing his eyes, but still feeling lighter than air, and completely disoriented. “I feel…  I feel…” he flopped back down onto the pillow. “Weird.”

Rose rolled the rest of the way and felt his shoulder briefly, then his forehead.  “God, you’re burning up,” she said, voice pitched with concern.  “How do you feel?”

“I told you.  Weird.” He draped an arm over his eyes.  For whatever reason, the light coming through the window was giving him a headache.

“You sound awful.  You must have caught Tony’s cold.”  Rose rolled out of bed and threw a dressing gown on, briefly disappearing from the room before returning with a thermometer.  “Here, stick this under your tongue,” she said.

“I can’t be sick,” the Doctor whinged.  “I have an excellent immune system.  I never get sick.”

“Doctor, that was your old body. You’re human now, and as susceptible as the rest of us.  Now do as I say.”

The Doctor mumbled darkly under his breath, but allowed her to take his temperature.

The thermometer beeped after a few minutes, and Rose read the digital window.  “Yep, definitely a fever.  I’ll call Pete and let him know you’re staying home.”

“Nonsense!” His voice cracked raggedly.  “You work when your sick, I can do the same.”

Rose guffawed.  “Doctor, you’ve never had a cold before.  Your immune system has never been exposed to a cold virus, ever.  You might be at higher risk for pneumonia because of it, and I’m not about to let that happen.”

“But Rose…” It would have been a whine under ordinary circumstances, but as it was, his voice sounded more like chains being dragged through gravel.

“Be sensible, Doctor.”  She patted his arm.  “I’ll go make some tea.  You stay here.”

As soon as she’d gone, the Doctor tried to sit up again, concentrating on keeping himself more stable.  After a moment, the room settled down, but sitting up made his headache a thousand times worse.  The pressure behind his eyes was monstrous, and he couldn’t breathe through his nose.  Still, breathing through his mouth set his throat on fire.  He tried to swallow, but that made his throat feel worse.  Everything inside felt sticky and full of bugs, crawling around under his skin and in his throat.  “This is disgusting,” he grumbled under his breath.

Still, if ordinary humans could go to work with a cold, surely a part Time Lord human could manage.  He just needed to get moving, maybe have a bit of breakfast, though his legs felt like concrete, and he didn’t feel much like eating. Still. He could do this.  He gritted his teeth and pushed himself up off the mattress…

And immediately sat back down, the room spinning again.  He felt like his head was floating and his legs were stuck in quicksand.  “This is ridiculous!” he muttered, face pinched and frowning.  Hearing his ragged voice just added to his irritation.

After two more attempts, and using the wall to stabilize himself, he finally felt like he could walk across the room and put on his dressing gown.  He felt hot and cold at the same time, and was shivering by the time he tied his robe closed.  He grabbed a pair of socks out of the dresser and stumbled down the hall towards the kitchen, running his hand along the wall to ground himself.  

He came around the corner just as Rose was setting the teapot on a tray laden with a simple breakfast.  She looked up.  “Doctor!  I told you to wait there!”

“This is silliness, Rose, I’ll be fine.  I just need some ibuprofen and a little breakfast, probably. I’m sure it’s nothing.”  He gingerly made his way to the nearest dining chair and eased himself into it with an involuntary sigh of relief.

Rose’s brow creased as she frowned, folding her arms across her chest.  “You’re not being reasonable.”

He responded with a sudden attack of forceful sneezes—four right in a row—then lowered his head to the table with a groan.  Rose sighed and came closer, massaging his head gently.  “I’m sorry you’re not feeling well,” she said.

“This is rubbish,” he whinged.

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  • Red queen says Power is a dangerous game: Maven betrays Mare and kills Tibe for power.
  • Glass Sword says kneel or bleed: At the end, Mare kneels in front of Maven
  • King's Cage says all will burn: doesn't really hint at the ending but Victoria Aveyard references that a lot in the
  • book.
Norta Elementary - Modern AU (Part 1??)

Hey Guys! This is the fanfic that the Anon requested. It’s my first one pls don’t judge too hard. 😂😂 It’s Mare and Cal finally meeting/noticing each other. If you want me to write more then I can, just request! I had a lot of fun with this!

Also *NOTE* I know that Cal and Mare WOULDN’T be in the same class, but for the sake of this fanfic I kept them the same age/class.


P.S. If anyone could please teach me how to make a link of this/upload it as a pdf I would really appreciate that!!

Ship: Mare x Cal

Words: 769

Fifth Grade

     Mrs. B’s pointer hits my desk, making me jump.
     …And wake up.
     “Ms. Barrow since you quite obviously already know all of this information, would you please tell me how old Scout was at the beginning of the book?”
     I shrug. “Nope.”
     “Well, what is her father’s name?” she demands.
     “No clue.” At least I’m honest.
     “And who is the children’s next door friend?” I stare at her blankly, familiar with her method. I don’t know the answers, she knows I don’t know, and no matter how much she interrogates me today, I won’t know tomorrow.
     She gets a wicked smile on her face. “Thought so.”
     I let her win.

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AOS Fic - Drifter

Originally posted by nabees2

Part one 

Warnings - Angsty. Minor canon (sort of) character death. Mentions of Tarsus and child abuse/neglect. Might make more sense if you’ve read this, but not required.

McKirk, ‘cause it’s always McKirk

Jim Kirk is a drifter.

He’s six years old, playing catch in the clearing with Sam, when he first feels the stirring of a warm wind at his back.

He whirls, dropping the foam football in the grass at his feet.

Above him, the trees are still.

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