most people in skyrim: yeah about 500 years ago tiber septim founded the empire and then about 200 years ago the oblivion crisis happened and thats just about every important event

every nord: at the DAWN OF TIME my greeat great grandfather HANDS FUCK-BEARD, the greatest hero who EVER LIVED, built this farm with with nothing but his NUTS

Ponte Sant'Angelo (The Bridge of the Holy Angel), Rome - Italy  

In 136 AD Emperor Hadrian ordered the construction of a new bridge over the Tiber River. The emperor wanted to connect his mausoleum - now the Castel Sant'Angelo - with the city of Rome across the river. The bridge was originally known as the Pons Aelius, after the family name of Hadrian (Publius Aelius Hadrianus). 

Trastevere | Rome

‘Rare cultivars of Tuscan and Umbrian fruit put on a vibrant autumnal display at this ancient monastery in the High Tiber Valley. Isabella dalla Ragione has spent over 40 years searching convents, family estates and abandoned farms for forgotten species of tree, bringing many back from the brink of extinction. Rebuilt after an earthquake in the 18th century, the chapel of the monastery still functioned as such until the Second World War. Its sacristy contains traces of a 14th-century fresco. The art-school dummy on the armchair gets brought out to make fourteen at the dining table if there are only thirteen guests.’

 Photography: Tim Beddow for World of Interiors, September 2014 ..

My favourite Vines but The Elder Scrolls

Vivec: *makes a sick fuckin vape cloud*

Almalexia: *blows it away*

Vivec: *looks distressed* AYEM


Sotha Sil: Stop saying I look like Dagoth Ur. I don’t. He’s dumb and he’s a coward. And I am nOT A COWARD.


*Pelinal Whitestrake to Huna*: I LOVE YOU, BITCH *strums lute* I AIN’T NEVER GONNA STOP LOVIN’ YOU, BITCH


Many Nords, proclaiming Pelinal Whitestrake: Shor! Shor! Shor! Shor!

Pelinal, eating a sandwich: Who said that? Who said that, was that you?

Pelinal: *punches the Nords with a mace and smothers the rest with moths*


Nerevar’s advisors: Hey, how y’all-

The first Numidium: *Numidium noises*


Kagrenac: It don’t bite.

Nerevar’s advisors: YES HE DO GET THA-


Sheogorath: *walks into a room wearing nothing but his underwear* Hi, welcome to the Isles.


Tiber Septim: Yeah, I really love working with everyone, we just have a lot of laughs.

Also Tiber Septim: Fuck off, Zurin, I’m not going to your fuckin baby shower*


Alduin: Hey so today my little brother started a coup against me so I’m starting a kickstarter to put him down. The benefits of killing him would be that I would be rebelled against way less.


Azura: What the fuck is up, Vivec?? No seriously, what did you say?? What the fuck dude? Step the fuck up, Vivec!!


Alessia: Pelinal, let me see what you have!

Pelinal Whitestrake: A KNIFE

Alessia: NOOOO

Morihaus: Oh my god, why does he have a knife??


The Underking to literally everyone even remotely involved with Tiber Septim: I AINT GET NO SLEEP CAUSE OF YALL!!!!!! YALL NEVER GON SLEEP CAUSE OF ME!!!!!


The Void to Anu and Padomay: Two bros, chilling in the nothin, five feet apart cause they’re not gay

*I want to say that this Vine is not original Vine content and instead came from Brandon Rogers on YouTube. Y’all gotta remember to give credit!


Chased gold presentation box - Peter Russell (box) and George Michael Moser (chased decoration), 1741.

The scene on the top of the box (second photo) depicts Gaius Mucius Scaevola standing before the Etruscan king Lars Porsena after his failed attempt to assassinate him, thrusting his hand into the fire to show Porsena the resolve of the Romans to resist the Etruscan siege. On the bottom of the box (third photo) Romulus and Remus suckle their wolf foster-mother beside a god representing the Tiber.


the many kids of Akatosh, from left to rigth:

Alduin the World-Eater, Naali “Nim” Saryn the Last Dragonborn, Miraak the First Dragonborn, Martin Septim the Sweet Cinnamon Bun Who Didn’t Deserve Any of This, Tiber Septim / Talos aka the Coolest Kid of the Bunch


EDIT: yet again i return to an old sketch with an intent to give it some love. added some of my fav snek bois