I firmly believe that one of the crappiest things you can experience in fandoms is when you feel so passionately about a ship or a particular universe, and nobody else is there with you to fan the heck out about it. Like, I get so consumed and excited and stoked thinking about these two peoples or this fanfiction idea or this scene and I remember I’m the only loser who feels that way lmao

NCIS ships that sails in our hearts

McAbby - McGee/Abby

Kibbs - Kate/Gibbs (gif by goodnightkate)

Tate - Tony/Kate (gif by atemschnapper)

McGibbs - McGee/Gibbs (gif by fuckyeahncisgifs)

Tabby - Tony/Abby

Zibbs - Ziva/Gibbs (gif by 18differentways)

Tiva - Tony/Ziva (gif by riskinghearts)

Jibbs - Jenny/Gibbs

McNozzo McGee/DiNozzo

Tibbs - Tony/Gibbs

McGiva - McGee/Ziva

Gabby - Gibbs/Abby

Pibbs - Palmer/Gibbs

Gucky, Dibbs ? - Gibbs/Ducky

Dalmer, Pucky, Dimmy ? - Palmer/Ducky (gif by ncis-tivotee)

Most common couples I’ve seen.

In no particular order.

Took me longer to make this post than you think with trying to find all sources. Didn’t do so well.


Toronto Sun Interview 2016

  • Well, Mark, always gracious and always the Gentleman, but like his character, a functional mute, he was pretty succinct. He said, ‘Thank you and good luck.’ Which I adored the simplicity of, and appreciated deeply that he was giving me his handshake and support.“ - Michael when asked about how Mark Harmon said goodbye.