Through the Lens

Part 3

New York Fashion Week. This was what you had been working toward for the majority of your career – the ability to capture the beautiful, intricate, innovative designs of the world’s best, most-recognized and up-and-comers in the industry. It was just a total bonus that your girlfriend – YOUR FUCKING GIRLFRIEND – Jennifer Jareau was going to be walking numerous shows you’d be covering. 

While JJ was walking for Prentiss, Christian Siriano, Nina Tiari and Balenciaga, you were covering three of those, Prentiss, Balenciaga and Nina Tiari, as well as Alvez, where JJ’s model friend, Spencer Reid, was walking. It was going to be a very interesting array of designs this year, and you couldn’t have been more excited at the possibilities – the fabrics, the embellishments, the innovative designs. It was all so electrifying.

In the two weeks or so since you’d started dating, the two of you spent nearly every day texting each other between work and sleep.  So far, she’d only picked you up at your apartment, but you’d already made plans for after Fashion Week was over to go to her place and sunbathe poolside.

JJ’s first show was Christian Siriano – the only one of hers you weren’t covering.

Y/N: Hey Babe. You know what outfits you’re wearing?

JJ: Yes! I love the first one. It’s this black dress with a deep vee and an asymmetrical hemline. The material sparkles, but it’s not overpowering at all. I love it. I think you’d like it. 

Y/N: For myself, or on you? Because you look dynamite in everything?

Who used the word dynamite anymore? Good thing JJ didn’t care.

JJ: You can’t see me, but I’m blushing. My second outfit is a floor-length black gown. It’s not full-on mermaid, more like an easy mermaid fit with a cape flowing backward. The underside of the cape and the straps are blue satin. I also love it. And the last is a mini dress and gladiator heels. It’s very brightly colored. Not necessarily my personal style, but I do like it. I’ve gotta go. See you later! <3

As you put your phone back in your pocket, you blushed like a schoolgirl. She was going to kill it, and while you were sad you couldn’t see her there, you would be able to see her at the other three shows she was walking in.

Later that day, she was able to attend Alvez’s show, where her friend Spencer was walking. You hadn’t done a lot of work in men’s fashion, but after Alvez, you’d be talking to Blake about expanding your portfolio. Alvez was known for his bespoke suits, tailored perfectly to each and every man. His spring and summer collection was filled with deep navy blues, heather grays and whites that popped because of the tailored and streamlined nature of his jackets and pants; it was all very contemporary. A particular favorite of yours was one that Spencer was wearing – a black granite textured wool jacket with a black silk scarf and matching mohair trousers.

By the time the Alvez show was over, the designer came out in one of his suits. The blue he wore made his eyes and smile pop. As his models joined him on the runway at the end of the show, you noticed a shared look between Alvez and Spencer – it was much like the look you gave JJ. You would never say anything because it wasn’t your place, but you would bet money on the fact that they were dating. “Babe!” After running through your pictures, extremely happy with what you’d managed to capture, you met up with JJ, who was planning to meet Spencer back stage. 

“Y/N!” She kissed you on the cheek as you came over. Your relationship had flown under the radar so far and you wanted to see how long you could make that last, which meant very limited PDA. “Do you want to meet Spencer and Alvez?” 

“Absolutely!” The fashion industry in general was busy and exhilarating, but Fashion Week was on a whole other level. Heading backstage took more than a few minutes as JJ kept getting stopped by other industry acquaintances, but finally, you both used Derek’s passes to gain entry backstage to meet up with Spencer.

“Spencer!” JJ called out, approaching his area backstage. “Your best friend is here!”

“You don’t sound like Aaron!” He started laughing as he was getting changed. Aaron was apparently Aaron Hotchner, Spencer’s agent, and one of the best in the business. He’d gotten Spencer everything he wanted to walk in this year, which was rare. While he and Aaron were great friends, he’d probably consider JJ his best friend, but it was always fun to torture her a little bit. 

When he emerged, he was no longer where a bespoke suit, but rather a comfortable pair of jeans, a graphic t-shirt with roses on it, and a black blazer; his staple kind of outfit. His hair was a mess, but it also worked on him. As he wrapped his arms around JJ, his eyes met yours. “You must be Y/N.” You stretched out your hand and introduced yourself, but only managed to introduce yourself; you’d forgotten, but Spencer took time to warm up to handshaking or touching people he didn’t know.

“So nice to meet you,” you said. “JJ talks about you all the time.”

Spencer smiled wide, leaning over into JJ and giving her a kiss on the cheek. “That’s because she’s in love with me you know.” 

JJ rolled her eyes and linked her arm in Spencer’s. “According to the tabloids that is.”

Spencer was aware that JJ had told you about his sexuality. You swore, and you’d keep the promise, that you’d never reveal a thing. “Little do they know,” Spencer replied. They’d started walking to where you didn’t know, but you followed behind and were eventually introduced to Alvez. “Luke Alvez,” you said.  “My name is Y/N Y/L/N.” 

“I heard you were covering my show. You don’t normally cover men’s fashion, do you?” His smile was equally as enchanting as Spencer’s. They shared occasional glances. Both blushed lightly. And you noticed Spencer’s hand on Luke’s back for a moment or two. Considering him and touch, you wondered again whether the two were dating.

Not your place, but they would make an adorable couple. “No, but after this, I’ll be sure to request more work in men’s fashion. Your suits are absolutely spectacular, Mr. Alvez.”

“Please, call me Luke. JJ, it’s nice to meet you too. Spencer’s told me about you. If I ever decide to venture into women’s fashion, I’ll make sure I call you first.”

“Thank you so much. Do you have anything else planned this week?” 

Luke smiled. “I do have entry into the Marchesa show, but other that, I am officially off for the next week.” 

“What about you Spencer?” You asked, turning to the side and looking up. Granted, models tended to be tall, but as a shorty, it was mindboggling to be walking amongst a sea of tall people. His cheekbones were staring you in the face. Maybe you could do a shoot with him sometime. Like JJ, his confidence and shine seemed like they’d be able to sell anything. “Anything else going on this week?” 

“I’m also working for Hermes and Armani, and then I’m going to Marchesa also. After that, I’m off too for a few days. With all the traveling I’ve been doing lately, it’s going to be nice to rest for a few days.” If they were in fact dating, you wanted to double date at some point.

“Jayge, where are you walking next?” He asked.

“Prentiss. So looking forward to it. Gorgeous designs, gorgeous designer.”

You smiled to yourself. She thought Prentiss was pretty. Prentiss was absolutely stunning. If it weren’t for the fact that she was older than models tended to be, she could absolutely be one. You were going to have to tease JJ about that later. 

“Okay, so we are going to go to dinner the four of us after this week is over?” JJ asked, ensuring she had your plans right. You’d been off in another world, thinking about JJ and Prentiss being gorgeous, but you were going to get that double date – though it was unofficial. 

“Definitely.” Both Spencer and Luke agreed. 

Closing the space between them, JJ wrapped her arms around Spencer again and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “We both have to get going. Y/N is covering Prentiss also and I’m walking tonight, so we’ve gotta go. We’ll see you at Hermes, because we are going to that, but good luck tomorrow with Armani. Not that you’ll need it, gorgeous.”

Spencer replied in kind, telling her to break a leg at the Prentiss show. “Love you. See you in a couple days.”

As you left Spencer and Luke behind, you leaned in close to JJ. “Looking forward to the Prentiss show?” 

“Absolutely. I hope my comment about gorgeous designer didn’t hit a nerve or anything.” She looked worried, like maybe she’d offended you, but just because you were in a relationship with someone didn’t mean that your ability to find someone else physically attractive went away; all that mattered was staying faithful to whatever boundaries you’d discussed.

Vehemently, you shook your head. “Not at all, JJ. Prentiss is stunning. She should be a model herself. The ageism in the industry is fucking stupid.”

“Truth. That’s why I love Christian.” Siriano was known for using models of all shapes and sizes. He insisted that anyone not willing to cloth anyone above a size six was just lazy and uncreative. He was a favorite of yours as well. 

JJ’s driver ushered you over to where the Prentiss show was taking place. Once inside, you both caught a glimpse of Emily Prentiss; she was wearing one of her own designs – an absolutely kickass satin black and blue diagonally stripped pantsuit. “God, she can wear a pantsuit,” JJ said.

“Damn straight! Ready to kick ass again, JJ?” Your smile made her blush. Pulling out her phone she started to walk away. You could tell she wanted to kiss you, but you were still trying to fly under the radar.

“Always, Y/N. See you after?”

You nodded and went in the opposite direction to get ready yourself. Two seconds later your phone buzzed.

JJ: I couldn’t kiss you, so KISSES. I’m really looking forward to getting some real one-on-one time after this week.

How had this become your life? You’d achieved your dream; you were a photographer at some of the edgiest, inventive designers around and next week, you’d been lounging poolside with your beautiful model girlfriend. Nothing could break your stride.

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