I met Zhang Lianghu last year, when we were arranged to play together by the accompaniment teacher. I couldn’t understand him (my chinese sucks) and he couldn’t understand me (his german sucks) but we ended up playing in more than 5 recitals together. We even played in an oboe, viola, piano trio and won 3rd place in a chamber music competition. (Thats right, hipsters rule)

Our last performance together was his graduation recital (i was a freshie and he was a senior) and after that he went back to China and became principal Oboe of Tianjin Symphony Orchestra (if I understood him correctly).

But shizz tho he has good looking hands


[BB FM in Tianjin - 060516] Gdragon & Daesung dancing

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[BB FM in Tianjin - Horizontal bar] T.O.P vs Daesung (060516)

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Guys a huge explosion leveled a chunk of a port in Tianjin, China.
At least 17 people are killed and hundreds injured, state media report, as huge explosions rock the northern Chinese port city of Tianjin.

It’s bad guys.

Video of the explosions.

Full death and injury toll not yet known but at this time it stands at 17 dead and hundreds injured.

Green circle is 3KM. There are no survivors in the 1km range.


Explosions were set off in Tianjin, China when a shipment of explosives were accidentally triggered. 7 are dead, at least 300 injured.