A Modern Gateway for a Historic Port City

Situated along the Haihe River in Tianjin, this supertall skyscraper signals the city’s prominence as a physical and cultural gateway to China. It’s also an engineering marvel. Tianjin Global Financial Center’s structural framework, built entirely from thin steel plates, is uniquely slender for a region with high winds. Learn more

Celebrate the Chinese New Year with the new Nike Air Foamposite One “Tianjin”.

With a heavily designed upper the “Tianjin” resembles the Chinese culture with its intricate designs and accents along with a pink bottom.

For the most part, the Nike Air Foamposite One “Tianjin” is a China exclusive but will also be available on Nike.com on 02/07/15.

PC: Brendan Dunne


How did this tiger reach such a sorry state?

A zoo in Tianjin denied the accusation of starving a tiger on Saturday. The widespread concerns online were triggered by photos of a gaunt tiger behind bars posted online Friday.

With a body that appears to be little more than fur and bones, the weak looking tiger has prompted compassion from netizens, who blamed the zoo for the animal’s tragic state.

The head of Tianjin Zoo has shown the tiger’s diagnosis certification to prove that its weakened state is due to digestive disorders, which the tiger has suffered since its birth in 2001. At present, the zoo’s other six tigers are normal in size.

@XiaoQ_Fiona, the owner of the photos, said that she couldn’t help crying for this poor tiger and called for more attention on animals protection.

How did this tiger reach such a state? Almost half of the netizens believe that the disease is the main reason while others blame it on the zoo. They have shared their opinions on Sina Weibo:

“Shouldn’t we treat these animals like our babies? As humans, we should be more compassionate.” @huopaodemama

“Is this the only tiger that has reached such a bad condition in this zoo? If so, it proves that this condition isn’t caused by the zoo. Otherwise, the zoo should be responsible for it.” @zhanghui

“Please take good care of this poor ‘cat’. Having lost its freedom, the animal is so miserable. Unfortunately, things get worse when it is suffering from disease.” @jiwotoudixiadexiaolia