Princesas Disney

Aries: Ariel

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Tauro: Jasmine

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Geminis: Mulan

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Cancer: Merida

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Leo: Blancanieves

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Virgo: Pocahontas

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Libra: Tiana

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Escorpio: Anna

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Sagitario: Bella

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Capricornio: Cenicienta

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Acuario: Rapunzel

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Piscis: Aurora

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“I think that one of my favorite memories was when they showed [Tiana] to me in color for the first time. It was a surprise. They played this footage for me, and I just started to cry. So moving to me, and so amazing. I had no idea that she would look so much like me. It was such a great, great honor.”

– Anika Noni Rose, the voice of Tiana in Disney’s The Princess and The Frog

we are re-watching “The Princess and the Frog” and Tiana and Charlotte’s friendship still owns me
  • someone pushes Tiana at the party and she gets dirty and humiliated? boom, sorry Prince Naveen look alike, Charlotte needs to take her friend uptairs and dress her up like the Princess she should be
  • Charlottle has the money to buy the restaurant for Tiana but she knows that Tiana would never accept it, instead she makes her father hire Tiana and then her pay is enough to finish the amount of money she needs
  • Charlotte is the only friend Tiana has that doesn’t make fun of her for being always working, Charlotte wants to see Tiana happy 
  • The Prince is currently turned into a frog? Tiana doesn’t care how that happened she just wants to know who the impostor dancing with Lottie is and if he is dangerous to her friend
  • so Tiana and the real Prince are in love with each other? that’s perfectly fine!! Lottie wants Tia to be happy and if Naveen is her friend’s happiness then she will help them no matter what 
  • Lottie’s dream is to be a Princess, but she has no problem with Tiana becoming one first. 
  • Tia doesn’t make fun of Lottie wanting to be a Princess. So you wanna be royalty and have a good life with the love of your live?  go for it friend I support you!! just don’t marry douche ok? 

Charlotte and Tiana are 100% each other’s support through out the whole movie. Wherever their dreams are different or the same they truly just want each other happy.