hallo erfurt, werden wir freunde? by lina zelonka
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Jena in Thüringen, Eastern Germany, population ~110,000, is a center of education and research; the Friedrich Schiller University was founded in 1558 and has 21,000 students; the Ernst-Abbe-Fachhochschule has another 5,000. Jena was first mentioned in 1182. For most of the 20th century, it was one of the world’s centers of the optical industry with companies like Carl Zeiss, Schott, and Jenoptik. Between 1790 and 1850, it was a focal point of the German Vormärz as well as of the student liberal and unification movement and German Romanticism. Notable persons of this period were Friedrich Schiller, Johann Gottlieb Fichte, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Novalis and August Wilhelm Schlegel.

Nordhausen cathedral. Nordhausen is a small town in northern Thuringia near Harz hills. My father’s hometown. I just watched around a little on our way home. It’s strange to walk around where you’re roots are from but you don’t feel them… Nordhausen belonged to the GDR as long as the border inside Germany existed. I don’t know, what it looked like thise days. My father sometimes talked about Workd War II bombings and hus fears in tge cellars. His father found work in West Germany, so the family moved, as lobg as tge border was not absolutely closed… Nordhausen was renewed after the wall felt. Now it’s a cute little town with an old heart and some socialist architecture buildings around…