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what is Sarli?

the adorable friendship that is Ali Kriger and Sara Thunebro. They played together in Frankfurt. Sara played for the Swedish National Team (she retired after the 2015 WWC). They also played together when Ali and Ash played for Tyreso. They’re v cute. 


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also this is Ash and Sara walking together when they played for Tyreso. Ya know, proof it was indeed a thing.

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and finally, have a pic of Sara and Ash switching jerseys after the US played Sweden in the WWC. still friends. v cute. 

oh and one more cute germany pic. for good measure.

german kriegs has taken over my life. meet one of the products of that: ali krieger and sara thunebro (aka sarli)


Ashlyn Harris exchanges jerseys with Sara Thunebro after USA v SWE

Better planning next year, so I don’t have to come back and receive more of Lotta’s awards.

Lotta Schelin won best forward and a record fifth Diamond Ball at this year’s Swedish Fotbollskanalen. But like her fellow national teammates Caroline Seger (who won best midfielder) and Kosovare Asllani she was unable to attend because the event fell between two important Champions League fixtures.

Defender Sara Thunebro accepted the award in her absence and took the opportunity to publicly call out the Swedish Football Association for continuing to only take into account the men’s calendar.

Be sure to watch the video here, even if you don’t speak Swedish, the epic is evident regardless.


I never realized it before, but this Krieger-Thunebro friendship seems to be quite solid… Sara and Ash even traded jerseys while Ali did one of her super model poses.