Thug life

Exactly ten days ago I had the opportunity to ask Martin Freeman a question.

“Two roles defined your career in terms of popularity: Bilbo Baggins and John Watson. Both of them are ordinary people dragged into the extraordinary, forced to face the consequences of their choices. In real life, how much do you share with them and with this propension at the adventure?”

My voice was shaking and I almost forgot the right words, but fortunately I made it. My friend taped the moment when I asked the question, nut not his answer. Yesterday I recognized part of it in johnlockville blog and I started searching for Martin Freeman here on tumblr. I realized that his answer almost set off a riot.
OMFG I’m so pleased and happy to have found his answer again! He was so kind and charming that I wanted to keep the memory. Thanks tumblr. Thanks Johnlockian friends.

Ps. As you can see, I also asked about Bilbo but he totally skipped that part. ;)

“Sometimes it’s forgotten… you know, I know what you’re saying about John and Bilbo both being ordinary people dragged into the extraordinary but sometimes it’s forgotten that before John Watson meets Sherlock he’s already an extraordinary man. He is a soldier, he is an army surgeon who saves lives, who can take lives. He is certainly a lot more capable than I am in real life. It’s just that he meets someone who’s even more extraordinary - you know in a normal room of people John Watson would be the guy, ‘cause he can do stuff that hardly anybody else can do. But he just happens to meet his flatmate - he’s a genius. So a really impressive bloke meets a fantastically impressive bloke and together they make magic.”

- Martin Freeman


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