We Saw Rihanna Hold Nearly 100 Fans Hostage in Los Angeles

Last night in Los Angeles, Rihanna celebrated the debut of her tough, NSFW video for “Bitch Better Have My Money” by taking hostages. Nearly 100 fans were invited to a Tidal-sponsored event, blindfolded and then put onto luxury buses with the windows covered by black curtains — destination unknown.

Invites were emailed on Monday to local Tidal subscribers and the quickest to respond were given just enough details to attend. Some arrived expecting a live Rihanna performance. Others didn’t expect to see her at all. Either way, it was to be another exclusive “Tidal X” event promoting the service launched by Jay Z and now co-owned by a crowd of major artists, including Rihanna herself. During the commute, a host led a Rihanna quiz show on the first bus, throwing cash at blindfolded fans for reciting lyrics and answering trivia questions. When the buses landed, it was at the landmark Bob Baker Marionette Theater downtown, where ancient handmade puppets greeted guests inside.

“Oh, it’s kind of creepy,” one young woman said as she walked through a dark hallway — she ended up in a room full of drinks, desserts and a waiting pair of Tarot card readers. Piñatas hung from the ceiling and Rihanna hits blasted from a stereo.

After fans took their seats, the “Bitch Better Have My Money” video soon boomed from a big screen, opening with a parental advisory warning that promised grown-up “language,” “nudity” and “violence.” It delivered on all three, with feature-film production values and its star taking bloody revenge for debts unpaid.

“Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello!” Rihanna shouted when she finally appeared to loud cheers, her long red hair draped over one shoulder. She thanked fans for “allowing me to kidnap you.” The singer introduced the filmmaking duo from French collective Megaforce who co-directed the music video with her. “It took four days and nights to shoot this,” Rihanna said. “They held me down and helped me execute my vision… . Did you like it?”

Almost as soon as she asked, there was a loud bang in the room, and a shower of dollar bills fell from the ceiling as fans scrambled. Rihanna was suddenly gone.

She returned later as guests mingled over food and drink and she personally handed out more wads of cash, something like the stylish crime boss she portrays in the video. One guest, Penny Davis, 50, opened her purse to show two neat stacks of bills, still snug within bank straps. “She handed this to me,” she said, eyes wide with disbelief. “She kissed my hand. Very warm. Had me shaking afterwards.”

Before her exit to a waiting Cadillac SUV, Rihanna posed for group photos with her guests. “If you can see the camera, the camera can see you,” she instructed, speaking from experience. “You guys are the best fans ever. Thank you so much.”

As guests lined up for the bus ride back to their cars, many were still taking in the brief but exciting encounter with the platinum superstar. “It was really cool. I honestly didn’t think she would be here,” said Natalie Uzcategui, 30. She brought her sister, Stephanie, 23, who was still talking about the video. “It seemed like a movie and I wanted to see more.”

For another fan, Jessica Ulloa, 25, the close proximity to Rihanna left a new impression of the singer. “It gave you the idea of her being someone real. She’s nice and sweet, and I like her more,” said Ulloa, who arrived not knowing what to expect. “It wasn’t a performance but it was something, and we were close and she trusted us to be respectful of her space. A lot of artists don’t do that.”-Rolling Stone


#tbt: Cupid, covered by Amy Winehouse

I’ve been feeling some Amy Winehouse lately. “Cupid” is a cover of Sam Cooke’s original soulful song, but when done in Amy’s unique voice, it becomes flirty and coquettish. She is sultry and amorous; you can almost imagine her approaching her lover with an arched eyebrow while running her fingers playfully up and down his arm.


As some of you probably know, charity livestreams are a large part of the Let’s Play community. A lot of popular YouTubers hold charity livestreams, and you can always trust your Twitter feed to let you know when one is happening. But, what about the cahrity livestreams from smaller channels? How will you be able to know about those?

That’s where Charity Livestream comes in.Created by Mark “Clive” Svetik, Charity Live Stream is a website that is dedicated to helping charity livestreamers promote their events. So far, CLS has helped multiple stream teams and charity groups such as forcairnessake’s group (the #DoItforMark team that raised over 1K for Child’s Play) and the MarkiArtists for Charity.

Streamers can sign up for free, and add their event to the Charity Live Stream Calendar. You can out a lot of details about your event on your calendar spot, even the names of any sponsors! Tweets about events on the calendar are also put on the CLS twitter (which has 300+ followers). This is definitely a big help to any streamers out there who are looking to get the word out about their event. There are also other features for people who donate to the CLS Patreon (come on guys, Clive has to eat, too you know). 

Earlier this week a beta version of CLS was released, and it would really cool it if people would check it out and start adding events to the calendar. So, if you are on a livestream team that is going to be streaming for charity in the near future. Check it out!


Here’s how it looked like to repel off a 100ft+ tower at the ROK Marine Corps’ Mountain Warfare Training Center.

 i’m serious y’all. it’s been about four months of me and egg boy doing god knows what and god awful hours. and i just ?? don’t really understand it ? because honestly, i may walk and talk like i know what i’m doing but let’s face it !! i’m a southern girl trying to be a chavy street boy from london. can u see the disconnect.

and a quick note to how fucking amazing the kingsman rp fandom is ?? like we’ve grown from a few eggs and harrys and merlins to the best ( shut up im not biased ) and literally kindest large ass family that is one of the most welcoming rp fandoms i’ve seen. i love it so much.

now let me move on to some lovely sentiments concerning a few people that have put up with my whining and my ridiculousness from the past two years and from the start of egg boy here. these are a bit long ( bc egg means a lot to me and bc of egg i know you guys ). it’s abt to be real as shit up in hurr ( in no particular order ) .

atlanteus ❥ nick. nick holy shit. so you found me on dean and we did some almost illegal things there, what a time to be alive. but honestly, shit bro. i just ?? you’re like platonic soulmate, we’re married and divorced for chrissake. you’re one of the two people i’ve ever called on skype from here and even though it was awkward as fuck in the beginning, you’ve made my life incredible and you’ve taught me so much strength, and i honestly would not trade it for anything. i know my parents made things a bit difficult but i’m glad we stuck it out because i love you so much and you’re one of my best friends nick i swear to god.

thiievery / withcode​ / safecracked​ / herocomplexed​ ❥ first off anny ur beautiful and i love you. second off wtf how are we even friends like i still wonder abt that sometimes. i could spend hours literally writing abt how fantastic of a writer u are but we all know that. but i’m not even sure i could like ?? explain how much our friendship means to me ?? believe it or not its more than me yelling at u for charlie wernham. like u told me to live with u when i study in england. r u sure abt that c’mon now. anyway, ur presence makes me happy when skies r gray ( imagine me singing 2 u okay ). and i just rly rly appreciate u and ur brilliant advice okay ? like a lot. idk how else to say it w/out being fuckin weird as shit so. just yeah. can we talk abt how when im talkin to u i use literal text speak but its only w/ u wtf like it’s not even a conscious decision anny what did u do to me. also stop charlie 2k15.

dasvidaniyafuckboy / obxhorstov​ ❥ hahaha opal :’) i cannot imagine where i’d be without you honestly ?? like we haven’t known each other long but you have honestly helped me through some dark and rough patches and i can’t ?? thank you enough ?? for everything you’ve done for me. and wow what would i be without happy spy fam too. you don’t understand how happy that makes me. but the main thing is, you’re ridiculously important to me and i love you.

kingsmanhartPIKA? PIKA. aka collywobbles i love you to the moon and back, my dear becky ( you’ll always be collywobbles to me soz not soz ). wow okay so where ?? to ?? start ?? honestly you made me ship hartwin so tHANKS FOR THAT. you’re one of the reasons i didn’t delete eggsy bc you made me feel welcomed and not shamed about hartwin and wow ?? are you harry ?? yes. answer is yes. and i miss our conversations like all of them. ALL OF THEM COLLYWOBBLES. egg wouldn’t be egg without you and hazza. thank you for putting up with me like srsly how do you ?? anyway i love you to bits and pieces and you are my sunshine.

bespokesuiit ❥ HAHA BECKY WHY ARE WE SO PAINFUL. i think that’s probably the best way to describe us along with BRO. point is, aside from pining!egg ( i still rly appreciate that drawing thank you ) and felix, you’re an immense joy to talk to. i don’t know how felix and egg even began ??? but i’m glad it did bc now we’re bros 4 life and you can’t ever get rid of me bro that just ain’t how bro hood works bro. we’re bros, felix and egg are bros. it was meant to be bro. all our bro shenanigans. don’t ever leave me bro. do u feel that bro bc same. me too. #nochillbros bc you’re the fraser to my alfie bro #lads

misslancelot / gazelled / purrsuasion ❥ JULES DONT EVEN GET ME STARTED ON YOU. you were the first roxy i ever rp’d with and eggsy just adores her !!! and i adore you !! you’re fucking gorgeous okay and you’re amazing and kind and lovely beyond words. you’re one of those people that i feel like everybody likes tbh. anyway point is, thank you for giving me a chance as eggsy and for being an amazing roxy. you are one of the reasons i decided to stay when i almost gave eggsy up the first month or so. i love you lots and thank you again for being such an amazing person to me. you deserve endless sunshine.

galahcd / voluptuarist​ / littlclionman​ ❥ wtf chris who even are you bursting in here with your fuckin creative as fuck diction and descriptions like who fuckin asked for you. HINT: ME. I DID. i will never ever be over your writing. like ever. okay? okay. moving on to you now wow i like you. i’m keeping you. you’re stuck with me sorry. bUT LIKE I FEEL LIKE YOU’RE THAT FRIEND THAT JUST SIGHs a lot at my shenanigans but ends up doing it with me anyway like you’re that friend and you’re spectacular. whether you believe it or not, you’re so much of a better writer than me and you literally push me to improve my writing why i can’t ever express how thankful i am to you for that. 

unbeliiever ❥ WOW jan. you are absolutely insane for staying with me for two years ?? literally you came right about the time i really got into roleplaying rather than being just an ask blog. and i can’t even ?? mighty mouse and darts will forever be legendary. and i just can’t say how thankful i am that you’ve literally followed me on every single one of my accounts and have literally been there for me always.

alondonspy / blazeiit / vileknight ❥ mikey you were actually there the first day i made eggsy like you literally jumped in my box and surprised the shit out of me because wow ??? another eggsy ?? talking to me ?? what do ?? and look where we are now bae. you are my king bae, my only king bae, and my always king bae. you don’t rp here anymore much ( do u ?? i feel like i’d noticed king bae ) but that’s okay because skype fucking rocks ( sometimes ) and you never fail to make my day. ever. bc ur stupid and fly with an ear infection. no jokes. ur not stupid. but you are one of better friends tbh and i can’t imagine egg without my other egg. or johnny the blazin bastard. basically without you so if you ever leave me i’ll hunt you down.

staunchisms / itllgetbigger​ / sesvm ❥ ( i totally read your rules shhh ) ok ok ok so kendra first off thank you for the banner !! second off thank you for literally everything you’ve ever sent me ?? like idk how you do it ?? i literally come onto skype to just links on links on links of eggsy/taron stuff and it’s brilliant. besides that though like i love talking to you okay ( and that i made you ship hartwin hAHA ) but really though like you’re always down to talk and that means a lot because i lonely easy and you’re just always there to talk to. and your daisy is egg’s lil’ flower and we both adore her and i adore you.

ensignfinnclifton​ ❥ CELESTE WOW THE ADVENTURES OF SHARK BOY AND EGG BOY WHAT A DYNAMIC DUO no but for real like it started with finn sky diving and mid air straddling then flirting. what a time to be alive :’) point is your my florida bae and us fl girls gotta fuck some shit up together. WE SHOULD WATCH SHARK WEEK TOGETHER. anyway celeste, my dear, my lovely dear. i love you. you’re one of those people that i just clicked with immediately but mun and muse and that’s basically shamazing. and you’re also always there to talk to and scream with and always down to chill with me and yeah. you’re pretty rockin babes.

very honorable mention ( meaning not an rp blog ) taronaf ❥ NIKKI MY OG FLORIDA SISTER HOW COULD I EVER SURVIVE WITHOUT YOU. i probably could bC YOU WOULDNT BE SENDING ME TARON EVERYDAY AND I’D MANAGE TO BREATHE. but who really wants it that way ?? NOT ME. wow okay you’re my southern sweet tea sister and together we will show taron the brilliance of florida one day and ignore all the infuriatingly stupid florida things. to be serious though WOW i love you so much okay egg and i would not be the same without you and we diligently await your return to the rp community ( smooches ) 

egg’s fellow court ( knights and tailors and such ) ❥❥❥

agent-lancelot ❥ akingsmanaliasgareth ❥ hereditatem ❥ cxllmeroxy ❥ avalonunit / lxgon ❥ agentnivian ❥ akingsmxn ❥ barkering ❥ heskcth ❥ bulldoginnit ❥ eggscaliber ❥ charnpiione ❥ codenamemorgana ❥ galahaad ❥ moriibus ❥ suitedknight ❥ gawxin ❥ percxval ❥ pugpicker ❥ noneedforguns ❥ ofjefferson ❥ hamiltcn ❥ headtailor ❥ imaginativeideas ❥ kingsmancaradoc ❥ kingsmancatering ❥ leeunwinrp ❥ manncrs ❥ misterlancelot ❥ mumwins ❥ mrrichmondvalentine ❥ nostomachforviolence ❥ myfairladylxncelot ❥ sonofcador ❥ thxsismxne ❥ vivimortuus whereloyaltylieswillnotdespair 

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i want to thank misslancelot , noneedforguns , alondonspy , and kingsmanhart again for welcoming me with such open and warm arms into the kingsman fandom at the very start of this journey and making me feel so happy and included in the newly minted kingsman rp fandom. without y’all, egg and i wouldn’t have gotten this far.

and to all, thank you so very much for joining me and egg on the rollercoaster called egg’s life. i know he’s a lad most of the time, but he and i appreciate every single one of you for following and/or threading with me. i really do love this idiot gary ‘eggsy’ unwin, and we’d be quite nothing without you all, so thank you from the bottom of our hearts. ❥


#tbt: Cupid, by Sam Cooke

Sam Cooke, the King of Soul, came out with this love ballad in 1961. This song was just one of this pioneer’s repertoire that led the way for other powerhouse soul singers, like Aretha Franklin, Curtis Mayfield, and Stevie Wonder. “Cupid” relies on Sam’s smooth and nearly effortless vocals; this plea to Cupid comes easy to him. In fact, it went on to rank as #458 of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.