I woke up this morning and my legs are aching like I ran three marathons at once but I haven’t done any excessive exercize in years and I’m so confused bc just sleeping in a weird position shouldn’t make them hurt this much???

they are tingly and weak and they hurt. I hope this is just my final transformation into a mermaid or somethin bc this is not pleasant

gxldendemon’s 500 follower forever!

          (there should be an edgy graphic here, but mercy on my poor Photoshop skills)

     So… here we are. I started this blog on January 15th, hot off the heels of Jhin’s reveal because I am a gremlin with little patience. That means it has been half a year since then, and now I have 500 followers – the most I’ve had ever. And I should have done one of these follower forevers a long time ago, but hey, 500 is a nice number (Jhin would disagree, but c'est la vie) and there’s no time like the present. I would like to personally thank everyone that’s followed me, new or old, and continues to do so. I promise I try to make that decision the least regret-worthy as possible. :’^)

     So, without further ado – here is the list of blogs that you should be following because I’m following them and they’re obscenely quality (this is how it works, right?) Read more because I gush about people and that tends to get long, whoops.

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