Malec Headcanon with kids
  • Alec: *walks into kids' bedroom* Hey guys- *sees kids in a pool of glitter* MAGNUS WHY ARE OUR KIDS COVERED IN GLITTER?!?
  • Magnus: "Go insane, go insane, throw some glitter, make it rain"
  • Alec: *Sighs dramatically*
Throw Some Glitter, Make It Rain || Chalice?

[Alice changed out of her work clothes, peeling herself out of the skin tight shirt and short shorts she had to wear. She chucked on a pair of tracksuit pants and an oversized jumper, before grabbing her bag and heading over to Char’s room. She’d missed Char so much, it was weird not having her friend around to attack. She entered Ashford House before finding Char’s door and knocking on it, getting ready to throw some glitter on her as soon as the door was answered.]