Through Minds&039; Eyes

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Can be your AUs, my AUs, headcanons, what you’d like to see, anything.

Run to you by Lasse Lindh fits westallen perfectly holy hell i just noticed!!

with you, every thing seems so easy
with you my heartbeat has found it’s rhythm
with you, i’m so close to finding my home
with you, i don’t care if i’m a little bit crazy cause with you, nothing is wrong
i was broken, i was wasted, then you came, like an angel in the rain

love used to slip through me, like water slips through hands, but with you it changed i know, i feel i am closer to your heart….

i am run run running to you, and i’ll keep you safe forever, through the tears, through the love and all the nights we share

i am run run running to you, and i’ll keep you safe forever, don’t you know my love, don’t you know two hearts can beat as one?

||Unknown Trials|| Reserved Rp for ask-adam-blackwood

For many old passing years, stories have been told about the rare species that live in this realm among the humans. The whole event started when the small war between different creatures and humans rang out. Maybe were angry about the increased numbers of deaths but the wars just got worse and worse during the time.

Over time, many that wasn’t part of the war seek for help to break this all up. the humans got their wish to cease the war at the main source but others wanted to keep going to fight the other creatures that walked this earth. That was thousands of years ago. Right now, humans and other species that didn’t want to fight were seen minding their business but this was when another race was growing. The black butterfly Witches.

These witches were known for their hexes, witchcraft, spells, and use of elemental magic that has grown over the years. No one can miss them because of the birthmark they get with a small bit of magic. Near a river surrounded by dead old trees was a woman named Hanoka. A young black butterfly witch working on some known black arts from a old book her grandmother gave her. Right now, she’s gotten some spells and hexes down but right now she was practicing the use of her black fire magic. So far it was strong just like her mothers but she was working on keeping it balanced. Feeling the warmth of the flames growing within her hand to spread around it to her wrist. So far, it was keeping stable from the focus she’s done but then slowly sees it getting more darker from some near by energy. “???”


Things that I dream about hearing during The Talk™ that will happen Later™:

  • Vex asking how long he’s felt that way about her and Percy confusedly answering “Well, since the dungeon.” and Vex going “What, in Whitestone?” and Percy, even more confused, going “No - Stillben…?”

“There’s a marked period of time, we’ve grown a lot, and hopefully when we say goodbye, we will be able to look back and say, ‘That’s some damn fine storytelling right there.’ And we are very lucky that we had this time together.”  - Bryan Cranston

anonymous asked:

Hey this is probably a weird question... but can you describe to me what TOPs personality is like? He seems like a private guy and in interviews he comes across as quite shy so it's hard to work out his personality, so I was wondering if you could give me a description of what he's like? :)

wow that’s a hard question tbh.

yeah the first thing you realize about him is that he’s a very private guy. he doesnt like talking about his family or anything private life for example, but that’s the case in many other idols as well. he often disappears for long periods of time without anyone knowing what he’s up to.

i guess he may seem shy in interviews bc he often doesn’t really talk much. and when he does, especially in concert video appearances or TV MCing, it’s usually reading from a teleprompter LOL. If you read actual interviews of his though, he has actually a lot of deep thoughts. (check out the blog topswisewords for some quotes of his :) )

sometimes some thoughts of his seem a little dark, too. 

and then, sometimes it’s a serious interview and everything and he opens his mouth and says the /stupidest/ things and everyone cracks up and it’s the BEST.

he’s also someone that’s really passionate about what he does. like, whenever you see footage of him at work, whether it’s filming or recording, you can tell that he’s 100% /there/ you know ? 

hmm, what else ? ah, his style and image are really important to him. he likes wearing elegant clothes and NEVER SHOWING HIS SKIN BASICALLY (yet still always manages to look hotter than anyone else in the room :///)

he seems like a humble guy too, whenever he’s complimented, he laughs it off shyly, it’s very cute. 

he doesnt like to be touched but doesnt seem to

mind to be the one

doing the touching

when it comes to his members~

he’s also and very VERY IMPORTANTLY





important quotes include :

‘i want to be a sexy grandpa’

'Daesung is dangerous’ (ie. for my sexuality)