November 1941  issue

E. Hoffmann Price, “Fangs of Doom”  (Dr. Zeng Tse-Lin)

Joseph J. Millard, “Wings for the Dead"

Arthur J. Burks, “Death Is Too Easy”, from Ten Detective Aces, March 1938

Sam Merwin, Jr., “The Twentieth Hole"

Wayne Rogers, “Death to the Highest Bidder"

Mary Elizabeth Counselman , “Dead Man’s Eye"

Seattle Mystery Bookshop

April 1937 issue

cover by Rudolph Belarski

Hal K. Wells, “Bride of the Shining Dead"

Hugh B. Cave, “Death Plays Host"

John E. Greatrake, “Quest"

Ray Cummings, “Roaming Terror"

Jack Williamson, “Spider Island"

C. K. M. Scanlon, “Grave of Ghastly Desire"

James Duncan, “Horror Out of the Deep"

Wayne Rogers, “Tally of the Dead"

Seattle Mystery Bookshop

alias / age / timezone / pronouns: brittney, 24, est, she + her
favourite supernatural book/movie/show: stranger things as of rn lol
favourite faces: alicia vikander, phoebe tonkin, nina dobrev, lily collins
favourite plots: omg anything thrilling and mysterious, i love group plots too
what are you preview do you want to see from us?: all the creatures always
questions or concerns about RUN?: WHEN DO YOU OPEN I NEED IT NOW
gif you identify with:

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they’re unpredictable and crazy and full of suspense and thrilling mysteries and amazing soundtracks and cutscenes and PLEASE PLAY THEM IF YOU ARE READING THIS 

they are perfection 

and full of puzzles! which are super fun and all different types and variants 

and i absolutely love the characters even if luke’s new VA was weird and disappointing at first it grew on me 

10/10 would recommend