Thrilling Adventure Hour

Y’all, we need to take a moment to appreciate the story of how Marc Evan Jackson (aka Kevin Cozner in B99, Trevor Nelsson in Parks and Rec, Sparks Nevada in the Thrilling Adventure Hour, etc) met his wife because it legitimately is a Real Life Vet AU and is the most adorable thing. ♥♥ OK, SO: 

  • His wife is a vet, and they first met because his cat was sick.
  • When she walked into the tiny patient room, they had a “two-way, star-in-the-eye, twinkle moment.” 
  • As she was listening to his cat’s heart during the physical exam, his actual thoughts were: I’M GOING TO KISS HER. Wait, no, I could go to jail today if I do that… She doesn’t need me in her life. I’m not going to do anything. 
  • He was planning to travel somewhere and needed a permit/certificate for his cat to fly with him, so he had to go back to the vet. 
  • At the second visit, she asked him out by saying she wanted a tour of downtown because she had been away from the area for several years. 
  • He wasn’t 100% sure if they were on a date, but he took her out to dinner, coffee, and dessert anyway.
  • He actually did bring her on a “total bullshit tour” – he had no idea where he was driving her to because he had been so busy with work and really barely knew the city. 
  • Right when he was lost in the middle of the nowhere, she started giving him directions… And then he realized that it was a date! She knew exactly where they were and didn’t need a tour at all!!! 


{Check out this interview to hear him talk about this + a bunch of other cool things about his life!}

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Ooohhh Frank! Why, the darling internet made all these wonderful images of us! And we have liquor in almost every one of them!

Yes I see them, Sadie love! Say, looking at these pictures of liquor have made me awfully parched. Care for a drink?

Of course, Frankenstein!

I’ll get the martinis, Sadistic!

As promised, we’ve got some videos of the show for all you Adventurekateers old and new! We’ll be starting with just some musical numbers, but I’ll post a video of the full show when I have it. The sound quality is not the best, I’m afraid, but I trust you can see what a great time our performers had. 

Don’t forget, if this almost aggressively amateur video isn’t enough, we have another post here with some excellent professional photos!

First up, there’s the Sparks Nevada theme song. You also get the tail end of On With The Show. 

Then we take you out to the Red Plains (Well, not that red, I have a small stage and a fondness for minimalist sets) for “Written in the Stars”. 

From a happy couple to one not so much, here’s the second verse through the end of “Gettin’ Nowhere Fast”. This little bit contains my favorite joke in the show.

And you know we just HAD to pay tribute to our fictional sponsor, which is why we closed Act 1 with a word from @workjuice Coffee. BOW BEFORE YOUR KING AND HIS CAFFEINE-RICH MAJESTY!

For a little bit of every song in the show, check out The Wedding Medley. Featuring all the Mutantes and killer robots you want. Just like everyone dreams of at their wedding. 

And finally, as any good Adventurekateer knows, the only way to properly send off a performance is with this simple truth: LOVE AIN’T NO BILLY GOAT. 

Sparks Nevada created by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker 
Music by Andy Paley
Lyrics by Acker and Blacker & Andy Paley
Sparks Nevada’s Theme by Eban Schletter
Love Ain’t No Billy Goat by Jonathan Coulton 

Ongoing Podcast List

Here be my ongoing list of podcasts I have listened to, and ones still on the list to check out.

Listened to

EOS 10
Wolf 359
The Bunker
The Black Tapes
We’re Alive
The Bright Sessions
Wooden Overcoats
Archive 81
King Falls AM
The Message
Our Fair City
Welcome to Nightvale
The Thrilling Adventure Hour
Kakos Industries
The Meat Blockade
A Twilight World of Ultimate Smoothness
ars Paradoxica
The Behemoth
Radiation World
Greater Boston
The Monster Hunters
Hello From The Magic Tavern
The Penumbra Podcast
Hector vs the Future
The Adventure Zone

Tried out but didn’t work for me

Hadron Gospel Hour (not my style of humour)
The Leviathan Chronicles (found too much ‘show don’t tell’ in the narration)
Jim Robbie and the Wanderers (definite pacing issues, actors didn’t seem very committed)
The Cleansed (found too confusing; too many characters and I didn’t feel connected to the storyline)
SAYER (idk this method of storytelling just didn’t grab me. Can see its appeal, but for me I couldn’t concentrate)
Ruby: The Adventures of a Galactic Gumshoe (felt a little too detached from the characters, wasn’t pulled into the world)
Pleasure Town (same as above; wasn’t pulled into the world or invested in the characters)
We’re Alive: Lockdown (didn’t find the characters as engaging as in We’re Alive, found it hard to tell people apart)

On the waiting list
Alba Salix, Royal Physician
A Scottish Podcast
Big Data
Alice Isn’t Dead
The Deep Vault

Sparks Nevada Rehearsals Begin!

The show may be two months away yet, but rehearsals are in full swing! Here are just a few of the exciting characters you’ll meet on our stage in April! 

Croach the Tracker and Sparks Nevada debate the difference between “hiding” and “laying low”.

Cactoid Jim, King of the Martian Frontier and his partner in justice, The Red Plains Rider.

I couldn’t resist adding some characters and songs that weren’t in the original recording, so here’s The Widow Johnson, Pemily Stalwark, and the Troubleshooter learning “The Ballad of Cactoid Jim”. 

Los Banditos Mutantes are out for revenge.

Felton and the Barkeep react to the mysterious musical mayhem on Mars!

We’ll have more photos and some videos in the coming weeks, so stay tuned, Adventurekateers!

Sparks Nevada created by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker


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Thank You!!

  • Sadie: That was Dave Henderson.
  • Frank: Do we know a Dave Henderson?
  • Sadie: He's married to my best friend, Donna Henderson and father to the Baby Henderson.
  • Frank: Eh...rings a bell...
  • Sadie: He is a police detective officer man.
  • Frank: Nearly remember him...
  • Sadie: He's occasionally a werewolf.
  • Frank: How occasionally?
  • Sadie: Once or twice a month.
  • Frank: So close now...
  • Sadie: Allergic to bees.