I am happy he [Kuba] is returning to the team. He is  great player and is needed to help us in our qualifying campaign. Despite the injury, we must not give up and give it our all in the match against Georgia to win and get the three points.But that won’t be enough unless we also win against Scotland and Ireland.  I know our team, and we have to be focused at all times, even now, because these meetings at the end of the league season for us are very heavy. Fortunately, we play at home, I hope for a good pitch
—  Robert Lewandowski x x

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u need to install some three point seatbelts in all the thunderbirds before one of u gets killed, hup to it okay

“What purpose would that serve, other than being a hindrance when we’re trying to move around on the ‘Birds themselves?“

“We actively leave the ‘Birds or put them on auto pilot while we conduct rescues, most of which are time sensitive. So having more belts on them would cost precious seconds we can’t afford.”

The signs as Graham Norton Eurovision Quotes

Aries: oh you gave us three points, now I won’t be rude about your jacket

Taurus: the song means ‘don’t forget’ but I’m afraid we will

Gemini: well that wasn’t embarrassing at all

Cancer: it’s like the gay wedding I’ll never have

Leo: apparently there’s a real shortage of Botox in Montenegro, I don’t know why

Virgo: I blame Game of Thrones for this staging

Libra: the UK might be in for a chance, you never know

Scorpio: it’s 3 minutes you’ll never get back, but think of it this way you’ll never have to hear it again

Sagittarius: this will be the longest minute of your life

Capricorn: oh it’s gone in my wine

Aquarius: you still there? it’s over

Pisces: we built a tunnel to your country


A Love Letter to Daft Punk

Three Point - Luna

Hey guys, my band’s new single and music video is out :) This track is a love letter to the sonic motifs, feelings and sounds of Daft Punk’s Discovery era work, as well as elements of RAM. 

We’re completely a independent duo, creating everything ourselves, and often this means it is hard to spread word of our music outside of Australia and a few internet circles.

So, please, if you could share this, it would mean the world to us. 

Enjoy Luna, this is for you guys :)

Hetavision 2015

On the case of Austria to the performers:

Austria: I said you could borrow the piano, not set it on fire dammit!

Contestants: It’s for aesthetic!

Austria: I don’t care! What’s the use if you didn’t win? My precious piano! *going hysterical*

On the case of Norway to Denmark:

Norway: You only gave me three points. You’re sleeping on the couch.

On the case of Lithuania to Russia:

Lithuania: Hide me! He’s banging at my door!

Estonia: This is what happens when you got the guts to not vote for him.

On the Case of Spain to Italy and Romano:

Spain: Yay~! I get some from Roma tonight!

On the Case of Germany to Italy:

Germany: You didn’t vote for me… *depressing atmosphere*

Italy: Ve! Sorry Germany! It was Brother’s turn to vote this year!

On the Case of Spain to Romano 2:

Spain: Why didn’t you vote for me? I voted for you!

Romano: No one asked you to vote for me, bastard.

On the Case of Belgium to Netherlands:

Belgium: Thanks for the 12 points bro!

Netherlands: *smirks triumphantly in spoiling Belgium* Anything for my little sis.

On the Case of Australia:

Australia: Neat! I got fifth place! Can I be a guest again next year?

On the Case of Finland to Sweden:

Finland: Congratulations Sweden~! *Cue cute smile*

Sweden: *inwardly squealing and celebrating*

I started reading webcomics regularly back in the late 90s, so my perspective on the entire medium is skewed. Back then, it was normal for plotless gag-a-day strips to suddenly get really dark right at the end.

Slice-of-life comic about a rejected video game mascot and an out-of-work porn star sharing an apartment? Ends with a teenage amputee fighting a shadowy government conspiracy to avenge her murdered girlfriend.

Badly drawn sick-jokes revolving around a small town ruled by the Devil’s loser cousin? Ends with a cosmic battle leading to the deaths of thousands and the creation of a new world.

Adventures of a wacky hitchhiking serial killer who fights murderous talking squirrels between bouts of gratuitous lesbian sex? Ends with an interdimensional war that blows up the universe.

I know it doesn’t work like that anymore, but my expectations have been permanently set. I see funny talking animals, and in the back of my head I’m constantly anticipating a zombie apocalypse (or whatever). It colours the experience is what I’m saying.

MBTI: Types Getting Angry And Swearing

INTJ: If they’re mildly mad, it’s going to be a cold anger in which they matter-of-factly describe someone with whatever words work best in the situation. If they’re really mad…they’re going to explode. You should run. Don’t care if they offend someone.
INTP: Super quiet, but if you’re sitting close enough you’ll be able to hear them labeling the person/situation with enough force and intelligence that you agree despite their use of language.
INFJ: They’re only slightly insane. They will melt down, using 6th grade ‘bad words’. Because anger is exhausting they’ll need a nap afterwards; in fact, they probably got mad because they needed a nap in the first place.
INFP: They don’t. Simple enough. They bottle all their anger up inside them and keep it there for exactly three years, at which point in time they transform into a human volcano.
ISTJ: Probably the least offensive, they can generally rationalize away their anger. But if they do get mad, there’s no drama–it’s all real.
ISTP: Every filthy word you’ve ever heard and quite a few that you haven’t. Probably punch in the nearest wall.
ISFJ: The anger has been reigned in for so long that it all comes out in a few carefully selected words. The ISFJ thinks they’re more offensive than thy actually are.
ISFP: They just sit there internalizing. High chance that they’re swearing a lot in their head; you might never know this were it not for the rare, immature moments when the ISFP throws a big fit.
ENTJ: Selectively shocking. Still have good use of words and express coherent thoughts; may not know that thy are actually really scary and pretty offensive.
ENTP: Best at insults. Really careful with words, usually right. Can make anything sound like the worst thing ever.
ENFJ: They find a trusted friend to vent to and don’t care what they say around said friend. If that doesn’t help they publicly explode. Swear a lot in their heads and it all comes out in one reeking mass; most likely to make someone cry.
ENFP: Super creative because they are secretly shocked by nasty language. If you don’t recognize what they’re saying, there is a good chance they made it up. Most likely to swear in ice cream flavors.
ESTJ: Very hot temper, somehow still logical when they’re yelling. They aren’t trying to hurt anyone, they’re trying to fix the problem, and once the issue is resolved they move on.
ESTP: Really mean. Comfortable expressing anger, uses really nasty language, picks fights, usually wins. Gets over it in about two seconds.
ESFJ: They have little control over their emotions and probably don’t even know what they’re saying. They really want to fix the problem, but they hold grudges forever.
ESFP: All drama. Throws a childish fit and gets over it really easily.

Hi there, folks! Here’s the first of my maps about the results of tonight’s show. More will be forthcoming when the full breakdown is available to me (and when I’m less knackered.) It seems that jurors may well have taken away a win for Italy. Looking at the split results, juries often heavily down-rated Italy whilst the televoters from Reykjavik to Moscow chose it as their favourite song.

Here’s a map showing the most popular song amongst the public, as determined by the televote only. Sweden would only have won three 12 points in the old 100% televoting system, the same amount as Albania. Neither Sweden nor Italy was whom I hoped would win, but I can’t help but feel bad for Il Volo. According to a friend of mine and fellow statistician, Italy won the televoting with 366 points, following by Russia with 286 points, and Sweden with 279 points. If the public vote had remained 100% determinatory of who wins ESC, we could have instead been heading to Italy for the first time since 1991.