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And when the music stops and Harry takes off his warm up gear, left in his blue and black #10 jersey, he shakes his limbs and off his nerves. He emerges on the court, smirking and cocky - the Harry that Noa is acquainted with.

The game begins, the cheerleaders begin to cheer, and Noa hates to admit it, but Harry begins to shine. He scores point after point - two three pointers before halftime and an untraceable amount of regular shots. He fouls someone once, but gets three free throw opportunities. He doesn’t miss a point.

in which Harry’s a basketball player, the other boys are in a fraternity and Noa’s a cheerleader.

spit fire by @showingthroughtome

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akafuri + 'free hugs'!AU?

@bi3n3nstich​ Wow, you were really not expecting this when you asked I’m sure. But here we go. Also, a very warm birthday gift to the imaginative Bine, who cheers me up with the most wonderful headcanons ever. You are truly a treasure Bine and I am happy to have known you :“)) 


Stunned to the bone.

That’s what his mind could come up with at the moment.

The redhaired man in the designer business suit, stood there on the sidewalk, stunned to the bone, blinking rapidly, as he was hugged tight by the slightly shorter brunet wearing that ridiculous t-shirt with “Free Hugs!!!” scrawled across it. All three exclamation points included.

He had had a tiresome day, yes. He had had a tiresome year, yes. Hell, he had had a tiresome life. Money, success, fame, accomplishments, praise, excellence, perfection surrounded him. Suffocating him with their extravagance. 

Love, any form of it, evaded him.

It had touched him, teased him, danced around him like a seductive temptress on cold, cold nights making him yearn for it, not once but twice. But cruelly snatched away from his hold both times. 

His mother, who made him laugh, made him feel slightest bit alive, made him feel human. He still felt the lingering sense of his mother’s hand tightly encasing his as she bid farewell on the hospital bed. His family’s material wealth and connections in high places had proved utterly useless to him on that day.  

His horse, whom he shared his birthdays with, who would lick his face as he fed him carrots, had left him the same way. Oh, how he loved brushing him down after the rides. Even though Yukimaru was well taken care of, very well indeed, nothing came close to the childish joy he felt when he smuggled in apples to him at midnight. Lying on top of the haystack, he would sidle up to bury his face in Yuki’s shoulder, sighing contently at the comfort he felt. He hadn’t celebrated his birthdays ever since.

All the success, all the wealth…for what?

When you didn’t know what it felt to be hugged. To be loved. To be looked at with kindness and pride that made your heart soar. To feel light as a feather as you spent time with another. To wake up everyday knowing you had someone who would make you coffee and see you out the door with a kiss. To come home everyday to that kiss, to those welcoming arms, to that place where it seemed like you were in paradise.

He hadn’t kept up any hopes at all. He had long since discarded those feelings as unnecessary. Being alone kept him safe. Kept him from breaking apart. Kept him from hoping only to have it lost. Humans shouldn’t aim too much. That way, they were destined for failure. No one can have it all. That was the price he paid for his genius.

He led his life day to day, working the grind, feeling a blaise sense of satisfaction when being heralded Number One in the “Under 30s to look out for” every year.

At 27 years old, Akashi Seijuro as he was held in the warm arms of a squishy brunet, realised he had led an empty, colourless, depraved life.

What was this strange feeling?

His heart didn’t palpitate like a hummingbird, like depicted in those sappy cliché-filled dramas Reo watches. There were no sudden delusions of waves crashing against a rocky shore, booming sounds that felt like the seas were swallowing up the land. There were no birds or angels singing on clouds. No.


This was something else.


Much better.

His heart beat slow and steady, a rhythm different from the usual dead beat of monotony. A different beat that spread a different type of blood through his veins. Blood that felt warmer. Stronger. More meaningful.

No gigantic, life threatening waves crashing against a rocky shore but soft, gentle waves that kissed the sandy shore under the pale moonlight. The salty crust of the waves just a shade whiter than the beach sand in the midnight. The water coming up to is ankles, lukewarm water that made him feel alive after however many years. So much more meaningful. 

When the brunet shifted to hold him tighter to his chest, where their hearts beat together - Seijuro’s a little faster than his - Akashi dared to ask him, “Um…Excuse me…I think the time is up?”

The thought of leaving the warmth was unwelcome. Akashi did not want to leave. But he also knew it was inevitable. It had lasted more six Mississippis after all. It was conflicting. He was - this was unfathomable - a little, dare he say, afraid of the answer.

“Uh, yeaaaaaaahhh. But I don’t want to leave just yet. Call me crazy, but you look like you need this.”


That’s the next word his mind came up with.

Letting out a weak chuckle, cursing himself for being so obvious in the need for affection, he let his limp arms wind around the kind brunet.

“Yeah. Yes, I do.”

There, on the sidewalk on a warm summer evening, he noted - perhaps it wasn’t so bad to show his emotions out loud from time to time. Free or not, he still felt warm. But he would rather want this feeling to be with him forever. 

some of my favorite things about voltron: legendary defender are, but are not limited to: 

  • hunk’s recurring role as a leg/the legs in the most diverse occasions; 
  • hunk. just. hunk. his existence must be appreciated. 
  • no but seriously he’s really smart and perceptive, and even though he’s easily one of (if not the) character with most comic relief scenes/lines, his characterization is not limited to that and i love it so much. so damn much. 
  • pigde and shiro being the cutest friends/siblings ever (shiro basically adopted pidge do not contradict me i swear will fight you on this. this is really important to me.);
  • also, pidge being tiny and absolutely fucking brutal;
  • pidge in general;
  • the whole team in general tbh, i love all of them;
  • the designs for all the alien species omg seriously the balmerans are gorgeous and frankly refreshing as a species design (the arusians and those green lion planet sloths are really cute too) 
  • speaking of aliens: 
  • allura being not only a beautifully well-rounded character but also an absolute badass and an actual goddess; 
  • on the subject of strenght, have you seen hunk’s arms? Ripped. the boy is ripped. like, yes, he’s fat, but also clearly very healthy and really freaking strong? this is so good, seriously. when do we ever see that kind of thing? almost never, that’s when; 
  • on that note, how different everyone’s body type is, even with most of them being thin/fit; 
  • keith just. jumping into action and everyone yelling after him;
  • keith not remembering new names; 
  • keith not really getting jokes/being overall pretty awkward but still sassing the shit out of lance; 
  • following up on that other one, keith talking about having bonded with lance and cradled him in his arms like that’s there’s nothing weird at all with his word choice; 
  • lance thinking he’s hot shit and everyone just rolling their eyes; 
  • lance being overall obnoxious but also very sweet and caring a lot about his team?? i love this ridiculous kid??? so much???? 
  • also the fact that lance seems to be the most homesick of them all? it’s so sad  :( ? 
  • back to keith, “I AM YOUR PALADIN. I’M BONDING WITH YOU. HEY!”
  • “Good kitty,” like what the fuck keith where is your brain-to-mouth filter why do you just up and say weird stuff like that, like, do you know what that does to me;
  • talking about lions and bonds: that fucking twist at the season finale hagfsahjsfgkjsdhkk wtf no my heart omg i was not expecting that, holy shit, 
  • the fact that the druids tortured poor shiro but for some god-forsaken reason apparently were considerate enough to heep his undercut pristine;
  • on the subject of shiro: his eyeliner
  • shiro basically parenting a bunch of teens who are probably only about six or so years younger  (at least i think so? idk anyone’s age and that bothers me like hell tbh)
  • also, anything coran says or does at any given moment ever;
  • coran’s moustache;
11 Ways to Make Learning Arabic (Slightly) Easier
Any book that promises mastery in months is lying; more accurate is the common teachers’ adage “Seven years to learn it, a lifetime to master it.”

Mental Floss has an interesting article about learning Arabic. The first three points are good basic info to know about Arabic in general: 


Arabic is what linguists call diglossic: There’s one form for reading and writing and another form for conversing. The written version (called Modern Standard Arabic, MSA, or fusha) is consistent across the Arab world, while the spoken dialects vary from country to country and region to region. Teachers often don’t mention diglossia at the start—they don’t want to discourage you. But it’s a critical detail that will shape your study.


For basic usability, most beginning classes for foreign students are in Modern Standard Arabic. But for natural listening comprehension, you also need to study a dialect early on. I went too far down the MSA-only path at first, and I can now understand only when people speak painfully slowly—or when I’m watching SpongeBob SquarePants, which is dubbed in MSA. Plus, having some dialect will keep native speakers from laughing at you—spoken MSA makes you sound like, yes, a nerdy cartoon sponge. But which dialect? Don’t overthink it; just use your closest personal connections and circumstances.


If you have a good ear for languages, you can pick up the basics of a dialect fairly easily. But if you’re the type of student who needs to see words written to remember them, you’ll have a harder time—there’s a shortage of study materials for dialects. Either way, some facility with MSA is key for fluency in a variety of situations, as it enables you to read magazines and use dictionaries. And once you understand the logic of the language, you can make more educated guesses in dialect.

Homeworld Update

Anonymous said:

I know!!! I have a lot of photos I want to post regarding Too Short to Ride, but I just want to talk about Homeworld and Era 2 Peridot’s and assistive technology really quickly.

1. The current Homeworld rationale

In my Yellow Diamond Character Analysis I brought up three main points. First that Homeworld has become incredibly efficient. Efficiency is their goal above all else because of all the resources lost after the war. Second, that Homeworld is not an evil place. And third, that YD as a ruler is hurting about Earth and the war, while trying to do the best for her people.

I’m very glad my analysis of Homeworld based on YD’s behaviour turned out correct. Because it gives depth and reason to Homeworld’s actions beyond: They’re evil. And this is something we really do see in SU.

So what’s the first thing we learn about this in Too Short to Ride?

There is a lack of resources. Whether from the war or any other fronts, there is a depletion of resources that has made it difficult for new gem material to surface. As such, the matter that makes up the gems of Era 2 Homeworld is lacking. 

I’d been using the terms Old Homeworld and New Homeworld for a while now, but since canon has brought us real terms, it’s Era 1 and Era 2.

A rough timeline, for me, would put Era 1 at Gem Genesis all the way until Homeworld started losing the war for Earth. In my gem genesis post, I use terms in the study of demographies, and it’s exactly that. Homeworld has passed the Pioneer and the Log phase, and about the time after the war, they started to Lag. What actually comes after the lag phase, where the population stays stagnant for a while, is that it starts to go extinct. Because the resources could no longer sustain the size of the population. There are populations that decline and then stabilise again, but that’s usually after a lot of control is done over resources (including the population numbers itself). 

So Era 2 is post war (Lag phase) until present, where we’re seeing a sharp decline. But you may wonder what would cause Homeworld to use that many resources in the first place. They don’t eat, they don’t sleep, or breathe to survive (they probably need air to vocalise though). But they’d need materials to build ships, and warp pads, and Kindergartens. Homeworld had to rebuild the gem population after the war, and no doubt as they continued to conquer, they would need more manpower for the management of colonies.

The rationale now is definitely efficiency. That’s why YD would rather send this Peridot, who (from what she’s heard) is terrible at her job, straight to her next mission rather than shatter her. There’s no time and gems to waste.

The other thing about Homeworld is that it’s not an evil place. They still let new gems exist. There’s an ethical question of whether, after newborn screening, a society should let children who have congenital conditions that lead to short lifespans, or low-functioning, and conditions like that, be born. That’s a non-negotiable “YES, let them live” for me. Because the entire thing about life, is that it is moving past the limits of what we’re born with. We exist in a society where we can make lives easier for people of those conditions. We can make their lives better and they can still live a full quality of life.

The question is whether our society lets that happen. And judging by the ratio of stairs to ramps in many, many buildings, the answer is that we’re still a work-in-progress. But Homeworld, when these gems are created, immediately gives them assistive technology.

I’ve talked about it here, and here, and here because it’s a topic that means a lot to me. They gave Peridot limb enhancers so that she could function and do her job like an Era 1 Peridot. They let her feel productive and that she belonged somewhere in the Homeworld structure. It’s not a high place, but in a world where the key is efficiency, feeling useless is the absolute worst. That’s why Pearls are ranked so lowly, because they’re thought to be not “capable” of work. As Peridot mentioned in Back to the Barn, they’re “supposed” to stand and hold your things prettily.

But there is a negative effect to this. Because it comes alongside a rigid caste system. This means what Peri is expected to do is, for all her supervisor, YD and everyone in between cares, all she can do. There’s no room to explore potential and new things.

2. Homeworld is stuck in patterns

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