Three Gorges

Sanrun Mining Co.   Industry / Location Manganese mining and refinement facility / Chongqing, China   Scope of work Visual Identity / Brand collateral design / Print management   Chongqing is a municipality in Southwest China famous for it’s highly developed industry and the Three Gorges Dam located near by. There you will find Sanrun owned mine recognised for excavating, processing and distribution of manganese.   We were entrusted with a task of designing a visual identity reflecting the industry’s profile and inducing modern expression. Three central shapes found in the Sanrun sign echo three areas of activity and relate to both the distinctive shape of an opencast mine, and the manganese alloy’s colour shine visible in cross section of a split ore block.
Essays in Existentialism: Kidnapped

A clexa fic where the grounders are at war with another clan and they manage to kidnap clarke (kind of like what happened with costia) but Lexa manages to rescue clarke just in time.

Rain continued to fall in small, needle-like pricks, filling puddles politely with out much disturbance. The air was thick with the thinness, filled with nothing and emptier because of it. Mud and water streamed down the hills, engorging the rivers and lake with steady offerings in this, their time of plenty.

Half-unconscious and barely able to stand, Clarke grunted as she was tossed onto the horse’s back. Her clothes were caked in mud, more dirt than fabric as the ground continued to become a thick, sludge-like gorge.

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SPOTLIGHT: Mustafah Abdulaziz has spent the last five years examining humanity’s relationship to one of the most basic and precious natural resources: water. Traveling to nine countries, Abdulaziz photographed the polluted rivers of Brazil, the fisheries of China, and the elaborate sewers of New York City for his essay “Water Stories.”

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