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Hey Friends.
Please do me a huge favor.
My Pawnee Poster is up on Threadless to be voted on to possibly be printed by them. They have a pretty big following and if my design gets picked up I get a bonus plus royalties.

Please take a moment to go and score it for me
[Unfortunately you will either have to log in with Facebook or create an account.]

It’s only up for voting for 10 days.
helllllllp meeeeee :)



Speed process for the cover I did of my comic Threadless.

You can read the entire (NSFW) comic HERE: http://prismblush.com/comic/threadless-pg-00/

support here so I can keep making these: https://www.patreon.com/doxydoo

Currently putting us in the mood for a big ol’ bowl of ramen, “Noodles” by Bogdan Victorovich Kravchenko is one of the most slurpable submissions scoring in our Kung Fu Panda design challenge! Here’s what Bogdan had to say about this design:

“Drawing sketches of ravioli, and suddenly drew a panda that eats noodles.”

Artists, submit to our Kung Fu Panda challenge for a chance at over $2,500 in prizes!

Here’s @nestorgomezakasoloyo using my shirts as an excuse to run around eating a bunch of food.

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Check out his Instagram if you want to see him wearing a different shirt each day for a year from his irresponsibly huge collection of Threadless tees.