I am happy to announce that the Made With Awesome artist shop on @threadless is finally up! Finally my company has come home to the community that helped me realize what I wanted to do with my life in the first place, thanks to everyone at the company and especially the incredible artists who have seen fit to collab with me for all these years!
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Power Rangers comin atcha!

Nostalgia is a funny thing. While revisiting some shows of old, I stumbled upon some familiar faces. The Power Rangers! I thought to myself how fun it would be to redesign the beloved helmets of one of the Rangers. I had so much fun doing this that I decided to make a series of the original helmets!

Here’s a link to check them out. Thanks!

Kicking Your Cat All Over The Place” by Joe Conde

We would never accuse Freddie Mercury of kicking a cat, but this goofy submission in our Misheard Lyrics design challenge is cracking us up!

Score some of the other hilarious designs from this challenge, and check back for more submissions daily!


We’re letting the good times troll with ALL the troll designs! And ALL the troll puns!

To celebrate Troll Dolls coming back into our lives and invading the big screen in November, we’ve launched a Trolls collection that gives homage to the classic Troll Dolls and a nod to the new. And Ralph Pykee Lambaco’s (a.k.a SPYKEEE) winning design gives the critters a new look that proves that they can be more adorable than creepy…creepy is reserved for Furbys.

We talked to SPYKEEE about his band, his art, and, of course, Troll Dolls.

There are so many potentially romantic Valentine’s Day gifts printed with my designs available at Threadless: Cases for the phones that organize the rendezvous, shirts to be shed and flung on the floor, pillows to be swept off the bed in our haste, and wall art to stand as mute witness to the debauchery.

Also, tote bags to carry our shit home because apparently we’re not important enough to rate a drawer.