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for you sweet: Millie Pace 

  • Modern AU Barduil where Thranduil is walking down the street and he sees his ex lover walking with his new boyfriend and thranduil can't help but want to show him that their break up didn't hurt him at all even tho he has been miserable for months so he grabs the first guy who walks by, who happens to be Bard and kisses him thoroughly and passionately and dear lord the man is kissing him back clutching at his jacket and his tongue is moving inside his mouth hot and fierce.
  • Thranduil pulls back when someone clears their throat, he looks at the man a bit dazed then snaps out of it and looks and his ex and pretends he didn't see him before and he is all like "fancy seeing you here, how are you, I'm great, I'm wonderful, my fiancé and I were just... just"
  • And Bard cuts him off seeing the panicked look in his eyes "trying cakes for the wedding, even if the only sweet I'll be eating that day is you, pumpkin" and he winks at Thranduil.
  • Thranduil's ex looks furious and cuts the conversation short and leaves.
  • Thranduil looks sheepish and thanks the man/Bard and he apologizes for the kiss. And Bard is like "sorry? I'm not. Well I am for this prick because leaving you was probably the biggest mistake of his life."
  • Thranduil blushes and they exchange numbers.

I’d like to issue an official apology to J.R.R Tolkien for what I’ve done

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