You don’t know how happy it makes me to receive such kind and positive inboxes, tweets and comments daily. I used to doubt myself a lot, and I never thought there would be a day where millions know my name and love me, though I always hoped for it. You don’t know how happy you make me, and how happy this band makes me. A lot of you thank us for saving you, but you don’t realise that you are constantly saving and have saved us. You are just as much our world as we are yours. There will never be a way to explain how grateful I am, I love you so much, thank you, thank you, thank you!

I don’t care what anybody says, I’m never losing my childishness. If you still have yours, hold onto it. Don’t let the dull make you dull. People get confused, they think childishness is immature. That’s wrong. It’s different from immaturity, you can be mature and you can be childish at the same time. You are allowed to like things that are aimed for kids. Don’t let anybody take the things that make you happy away from you. Your happiness is everything. ❤️

I love thinking about what makes a person’s insides tick. What helps get them out of bed in the morning? Who’s the person they try to push out of their head all day? Why do they look down every time someone meets their eyes? What is it about us, about humans, that makes us so special? I’m telling you, we’re all such messy beings. We’re always getting our fingers slammed in the doors of people that no longer need us.
—  Humans are the cruelest, yet most beautiful species. 
I wonder why we’ve began biting our tongues and swallowing our feelings and choking on our truths. Since when has it become romantic to hold on to the ‘I love you’s’ and ‘I miss you’s,’ instead of setting them free.
I just want someone who is proud of me and my accomplishments not put me down or try to one up me. Someone who laughs at comments under my pics because they know that I’m all theirs, not ask me who they are from or how do I know them. Someone who smiles when I post a new pic, not ask why or accuse me for only wanting attention.
—  late night thoughts

Since you left, I omit to compose a notion that would best describe my feelings. I’m out of words and until now, I still can’t assemble a new piece of beautiful and flowery thoughts. I have vacated my world full of locution just to affix my own self. How come that you made a big impact on me? It’s like you took away all of my strength. It’s as if, my soul had separated from my body and the feeling of emptiness is slowly dominating my whole existence. Trust me, I don’t need you anymore, it’s just that, since you’ve been gone, I failed to remember how I truly feel.

In light of the season finale and season 6...

I thought I’d just leave this here, because seriously…

This happened in episode 5x02, which is turning up all kinds of gems. And I’m sort of infringing on this meta I’m writing right now, but oh well.

Looking at this is really amazing. Emma, in the Camelot flashbacks tries to separate herself, the Savior, from the Dark One by not taking a price from Regina in order to heal Robin. She tells Rumple that things will be different, that she’s the Savior. 

But it doesn’t work. Instead, it really backfires on her, and this episode is all kinds of interesting because that’s really the lesson in this. 

You can’t be 2 different things, you are both. Emma was both the Savior and the Dark One. This episode is a pretty amazing set up for what happened in the finale tbh.

Girl Code 🌹

People always talk a out “girl code” being about not getting with ur girls ex, but why don’t we talk about it being about not making girls feel like shit, not making them doubt their self worth because of their size or skin colour or wither they were even born a girl? Why’s it not about that?

The lack of originality in the car scene truly bums me out

Not even on the level of people building the same shit, but how people brand themselves. Everyone wants to start something but no one wants to take the time to cultivate an original style. The worst part is some of these people are so popular saying anything about it will just end badly for you and no one in their circles will ever say anything because they’re beneficial to their interests.

I don’t trust these cooking shows who have 30 minute time limits. Like I can’t even read the instructions and pull out all the ingredients in 30 minutes, how can you make a Pan seared tuna tartar with apple glazed scallions?!?!?!