Teach the Babies

Many of us went to schools where Black history was only taught during one month out of the year. You would learn about Dr. King’s dream or Rosa refusing to change seats, but never about Brother Malcolm, Huey and Bobby, Marcus Garvey, and countless others who also paved the way. I was lucky enough to have a father who many would call “militant.”
My pops wasn’t into all that “turn the other cheek” stuff. He was and still is like Brother Malcolm when he first joined the NOI. Growing up, there were many books available for me to read about our history in our home library. I first read “The Autobiography of Assata Shakur” when I was 12. I was blessed to have a parent who was 20 years old when Brother Malcolm was assassinated and could remember how it made him feel.
I’m telling you this because we need to teach our children outside of the classroom as well. We cannot have our kids running around believing that Christopher Columbus discovered America. My mother has always told me from a very young age that Columbus was a thief.
Tell your children the truth. Tell them that they were Kings and Queens before they were enslaved Africans. Tell them that some of their own people sold them to slave traders. It’s true! Don’t call yourself a “revolutionary” but refuse to teach your babies about the Revolution.

One of my biggest fears is that when I have children I will lose my identity. I’ve seen it so many times that women just sink into the background…lose their interests and their personal desires & goals for themselves…and I’m absolutely petrified that if I have children that might one day happen to me. Most girls are excited to have children…but I’m so scared too.

I never truly realized, how much I was in love with you, and how much I had missed you, until you kissed me, for the first time. You’re still my one and only no one has ever come close to replacing you, no one ever will, you make me happier than anyone else ever could, when I was with you, well that was the happiest i’ve ever been, and talking to you makes me the happiest, I am in love with you, and only you, I’m always yours. 

Like, I don’t understand Shinoa hate at all. I could understand hating her if she showed aggressive or abuse tendencies towards Yuu but she doesn’t, at all. And thanks to Shinoa, who gave Yuu a chance, he was able to get friends. Like honestly no one believed in Yuu towards the beginning of the manga, not even Guren. It was because of Shinoa, he got another chance and from their small frienship he met the others. TBH, I don’t see any reason to hate on her character.