Eleven can’t sleep. Is it because of the constant danger that surrounds her or because of that unfinished eggo just above her head ?

My defense with those male characters

“Yuji Sekai is such an indecisive asshole!”
It’s Kazami Yoshida’s fault. Blame her.
“Takashi is so immature!”
It’s Rei Miaymoto’s fault. Blame her.
“Saito is so immature and whiny!”
It’s Louise’s fault. Blame her.
“Raku is so immature and annoying!”
It’s Chitoge’s fault. Blame her.

For those we love we carry our hopes deeply in our hearts. Our hearts anguish when we must watch their painful mistakes. We suffer when they suffer; we rejoice in their joy. Our connection is tempered in both strife and triumph. We struggle, cry, pray and hope for the best. We sometimes feel taken for granted or unappreciated. But we stand by their side; steady, true and unwavering. For those we love we will carry any burden. Love is the promise that we will be there tomorrow. This is dedicated to those we love and cherish. A Promise — today, tomorrow and forever. — Bryant McGill