¿What is your favorite scene?

Richard: Undoubtedly, the confrontation between Thorin and Thranduil.

Thorin says everything he thinks about it, is the way to vent anger and helplessness that can not pour on Smaug, is a beautifully written sequence, no special effects : only two actors face to face. 

Lee: One that immediately comes to mind is the scene where I welcome Thorin and the dwarves in my fortified palace after the capture. This is a very hard, very tense confrontation between two kings. There is one side a king who reigns, and the other a deposed king from his throne and the land of his ancestors, who seeks to reclaim it. I loved working with Richard Armitage. It turns out that this is the first scene in Hobbit when I show, and I remember that I thought “What a great start!” (Laughs).



Words: 1,976
Pairing: Beorn/Reader // Fili/Reader Interaction/Rescue
Based on this imagine by imaginexhobbit.

A/N: I do not own the tiger gif. Trigger warning for mentions of blood.

Your ferocious roar tore through the group of Orcs that you landed in, and though Beorn ahead of you cleared a path with his large bear figure, you made an equally as noticeable gap with your tiger form as you plowed through the Orcs that did not seem to expect your bombing.

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Richard Armitage 31 Day Challenge


Oh. My. Goodness.  Get ready.

(In no particular order)

1. His hair

2. His eyes


4. His smile (and stubble)

5. The adorable way he laughs

6. His naughty sense of humor

7. How snuggly he looks in a jumper


9. His fucking talent because DAMN

10. His dedication to his role and all the research and hard work and time he puts into every single one of them

11.  How he looks when he’s wet

12. His kindness and humility. Humbleness? 


14. Thorin in a tanktop

15. The way he kisses

16. Majesty

17. Thorin’s smile

18. Hands

19. The horse thing

20. His awkward shyness


susu–chan asked you:

I am pretty damn sure, sth of it will trigger me…but…well: Gluttony ;’D

Gluttony: One of my favorite foods.

Well… as anyone in my family knows, the fastest way to my heart is with an offering of syrup waffles! These were a speciality around the markets of Dale when I was a child. My father used to bring them home for me whenever he went there. The recipe survived (probably mostly thanks to me) and was taken to the Blue Mountains with the Dwarves of Erebor. Perhaps its just the memory that tastes so good, but I think the ones from Dale were still the best.
RA 31 Day Challenge: Day 30

Favorite character pics/gifs

PICS AND GIFS ARE PLURAL! HOORAY! Now, I realize they were for day 25 but that was part of my 7 day crazy post which was long as it is……


sorry for any feels that these pictures may have caused…. seeing as three of these five guys die……

anonymous asked:

that gif of the death scene in botfa kills me bc its so emotional and such a good moment that solidifies the ship for me ;_; pj why

SAMEEEEE a while ago i was talking to a friend about favorite bagginshield moments and the death scene was at the top of my list because even though it’s the The Worst™ scene possible because it’s so goddamn heartbreaking it’s The Best™ bagginshield moment because like you said: it solidifies all of it.

like you kNOW that if thorin had survived…… those parting words…..those parting looks………THE HAND HOLDING…….the broken sobs……the desperate pleading…..

YOU KNOW that if thorin had survived they would have been married by the next spring, there is no doubt in my fuckin mind.

thanks peter jackson for making bagginshield Canon™ in the most heartbreaking way possible~