Friend: “The Hobbit isn’t real. it’s a fantasy movies. Get over it.”

Me: “You need to watch it and then you’ll understand.”

*Watching UAJ*


*Watching DOS*


*watching BOTFA*

Friend: “Ohhhhhhh nooooo Why does it hurt so much?”

Me (softly): “Because it was real.”





Imagine the ring wraiths must count grain like normal spirits


You and Thorin: *traveling to Ered Luin*

Thorin: all of you stop and listen

You: *stops your horse to listen and you hear a faint shrill inhuman scream* run quickly to the river.

The accompanying dwarves: *run like their lives depend on it*

Thorin: what is it?

You: wraiths, go quickly you must make it to the river.

Thorin: I will not leave my one behind to fight the undead on their own. Where you go I will follow, even in death my love.

You: very well, I don’t know if the wraiths are bound by this rule so we might end up dead.

Thorin: let’s hope *doesn’t even know what you are going to do*

Wraiths: *enter the clearing you and Thorin are in*

You: *dumps a sack of grain at your feet when they near*

Wraiths: *dismount their horses, kneel around the pile of grain, and begin to count each one*

Thorin: well bless my beard… let us put as much space between them and us before they finish what ever it is they are doing.

You: let’s

*at Ered Luin*

Thorin: make sure any one who leaves the gates has a jar of grain. It seems the ring wraiths are compelled to pick them up before continuing to chase you.

Dori: how do you know?

Thorin: (y/n) some how knew to do it.

You: it’s kind of a tradition, if you are followed by a spirit you dump grain in front of them and they have to count each grain before they can continue to chase you.

Thorin: that sounds rather grain-ting to have to do

You: *blinks at him slowly and pointedly*

Thorin: fuck you, that was funny.

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“Many places I have been
Many sorrows I have seen
But I don’t regret nor will i forget
All who took that  road with me.”
(The Last Goodbye, Billy Boyd).

“The Company of Thorin & the Fellowship od the Ring, after Rivendell”, watercolours and golden ink.