Cats Day 10

Summary: You and your son, Frerin II, accidentally turn Thorin, Kili, Fili, Dwalin, Balin and Gandalf into cats and this is the result (Spin off of The Elf and The Dwarf)

Chapter Summary: Nori ends up in jail

A/n: @sdavid09 I hope this helps and I hope that all your pain goes away soon! Also sorry its way past one hour lol I got distracted and could not think of anything to write 

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When you return to your home the next day, Bilbo is there talking to Dis and Frerin with Fili curled up in his lap. You look around for the other cats and Thorin, Dwalin, and Kili are stretching out. Like they were copying each other and doing the same stretches like some type of kitty yoga. 

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The Foolish Dwarf

Request: Hi there! I saw you were opening requests and I’m so excited^^I was wondering, if it’s not too much trouble, if you could do a Nori or Bofur story, where they try to express their feelings for the reader, but het all young tied and nervous and strange things come out instead of words of love^^Love your stories!!

A/N: Thank you for the request and support! So here it is, I really like how this turned out and I hope that you and everyone else will be pleased!

Word count: 988

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Hope and Fury

Hello there, here is greed and hope part 2! With: Thorin Oakenshield coming to his senses, but will he be in time to save his One?

Part 1 - Part 2


You were in a daze. Around you, you could vaguely hear the shouts of the people of Laketown. Though you did not know why exactly they were shouting. Not until you heard shouts from the banister behind you. The Dwarves were yelling for blood, and battle, and glory. Grabbing Bilbo’s arm you rushed to get to the front of the lines of Elves and men. There, you met Gandalf’s eyes.

Despair was an emotion not many beings displayed so early on that day. The Wizard, mayhaps, have been the only one that did. But you knew better than to ignore his warnings. Carefully, you cleared your throat to gain his attention. Your own matters of the heart would have to wait for a later date, this was - after all, not about you. “Gandalf, what’s wrong?” you asked him as his eyes focused on Bilbo and you. He nodded his head to the top of the hillside next to Erebor. A soft gasp left your lips as you realized your kin had come. “What are they doing here?!” you yelled in disbelief, “and for Mahal’s sake is that Dáin?!” Gandalf nodded grimly, and beside you the Hobbit showed nothing but confusion. “Who is Dáin, (y/n)?” A grim look took over your face. “Thorin’s cousin,” you informed the Hobbit, and then Gandalf added “I always thought Thorin to be the more agreeable one.” The Hobbit’s eyes widened as Gandalf said that, looking at the Dwarf sat atop his boar. “He will not be reasoned with,” you noted to Gandalf as Dáin came to a stop before the Elven lines. “He will fight his way to Thorin if he must Gandalf,” you added as Gandalf remained in his place.

It was then, that Dáin rode a little ways forward. “Good morning. How are we all? I have a wee proposition, if you don’t mind giving me a few moments of your time. Would you consider… JUST SODDING OFF! All ye, right now!” If it had not been such a dire situation, you would have laughed at his words. Instead, you found yourself walking forward to meet Dáin before he could do a considerable amount of damage. And suddenly, you found yourself behind Gandalf again. “Gandalf, where did you - how did you?” He chose to ignore you. “Come now, lord Dáin,” the wizard started. “Gandalf the Grey. Tell this rabble to leave or I’ll water the ground with their blood.” Yes, you thought grimly, Thorin was indeed the more reasonable one. “There is no need for war between Dwarves, Men, and Elves. Lord Dáin, I beg of you, stand your army down!” you called out as you took your place next to Gandalf. Dáin frowned upon seeing you in the enemy lines. “A dwarrow dame? What are ye doin’ there then?” “I traveled with Thorin Oakenshield, our king, to reclaim the mountain. These men want nothing but the share of gold they need to rebuild Laketown. There is no need for war,” you called to him. “A legion of Orcs march on the mountain. Stand your army down,” Gandalf added. “Orcs? Gandalf, since when have there been Orcs we need be concerned about?” 

Your confusion and Gandalf’s answer, were drowned out under the fiery response coming from Dáin. “I will not stand down before any elf! Not least this faithless Woodland sprite! He wishes nothing but ill upon my people! If he chooses to stand between me and my kin, I’ll split his pretty head open! See if he’s still smirking then!” And then the lord turned to you, “and you, lass, choose carefully where you stand today!” You nodded in response, and then Thranduil rode a few steps forward. “He’s clearly mad like his cousin,” the elven king spoke mockingly. And you supposed that those words were all the encouragement Dáin needed. “Ya hear that, lads? We’re on! Let’s give these bastards a good hammering!”

But before it came to war between Elves and Dwarves, a low rumble spread through the earth below your feet. It was as if the ground was trying to turn over and toss the people off balance. “Gandalf?!” you called to the wizard, hoping he could offer some guidance as to what to do. Perhaps, you shouldn’t have called to him at all, for the words that fell from his lips caused your blood to run cold. “Were worms,” the wizard said softly. And then, a loud war horn called for attention. And you understood, the Orcs that Gandalf had tried to warn for, had finally come.

It was as if they came from the gates of Hell themselves, crawling and running out of the holes that had been made in the earth. They were uglier than you remembered. There were also more of them than you remembered. And you were also more frightened than you remembered being. It was not as much for yourself, though a large part was, but it was also for those around you.

It was Dáin who acted first, calling upon his people to follow him to the front of the battlefield. To meet the enemy head on. And at once, you pushed forward to follow your kin. Hands resting heavily upon your swords, you joined the soldiers. It was as if everything slowed down the moment you did. All you could hear was your heart thumping so loudly, you were sure it’d burst. All you could see was the front, where the enemies were running. 

And then, they were there.

You had little time to marvel on the smooth, fluid fighting style of the Elves that led the charge, for soon the Orcs fought their way through the mayhem. Left and right you sliced your blades, meeting Orc skin or gut before yanking them free again. It was as if your mind turned into a song, and your body was dancing to its lethal tune. Stab, slice, turn, dodge. Stab, slice, turn dodge. Stab, sli- a burning pain interrupted your dance and you fell to your knees, gasping for air as the pain spread.


In Erebor, Thorin had finally come to his senses. “I didn’t…how did I,” he murmured as he leaned against the wall, resting on his arms. “She’ll understand, she loves you,” Balin said as he came into view. “She shouldn’t have to understand! I did her wrong Balin!” Thorin cried out, “I did my One wrong!” Balin did not shrink back, standing tall in the fury of his King. “Then show her you are sorry, rally to her, to our queen.” Thorin nodded, “we will, she will not fight this battle without me.”


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Unadulterated Crack part 2

pairings: Thorin x reader

warnings: None? 

word count: 6,000+

Author’s note: uhh, I wrote this around thanksgiving and christmas so you’re gonna have to deal with holiday feels in May. Also I made the quest start in fall so yeah.

After insisting they get an extra pony for Bilbo, everyone had a pony, and their supplies were on their horses, despite you assuring them they wouldn’t need half of them with you there, you set off. When the dwarves were making their bets about whether Bilbo would show or not, you said, “I bet you that he shows up. I also bet you he quickly realized he forgot his handkerchief and insists we turn back to get it.”

Kili said, “I bet you he remembers it! He’s practically attached at the hip to that thing.”

When Bilbo showed up, you turned to Thorin and quirked an eyebrow at him as he said, “Give him a pony.” After Bilbo was on said pony, and everyone tossed around the betting gold, Bilbo did indeed realize he forgot his handkerchief and demanded everyone stop. You looked at Kili, held out your hand, and said, “Pony up bitch.”

Kili smirked at you, and handed you a single coin, you glared at him. Before you could growl at him, he said, “You need to be specific with what you want before agreeing to something. Otherwise people will take advantage of you.” then looked like he was bracing himself for a scolding. But instead, you simply threw back your head and laughed, “Right you are! You are very clever Kili, and you presented it with wit, and tact might I add. You’ve got spunk kid, and I love spunk. Here have this as a reward.” putting the coin he gave you in the bag with the coins Dwalin and Nori gave you, and tossed it to him.

Fili cried, “Hey! Why does he get free money he didn’t earn?" 

 You smirked at him and chuckled, "Oh he earned it, I was not expecting that at all. If you remember what I said before, your world provides me very little mental stimulation. So I’ll take it where I can get it, and reward them for it. Plus because I wanted to give it to him, and it was mine to give. If you were smart, you would have kept your mouth shut and tested to see if I’d give more out  in return for making me laugh, or enjoy something.”

Kili piped up, “Yeah, what she said.” as his older brother pouted.

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Queen Of Erebor

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It wasn’t long after your marriage to Thorin Oakenshield that you were making preparations for the coronation as queen. Your nerves really got next to you and not even Dis herself could soothe your anxious heart. But she did know who could.

Thorin found you pacing in one of the outer corridors mumbling to yourself.

  “Are you well my petal? Is something the matter?” He asked out of curiosity. “My sister tells me you are anxious about tomorrow’s coronation.”

You turned to him.

   “Indeed I am my lord.” You repled with tension rising from your lungs.

  “How many times have I told you not to call me that? I am Thorin to you. I am your husband first, king second.”

You took a deep breath and nodded. You remembered the day you walked down the aisle and repeated your vows to your one and only. But the coronation…you were going to be standing in front of Mahal knows how many people. Certainly more than the guests at the wedding. Elves, Men, hobbits, dwarves…they were all going to be there.

He sensed your fear and took you by the hand, and led you to a small balcony nearby overlooking the landscape.

  “Look out there amralime. What do you see?”

You examined the night sky and the land down below. “Well, I see Kili and Fili courting their maidens.”

He chuckled. “No. What do you really see?”

  “I’m sorry. I’m not catching on.”

He redirected your gaze. “Look around you. All of this is going to be yours tomorrow. You and I will share this as husband and wife. Think about it.” He paused and smiled joyfully, as if he was thinking about it himself. “Queen of Erebor.”

You regained a small portion of confidence as you heard those words. Queen of Erebor. Yea, that sounded appealing. You had the entire kingdom at your footstool, ready to move at your command.

The next morning, you walked down the aisle once more, and approached the throne with ease. Kili and Fili stood majestically at Thorin’s side.

Balin instructed you to kneel before him as he brought out the crown.

  “Do you, Y/N, promise to rule at your husband’s side to the best of your ability?” He bellowed.

  “I do, and I will.” You said with strength.

  “Then I now crown you, Y/N, as Queen of Erebor. Stand and join Thorin at the top of the steps.”

You nearly tripped over your heavy royal robes, and caught Kili chuckling at you. You threw him a playful gaze and smiled as the crowd cheered for their newly crowned.


bilbo “im gonna use this ring of ultimate power to avoid uncomfortable social situations” baggins (insp.)

i cant believe i spent several hours of the only life ill ever have drawing this…….. worth it.