Imagine a member of the company accidentally revealing to you that they’re werewolves and you don’t react the way they think you would

You, Bilbo, and Gandalf : *sitting around the fire*

Fili: *accidentally runs into the clearing while turned*

Gandalf: I thought we agreed we weren’t going to reveal to these two your true nature.

Thorin: *skulks out of the bush and nips Fili’s ankle*

The rest of the dwarves: *come out of the bushes as wolves*

Bilbo: *passes the fuck out*

You: *gasps* PUPPERS! *Proceeds to pet and cuddle all of them over the course of the night*

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Bagginshield - I Sit Beside the Fire (Sansûkh)

“He lifted his other hand and allowed it to drift through the wispy white spiderweb of Bilbo’s hair. ‘I am glad you grew old,’ he said in a low voice. ‘Whatever the reason, I am glad one of us did. Still, I find I hate that you grew old without me. Would you laugh at my grey beard, I wonder? Would we barricade ourselves against each winter, wrapping ourselves in your quilts and complaining about our bones? Would we grow more alike as time passed; my mannerisms becoming yours, your words becoming mine?’”

Fanart for Chapter 10 of determamfidd’s fic, Sansûkh. Thorin expressing regret that he could not grow old with Bilbo broke my fragile little heart ;_; Totes recommend this fic if you’re ready for an EPIC read.