Box- Thorin Oakenshield

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Pairing: Thorin Oakenshield x Reader

Characters: Thorin Oakenshield, Kili, Fili, Dis

Warnings: N/A

Request: N/A

Word Count: 682

Author: Charlotte

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Imagine Legolas Taking An Interest In You

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A/N: This is part 1 of a request made by @floofy-halfling. I don’t know if this is what you wanted so like just tell me if I’m on the right track :)ALSO I FORGOT TO ADD ITALICS EARLIER AND NOW IM ON MY MOBILE BUT JUST IMAGINE THAT ALL WORDS SPOKEN BETWEEN THE ELVES ARE ELVISH. I WIL FIX THIS ONCE IM BACK ON MY COMPUTER

Word Count: 1,806

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You swing your sword into the spider before it has a chance to attack Thorin. He looks up at you and nods in thanks and you nod back. 

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Lost and Fauned

“Thorin?” he whispered, shaking the dwarf’s form gently. His hands were grabbed instantly, body yanked closer.

“Bilbo!” Thorin’s eyes were eerily bright as he demanded, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing, nothing,” Bilbo soothed immediately, with a pang of guilt as he thought of the King’s troubled sleep - and more often, sleepless nights - back in Erebor. “Can I… sleep?” he asked, growing skittish once more.

Immediately the dwarf was tugging him down, lifting his coat to pull Bilbo flush against his warm body. The sudden heat was startling against his numb skin, and while it had been his idea, he found his muscles clenching against his will. Being so close to Thorin - and Thorin knowing who he was…

“Shh, akhûnith,” the dwarf soothed, rubbing a large hand up and down Bilbo’s back.

Finally!! Chapter Ten of Lost and Fauned is here on AO3!

Or, read this faun!Bilbo, post-BOTFA AU here from the start :)

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