P A R T  I, II. (INSP)


P A R T  II, I. (INSP)


Varda, queen of Valar
Thorin, king under the mountain

Today was… amazing!
We both won the cosplay contest, so they gave us a ticket for the Greisinger Museum in Switzerland and also a lego hobbit (me) and a Hobbit board game (alex)!!! What a lovely early birthday present >u<

And we also got these amazing shots, I mean, woah..!

Credits goes to the very talented and lovely Dany-Greyfox, check out his page, he’s a very good photographer and also an amazing Lupin III cosplayer! :)

Thorin was always my favourite for his courage, loyalty, and most importantly his ability to overcome his own weaknesses. I knew he was going to die of course, but seeing it, hearing him say those words… It crushed me.