This is my 6 month old kitten, Thor, taking a nap. His mom was a stray in our town house complex who got pregnant every time she was in heat, and Thor and his siblings were her third litter. My landlord adopted her and she got to raise her babies in a safe environment before they split up, and Thor came to live with us! My landlord kept her and named her Millie, and one of the kittens named Shelby. Thor’s nearly identical to his mom!

You little shit

You know that you’re not allowed in my room at night, but when I come to take you out so I can get some sleep without fear of being woken up by a certain loud part-Siamese, I find you here. In the top of the closet where I can’t reach you. How did you even get up there?

I hope you get your claw stuck in the carpet, you little nerd.

Well Thor just had the shortest walk of his life…

I took him out to the backyard and all was going well for the first couple of minutes, but then three crows showed up and took turns circling low over us and cawing up a storm. I think they were trying to scare us off and it totally worked; I stepped on a dry leaf and Thor jumped out of his skin. I made the executive decision to call off the walk and for once he didn’t complain when I took him back inside.

I just did some research and I’m glad that pipe cleaners are safe toys for cats. Thor loves fetching them and chasing after them at breakneck speeds, and generally I tuck in the ends so he can’t poke himself. The other two also like to chase them from time to time, so I’m happy that it’s not something that I’ve been doing wrong.