Testing Patience (Avengers X Fem!Reader)

Character: Avengers X Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Mild swearing


Request: hi :) i like the fluffies one- can it be a very calm reader who life with the avengers in the tower and one day she is mad at something and all the avengers are there and think she is very cute when she is angry and hug her and joke on her, and she gets more angy because they think she is cute.. funny and fluffie please :) thanks in advance

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You were used to working under intense circumstances and being able to keep your cool was your speciality. It was needed when working with all the Avengers. Those idiots could barely spend an hour in a room together before a fight broke out which either ended with someone getting hurt, or you getting in the middle of it and almost getting hurt yourself. You’re certain if you weren’t there they would have killed each other by now.

None of them had seen you get angry, ever. You were always relaxed and calm, and they questioned if you were smoking something sometimes by how calm you are. They always joked it was because you’re secretly Canadian.

But today your seemingly endless patience was wearing thin and they were testing it.

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Anunciado el Anime para televisión Marvel Future Avengers al aire en verano.

Además, un nuevo Manga para la franquicia ilustrado por Teruaki Mizuno, debutará el martes. 

Marvel anunció el lunes que esta creando una nueva serie de Anime para televisión titulada Marvel Future Avengers. El Anime saldrá al aire en el canal Dlife en verano del 2017, y estará dirigido a una audiencia joven masculina. 

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Marvel if you’re watching, consider this my résumé