Only One

Fandom: Marvel
Request: “can i request something including a fight with thor and the reader? he try to talk to her after the fight but she’s really stubborn, and fluff at the end pls” & “hi can u do an imagine with a jealous thor please”
Word Count: 873

Over the past week, you and Loki had become the best of friends. Since the others had to go on a mission, they left you to babysit the God of Mischief. You realised you both had a lot in common. Everyone was surprised when they arrived back to the two of you laughing your asses off.

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[1513][Marvel Summer]
[Edits made by me :)]

I just saw Thor Ragnarok and my mind is brusting with confetti & fangirl tears

I’m extremely overwhelmed by how amazing it was so I simply cannot put it into words because I enjoyed every second of it.

Honestly every single character is perfectly written & well-portrayed

Loki is an epic-hair-flipping sass hero at his best

Hulk is absolutely adorable

Thor and Loki’s relationship is beautiful

Hela is a hela of a female villain

Loki attmpeting to kill Steven Strange is matter of 2 seconds is the highlight of my year

Devil’s Anus is a serious thing

• The movie is intense but hilarious at the same time, it’s also Marvel’s best feminist kind of movie

Dr. Strange is earth’s mightiest sass-master

Valkyrie made me emotional & proud because she’s nothing less than a male superhero

• Protect my adorable Korg in all costs

• I will never be able to control myself when I hear the immigrant song

Stan Lee’s funniest cameo so far

• I lost my shit everytime Heimdall appeared

• After this I feel safer for infinity war with the God of Thunder the one & only Thor the strongest Avenger (the irony)

Thank You Taika.

Ragnarock thoughts pt.3

Where is my scene where Loki beats the hell out of everyone who challenge him in the arena before the Grandmaster notices him.

Just Loki using his magic and tricks and knives and the crowd in disbilief because none thought he could survive the first fight.