No More Love to Purchase

Loki growled as he sent Clint out once more to get all the items he needed, if this invasion of Midgard didn’t go as planned he was good as dead. The Avengers were becoming a bigger and bigger problem, what he once thought he could dismiss was now taking most of his energy to dispel.

He sighed and moved up, looking for something to do. He felt on edge more and more lately, seemingly stemming from more than just these battles with the Avengers.

A guard rushed in, taking him from his musing. Apparently Clint and his team had been intercepted, by none other than the very people he had been brooding over. Snapping orders he knew he would have to join the fray in hopes of getting what he needed and quick.

Without fail, his magic transported himself and his guards to the facility some rare and important items were hiding. He quickly joined the fight, taking out weaker targets before making a move after Thor. His mind seemed to go blank as he neared the other man, practice precision seemingly failing as his knife missed its mark.