Natasha steals everybody’s clothes. Sometimes the rest of the avengers will catch her wandering around the tower in one of Steve’s hoodies, Tony’s black sabbath tee, Clint’s sweatpants, and Bruce’s socks. Sometimes she’ll even wear Thor’s cape. Nobody knows why. Tony remarks that he thinks she’s trying to establish dominance. Bruce replies with “she’s succeeding.”

domestic avengers headcanons:

-they all live in stark tower or the new avengers base
-Vision not understanding some stuff and Thor of all people trying to explain
-Pietro shows back up somehow and asks Clint, “You didn’t see that coming?”
-Thor actually placing his hammer in an elevator
-Wanda bonding with Vision cause they are weird
-Pietro stealing everyone’s food cause of his fast metabolism
-Rhodes and Sam starting prank wars
-Rhodes and Sam losing the prank wars against Pietro and Clint
-Clint having his own “nest”
-Thor and Vision being “cape bros”
-Steve feeling like a babysitter at times
-Natasha eventually giving in and joining the prank wars
-she wins
-Captain America: Civil War aka someone stole Steve’s socks of freedom
-no really they are made of freedom
-ok they have the American flag on them and came from the dollar store
-but Steve doesn’t know that
-Sam and Clint are the “birds of prey” bros
-Wanda is legit at Wheel of Fortune
-Bruce and Tony reunite and check up on vision
-for science
-Tony and Thor still argue over who’s girlfriend is the best
-Natasha keeps score
-Wanda is actually a great cook
-Vision tries to help her
-Pietro didn’t sabotage parts of Stark tower
-at least that’s what he said when Tony walked in covered in glue and feathers
-also did you see that huge spider Rhodes took out this morning?
-yeah neither did anyone else
-but it was big


“Yeah, and this is my Cap shield…” You said proudly, holding up a circular, cardboard cut-out with a Captain America star you’d found on a cereal box glued the front. With a happy little grin, you quickly spun around for the team to get a glimpse of the crimson fabric fastened to your shoulders. “I also have a big red cape like Thor and… Oh, this right here is Tony.” You finished, pointing to the cluster of christmas lights that had been duct taped to your chest.

Still chuckling, Steve stepped forward and tugged lightly at the patch covering your eye before asking, “Is this supposed to be Fury?”

You nodded, “I had to.”

“What’s with the cut offs?” Bruce asked, pointing to your ruined trousers with a frown.

“Those are actually repping you after you Hulk-out and screw up your pants.”

“Oh…” His brows buckled even further.

“Where am I?” Came Natasha’s inquiry, causing you to hold up your hand and show her the plastic, black-widow spider ring wrapped around your finger.

“I’ve also got Clint.” You proclaimed, which managed to make his eyes light up before you awkwardly started adjusting a quiver of toy arrows from beneath your cape. “What do you guys think?”

“Well, darlin’…” Tony started, gracing you with a stunning smile that had a way of wrinkling his laughter lines. “I think it calls for a picture so we can all remember how amazing you look tonight.”

“Indeed…” Thor agreed.

(X) (~♫♪~)

*Imagine Attending a Halloween Party and Dressing up as All the Avengers Combined*

@pastelteabubbles  Spooky request! Imagine the Avengers having a Halloween party and you go as all of them combined into one costume, which they think is hilarious and awesome.

think just how much all the avengers must love sam though

natasha telling him awful jokes 24/7 and always keeping his fave ice cream in the freezer 

tony making him new wings every 15 minutes because “i can iMPROVE THIS SHIT WILSON JUST LET ME TRY ADDING ROCKET BOOSTERS”

bruce drinking tea with him because sometimes it feels like they’re the only two sane people on the team

wanda loving just hanging around him and leaving little gifts like mint plants and chocolate lying around because she can get a sense of what he likes off of him and wants to give him nice things because sam?? is so nice???

rhodey and vision and sam having arm wrestling contests and they try to get the others to place bets

thor always laughs at his jokes and one time sam fell asleep on the couch and woke up with thor’s cape tucked around him

clint and sam are bird bro bffs no questions asked. they even have friendship bracelets. natasha made them.

bucky keeps an intense eye out to see if anyone bothers him and if he runs into a spot of trouble literally anywhere he’ll find the winter fucking soldier sitting at his kitchen counter sharpening a collection of knives and asking for names

steve showing his affection by outlapping him every time they run and texting him cute pictures of dogs in the middle of the day

Pietro not only saved Clint's life, he saved Thor

In a deleted scene, Thor’s cape caught fire when he threw an Ultron bot at a tank. Quicksilver ran around him to extinguish the flame, and the two exchange joking remarks.

Pietro saved the lives of his teammates.

He really was a hero.


-Admin GCV

“Well, mine” began Thor “is made of the most precious and resistant Asgardian silk you’ll ever find in the nine realms. It’s soft at the touch but incredibly strong, never had to make it mend.”

“Mine is better. I can make it appear and disappear at will and it can even change color. Might not be so soft but it’s extremely light and of no obstacle in battle.”

“Yours can never achieve the bright red of mine.”

“But mine shines.”

You watch the scene from afar laughing and betting with Clint on who’s going to win.

“How long do you think they’ll continue?” he asks amused “I can go and grab some pop corn.”

“Oh, they can keep on till dawn I think. This will be fun.”

Masterlist Update #5

Not Good Enough (7/?)

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To be continued…

A Life With Bucky (3/?)

/Chapter 1/Chapter 2/Chapter 3/

To be continued…

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Tony is 100% the type to burrow (read: steal) clothes from people.

He has an old, well-worn MIT hoodie that used to belong to Rhodey and wears it during the winter. Rhodey stopped making comments about it years ago.

Tony has a pair of mittens that used to belong to Pepper and after 10+ times of trying to get them back, she just lets it go. She comments on how nice his mittens are whenever they’re together and he wears them. It becomes a sort of inside joke.

After losing his favorite hoodie to Natasha one to many times, Tony takes her favorite black slippers. Natasha makes no comment when she sees him wear them from time to time.

Tony takes one of Bruce’s lab coats and likes to wear when he’s about to preform “mad science things” and Bruce just smiles softly in the background.

Tony once used Thor’s cape as a blanket after he comes up from his workshop after several hours of working. He still has it, but keeps it in his bedroom.

Clint says nothing when Tony walks into the kitchen one early morning wearing light purple sleeping shirt. When asked about the shirt later, Clint shrugs and says “He looks good in purple.”

Tony likes to steal Steve’s shirts because they are freaking huge and he has the excuse of not wearing pants. They also smell like home and Tony likes that.

Just…Tony Things.

Being Thor and Loki’s younger sister, and dating Peter would include…

  • Being a part of the Avengers, much to Loki’s despair
  • Loki taking the role of the protective big brother
  • Thor being a pretty laid-back big bro
  • Being the only person in the family who speaks like a normal midgardian
  • Lifting Mjolnir up with no problem
  • Peter living in constant fear of being crushed by Loki
  • “Peter, it’s fine. He’s really friendly!”
  • “Y/n, he’s aiming a fireball at me.”
  • Wearing Loki’s helmet, whilst teasing him
  • “Look, Loki! I’m a reindeer, just like you.”
    “Give me my helmet back, right now!”
  • Being the most mature sibiling in the family, surprisingly
  • Peter being amazed by the fact that you’re pretty much a mini-god
  • Using Thor’s cape as a blanket
  • “Y/n, could you please allow me to use my cape?”
  • Attempting to show Thor how to use a cellphone
  • “So you have to swipe on the scr- DON’T THROW IT OUT THE WINDOW!”
  • “But it was frustrating me.”
  • Having a pretty good relationship with most of the Avengers
  • Especially Tony, who helps you prank Loki
  • Randomly jumping on Thor’s back, and him giving you piggyback rides all the time
  • “Piggyback!”
  • Visiting Asgard with Thor
  • Having superhuman strength (Like Thor and Loki), meaning that you could kick the Avenger’s asses during training