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Loki, probably


Pairing: Loki x Reader

Summary: Beauty and the Beast AU in which Loki is forced to stay in his Jotun form until another human loves him. He becomes a caretaker for You due to be recently permanently blind.

Warnings: Cursing

A/N: This is idea of mine that has been swarming forever! I’m excited to finally write it. Also a disclaimer, if there’s any blind jokes, it’s simply because the character deals with it in such a way.

Pt. 1

Once upon a time…

There was a God. Not just any god, but the God of Mischief. Mischievous he was, even so landing him imprisoned upon trying to enslave all humanity on Earth. For he believed those of Earth to be below him and in desperate need of leadership.

The King and Queen of the land which he came from pondered upon his punishment. With the God being the adoptive son of the king and queen of Asgard, this made it far more painful for Queen Frigga to sentence her son. King Odin, not as worried or nurturing as his beloved wife, sentenced Loki to live among those on Earth. Using her magic, the queen stripped the God of his magic, as well as magic from his body, and cast him down to the realm that was charmed to forget his existence as a whole.

See, The God was born a Jotun Prince and frost giant that were feared by all people from Asgard, now that his magic was stripped he was left looking quite beastly as his fair skin now turned a dark shade of blue and his eyes blood red. The markings among his skin were exposed and the God was devastated. The queen worried for her youngest child, so she allowed him a few conditions. He was granted one spell of magic for any use while on earth that didn’t include his appearance to others…and if he could find a human to fall in love with him he would be granted entrance back into his kingdom. The only problem was…who could ever learn to love a beast?

This is a story of this God of mischief and his name is Loki.

Y/N currently sat in the living room after her 10th interview today. She was exhausted, yet determined to find someone willing to work. She delicately traced her fingertips on the spine of a book from the coffee table in front of them. Her father sighed softly, the sound of papers shuffling in his hands was heard before he set them back down. He shook his head and looked back at his daughter.

“Tell me dad, did any of them call back?” She questioned. Her sunglasses were placed on the bridge of her nose and her left hand began caressing her knee.

“I’m sorry sweetie…none of them have.” He placed his strong hand on her shoulder in comfort.

“Yeah, not many people are standing in line to live with an odd blind girl full time.” She chuckled lightly.

He father only shook his head and shook y/n’s shoulder gently, “My daughter odd? Never.” He returned the chuckle, “There’s still a few to go. It’s not over yet.”

Despite the lack of people in line, Y/N still wasn’t fond of those who were there. They found her schedule too much and her personality a tad over bearing, too forward. Even in her current state, she was strong and believed she could care for herself. Her father on the other hand, still worried for her. He would not allow her to move back out on her own unless she hired a caretaker to help her with her everyday deeds. Being wealthy, he had no issue with hiring someone for her. Y/N had just seen no use for it.

The doorbell had rang, making Y/N and Y/F/N (Your father’s name) look towards the door.

“That’s not the next interview is it?” She asked crossing one leg over the other.

“No, I made sure the rest come tomorrow.” He walked towards the door and it was David McClain and his son Lucas McClain. “David, I wasn’t expecting you.”

Instantly Y/N groaned and held up her fingers in the form of a gun to her head. “No, but I thought we could talk about the architecture ideas I’ve recently received. Lucas had also wanted to come along to bring something for Y/N.” Y/F/N simply nodded and stood aside for them to come inside.

“Let’s talk in my office.” Y/F/N suggested as David came over beside y/n and addressed her incredibly loud, “Miss y/n. How are you dear?” He placed a kiss on the back of her hand. It wasn’t until now that she realized how incredible chapped his lips were.

“I’m blind, not deaf dumbass”

“I’m doing great, thanks for asking.” She simply stated before he let go of her hand and followed her father into his luxurious office. Y/N waited the dreadful approach that Lucas was soon to give her. He was tall, about 6’2” and had broad shoulders due to working out, of course he never let anyone forget that’s how he got so built.

“Y/N,” he placed a kiss on her hand, “It’s great to see you, I brought you flowers.” He said placing the flowers in front of her.

She leaned forward and gently rubbed her thumb and index finger along one of the petals. “They smell good.” She commented.

“I haven’t seen you around in awhile.” Lucas chimed.

Y/N chuckled, “I got out of the hospital recently.” She pulled her sunglasses down to reveal the scar that ran straight from her eyebrow down to the top of her cheek on her left eye.

“I’m sorry I didn’t go see you. I was backpacking in Europe.” He bragged causing y/n to arch an eyebrow.

“Interesting.” She lied.

Eyeing the letter in front of him, Loki was incredibly irritated.

“In all the realms this one is the most unbelievable. This is madness.” He tosses the envelope onto the small wooden table. “2,500 dollars a month?!” He growled. He knew Odin had something to do with this. All these months no one even remembered him enough for him to even be charged rent, now all of a sudden he receives this notice. Being familiar with the job system where he resided, Loki already knew landing a job from home would be hard. He wasn’t exactly fond of human technology either. Without a choice, he needed to find income unless he wanted to be homeless soon.

Using the laptop that he had “purchased” recently, he began searching for jobs in which he could do from home.

“This is pathetic.” He scoffed. Minutes shifted to hours until it was finally the evening.

Loki sat back and threw the glass bowl upon the table on the ground causing it to shatter all over the floor. Why was this happening to him? He only did what others were too weak to pursue. After all his father once did the same. His father. Odin wasn’t a father to Loki, no wonder he came around being so angry, he began to think.

“This was your idea!” He shouted towards the ceiling, “Obviously my suffering hasn’t ended, the least you could do is show me what to do!” His chest heaved as his breathing got a bit heavier due to his frustration. The screen immediately switched to an e-mail address along with a letter of the requirements to an in home job. Well majority of it being inside, this was the closest he was getting. The pay rate was amazing. He did what he had to. Immediately, he began filling the application to the best of his ability.

Y/N cleared her throat and awkwardly tapped her shoe on the floor.

“And you said you had a blind dog?…” Y/N asked.

The woman who resided in her late thirties nodded and softly responded, “Yes, I loved little Gordan more than life itself. I guided him every where. He loved listening to the Reba episodes I watched. Sometimes I would sing them to him. Oh, my dear baby. But what’s the difference between a dog and a human. I’m sure I could handle both.” She smiled wide and shrugged her shoulders.

“Miss…Anderson was it?” Y/F/N asked and she nodded, “Thank you very much for coming. You’ll hear back from us if you’ve gotten the job.” He stood up to guide her out of the house.

“Take care dearie.”

“You as well.” Y/N replied calmly and contently. Upon hearing the door close and her father walk back she shook her head. “I won’t do it Dad. I can’t. I’m not becoming Gordan and listening to this woman sing Reba 24/7.”

“Y/N, There’s only one more applicant, but we can’t guarantee that this one will be any better than the other 40 who responded.”

Her father pleaded. Y/F/N adjusted his suit and sat back on the couch.

“You know what they say, 41 is the charm.”

“No one’s ever said that.”

“Yeah, me…just now. Come on dad are you listening to me?” Y/N chuckled. She always knew how to brighten up her father’s day despite the mood of it previously.

“One more y/n. If you don’t choose, you’re not moving out.” Y/N groaned and moved her head to the side.

That was when the door bell had rang once more. “That must be number 41.” Y/F/N spoke as he neared the door. Seeing the man’s back, he had a good feeling seeing as he was dressed in a suit. Upon opening the door the tall man in the black suit had turned around.

“Loki Laufeyson.” He held out a gloved hand to Y/F/N.

“….Y/F/N. Y/L/N.” He shook the man’s hand. Loki wore a surgical mask that covered the bottom half of his face, green eye contacts, and a foundation that matched his more human looking appearance, and matched it with black dark rimmed glasses to distract from the contacts. Despite having the foundation on, Loki’s Jotun markings were still bold on his face and slightly matched that of scaring.

Y/F/N was hesitant to let him in, but did so anyways. He was presented in front of y/n from across the glass coffee table. Y/N’s father uncomfortably shifted and adjusted his suit again. He cleared his throat and looked at the questions that he had come up with.

“Hi.” Y/N said looking ahead. She was dressed casually with black jeans, a light gray t shirt decorated with a small pocket on the right of her chest, and white converse. Her father often helped her when she asked the color of the clothing she wore due to hating the thought of being mismatched.

“Hello,” He walked over towards her and shook her hand softly, “I’m Loki Laufeyson, it’s nice to meet you.”

“Y/N Y/L/N. Nice to meet you too.” She took her hand back and rubbed it along her thigh subtly. His hand had been so cold, perhaps from the A/C in a car?

He obviously had an accent. It sounded lovely. Y/N smiled, while her father was still astonished by his appearance. She couldn’t understand why her father was being so quiet when he was so chatty amongst the other applicants.

“Mr. Laufeyson…it says here that you have experience in this field?” Y/F/N questioned whilst looking at the page with Loki’s “information.”

He nodded, “Why yes, my father lost his eye…went blind from the right side. I often guided him around and helped him with…his duties.”

Her father had remained silent as he read over the paper. Y/N grew a tad bit impatient as her father was lagging. Majority of the questions were boring and didn’t interest y/n anyways, so she decided to spice it up.

“You’re not from here?” Y/N asked not looking directly at Loki.

In his smooth accent he responded, “No, I am not.”

“England? You sound British.” Loki pondered over this for a second. He looked up and over, “Something like that, yes.”

“Have you had roommates before?”


“So I assume you’re not very disruptive?” Y/N rose an eyebrow.

“My time at home is mostly silent. I read most times so, not much commotion there.”

“Do you watch Reba reruns?” Y/N asked as her dad snapped her a look that she couldn’t see anyways.

“What’s Reba reruns?” Loki asked confused. Despite her random questions and his bullshit answers, he was beginning to think that maybe the job idea wasn’t so bad.

“Can you make tea?”


“When can you start?” Y/N abruptly said with a smirk on her face that Loki returned. Her father sat uncomfortably with a very shocked and disturbed look upon his face.

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Rocket: Your captain friend is scary

Thor: What happened?

Rocket: He threatened to throw me across the ocean is I asked for his guy’s arm again.

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Hc for Thor, Bucky & Peter with an so who is really short? Like, she's literally 4'9


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Prompt lists


  • heheheheheh he loves how smol you are
  • Makes height jokes all the time 
  • But doesn’t ever go too far like he never hurts you
  • soft bean
  • He is a big fan of lifting you up by the waist when you can’t reach things
  • Also he loves hugging you bc he literally envelopes you???
  • Like you can’t even be seen anymore 
  • He also really likes to cover you in a blanket and wrap you all up in it and then just toss you in bed and snuggle you to death


  • He’s already scared that he’s gonna hurt you or smthn
  • (insecure bby breaks my heart)
  • So when he realizes just how smol you are
  • He panics a bit
  • this also happens to be right when you come out in his t-shirt, get into bed, and curl up into him like a little kitten
  • He’s halfway between melting and running
  • (He melts don’t worry)
  • Whenever you’re having trouble reaching something
  • He grabs it for you, hands it to you, and gives you a lil forehead smeck
  • :’)
  • He also likes cuddling you a lot?
  • He just likes feeling like he’s protecting someone :’)))


  • He’s ….. not the tallest 
  • I almost actually laughed out loud while writing that because I remembered that Jojo Siwa is taller than Tom Holland
  • Poor bby
  • He’s not the tallest but he’s taller than you are
  • And
  • he 
  • is
  • so
  • proud
  • He clings onto the height difference bc it’s aLL HE HAS
  • He sometimes can’t reach stuff on the top shelf either but he’s actually Spider-Man so ya know, boi gets it anyways
  • Also he really likes giving you his jackets bc he can barely see you in them
  • like he likes them big on him so they’re super big on you and he
  • Loves
  • It

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Cold Coffee

Originally posted by thosekidswhohuntmonsters

Summary: Who needs coffee when Loki has you to wake up to?

Request: Can you do 9 and 10 with loki pleeeeeeeeeease

Prompts: #9 “I don’t deserve you.” & #10 “Shut the fuck up.”

Words: 1096

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: One swear word (Obviously indicated by the prompt lol)

A/N: Based off of Ed Sheeran’s Cold Coffee! I highly recommend you to listen to it. :) If you want to be added to my taglist or specific characters let me know! And as always feedback is appreciated!

Drip drop.

The last drops of coffee plopped into the pot. A yawn left your lips as you gripped the coffee pot handle, pouring the freshly brewed coffee into two mugs.

You rubbed your heavy eyelids, trying to get rid of the sleepiness from your eyes. Gripping both mugs with steady hands, you made your way back to your shared bedroom. You sighed as the smell of coffee filled your senses, perking you up and making the last of your morning grogginess leave your body.

Poking your head through the doorway, you slowly tiptoed across the room. You carefully placed the mugs on your nightstand and climbed back into bed, savouring the warmth of the duvet cover once again as you tucked yourself in.

You rolled over to your side and your face met Loki’s, his lips merely inches away from yours. You snuggled the side of your head into your pillow as you gazed over his current relaxed features. A slight frown appeared on your lips, vividly remembering the times where his sleeping patterns weren’t always as peaceful.

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Dear Kenneth Branagh,

Thank you for the first Thor movie, without which we wouldn’t have had such amount of inspiration, creativity, passion, love. Thank you for giving Shakespearean mood at the movie. Thank you for not to having succumbed at the boring “superhero movie” stereotypes, and make a movie full of multiple interpretations. Full of shades to catch and understand.

But above all thank you for to have given a chance at young Tom Hiddleston. Thank you for working with him in order to build the gem that Loki’s character is. Thank you for Shakespearean shades in Loki.

Thank you for Loki.

Thank you endlessly for this masterpiece of a character. Thank you for giving the start of all this wonderful madness. Thank you for giving us such bless.

Dear Tom,

Thank you for your amazing work. Thank you for your Loki. No one can never ever replace you in this role. Thank you for dedication. For the love. For the deep research in order to giving him the most complexity possible.

Thank you for have always added something more, and new, to him. A look, a face, a word. Always something more for make Loki human, tragic, multi faceted, relatable.

Thank you for not give up at “villain stereotypes”. For not to give up to love him. For always have defended him. Protected him. Thank you for years of amazing work.

Thank you for being here.


Happy Bisexual Visibility Day! These are all my bisexual headcanons from various properties. Remember, these are my headcanons. While you don’t have to agree with any/all of them, any rude comments either in the tags or comments of this post will be blocked + removed. 

Icons versions under the cut. Please reblog/like this post if saving, a visible credit is appreciated but not needed. 

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If you think Thor Ragnarok should not be considered canon, because it ruined both Thor and Loki by dismissing their trauma and past history in favour of mocking Loki into submission and turning Thor in a toxic bully who can never do wrong because he’s The Hero and The Golden Prince.

I’m just… so tired of seeing people praising this movie. It completely dismissed everything that made up our beloved gods and turned them into a (bad) parody of themselves. Out of personal dignity, I will stick to the other Thor films and Avengers 1.

Thanks for coming to my ranting space and listening.

If the Loki tv show is real and happening I hope they make him use his magic for fighting and defense. It seems like in the films, they slowly forgot he had magic and made him only use knives. I liked how he was in the first movie, you get to see how all the stuff he can do.