girlyxworld  asked:

What are some drawing accounts you reccomend? I can't find any account like yours that isn't so.....blah. So ily and what's your Instagram? Is it the same thing?

There are a lot blogs that I can recommend. Check out these artists:

Also check out illustrated ladies and gents.

No particular order. Check out my FAQ for more recommendations.

P.s. You can find my Instagram here.


I was invited to do a background design test for Cartoon Network’s Clarence in 2013. It brought forth some freelance work for the show and eventually in 2014 a full time job of designing for the most awesome crew. Thank you!

-> The exterior of the Rough-Riders restaurant was later used for the first episode “Fun Dungeon Face Off”. The plastic dinosaur was exchanged for the iconic Rough Riders Chicken Rider.