A dear friend died in Chicago after I had been planning to do an installation there with Meow Wolf.

What are the components that make a life? What makes a body?

My sadness, anger, and confusion in the past months oscillated around these questions.

A love without form swept through me in the color of Hoku’s eyes. “It doesn’t matter. I’ll always be with you” he said to me in a dream. 

I was exploring space, as space, and as I went deeper into it I saw that between smaller increments of space was more space. 

My part of Nucleotide is a space like space, a reflective and watery space made of mylar, hundreds of LEDs, and a mirror ceiling. I got the mylar from a weed-growing site. 

An ambient drone plays until someone comes in and the infrared camera recognizes their skeleton.The movement of bodies affects filters and activates virtual space-instruments. (Here is a streamlined version of the track(s): When you put your hands up a dance track plays and RGB flashing lights are activated.

In my heart the piece is a shrine to Hoku. 

Our glitchy skeletons dance.