Peggy’s First Mission - Part 3

Spy Peggy stood clutching Sally close, watching the playground. She was observing again.
Alex and Thomas had both been let out of time out for playtime; Mr Washington had said hopefully they would take that time to “let off steam” and make up. No such luck. Alexander was currently sitting in the sandpit, stabbing into the sand with an old spade. He had even said no when John and Aaron had offered to play ball with him! So they were over with Lafayette and Angelica, kicking the ball between them.
Meanwhile, Thomas was playing on the climbing frame while James watched nervously below. Charles and Eliza were taking turns on the slide, seeing who could go the fastest. And Hercules was no where to be seen, but Peggy knew he was staying inside eating the fruit snacks.
Everybody seemed to be busy and distracted. So Peggy’s plan could go underway. She glanced around one final time, and then made her way nonchalantly over to the railings that backed onto the middle school opposite. The middle schoolers would be outside for their recess in about five minutes, but Peggy figured that was enough time for her plan to work.
As she reached the railings, she began flying Sally around and making plane noises. “Fairy Sally can fly so high!” She called, in the hopes that Thomas or Alex would hear. When neither of them turned, she tightened her grip and shouted, “Fairy Sally flies the highest of them all! Watch how high she can fly!” Pausing, she saw that the boys still hadn’t taken notice. Frowning with one last final effort, Peggy yelled, “FAIRY SALLY FLIES SUPER HIGH!!!” and launched Thomas’ doll into the air, aiming expertly for the bit at the top of the railings that connected them together. Sure enough, Sally swooped back down and landed right on the tiny platform. Peggy clenched her fist triumphantly; her plan was that Thomas would be worried about Sally being stuck, and Alex who always had to prove himself, would have to help get her down.
She looked back, but Alex was still stabbing at the sand, and Thomas was still climbing higher much to James’ dismay. Peggy sighed and prepared for her last resort; she opened her mouth and breathed in, ready to scream–

“Oh! What do we have here!” A snooty voice made Peggy freeze and she turned around, looking up. King George was staring down at her with a smug smirk on his face, pushing up his paper crown. Samuel as always was right by his side.
“Yeah, what do we have here?” Samuel echoed with a snicker. Peggy clasped her hands together nervously.
“My dolly.”
“Your dolly?” George mockingly gasped. “Well, how did your dolly get allll the way up here? You’re much too little to reach this high!”
“I threw my dolly,” Peggy mumbled. George made an over-exaggerated shocked face, and Samuel giggled again.
“You threw your dolly? And she got stuck in the railings? Oh dear, oh dear!” George tutted. “How irresponsible of you!”
Yeah, irresponsible!” Samuel repeated.
Peggy’s belly was already bursting with butterflies, but it just about turned to ice when she saw George reach effortlessly to the bar and grab Sally, pulling her over to their side of the railings. Her lip began to tremble, and she said “That’s my dolly!”
“It may be your dolly,” George sneered, “But you haven’t been taking very good care of her. Looks like we’ll have to take her off your hands.” He flung Sally carelessly to Samuel, who held her by the leg and started swinging her.
Peggy, filled with fear, but enraged by their attitude, jumped at the railings and pushed her arm through, trying desperately to reach Sally. What if they took her into their school- suppose Sally was never seen again! Thomas would be so upset- and it was all Peggy’s fault…
Peggy started to cry as George and Samuel laughed, taking turns at wagging Sally in front of the toddler just out of her reach. Peggy furiously made attempts to grab her, and the railings started to hurt her arm as she pushed harder and harder. She wobbled back, wiping her eyes, panicked, wondering what on earth to do.

I love this so much. Also, KING GEORGE YOU LIL SHIT. STOP.

Not That Bad (Thomas Jefferson x Reader part 1)

the reader is alexander’s older sister. She is 28, Thomas is 28, Alexander is 24.

“I can’t believe him! He’s so stuck up! How dare he tell me that I don’t have the votes! He shouldn’t be certain that he has them either!” Alexander let out a frustrated sigh. “He acts as if the world revolves around him, he actually walked into the room singing. Why would Washington want him to be secretary of state?”

“I don’t know, Alex, I’m sure he isn’t as bad as you are making him sound,” y/n said.

“He is, though. He’s awful!” Alexander whined.

“Alexander, dear, you’re whining,” y/n said.

“I am not!” He stomped his foot. “You’re my sister, you’re supposed to be on my side!”

“Alexander, stop acting like you are a child,” y/n said.

“Just let me finish! Washington seems to really like him, and I don’t want to be replaced,” Alexander said. He was worried about something that wouldn’t happen. He was Washington’s right-hand man, after all. He wasn’t going to be replaced by Jefferson.

“He’s not going to replace you, Alex. That’s not going to happen. I don’t know why you are so worried about this. Just ignore him,” She said.

“I can’t ‘just ignore him’. Do you know how hard it is to do that?” He asked.

“Alexander, you talk a lot, and we are related. If I was able to learn to ignore you, then you can ignore this man. I’m certain he talks less than you do,” y/n didn’t have time for his complaining. He does it all the time.

He gasped, “He talks way more than I do!”

“I highly doubt that,” she said.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, miss…” The man started to say.

“Hamilton,” y/n smiled.

“Hamilton?” The man asked.

“Yes, that is my last name. I am not married to Alexander Hamilton, he is just my brother,” y/n said. “And you are?”

“Oh, pardon me, I thought I introduced myself. My name is Thomas Jefferson,” he smiled.

“I’ve heard of you! My brother talks about you a lot,” she said.

“Good things I hope,” he chuckled.

“Nope, not even close,” she said.

“That doesn’t surprise me,” he said. “Your brother doesn’t really like me.”

“Yeah, that bit is obvious. Did you actually walk in singing once?” She asked.

“Yes, I didn’t think anyone had heard me, though,” he said.

“Alexander did, I don’t think he is going to let you live that down,” y/n explained.

“I don’t care about him,” Thomas said. “You are way nicer than your brother.”

“Thank you, I’m older as well,” she said. “He’s my younger brother. I pretty much raised him, even though he is only four years older than me.”

“How old is he?” Thomas asked.

“He is 24, I am 28,” she said.

“I’m 28 as well,” Thomas said. “What a coincidence.”

Y/N shook her head. “No, not really. A lot of people are 28.”

Like her brother, y/n tended to be blunt. She didn’t really care if what she said could be taken as offensive or not. Especially if someone was listening to a conversation she was in and got offended. All she would say is that they shouldn’t have been listening to her conversation.

“Yeah, you’re right,” Thomas said awkwardly.

“I don’t see why my brother hates you so, you’re actually rather nice,” she shrugged. “I must be going. It was very nice to meet you, Mr. Jefferson.”

She turned away from the curly haired man and walked out of the building. Her brother was outside. She knew he wouldn’t dare to go inside without her permission. While y/n may be small, she can be very terrifying.

“Alexander, have you finished what you needed to do?” She asked.

“Yes, and I am going to be staying with you for a while. Eliza, Phillip, and Angelica are spending the summer at my father-in-law’s house,” Alexander said.

“And you aren’t with them?” Y/n asked. ‘Why is that?”

“I needed to get something passed through congress,” he explained.

“You should’ve spent time with your family,” Y/n said. “You’ll regret it in the long run if you don’t.”

“I know, I know, but if I don’t get the thing through congress then I’ll lose my position!” He said.

“Washington wouldn’t let you lose your position,” y/n reassured him.

“You can’t be certain,” Alexander said.

“He isn’t going to, trust me. Oh yeah, I met that Jefferson fellow you had been talking about. He didn’t seem all that bad,” y/n said.

“How can you not think he is annoying?” Alexander asked.

“Alexander, he is the same age as me. Is it possible you just don’t like him because he is older than you?” She asked.

“I thought he was my age!” Alexander said.

“Nope, he’s older than you. He’s actually kind of cute,” Y/N said.


So apparently Jefferson was obsessed with making mac and cheese and would serve it all the time and everyone thought it was gross, so this is what I think about every time I hear The Room Where it Happens.

Well, I arranged the meeting. I arranged the menu, the venue, the seating…”

OK: I forgot to add that Jefferson added a bunch of weird stuff to his macaroni like bourbon and whatnot. So yeah this wasn’t like Kraft or anything, his recipe was just atrocious

Top American History Moments - I'm Not Done Yet Motherfuckers

- Thomas Jefferson having a mockingbird named Dick

- Andrew Jackson’s parrot being kicked out of his funeral because it wouldn’t stop saying ‘fuck’

- Andrew Jackson beating the shit out of his would-be assassin with a cane

- Andrew Jackson throwing a huge public party in the White House for his inauguration and having to sneak out because it got out of hand. He could only sneak back in when someone got the idea to move all the alcohol outside.

- John Laurens getting out of bed at Valley Forge and hitting his head on the ceiling

- Ben Franklin wanting the national bird to be the turkey

- Caleb Brewster’s reason for joining the continental army basically being that he just wanted to kick some ass and have some fun

- Caleb Brewster signing his name in big letters on spy reports for the Culper Ring

- George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Alexander Hamilton going on a fishing trip together, for Washington’s health

- gay brothels being called “Molly Houses”

- Benedict Arnold ploughing through 337 pages of William Blackstone’s “Commentaries” just to find the word militia for a secret code

- baby farmers (this is some crazy shit look it up)

- Thomas Jefferson having a ram that he called “An abominable animal”. It killed a young boy on the White House lawn.

- Aaron Burr having to ban snacks from the senate floor

- George Washington refusing to respond to a British letter because they didn’t address him correctly

- Aaron Burr being attacked by bedbugs and then proceeding to sleep on the floor for five hours

- Thomas Jefferson being a frat boy in college

- Alexander Hamilton being reported dead after going to burn barns and then showing up hours later soaking wet because he fell into a river

- Martha Washington outliving four children and two husbands and still saying that the worst day of her life was when Thomas Jefferson came to visit

friend: *can’t find me in a crowd*

friend: shit we lost her again


me: *screams, knocks over several people, jumps up and down on the ground* SOUTHERN MOTHERFUCKING DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICANS