• Burr: So, what was it like in the room where it happened?
  • Hamilton: Oh, nothing even got done. Jefferson and Madison just stared into each other's eyes the whole time.
  • Burr: So I didn't even miss anything?
  • Hamilton: Nope
  • Burr: So there's no reason to become mad about the whole thing, leading to increased tensions between us that will ultimately lead to your death?
  • Hamilton: Also nope

You searchin’ for an urchin who can give you ideals?

gentle eyes (aaron burr x reader)


unabashedgentlemenpirate said: Can i request a fic where the reader is like simultaneously Eliza and Theodosia? Like she’s married to Hamilton but when he cheats she leaves him and Burr is in love with her (but she’s still married kinda like with Theodosia in the musical) and she ends up with Burr? Sorry if this is confusing, thanks!

Word Count: 1145

A/N: two fics in under 24 hours? it’s chirstmas day (also, it was kinda confusing at first but i think i got it). hope you like it!

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Little Ham Man *Alternate Ending + Continuation* Chapter 4 (Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader)

Okay so YES this is a new chapter, I changed the last one into a continuation of chapter 3 because it was just really short!

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John’s POV

My eyes widened as Y/n watched the carriag- I mean car with Lafayette in it drove away. As soon as Y/n got in the car, I started asking a bunch of questions.

“Why would you let them take Laf? What’s going to happen to him; where are the even taking him? What-”

“John, he’ll be fine,” she let out a sigh. “They won’t hurt him, but he can’t leave until we get him out.”

“Then lets go get him out!”

“We can’t, John,”


“When Laf jumped into the mirror, he ended up at the pizza place. The place was closed when he got there so when he left the officers must have thought that he broke in.” I shrugged.

“And? We’ll just tell them what happened.” Y/n gave me a look before I realized what I had just said. I flashed her an apologetic look and she just nodded before we drove off.


When we were back at Y/n’s place, I kicked my shoes off and flopped down onto the couch beside her while she scrolled through her phone. Neither of us had anything to say, I was too lost in my thoughts worrying about Laf and the others. At least we knew where Laf was, but the rest of our friends could be anywhere. I knew Y/n was worried; after what happened to me that night she and Laf went to the pizza place. I regretted that night, having to watch her be in so much pain because of me and not being able to do anything to help. After her losing Jenny, I don’t think that she would be able to handle another loss so we needed to find the others asap.

“J-John!” Y/n’s voice broke my thoughts. I turned to her with a concerned look.

“What’s wrong?” She basically shoved the phone into my face. I looked at it and my eyes widened. Jenny was FaceTiming Y/n.

“Answer it!” I encouraged her. She shook her head.

“I can’t John. I don’t know what to say!” I could see the frantic look in her eye and I know that she wasn’t going to answer it, so I took the phone from her and answered it before shoving it back into Y/n’s hands. She gave me a look before looking down at the phone.


“Yo, yo, yo! How ya doing?” The person on the other end said. I raised a brow. The voice sounded very masculine and not like Jenny at all. I looked at the screen and saw a man in a car; from the looks of it he had his phone on his lap. Y/n was confused as well.

“Who is this?”

“What do you mean? It’s Jimmy!” Y/n and I looked at each other, eyes wide and in complete shock. 

“Oh, hey Jim.” I looked at her, still very confused. 

“Hey,” he responded with a laugh. “Listen, I got some guys saying that they are trying to get back to a Y/n and I realized that I knew a Y/n so I called. Do you know a uh-” he turned his head around. “What’s your name again? Alexander?” He turned back to us. “Yeah do you know an Alexander?” 

“Yes!” she exclaimed. “Yes I do, do you have anyone else with you?”

“Yep,” we heard Thomas say. “It’s me Thomas, Phillip, Aaron, Herc and James are here as well.” Y/n let out a sigh of relief. 

“Can you bring them over?”

“Yeah, I’ll be there in twenty.”



Your POV

When Jimmy pulled up, the boys jumped out of the car immediately (Aaron and James not as fast). I couldn’t help but run into Thomas’ arms. I smiled up at him.

“I’m glad you’re okay!” I heard Herc clear his throat and let out a laugh before hugging him too. When Jimmy got out of the car, it was hard to act normal. I wanted to confront him about it, but it was already pretty late and I needed sleep so I decided to bring it up another time.

“Thanks for bringing them,” I said as I gave Jimmy a friendly side hug.

“No problemo, but mind telling me who they are?” I shifted uncomfortably as he leaned in closer to my ear. “Especially that James guy?”

“Maybe if we meet up tomorrow for coffee or something I can explain everything.” Jimmy stuck his tongue out. 

“Ew, no. That sounds formal. Just come over to my place and I’ll hook us up with some snacks.” I rolled my eyes.

“K, that’s fine.” Jimmy smiled and walked back into his car. 

“Bye guys! Nice meeting all of you!” He waved. The guys waved back as he drove off. We all turned to Laurens as his stomach let out a loud growl. He let out a nervous laugh.

“Anyone up for pizza?”


Instead of going out for pizza, we had them deliver to us. It took a little longer because this pizza place was farther away than the one that Laf appeared in (I’m trying so hard not to use the word spawn lmfao). We all sat in the living room with the lights off and watched a movie. No one brought up the fact that we had jumped into a mirror and ended up in a different time zone, no one even mentioned Laf’s absence. John probably told them anyway. 

One by one, the boys started to fall asleep and by the time the movie ended, they were all knocked out. All of them except for John. As I got up to tiptoe out of the room, I felt something grab my arm to my surprise.

“Y/n, can we talk?” I recognized John’s voice.

“Can’t this wait until tomorrow John?” Even though it was still dark, I could see John shake his head.

“No Y/n, its really bothering me.” I sighed before leading him into my room. I turned to him as I flicked the lights on. 

“What is it?” John sighed and took out a folded piece of paper and handed it to me. I gave him a questioning look as I opened it and started to read.

Disclaimer: This next part was written by @midnightokieriete. I repeat, I DID NOT WRITE THIS PART! After the line is my writing.

When you’re in this constant state of, i don’t know what’s going to happen to me, it’s hard, it’s terrifying to try and stop thinking that way. I mean, we’re here. Under the most extreme and strange circumstances, we are here. We are here, with you, Y/N. And you are taking care of us. You are making sure we are fine, we are able to live another day. You are making sure that I’m okay. Every time you look at me, I, I don’t know how to react. Do I pretend like I’m fine?

Or do I tell you, that I get this unknown feeling in my chest, and every time i look into your eyes, I see the stars align? The world is whispering to me, and it’s telling me your name. It’s telling me that you are the one, the one I’ve been looking for all along. Is that why I’m here? Is that why we came three hundred years in the future, to meet you? My first instinct was to run away, to ignore the thumping in my chest cavity and live life without you knowing how I feel.

That’s why I’m writing this down. You, Y/N, you made me into this. I’m a complete mess. When you smile at me, I am undone. I am attached to your every breath, to your every gaze. But the others, the others, I see what’s happening. They are realizing that they care for you too. It hurts, to see them hold your hand, or touch you. Do they value you as much as I? DO they think of your smile, hours after it’s gone?

I’m sorry, I shouldn’t feel this way. I shouldn’t send this letter to you. In fact, I will hide it. This is the only way I can express how I feel about you, to let it out.

I love you. I love you with every fiber of my being. With every grin, with every word, with every breath, with every blink, with every movement of mine, I am yours.

Oh how in every waking moment of mine, I wish for you to be mine. To wake up next to you, to drink that coffee with you, to walk you to your school, to meet everyone who has had the pleasure to meet you. I want to know you, I want to see you at your most vulnerable, to see you at your best and worst. I want to experience life. With you.

But now, I have this question ringing in my head. Do you consider me yours? Or am I just a nuisance, a man that you treat like a child? Is John Laurens, the man far from his time, worth the time of day?

As I am writing this, I think I know the answer. But I still need to know. I need to hear it from you.

Am I, Miss Y/N, a man you could love? Someone that you could see a future with, someone that is desperately in love with you? Could, you possibly…

Sorry, I am rambling on. You were gone for a while, and I am on my way to see you outside. I hope Lafayette and you had a nice time together.

Why am I still writing?

Lafayette loves you, you know. I’m not quite sure if he knows it yet, but I see the way he looks at you. The way his smile widens every time you waltz into the room, gracing us with your presence. It hurts, because, you smile. Oh, your smile to him, it’s different. It’s more special. More intimate.

Why can’t you see me? I am right here, I am waiting for you. Just look at me, see me for who I am, see me.

See me.

Ah, it is my time to place down this pen. I will see you soon.

Time to eat that deadly slice of pizza.

“Y/n, are you okay? Y-You’re crying.” I felt my face. It was soaked in tears. John wrapped his arms around me as I stood there in shock. That’s when it hit me. I loved John. Why was I so hurt over his death? Sure, he was my friend and all but the grief hit me on another level. I love him. I also loved Laf, Alex, Herc, and Thomas. How the hell am I supposed to deal with this?

“Y/n, I didn’t mean to make you upset. Please ba- Y/n, don’t cry.” I looked up at his worried face. He looked hurt and it killed me.

“John, you didn’t make me upset. It’s just I can’t believe..” I trailed off.

“That I feel this way?” 

“Yeah,” was all I could say.

“Why is it so surprising?” 

“The fact that you could love someone like me. The fact that there are so many people out there, and you choose me. The fact that I was so oblivious,” I rambled. John took a step closer.

“Y/n, I know you love Laf and Thomas. I also know that you love Herc and Alex. I see the way you look at them,” he took another step closer. “But if you give me a chance, I could prove to you tha-” I cut him off by smashing my lips with his. He didn’t hesitate to kiss back.

Y’all I’ve been so inactive and I hate it, I’ve been mad lazy lately. I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter.

Also thinking about making Jimmy and James a thing? 

Also also this is not proofread because its 2 in the morning and I have no patience lmao. I’ll try to come back and fix any mistakes when its not an ungodly hour to be awake.

- A-a-ron (aka hamiltrashitty)

Heads or Tails: Jamilton/Hamlaf


Chapter One

Summary:  1700-1800’s
Thomas Jefferson and The Marquis de Lafayette are the same person. Always have been. He’s been doing a pretty great job at juggling two lives, that is, until he met Alexander Hamilton. Then everything went down hill

Chapter Two:

Letters for Whom?

Warnings Below


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Counting Stars (Jamilton)

A/N: Requested by anon!!! I wasn’t sure if you wanted a drabble based around the song Counting Stars or the concept of actually counting the stars, so I went with actually counting them, since I thought it would be cute! Although the final product ended up bad cuz it’s past 11. It’s modern, I hope that’s okay!

Warnings: none that I can think of! It’s fluffy with hand-holding and stuff!


Lying on the grass outside, staring at the sky. It was about the most cliche thing Alexander could think of to be doing with his boyfriend Thomas, but that isn’t to say he didn’t like it. It WAS rather romantic.

They didn’t talk much on nights like these; if they got to talking, they might fund something to argue about. And while a friendly argument was something that both men enjoyed, it would spoil the romantic mood.

Suddenly Alexander felt Thomas’s hand on top of his own. He smiled at the feeling of the fought fingers intertwining with his softer ones. Still, he stayed quiet. Normally he considered himself intelligent but something about Thomas’s touch turned the words in his brain to a mess.

He didn’t need to worry, because Thomas spoke first.

“Y'know,” he said, “I’ve always kind of wondered how many stars there are.”

“That sounds like something a kid might ask,” Alex teased gently, scooting closer. “Why? Billions of them, I guess. Trillions maybe. I’m not an astronomy expert.”

“No reason. I just thought maybe you’d know the answer, smartie-pants.”

“Hah. I guess not this time.”

Thomas grinned and pecked Alexander on the cheek. “This was the part where you were supposed to saybsomething cheesy, like ‘I’ll love you to the stars and back.’”

Alexander stared up at the sky, feeling heat creep up onto his cheeks. “I love you a lot more than that,” he mumbled. Thomas laughed.

“There we go.” He stood up and offered his hand to Alexander. “I’m tired. Bed?”

“Yeah.” He took Thomas’s hand and stood up.

“I love you too,” Thomas said, leading Alexander inside. “I’m always gonna love you. Even if you are a know-it-all smartie-pants.”

Laughing, Alexander followed him inside. God, he loved his boyfriend.