Thomas Rhett


2017 ACM Awards Red Carpet

Marry Me - Theo Raeken Imagine

Requested: Something I came up with after hearing a song.

Word Count: 2,811

Warnings: Heartbreak.

Author’s Note: When I first heard Thomas Rhett’s song, I immediately thought of Theo and thought maybe this could be an imagine. However, I was still iffy about it, but ideas kept coming to me. A few days later, Thomas released the official video. I saw it, it shattered my heart, and made me bawled my eyes out. I knew then I had to write it. So, be sure to listen to the words and watch the video of what inspired this imagine. I swear, you’ll think of Theo.

Feedback is always welcomed and appreciated. 

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marry me | t.h.

pairing: tom holland x female reader

word count: 2633

warnings: angst

summary: in which it happens to be the best day of your life: your wedding day.

author’s notes: for @spiderboytotherescue’s 4k writing challenge, with the song prompt marry me by thomas rhett. here is a link to the song, if you’d like to listen to it while you read. congrats on 4k+ followers, amber! if anyone deserves it, it’s you, because you are an absolute goddess. x

| lyrics |
| flashbacks |

she wants to get married, she wants it perfect
she wants her granddaddy preaching the service
she wants magnolias out in the country
not too many people, save her daddy some money

Tom couldn’t help but notice that the wedding was everything you’d ever dreamed of. You had always wanted a summer wedding, one where the sun wouldn’t set ‘til later in the day and where a warm breeze would wrap everyone up as they sat outside for the ceremony. There were fairy lights everywhere, twinkling as if they were dancing to the music playing softly in the background. Tom looked up, admiring the tall trees surrounding the small area set aside for the ceremony and noticing that they seemed to have stopped shedding their needles, if only for today, if only for you.

You’d been planning this wedding since you were a little girl, drawing pictures of yourself in a white dress with a handsome man standing beside you ready to tell you that he loved you to the moon and back. As you’d grown older, you’d collected pictures and inspiration for your future wedding on a Pinterest board, shamelessly adding photos of dresses and rings and anything else that you just had to have for your big day.

Tom knew all the details, of course, you’d told him one day when he’d asked you where you saw yourself when you were older and you had simply said ‘married, hopefully’ – he was your best friend, after all, so why wouldn’t you tell him?

Sure enough, by the time the day rolled around, everything was picture perfect.

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