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What do you think each of the batfamily’s handwriting looks like?

Bruce: slightly rushed cursive but is legible for the most part

Dick: lots of loops and fairly small writing

Jason: super dark and heavy writing, very angular

Tim; entirely illegible, the stereotypical doctor writing

Damian: light and neat, usually slanted and

Cass: kind of shaky, distinct letters

Steph: bubbly, neat and slightly large

Babs: small, kind of like cursive but also like printing

Duke: kind of messy but still legible, medium sized

it’s now widely known that the JL cannot do meetings in Bruce’s home. 

Here are some of the things that have happened at previous meetings.

- A boy stumbled in, wide-eyed and messy haired, poured himself a mug of coffee. He never noticed that he completely missed the mug. He announced loudly, “BRUCE you’re not gonna fuckin believe this” and started rambling out a theory. In response, Bruce closed his eyes, pinched the bridge of his nose, and just waited for a minute. 

- A tiny kid with a katana walked in followed by a cow. Bruce didn’t even look up. 

- A gangly kid came in with a gun strapped to one thigh and a round of throwing knives strapped to the other. He took a chair from the dining room and dragged it all the way into the kitchen. It screeched across the floor the entire time. The league watched silently. The boy stood up on the chair to look at the assorted bottles of alcohol on top of the fridge. He chose tequila, took the cork out, and drank it straight from the bottle. 

“It’s okay, I’m over 21.” He said. 

Bruce shook his head, “he’s not. just ignore him.” The boy poured the rest of the tequila into a water bottle and dragged the chair back across the floor. On his way out, he gave a mock salute and said, “later, pops.”

- a cop in his mid twenties came in and said, “Lil D asked me to brink turkey food? I couldn’t tell if he was joking or not so I bought some.”

Bruce, who had no idea whether or not there really was a turkey in his house, just soundlessly pointed him in the right direction.

- A girl walked in soundlessly and sat next to Bruce. She never said anything, just listened calmly and nodded every so often. This wasn’t a problem. Bruce loves his only daughter.

- another boy came in, wearing a yellow bat symbol on his chest. Wide eyed, he tapped bruce on the shoulder carefully and said, “Uh, I’m pretty sure we’re in the middle of an alien invasion. Is that… is that something you deal with, or do I… am I gonna have to… what do I -”

bruce took a deep breath and asked, “I dunno, how big of an invasion is it?”

Bruce: “Don’t talk to me or my son or my son or my son or my daughter or my son who is actually my son or my son or my daughter who’s not actually my daughter but her father is one of my best friends so she counts or my other daughter who’s not my daughter either but she’s dating my son so she forced her way into my family or my father who is actually my butler or my cousin or my son’s cow, dog, cat, turkey, and dragon bat or my punk daughter or her brother or my best friend who can fly or my club of super people, one of whom I plan to adopt-“

Criminal: …..

Bruce: ”-ever ever again.“

Bruce: *walks away with his ginormous family trailing behind him*