• Roman: There is nothing worse than death.
  • Virgil: I can think of a lot of things worse than death.
  • Virgil: Losing Patton.
  • Virgil: Patton getting hurt.
  • Roman: Virgil-
  • Roman: Virg-
  • Virgil: Wearing crocs.

Patton: I said if I didn’t become a star by 35 I was just gonna become a serial killer [walks away]


Roman: Well girl, how old are you? I’m getting nervous.


“didnt mean to leave you and all the things we had behind”

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lyrics are from the song Sorry by Halsey

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Oh look, actual sanders sides content,,

anyways this is how i spent my time instead of doing homework so enjoy :P

A C.A.L.M. Reveal

I just had this really specific scene in my head and I couldn’t figure out what to do with it.. So I wrote this to kind of.. I don’t know. Get the idea out so i can stop obsessing about it. So uh.. Here’s this like… Platonic LAMP Band/Famous AU, thing?


“Welcome back to the countdown of the reveal of the hottest and most mysterious band of the year! We are only about 15 minutes out from the beginning of the concert that C.A.L.M. has promised will be their big unveiling! After the past year of hit singles, an amazing album, and secretive stage names, who do you think will be behind that amazing music?

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Logan closes his eyes as he played the piano, having memorized it by touch, and has read many sheets. He would play for hours at times, would play to relax after a stressful day.

He would play for the one person, well, the one person he loved dearly.

Logan could hear the footsteps of him coming over, could feel the hands that were on his shoulders, could feel the tender kiss on his cheek.

Logan had a small smile on his face, playing Strata by Poppy Ackroyd. He knew how much his partner enjoyed this one, along with a few classicals and new styles.

“Want to sit with me?” Logan asks in a soft voice after he finishes, opening his eyes and turns around to look at his partner.

“I would. I could use this to relax,” Roman says and smiles down at him.

“Go get confortable first, out of your work clothes,” Logan hums at the end, kissing his hand.

“When did you become such a charmer?” Roman grins, looking down at Logan as his engagement ring was kissed.

“You rubbed off on me,” Logan responds and looks at him.

Roman smiles down at him, kissing his forehead and walked to their room to get changed into more comfortable clothes.

Logan went back to his piano, gently stroking the keys as he thought of a song to play. He hums, letting his mind try to come up with one. Soon, he started playing Waltz in A minor by Frédéric Chopin, keeping his eyes opened this time, but didn’t look at his fingers.

Roman came down soon enough, walking towards Logan with a cup of tea and sat next to him, silently, listening to him.

This was at times, a usual weekend for them. It was used to wind down from the stressful week, and while Roman also enjoyed the parties and loud noise, he fell in love with Logan playing the piano for him. This one in particular, had a special place in his heart.

The sweet sounds of the piano, coupled with the soft rain outside was a night they could enjoy. Roman listened to Logan, watching how his fingers seemed to glide, no flaws at all.

They couldn’t have asked for a more perfect night.