Alone at the edge of the universe humming a tune…
For merely dreaming we were snow.
A siren sounds like the goddess to promises endless apologies of paradise.
And only she can make it right.
So things are looking different tonight.

We’ll go together in F L I G H T.


I listen to the song Sweet Dream in Sea Major (https://youtu.be/uxyM7vhU0uU) and it made me sorta think of Logan and space, so here’s Logan in space.
I also gave him circular glasses because he’s cute with them. He also has a little more of a doodle feel to him due to then small eyes and no mouth and I like it.

Also listen to Tally Hall, they’re a really good band and they’re super underrated! My favorite songs are Misery Fell, The Trap, Fate of the Stars, Ruler of Everything, and Springs and the Storm!



Virgil: Holy shit, what just happened? Are you and Roman ok?

Patton: No, he thinks the cookie is the best part of the oreo…


Virgil: Break up.

[Playing Dungeons & Dragons]

Patton: I roll to steal Logan’s heart!

Logan: Patton, you can’t-

Patton: *rolls a twenty*


Virgil, the dungeonmaster: You have a spring wedding. I am Logan’s best man. Roman is Patton’s maid of honor.


Here’s some some tips and guidelines I use on how to write Roman, that ive complied over my Many different watch throughs of the sanders sides playlist. Im in the process of creating these for everyone else and I will link them below as I post, but here’s the first one!

| Roman | Patton | Logan | Virgil | Thomas (The Character) |

When Roman gets frustrated he starts enunciating harshly, and if he continues to get more frustrated, to the point of being truly angry his insults become less clever and more childish.

When Roman is truly annoyed about something he becomes more focused and less dramatic, in both his expressions and in his word choice. 

When Roman is irritated he becomes flustered in his actions and body language, but his comments are much more biting, bordering on rude.

He will always sing along if someone else has started a song, but doesn’t interrupt himself with song, he only sings after he completes saying what he wants to.

He will repeat phrases over and over again in different variations if he doesn’t like how the sentence sounded until he reaches one he is happy with, or gets interrupted by someone else.

When he is uncomfortable or angry he lashes out verbally at a person, but never at a situation, its the difference between ‘ugh this place sucks’ and ‘why did you bring us here?’

When he says something he didn’t want to say, or from saying something that another person admonishes him for, he recovers by rambling until someone else interrupts him.

Takes metaphors a step further than needed to establish a point by adding details that don’t matter.

If Roman is truly sincere about a topic, he begins his speech slowly, having longer spaces between words and phrases, but as he begins to pick up steam and feel more secure in what he’s saying he becomes more eloquent.

If he isn’t focused on anything in particular or is in a relaxed conversation his brain to mouth filter is almost nonexistent, which can be both interesting, but also insulting at some points

Roman has literally never missed an opportunity to make an im-not-straight joke. 

He gives everyone nicknames that can range from lovingly meant to harsh and biting.

Common Phrases 

By the __ of __
Steady now
Three part exclamations
ex. “[Randy] [dandy] and [quite grandy]”
“[Heckitty heck] [two abs] and [one peck]”

Patton: Awe, twenty dollars? I wanted a peanut.

Logan: Twenty dollars can buy many peanuts.

Patton: Explain how.

Logan: Money can be exchanged for goods and services.