“Thanks for coming down,” she said. Her voice was clear, with a faint ring of iron in it. “You’re head of processing over in the big building, right?”
“The same ‘Mr. D.’ who sends the rockets when the requisitions are filed wrong?”
“The very one.”

Thomas Harris: Red Dragon, chapter 29


No More Bound by Fear or Kindness: The Silence of the Lambs, Thomas Harris and Hannibal, Episode 312, “The Number of the Beast is 666,” written by Jeff Vlaming & Angela LaManna and Bryan Fuller & Steve Lightfoot, dir. Guillermo Navarro

Hannibal is one of the best TV shows ever made partly because it turns the movies entirely on their head.

The movies: “This is a cool, witty sociopathic hero! Let’s root for him!”

The TV show: “No, this man is just nuts and evil and a demon on sabbatical from Hell.”

When you realize what Hannibal has turned nice, decent people like Will, Alana and Jack into at the end. And what he pulled on Miriam Lass was simply unconscionable. 

He’s made them sociopaths too.

A monster with manners is, still, well a monster.  That was what I got from the series.


Like a Fly Walked Out With Him: Red Dragon, Thomas Harris and Hannibal, Episode 309, “…and the Woman Clothed With the Sun,” written by Jeff Vlaming & Helen Shang and Bryan Fuller & Steve Lightfoot, dir. John Dahl


HANNIBAL: The New Series trailer

Still one of the best, creepiest horror trailers ever made.

*He should have hopped faster.” Terrifying.

How the hell did this show get cancelled?

anonymous asked:

Is it true that The Silence of the Lambs was inspired in part by Ted Bundy?

Yes. Thomas Harris based the different meetings between Clarice and Hannibal on Ted and Bob Keppel’s conversations about the Green River Killer. Also, Buffalo Bill used a cast on his arm as a bait to lure his victims.

Fun fact : Thomas Harris actually attended some parts of Ted’s Chi Omega trial and used it for Red Dragon.