Thomas Brodie-Sangster

I have a few ideas


COUPLE: NEWT X READER RATING: SMUTTY Y/N POV : I sat fixing my bag for us leaving tomorrow everyone was in the little houses built in this shopping mall almost eveyone had gone I just sat looking around for somewhere to go and finding know where to sleep so I just found a little corner to try and sleep “wow hello” I hear and I see newt beside me he must have been sleeping here “oh sorry newt” I say going to move “Y/n its okay, if you wanted to sleep with me you could just ask me” he laughs grabbing my hand “Oh no no” I say going to get up but he wraps his arms around my waist pulling me back to him “Oh no y/n dont go, stay with me” he says making me sit down again keeping his a around me and putting his blanket over my legs too “heheh thanks newt” I giggle “Its quite alright love” he smirks at me we sat quietly for a while till all the lights but our torches went out “what do we do now?” I ask him I can see him in the dim light smirking looking me up and down licking his lips slightly “ I have a few ideas” he smirks tighten his grip on my wasit moving to press tiny kisses to my neck moving a hand down into my pants to stoke the lips of my pussy making me slightly moan “ah ah ah love, quiet dont want someone to disturb us” he says using his hand that was on my waist to shhh me as he continued to play with me till he pulled me so I was sat my back to him and between his legs giving his hand more access to me a he roughly kissed my neck leaving a few marks on it before his fingers moved down and he finger fucked me his finger going in easy as I was so hot and it was wet from playing with me so much he went as deep as he could not hard for his long fingers pumping quickly in and out of me his other hand moved up to my tits roughly holding them “take it off baby” he begs me “Take what off” I ask frustrated he was slowing enough to stop completely “All off it, please baby I need to see you” he begs me so he pulls out his finger and i sit up across from him far enough way he couldnt touch me and I slip of my shirt and pants leaving me in my saturated panties and my bra going back closer to him and he literally rips off my bra and panties leaving me naked he sits me back between his legs and his hands play with my tits roughly him biting my neck so he wouldnt moan before one hand went down to play with me again me bitting my lip as to not wake the others before his hand went down to quickly and roughly finger fuck me again this timw hitting my g spot I grabed his hand and forced his finger further inside so he wouldnt stop “ummm baby do you like it when I touch you there?” He asks me “Yeah” I say struggling not to moan “Why baby?“he asks obviously already knowing "Because my-uh-my” I stutter getting close “Yes?” He smirks “Because its my g spot” I moan quietly “Oh is it now” he smirks “widen them alittle then” he says tapping my legs so I open them wide as I cam get them so he puts two more of his long fingers inside me and goes so so fast into my g spot I came and squirted on his hand almost instantly he laughs at me alittle before retracting his hand from me and letting me sit back down the blanket covering us up he gets up and puts down the gatting in the door to the shop amd locking it before turninf a few more torches on and pointing them so our little corner had enough light to see properly amd he stood infront of me ” let me see you" he begs sounding like hes moaning so I lean against the wall slightly enough to curve my back a bit and I pull off the blanket opening my legs the widest they could go “oh yes baby” he moans slipping his shirt off undoing his jeans and jumping ontop of me we instantly started kissing “oh baby, ive wanted to do this to you for so long, alby made millions of rules knowone could touch you knowone could kiss you and knowone could ahve sex with you , well guess what baby were not in the glade anymore so no shucking rules” he moans kissing my neck….

Get to know me: Favorite Male Characters (11/50)
Newt (The Maze Runner || The Scorch Trials)

“But I know that if he were here, he would be telling you the exact same thing. Pick your ass up and finish what you’ve started. Cause if we do nothing, then that means Alby died for nothing, and I can’t have that.”


get to know me meme: [2/20] favorite celebrities ♥ thomas brodie-sangster
I didn’t go in trying to be an actor. I just went in as a kid trying to have fun and be a different character and that was slowly something that I fell in love with. I then fell in love with cameras and equipment. Back then it was shot on regular film. I remember they would give me a B-camera to play with and I would get to load the film and check the gate. I loved all of that. I was lucky enough that it grew from there.