This. This was a good night

i love how there are ppl who reply to my tags in their own tags when they reblog a post

⚓️David Webster // Modern Summer Aesthetic⚓️

Requested by @webgottrash

“David Webster and his love for summer time because it means he can spend the long day with his beloved boat, watching the sails unfurled as he navigates it into the open water, stopping in the middle of the vast sea to read Kafka and Nietzsche, contemplating about life and the purpose of him being in this world. Webster with eyes bluer than the sea and his deep fascination with sharks, a creature that is largely misunderstood by people just like how they misunderstand him” (x)

Currently taking HBO War Aesthetic requests!


GoFundMe to get Nursey a new hat! He only has a green one an the beanie Dex took (/he gave Dex one day when he was cold and when Dex went to return it he said “Nah, it looks better on you” and Dex blushed and they kissed and…..sorry. Lil off topic….)


The 3 best reasons to watch OUAT tonight :

1 . Dark Castle Rumbelle
2 . Rumbelle Dance
3 . Rumple waking up Belle

I don’t want to look further ahead for now… Enjoy the episode dear rumbelle fandom, and I trust you to bombard Tumblr with an avalanche of gifsets and edits tomorrow!
I will be sleeping when the episode will air in the US, but I will watch it as soon as I can tomorrow morning!


Years and years ago i saw Rachel in Wicked in the West End. Now she’s back, I just had to go again tonight. Gorgeous show. Blew me away even more this time. Her voice is like nothing else.