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Ice Cream Cake (Prompto x Reader)

Prompto x Reader

Word Count: 633

Finally! Here’s Prompto’s fluffy cake story. It took me forever to decide on a plot. As cute as it is, I’m not too much of a fan of it. I blame my never ending tiredness. Enjoy <3

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Here are the rest of the bro’s cake stories to fulfill your fluffy needs:




“Prompto, what are you doing?”  A giggle escaped your lips as you observed your boyfriend scooping ice cream onto the cake you had just purchased for his birthday. Noctis and the guys were out of town, so you and Prompto were holding a mini birthday party. Just for the two of you.

He had several cartons of various flavors set up around the kitchen.
“Making our cake an ice cream cake,” he explained. His tone was surprisingly serious. He was focusing hard on his creation.

“Don’t ice cream cakes have ice cream on the inside?” Careful not to unsteady his arms, you wrapped your arms around his abdomen, watching him work from over his shoulder.
“I think this will qualify,” he laughed. “Just as long as this doesn’t completely melt. Though, I’m sure it’ll taste pretty good either way. Melted or not.”

Before you unlatched yourself from his waist, you pressed your lips to his freckled cheeks. “Let me help you out then. What flavor do you want next?” You turned to study the several cartons on the counter.

Cookies and Cream.
Mint Chocolate Chip.

“Well, since I think I have enough chocolate ice cream on here… Bring on the vanilla!”
Complying to his order, you picked up the vanilla and carefully passed it to him.
“You know, babe, you should probably keep these other flavors in the freezer while you work.”
“Yeah but where’s the fun in that?! It makes this all the more exciting! It’s a test of speed.” His enthusiasm was almost too adorable.

“I guess you’re right,” the boy never ceased to make you laugh. “Let’s hurry on then. Time’s wasting and ice cream is melting. I’ll go ahead and start on strawberry,” you grabbed the pink carton, popped the lid open, and grabbed your own spoon from the kitchen drawer. Hurrying over back to Prompto, you observed his hard work:

Chocolate ice cream was scooped out into a circle that covered the inner edges of the cake. Vanilla ice cream formed a circle within the chocolate. You dug your spoon into your cartoon, scooped out strawberry ice cream, and plopped it onto the cake. Prompto finished his circle of vanilla and left your side to retrieve the next flavor of ice cream. You repeated your actions until your strawberry circle was completed. “We’re almost out of room, Prom. We might have to prioritize with the next flavor.”

You spun around to find him spooning the mint chocolate chip ice cream into his mouth. “Hey!” You exclaimed, quickly discarding the spoon and cartoon onto the counter beside the cake. “No fair! More work, less eating!”

Before he could respond, his nose scrunched and his eyes squinted. He pulled the spoon from his mouth and dropped it on the floor. “Brain freeze!”

You rushed to him unable to stop yourself from laughing.

“I’m going to die,” he yelled dramatically, placing his hands on the sides of his head. “You must save me! Only your kiss can save me from my untimely death!”
He carried on his dramatic scene until you moved his hands from his head and intertwined them in your fingers. You placed a chaste kiss onto his nose then lowered your head to press your lips against his.

His cold, ice cream covered lips twisted into that all too familiar sweet smile. You pulled away from him but kept your hands locked with his.

“Better?” You batted your eyelashes.

“I think I will live to see another day, thanks to you.”

“Anytime. Now let’s hurry and finish your ice cream cake,” you released his hands but he grabbed hold your wrist, pulling you back.

“Nah, I think I found something sweeter than ice cream cake,” he tugged on your arm gently, pulling you into another kiss.



So, simple character studies of these guys! It started with a desire to colour Rhys’ shirt and ended up being this. Also, I might not be able to ever replicate that face I made for Rhys but it looks good here so eehh

They are a little messy at some places but goddammit, I’m still kinda proud for not giving up half way through. Yay me!

But here ya go, TftBl art again! I hate Rhys’ shoes but love his stripes and Vaughn is a perfect, buff baby. Also, copy+paste is a friend!


We were men, we walked the frontline
We defend our country with our lives
We pretend to see truth in all these lies
‘Cause in the end, we were men


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Ha Sungwoon Hogwarts Au

For a very sweet anon, Sungwoon~

•The two of you sat together on the train your first year,
• You just sat opposite each other in silence for a while but then you decided there was no point in staying aloof so started chatting,
• You where both half bloods with too much sass so you got on like a house on fire,
• You where sorted into Ravenclaw (Like your mother),
•Sungwoon was sorted into Slytherin,
• (Ngl, it took me forever to decide whether he was Slytherin or Gryffindor),
• He’s from a family of Gryffindor though, and they’re all behind the times so they think it’s a tragedy, and they’re not afraid to tell their son that,
• You watched Sungwoon as you ate and he seemed very detached,
• You’re supposed to head back in groups but you wondered off to see if he was okay and you found him crying his eyes out alone in some corridor,
• You wraped him in a little hug and hand him all the tissues you had on you,
• You sometimes surprise yourself with how prepared you are,
• He couldn’t get over the fact he’s a Slytherin, that his family will disown him, that he’s evil,
• You sigh and plop down next to him, ready for a chat™
• “Sungwoon, you know they’re not evil at all, right? My dad was a Slytherin,”
• “My parents said they where all bad, I’m not sure I can do this,”
• You couldn’t make him optimistic, but you consoled him a little, and set it your job to show him how great all the houses are, especially Slytherin,
• You show him Slytherins are actually just dorks that get excited every-time they see the giant squid swim past their common room,
• You two are as thick as thieves, hardly ever seen without each other,
• Ravenclaws are known to be a little outside of the box, but Sungwoon accepts you despite your odd quirks,
• Like your near obsession with the stars, your common room being in the sky the view is crystal clear,
• He tells you the password to his common room whenever it changes and everyone in Slytherin knows you,
• They call you their ‘honorary raven baby’
• You blush every time but secretly love it,
• You chat easily to Slytherins, as you’re probably quite a bit like them (it took the sorting hat a good 3 or 5 minutes to decide your house),
• Ravenclaws also love Sungwoon,
• “It’s Y/N and our snake child again, someone please wrap them in blankets before they do anything dangerous,”
• But you also destroy all of the preconceived ideas Sungwoon had about Ravenclaw,
• “What did you write about for our last transfiguration essay, y/n?”
• “ I haven’t done any homework in 2 months I don’t even know what we where supposed to do,”
• “How the hell do you get away with it?Aren’t Ravenclaws good at this stuff?”
• “Everyone assumes we’re goodie two shoes, we use that to our advantage, we’re good at what we want to be good at,”
• The whole of Ravenclaws teamwork is scary (you all learn from the doorknocker to work as one) and it rubs of on Sungwoon, so you two work in such a natural way it’s terrifying,
• In fact, the two of you are dangerous anyway,
• With your Ravenclaw quick wit and Sungwoon’s sass and shade, you two make the ultimate team,
• Like “Oh shit, the savage it’s radiating off of them,”
• But mainly just roasting each other really,
• But also totally honest and deep with each other late at night, like you’ve definitely told each other your deepest secrets, but you’re also complete goofs

• “I told you the answer to number 25 was Merlin’s ass and you actually wrote it?”

• “Honestly, what else am I going to put?”
• Constantly defending eachother,
• You’ve lost count of how many gryffindor’s you’ve hexed who said Sungwoon was a traitor,
• (They honestly put a bad name to gryffindor),
• You’re not sure ,but you’ve heard of multiple rumors on how Sungwoon doesn’t hold back if anyone talks shit about you in any way at all, 
• Dream team :’)
• It’s freezing in the Slytherin doorms in winter so you bring tonnes of blankets to the Syltherin common room and you have sleepovers with them all where you play massive group games of things like mafia or Chinese whispers,
• Sungwoon’s parents officially disowned him and your parents don’t hesitate a second when you ask for him to come round on the holidays,
• He’s your parents second child but they always tease the two of you about being a perfect couple,
• It’s one of the moments where you squeal “muuuuum~” and usher a blushing Sungwoon away,
• They always get him cute Christmas presents and you can tell how much it means to Sungwoon to have a supportive family,
• Your dad also helps him to realise how great Slytherins are and He’s completely at home after a year and embracing being a slytherin, 

• (Although he occasionally gets homesick and you’re on hand with chocolate and shoulder to lean on),
• You’re in your fifth year, heading back to Hogwarts on the train, getting some first years to play hide and seek against you when you realise you may have a huge crush on your best friend,
• You watch the first years search for the two of you as you press together under a bench,
• You’d created a trap door to roll into the next compartment if they came in, it wasn’t exactly cheating,
• Slytherins and Ravenclaws can get competitive and strategic about anything, honestly,
• You can feel Sungwoon’s breathing, you back pressed against his chest and your heart does a little Irish dance,
• It’s when you know you’re gone, a total sucker,
• You guys are kind of close as friends anyway,
• Cuddles and draped over each other, laid in each others laps, napping under the same blankets,
• No one questions it because you’ve always been like that,
• So now you feed off of those little moments,
• You’re entering the Slytherin common room,
• No one even bats an eye anymore,
• You’re no longer a baby but you’re still called 'Honorary raven baby’, especially by the 7th and 6th years,
• You’re heading up the stairs to Sungwoon’s room when you stop dead,
• Sungwoon’s chatting to his closest friend in Slytherin, Lai Gualin, a quiet boy who you think could put his cunning to good use and have some fun with you and Sungwoon by the end of the year,
• “I just don’t want to ruin our friendship, you know,” Sungwoon’s voice jumps across the rock of their room,
• “You just have to trick her into confessing first,” Lai gualin, a typical Slytherin- it makes you smile,
• “How am I to know if she does or doesn’t like me back though?”
• “Sungwoon, you know, she knows, the whole school knows, god, you already act like a badass couple, it’s only a few words separating you,”
• Now you’re a Ravenclaw, you’re know for your wit, acceptance and intelligence,
• You can pretty much decipher they’re talking about you,
• And boy is Gualin underestimating you, trick you into confessions?
• hA,
• But now you have a dilemma,
• Do you play the waiting game to see what Sungwoon does, or do you storm in there right now and kiss the life out of him,
• Not literally I mean that is forbidden magic,
• You devise a quick plan, with an unsure ending but what will be will be,
• You wait in the common room, telling some first years the time you got peeves to play a prank on McGonagall with you, but then she hit back, flour bombing you because she’s McGonagall and a badass,
• “The moral of the story, kids, don’t mess with McGonagall,”
• Even though that’s a given,
•  Sungwoon and you meet at the staircase of the west wing after the curfew because all the teachers give you the benefit of the doubt, and you race him up the stairs,
• He wins, even though you’ve spent over 5 years racing up that tight spiral staircase,
• True magic,
• Although he gets stuck at the door, of course,
•You usually just tell him to find another Ravenclaw, or just use the knocker ???? how had no one else ever thought of that???
• “You can see me in water but I never get wet,”
• “A reflection, come on, step up your game doorknocker,”
• You’re renowned in your house for being the go to person if you’re stuck at the door, riddles are your forte,
• You got Everyone to desert the common room, because everyone ships you- they’ll probably be listening though let’s be real,
• The two of you sit on the windowsill, staring at the stars, completely at ease with how high you are,
• You cast a patronus, all part of your plan,
• A Deerhound comes racing out of your wand, dancing across the night sky, shortly joined by the shining silver light of a beautiful lynx, slinking it’s way across the sky,
• “What do you think of?” You lean your head back to stare at the twinkling lights,
• “I think of you, and all the times we’re together and when you make my heart beat faster than it should” Bingo,
• You grin at his Rosy cheeks, his eyes looking into the distance, although you know they’re not really looking,
• “That’s Funny, because I think about you too,”
• His eyes snap to you and you lean across to place your lips on his gently, the warmth spreading though your body,
• It’s a feat you don’t fall off the ledge, but Sungwoon wraps an arm around your waist and you fall back together into a padded stool,
• His hands ghost up your back and you shiver,
• But you stop there, because your housemates are probably listing, I mean Ravenclaws thirst for knowledge doesn’t end at gossip,
• “Listen, I really like you,”
• “Sungwoon, you think I don’t know?”
• The couple of Hogwarts I’m not even kidding you’re iconic,
• Ravenclaw and Slytherin bonding through your bond, it’s becomes less and less surprising to see Ravenclaws in the Slytherin common room and vice versa,
• Dates watching the stars always, under blankets and with a mini midnight picnic and using each others warmth,
• You’re parents don’t even blink an eye when you tell them, you dad handing your mum five galleon’s,
•  You’re not the only Competitive two™
• You’re still the dream team though, just with more frequent PDA, because if you think the two of you really care about what people think, you’re wrong,
• Trying to quickly get into your common room because everyone is out and you want some time to yourselves and the knocker is a pain,
• “What has a heart but no other organs?”
• “I swear to god if you don’t open this door right now we will kick you down ourselves, have you seen my boyfriend thighs?”
• Damn right that thing opens,
• Sungwoon pushes you to go further, (not that you need that much of a push), so the two of you constantly blow people’s minds in what you achieve,
• Basically a very mischievous and successful relationship to compete and win over anyone else,