@ThisIsBenSilver: You know that intense glimmer that happens in @Lin_Manuel’s eyes right before he does a thing? I just got to see it.

@Lin_Manuel: @ThisIsBenSilver bahahaha

Lin-Manuel Miranda making his entrance from the crowd during soundcheck for the live premiere of Love Make the World Go Round
The Today Show

how to get away with murder

first 35 minutes : everything’s not okay but still pretty chill
last 5 minutes : a new suspect is introduced, maybe they didn’t murder the murderer, court cases are won, romantic relationships are intensified, buildings burn down, a zombie apocalypse happens and the moon explodes into eggs

anonymous asked:

is silverflint canon? i'm considering watching the show so i wld love to know

it’s not 

it could be. but like.. for real. it has potential. their relationship is the heart of the show and the development is so well thought out and intense. especially in the 3rd season. there’s hardly any subtext, all they do is gaze longingly into each other’s eyes, talk about their weird feelings for each other and act all emo as they both spiral into darkness and destruction together.

not to mention that the show doesn’t shy away from lgbt representation, and flint is gay/bi. i’d say they have a pretty good chance considering their current set up. im still not hoping too hard, though, i’ve never been that lucky. 

whether it does or doesn’t become canon, i’d still recommend you watch it. aside from their relationship, everything else is equally stunning!!