Whee I’m replaying Dragon Age 2 with a Jay that actually VAGUELY looks like Jay sans the freckles and the cheek scars and beard tail (only so much you can do with the CC in DA2 hah can’t even edit the cheeks and jaw what kind of bullshit is that??? Also maybe I should learn to mod I mean how terrible can adding freckles and stuff be I bet it’s actually terrible though oh dear but actually it’d be a very good thing for me to learn) and also this means I finally get a full play-through with Sebastian, which I did not have before. So basically a full canon playthrough for Jay. Score one for me! I’ve missed Kirkwall and the gang so much. <3

(I took a couple of trips to the Black Emporium to fix some things in his face/coloration so variation between screens here is not a trick of the lighting haha. I should still do things to his nose a bit and probably reconsider the stubble but eeeh I’m getting there. 8))

Also once again I proved to myself and to the world that I have no restraint nor breaks when it comes to the screenshot button. It’s so much easier now that the game doesn’t hitch and lag like it did on the old computer and screenshots don’t cause a one-second lag every time - it was very nearly unplayable back then but somehow I managed.

“But Ida you already HAVE too many screenshots of Anders.”
“LIES AND SLANDER. LIES. AND SLANDER. HOW DARE. Anyway it’s for REFERENCE PURPOSES. Never enough references right? RIGHT?”

So, Hopefully this doesn’t spark up the anons saying “don’t use your blog to promo yourself” like last time (s/o to Madame B for makin em sit out) but on sunday Myself and Mrs Zai are planning on streaming the Lego Movie Game together on Twitch! I’ve heard it’s awful so it should be a fun time! Might try to test the audio setup later. 


I started a new Skyrim game last night. I’m playing it with Frostfall, Hunterborn and one more mod that basically makes the game into a fight for survival. I have to stay clothed, collect firewood for campfires, eat regularly…Should be fun. 

I’ll post screencaps of my PC later but the essential thing to know is that she’s a Redguard. As I was tweaking her looks I was thinking about this post I reblogged. It’s from cypheroftyr who was, in part, wondering why some white players have POC PCs. 

For me it’s a pretty short explanation. I’m just recreating an OC I love, Yashmi (click on the link to see why I love her and Redguards) and Redguards in general.

Shepherd, the Lone Wanderer, the Courier, my Dragonborn, My Cousland, Selfy Hawke, my Pillars of Eternity OC…All have Yashmi’s basic features: dark skin, dark hair, strong nose. I can’t get away from Yashmi. Even Betrys Lavellan, with her blonde hair and lighter skin, STILL has the nose.

I have years of OCs based on Yashmi (although I didn’t realize why they were all of a type until last summer). 

And the guys don’t escape. Laughlin Lavellan, while not based on Yashmi, is basically a swashbuckling Redguard in Thedas. I suspect there are some echoes of Baurus in him. Alim, despite not looking like Yashmi OR a Redguard, is probably the closest to Yashmi in terms of personality, and his views on blood magic, I just realized, are very similar to those of the Redguard mage Trayvond (one of my fav Oblivion NPCs) on necromancy. 

And now I have a ridiculously strong urge to go recreate Yashmi on my computer and play her again.w

fromotp-to-notp asked:

How do you get your graphics so good? My Hq mod only really works on the loading screens and not in game with my ingame graphics high.

That’s very weird :c maybe you should try another hq mod. I use sims3legacies one and I really like it :)

I think one of Neverwinter’s biggest problems is that they never listen to player’s concerns or accept advice from players. They plow through with their mods and add-ons without ever stopping to think ‘wow, maybe I should get the player base’s opinions first or feel them out to see if this is what they want’. I understand that a lot of the mods are based off the actual D&D mods and that much they can’t really control, but a lot of the extra issues could easily be avoided or fixed if they got off their high horse and listened to players.

I mean, damn, I’ve even seen some players get suspended or banned from the forums for merely suggesting (even politely) that the devs do something different or giving ways to improve the game. Sorry, but a game isn’t a game without players. And Neverwinter has lost a lot of players because they don’t even stop to consider player’s opinions.

I think that’s why games like GW2 and ESO are doing a lot better right now; the devs actually consider what their players have to say and try to include features that they want. Yeah, making and keeping a game functional is hard work for the devs and team, but without players, a game is nothing.

I love Neverwinter so much and it hurts to see how far it’s fallen. Whoever is on the team that apparently decided listening to other people and being open to suggestions is unnecessary needs to get their head out of their ass and see how much they’ve ruined the game.

I55 Day 1: Delayed

Tweet from b4nny’s Twitter:

Looks like they’ve lined up Ascent vs nerdRage for the first streamed match instead. Should be a great opener either way #i55tf2

TFTV on-site Production staff Mana ( and fellow blog mod mfstate ) said

Yeah as mentioned, all servers are going nuts at the moment so we don’t have an estimated time to start, yet. Once we get that we’ll be able to schedule out the games and proceed as before. Sit tight! We’re almost there.  (source)

Sit tight and enjoy the i49 Fragumentary on

We’ll give you updates as they become public.


Finally a proper followers’ gift! 3 simple tops for YA/AF. The preview pictures are completely unedited; however I do have an hq mod and I use sweetfx, so if you don’t they may look a bit different in your game. Click the pics to see which top is which.

Basic Info:

Simple Top 01:

  • YA/AF only
  • All morphs included(preg has not been tested but should be fine)
  • Everyday/Sleepwear/Swimwear/Athletic/Maternity
  • 1 preset/2 recolorable channels(shirt and pocket)
  • Only high LOD
  • No custom thumbnail
  • Disabled for random
  • Looks weird in CAS but should be fine in game.
  • Due to the way I mapped the shirt, any pattern placed on it will be rotated approximately 90 degrees clockwise and may look strange. Looks best with fabric patterns such as the preset.

Simple Top 02:

  • YA/AF only
  • All morphs included(again, preg has not been tested but it should be fine)
  • Everyday/Formalwear/Sleepwear/Swimwear/Athletic/Maternity
  • 1 preset/1 recolorable channel
  • Only high LOD
  • No custom thumbnail
  • Disabled for random
  • Looks odd in CAS but is fine in game.
  • Will probably look good with most patterns although I didn’t do a lot of testing.

Simple Top 03:

  • YA/AF only
  • All morphs included(preg untested but there should be no issues)
  • Everyday/Formalwear/Sleepwear/Swimwear/Maternity
  • 1 preset/1 recolorable channel
  • Only high LOD
  • No custom thumbnail
  • Disabled for random
  • Looks strange in CAS but normal in game.
  • This one gave me a lot of trouble with the bones and they’re still not perfect but it’s the best I can do. There will be a bit of clipping with most poses but that can easily be photoshopped out. Examples of random quick poses with various degrees of clipping: x|x|x|x
  • Looks best with the preset pattern; I would recommend changing the color but not the pattern for best results. This one is also mapped in a way that causes patterns to be rotated 90 degrees clockwise, so there’s that as well.

I think that’s pretty much everything. Full credit for meshes and textures goes to myself and EA; created using MD3, Milkshape, Blender, Photoshop, TSRW, and Cmar’s mesh toolkit.

DOWNLOAD: Simple Top 01 | Simple Top 02 | Simple Top 03 (.packages only)

Enjoy, let me know if you happen to come across any issues, and thank you all for following/viewing/downloading!


Rye: “See? You need to look where you charge!  Now this should end now! I can NOT be LATE for Princess Luna’s meeting!

Mod note: Side story arc (death game master dream) part 8 of 9

Artwork done by: “Wadusher0”  this artists deviant can be found at…

Mode Note 2: Minotaur belongs to deathgamemaster

“omg!!!stop saying that art of garrett should have been marian!! there’s plenty of stuff in the marian tag!!!”

is there, is there really? do you go into the marian hawke tag every day?. plus new content which becomes popular is so little compared to the garrett stuff. and how dare people ask for a female protag of a game be given attention compared to the male protag, which over all games is given even more attention in bascially every situation

beautiful-worlds asked:

Hi i was going through your cc tag and noticed that your bodyshop is a little different. Do you use a mod or something to be able to see that many hairs at once? Im stuck looking only at three hairs at a time.

All you need to do is tell Windows (assuming you have Windows) to open Body Shop in a bigger window. Make a shortcut to the program if you don’t already have one, then right-click and select Properties. Under the Shortcut tab, where it says Target:, at the end of the address put -r1024x768. So if you have the UC, it should say Target: “C:\Program Files (x86)\Origin Games\The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection\Fun with Pets\SP9\CSBin\TS2BodyShop.exe” -r1024x768

  • WoW Player:People need to be allowed to say racist, sexist and homophobic things. You don't get to police freedom of speech! I may not agree with what you say but I'll die for your right to say it!!!!
  • Random dude:I don't know if I will buy Legion. These recent expansions have been a little disappointing.
  • WoW Player:Shut the fuck up and go kill yourself! How dare you insult the company that creates all these games for you?! You should be banned. It's people like you who ruin the game for everyone. MODS, DELETE THIS GUY'S POST PLZ!!!

anonymous asked:

we were going to lynch this asshole invest and I kinda said "one of us" and that was all the dead chat said for the rest of the game. they just spammed it and kinda scared the medium a lil

aw it sounds like the dead’s ur cute little ghost children that are excited by everything u say

- mod mafioso (i should start signing as “modioso”) ((actually nevermind that looks dumb)) 

anonymous asked:

can we just take a moment to sigh over how the game of thrones writers took a character from the books, ellaria sand - a bisexual woman of colour, who resented war and mindless violence, who yearned for peace and for the wellbeing of her daughters - and turned her into an evil scheming brown woman who murdered the ~poor innocent white blonde girl~ (should i add ellaria actually tries to PROTECT said white girl in the books) ugh sorry i'm just so mad about that

Tbh I stopped watching game of thrones after Oberyn was killed and I had no idea that they did this. Smh this is so shitty I’m so sick of them doing this shit. 

mod m

Cut Scene Crash in The Descent

Hey, all! I really appreciate this blog. It’s helped me loads with fixing issues I come across with modding. Unfortunately, I’ve come across one I can’t fix.

Patch: 9
DLCs: all single player (The Descent, Jaws of Hakkon, Spoils of the Qunari, Spoils of the Avaar, Black Emporium)
Specific mod issue: not sure.
Brief summary: I was modding with DAI Mod Manager v53 alpha when The Descent was released. I found the post indicating to disable all mods before entering the Deep Roads, which I did, and then re-enabled them after the first cut scene. I had no issues with my mods and cut scenes, until today when I found DAI Mod Manager v57. I downloaded that, used it as usual. It should be noted there was also an update for NVIDIA GeForce drivers: Windows 10 driver Version 355.60. After downloading and using both, my game crashes during the cut scene after investigating the bodies, with or without mods enabled.

Troubleshooting so far: I disabled one mod at a time trying to find the culprit, and then all of them together so I have a ‘fake patch’ with just the official Patch 9. I tried going back to DAI Mod Manager v53 alpha to merge the file, but still got the same result. I’m unable to roll back the NVIDIA driver (I think, unless I just haven’t figured out how yet). 

Any ideas you have are most welcomed. 

Thanks for all your hard work! 


Word of Mod’s Note: The crash at that particular scene is actually a well-known bug, regardless of mods. The Word of Mod posted about it earlier, so we would recommend checking out that earlier post and seeing if that can help you. Good luck!

when did this happen why did this happen how did this happen

“Well, thanks everyone to be honest, I nor my mod thought we would get here…”

what the tiny child said….i really didnt think this blog would get this many followers….i dont really know if i should do something for this ^^”

as i have 0 art skill….everything im good at are games and photoshopping flower crowns on to things <w<” I guess i’ll just say this do tell me if you know something i should do uvu and no i wont show my face dont even ask 

anyways once again thanks everyone for even letting me join this rp group

And to my followers I hope you all enjoy your stay on this fairy tale like blog hurhur hans his book puns im so fun its like fate oh god… im doing it again help

anonymous asked:

Joanna should be canon tbh. I always expect to see her during the Golden Cat level and am always disappointed when I remember :/

i don’t think anyone has ever modded dishonored with any success, because for some reason dishonored is just, like, the fort knox of game programming. i heard some people tried and couldn’t get anywhere at all. that said, i do have pipe dreams sometimes about if i knew how to 3d model… well, you know.

that’s kind of you, though. my philosophy about my fanfic and the OCs i create is that it’s just my spin on things, and the places i want to go. canon will still end up where it ends up. i’m like samuel, i just paddle the boat. but it’s always encouraging to hear my contributions add something!