Flower Crown - The Sims 4 Maxis Match Hat

Hey guys! Today we bring you the flower crown that is on the new Day of the Dead update hair in The Sims 4 as a hat! We are also de-hatting the hair so that you can use it with so many other colors and crowns! We hope you like it! This hair should work properly with every hair, but some hairs might have it be in the air more than others! Tomorrow (9/28) the hair should be up!

Info & Download Below!

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I have the game loaded, with the “set time” mod installed so I don’t have to fast forward, waiting for me to add 11 girls to the household (no way I’m gonna wait for nraas to get them to the house for me). Everyone’s dressed already. I have many poses preliminary picked. I should just have to take pics next gaming session (tomorrow after work? ). I might’ve done it today but bf insisted I played a new game with him so yeah. It was late already anyway…

I might need 3-4 more sims later on. Followers for the school’s Queen Bee, most popular bitch lol. She can’t be Queen Bee without equally bitchy “friends”.

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Braid Woven Crownless - The Sims 4 Maxis Match Hair

Hey guys! Even though we said that this hair would be out on the 28th of September, we decided to release it earlier! It should work properly with the Flower Crown and it’s completely Hat Compatible. We hope you like it and as always, if you have questions or issues please feel free to ask us!

Info & Download Below!

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If There’s A Videogame That Utilizes Ace/Aro Love,

… it’d be Journey by thatgamecompany.

Journey is a stunningly beautiful puzzle game released 2012 for the PS3. It almost instantly became a hit worldwide. Gameplay is a short 5-10 hours, but it has heavy replay value and offers a powerful experience. But what made Journey special was its secret co op mechanic;

The player starts off alone, but there’s a chance to run into a similar-looking cloaked figure undergoing the same ‘journey’ as you. Should you choose to, the both of you can stick together as partners in your journey to reach the mountain. Your methods of communication are limited to emitting sonar ‘beeps’ every once and a while. So team-based puzzle solving requires patience and non-verbal communication between the two of you. Sticking close together in a ‘hug’ also recharges both your magical powers.

Eventually, the journey becomes more and more perilous, which cumulates to one last harsh struggle. By this point, you and your partner would have been together (nonverbally) for hours. There’s no guns, no fighting. There’s only the strength of comradery and the determination to reach your goals together.

At the end, you’re given the reveal that the second accompanying figure wasn’t an npc. It was another real person, playing the same game as you, filled with the same love and friendship that drove the two of you to enjoy the experience together.

Journey’s unique co op gained a reputation for being emotionally fulfilling and effective. Players would make new friends by contacting each other after finishing the campaign. People would circumvent the lack of verbal communication by drawing hearts in the snow. If one player got stuck, the other always waited nearby. If one player got attacked, the other always rushed to their rescue.

You don’t know the other person’s gender or age. You don’t know what their body looks like, or what their voice sounds like, or their degree of education or employment or marital status. And even so, this game encourages a special sort of love that very much mirrors aromantic and asexual affection.

(Journey Voyagers by thorilaart on DeviantArt)

Now obviously, this game probably wasn’t made with a-affection in mind. But it’s nevertheless applicable to how strong and fulfilling ‘love’ can strike us all, completely apart from any sexual context. If anyone ever feels as if their love is ‘limited’ or ‘not fully baked’, think of Journey and how powerful and special it’s made everyone feel.

- Fae

マトイ  |  あくりあ

※  Permission was given by artist, do not remove caption.

PS4 Mod Update

After months of discussion with Sony, we regret to say that while we have long been ready to offer mod support on PlayStation 4, Sony has informed us they will not approve user mods the way they should work: where users can do anything they want for either Fallout 4 or Skyrim Special Edition.

Like you, we are disappointed by Sony’s decision given the considerable time and effort we have put into this project, and the amount of time our fans have waited for mod support to arrive. We consider this an important initiative and we hope to find other ways user mods can be available for our PlayStation audience. However, until Sony will allow us to offer proper mod support for PS4, that content for Fallout 4 and Skyrim on PlayStation 4 will not be available.

We will provide an update if and when this situation changes.

I just got back from the wrap party and I’m tired as hell and my feet hurt from my darned cute-ass shoes so obviously this is the correct time to upload more Nursery things that I have stowed away in my files

Leviathan is a stuffed toy fish with a heath hazard interior structure, I figure his task for you would be to retrieve or make his plush body shape so that he can return to his surface owner and not jab their eyes out at least not immediately

I was also playing with the spine making mouth shapes???

Attention Neko atsume fans!

You’ve heard of neko atsume, you’ve might of heard of Boku to Wanko, Get ready for Hamster Collection!

If you like hamsters then you should try out this game since it is similar to neko atsume and also the logo is similar too

And also here is some screenshots from it from the app stores to see what it looks like

It is also a bit different then neko atsume like for example

  • You can pet them
  • of course different looks
  • different company
  • over 3000 unique actions
  • Hamsters change in day to night
  • And other cool stuff too!

if you want a link for it here it is

Google Play:

App Store:

I recommend it if you don’t really like it, but i want u to try it!

-Mod snowball


Hello, and welcome to the first version of the Sleeping Cat for Anders mod!


Place “Sleeping Cat for Anders.erf” into your Override folder. If you do not know where your “Override” folder is, it is found under the same Dragon Age 2 folder that stores your user data (this is the same Dragon Age 2 folder where any screenshots taken in-game will be stored). This will usually be found in your “My Documents” or “Documents” folder, in the “Bioware” folder, and is NOT the one found under your Program Files. This should  be the case for both Macs and PCs, but if you have wound up with an alternate filepath, try to find your in-game screencaps folder and navigate up to the “Dragon Age 2” folder. Once you are in this folder, go into “packages”, then “core”. There should already be a folder named “override” in here; if there is none, and are sure you are in the right location, you may create one. Once in the “override” folder, you can just paste the files there. If you are upgrading from the v 1 version, you MUST delete the previous version of this mod; however, you do not have to run the uninstaller, as this only replaces the core files used in the mod.


Delete the file. I’ll be honest - I’m not 100% sure how well this will behave if deleted when you have a save where Pounce II here was loaded. It seems like it’s mostly fine, but, uh, please do exercise caution?


This mod adds a basic sleeping cat for Anders in one of two locations. If romanced, the cat will appear asleep by the fire in Hawke’s and Anders’ shared bedroom; if unromanced, the cat will appear asleep on the desk in Anders’ Clinic. This cat will not appear until either after the “Putting out milk” conversation post-Dissent in Act 2 has been completed or until Act 3 if that conversation is not done.

Agenda for Subsequent Release:

I’d really like to see about getting some actual animations for this cat, even if it’s just breathing and occasional stretching, but honestly that’s well above my paygrade right now. Still, people responded positively to the suggestion of a new kitty for Anders, so I wanted to add in at least a little thing like this.


I also have uploaded the source .nss file used for this in case anyone would like to reference it.


If you can make this work better, go for it, just as long as you give me credit!

Suggested supplemental mods:

  • Anders Romance Dialogue Overhaul:  Another mod of mine that offers a variety of changes to the Anders romance, including a final kiss in the Gallows for the Friendship route, restored dialogue plot flags, a Karl conversation for female Hawkes, and a selection of additional optional changes to balance out some of the stranger gendering between the m!Hawke and f!Hawke romance routes.
  • Anders Automatic Romance Outfits: Another (DirectX9 compatible only at this time, sorry) mod of mine that offers automatic romance outfit changes for Anders + Estate move-in functionality in Act 2.

If you experience any issues or have any questions about how to install this mod, please let me know and I will get to them ASAP!

Happy DA2ing!