ufoinabin  asked:

It's always bothered me that on his official website in the characters' section, that the drawing of Ayano looks so normal and dere but of course we all know that she isn't anything like that.

The art for her Dere and Yan appearances actually show what a yandere should be like, but then the game has nothing.

-Mod Sega

Now for another controversial post!

Game Mods suck. Game Modding sucks.

Finish your game, fill it with quality content, ship a good game.

Mods should not fix games that are broken at launch.

Mods should not make broken games playable.

Mods should not be the only interesting content in a game.

Stop selling broken products and expect sycophants to fix them.

Mods expand upon great games, mods do not make games what they are.

Mods are not free/paid DLC, they are passion projects made by their community.

Fallout 4 isn’t an RPG.
Half Life 3 isn’t ever coming out.
God is real, and they’re who you see in the mirror when you look at yourself.

The Horsecock Has Spoken.

alex-andsometimeschara  asked:

So, is that Skyrim Special Edition, or does Flowey just not use SkyUI? Then again, the default interface is probably easier to show from the distance we're watching at.

Flowey is playing without mods at the moment, because he feels he should experience the vanilla game before modding it to hell.