Hi, my name is Kyle. I am a trans boy, who is gay af. I am poly, looking a boyfriend that I can give my love to. I’m definitely looking for friends. My age is 16. For friends, any age. For dating probably around the ages 15-18. Things I like are music ( gorillaz, troye sivan, twenty one pilots and a lot more ), musicals, video games, memes, anime, and I have a lot more, so you should message me about them!! My URL is gay-ice-skater. I hope you message me and have a nice day!! 🌻

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Any thoughts on the Planescape Torment: Enhanced Edition from Beamdog?

I mean, it’s obviously a great thing to happen? HD-remake that keeps everything important from the original game intact just for 20 bucks? Sign me the fuck up. Finally I can rec this game without saying “… and you should get HD mod, and a couple of bug fixes mods and some restoration mods…”

also, Avellone finally had a chance to edit shit that he couldn’t before bc PS:T was rushed at the release, so unless he’s severely traumatized by the lifestyle of a human stretch goal and horribleness of T:ToN and decides to pull George Lucas, replacing Morte with Jar Jar Binks, I can’t see what can really go wrong. 

I would like to say that the mods of the Notice Me Senpai roleplay group are a bunch of lovely people. Everyone should start playing his game on iPhone or android and then come and love up on these guys!

@nmshostclub @ryuu–senpai @baaaaaakira-senpai @jae-senpai @reiji-the-scienceguy and the others! (My phone is glitching so can’t tag more!)


I love reading the confessions but they put me off getting involved in the fandom fully. You read so much about people getting angry and potentially aggressive if you don’t agree with their headcanon that I keep away from it all. What I would love to do is find more like-minded people to chat to about what is my favourite video game. The best part of this game is how everyone interprets it, and we should join together over this wonderful world, not attack each other.

Mod Note:

Confessor take heart and know there are a lot of truly wonderful and awesome people in this fandom who would love to chat with you. :-)


“I’ll be totally honest. I like Paladins better than Overwatch entirely because Paladins releases new content at such a rate where it makes Overwatch updates frustratingly slow.”

-Submitted by @your-best-fiend


Don’t worry! Both games have some things both for and against them. There is not a “correct” answer to which one you should like better, so enjoy whichever you prefer with no guilt.

-Mod Cassie


hi it’s 7am (queuing for 10 though)

sometimes I do this thing where I sprinkle time with a dash of effort into my artwork and it ends up looking like this despite the fact that based on my previous drawings I don’t think any one of you would’ve thought this is my art if I didn’t post it here and have my signature on it, I’m really proud of this but at the same time I wish I could stop miraculously drawing this well out of scenic nowhere. I guess I was just really focused when I made this and I had the idea clear in my head so I was able to make something really nice.

also just in-case you don’t follow my mod blog you should know Night in the Woods is my new absolute favorite game of all time and I connect with the main protagonist Mae Borowski on a personal level, I love her so much

I also had this neat idea of drawing Mae but also doing a second version where she’s got her dream sequence colors so I did that

i really love Mae okay alright I’m going to bed goodnight

So here's my thoughts

I completely agree that Bioware has done a bad thing with ME:A by generally shitting on the LGBT community in regards to romances. It makes no sense that there’s not at least more of an effort to include more gay/ bi characters that can allow for anyone to play the game and feel represented. It feels pretty strange to be female and bi and be catered to over others - my choices are pretty limitless romance wise and it should feel that way for everyone.


I have always liked that bioware stick by some of their sexuality decisions based on the argument that “that’s their character.” Despite being heartbroken that I couldn’t romance Varric two games in a row, I understood the decision and respected that that would actually be his realistic character response because of his backstory. I felt the same about Dorian and female inquisitors, and felt a little disgusted when people tried to “mod the gay away.”

So I feel like the same is happening with the ME:A characters, particularly Jaal. I feel like yes, absolutely, it would be kick ass if he were bi and it would cater to a lot of people, but I also feel like this could very realistically be his preference - he just likes female humans and doesn’t like males.

So when people start entering the discourse about Jaal with comments like “seeing fem!ryder and Jaal makes me sick!” It kinda smacks of the opposite argument with Dorian, where entitled old ladies felt like they werent getting in on the fun so they wanted to rewrite the entire code of the game and erase a characters key preferences.

I think the better way to solve the problem would be to champion the representation of the availability of more in depth, accurate, honest m/m romances in ME:A, not a specific rewrite of one specific character. There should be a very real team devoted to it, one that’s packed full of diverse people from the LGBT community who are committed to seeing similar people represented in gaming, and giving them the same freedoms and enjoyable moments as other groups.

Nick actually hates the Silver Shroud with a passion, but ever since Kent Connolly came to him with a ‘missing persons’ case which actually turned out to be his one and only Silver Shroud comic book he had left from before the war he’s been single handedly responsible for collecting every bit of memorabilia you see in Kent’s room during the game. It should have annoyed him to be presented with a case that was frankly a waste of his time, but Kent was so distraught he blurted out why that comic book was special to him, and Nick’s had a soft spot for him ever since.

Kent’s big brother was actually the one who was into the Shroud, and the last phone call he’d gotten from him before the bombs he’d promised to come and see him for Halloween, because ’What would the Shroud be without his faithful friend Rhett Reinhart?’


Click the pictures to see the full quality

A new SweetFX setting for those who want something less subtle. It’s bright and sharp, with a subtle gradient. Feel free to ask for alterations, I’m doing requests currently.

Features Include:

  • SMAA Anti Aliasing
  • Bloom
  • HDR
  • LumaSharpen
  • Cineon DPX
  • Vibrance (just a touch.)
  • Curves
  • Vignette (for the gradient)
  • Dither
  • Border (also for the gradient and to make the UI look better)

To Install:

  • Copy all files in FX folder in your main game “.exe” folder.
  • I prefer to right click my sims 4 desktop shortcut and go to open file location to get there quickly.
  • As long as your graphics card isn’t ancient you can run any of the HQ sweetFX’s, but only really good moniters and graphics cards will look good with the high or ultra. Otherwise, use medium or low sharpening.


  • To turn off & on toggle the f12 key.
  • Take screenshots with the f10 key, then they are placed as .bmps in the main game “.exe” folder where the sweetFX is installed.
  • Turn off edge smoothing in game. Anti-aliasing is done by the SweetFX. 
  • Untick post processing effects to make the game even faster, the SweetFX does all the post processing itself.
  • Does not conflict with any other lighting mod.
  • Does not work with windowed mode. It will crash. Only use this with fullscreen. (I’m looking for a solution to this)


  • Only one version available to not confuse and updated to 64 bit sims 4.

All credit goes to for the sweetFX tools.


Last year there was much debate over the issue of serial posting. The previous mods made their stance clear on this, but the current mods do not hold the same opinion and would like to clarify the rules for 2017 and beyond.

The Dean/Cas Big Bang is not a competition but a group creative effort. It is the opinion of the moderators that serialized posting on any website is not in the spirit of the DCBB and therefore is not allowed by any participant. Serial posting also places emphasis on fiction over art. Writers and artists function as teams within this challenge, and one should not be placed above the other in terms of importance.

All teams will receive advance promo on our social media channels this year prior to their posting date. The mods will do everything in their power to make sure your team has as much exposure as possible so that you don’t feel the need to game the system for more hits.

We thank you for your understanding regarding this decision and hope to see you for our 2017 challenge.

Jojodacrow & museaway


Peony Palace

I was totally inspired by @simlush ‘s Pink Cottage so I transformed my wacky holiday home Peppermint Parcel into an equally wacky pink house! (hint: look out for all a de-holidaying of all my seasonal houses coming soon!)

20 x 15 Pink Home (1 bed 1 bath)

§ 27,200 Unfurnished

  • 1 bed
  • 1 bath
  • Kitchen, living, and bar eating area
  • Patio and porch

Download on googledrive with no sign in required

bb.moveobjects and testingcheatsenabled cheats were used therefore make sure your game is fully updated before downloading.

TO INSTALL - Install the cc, download all 7 files, and place them in your tray folder (documents -> Electronic Arts -> Tray). This should make the lot appear in your library. The download does not come with cc, so you have to have the cc downloaded and in the Mods folder before placing the lot from your library.

CC Used:

  • Windows and door - [xx]
  • Flower box - [xx]

Thank you to @peacemaker-ic and @nygirlsims for the awesome cc!


Just wanted to know how my boi Tyrone would look like in ME3. I still haven’t finished his ME2 playthrough tho I just copied his face code and slapped it in ME3. Gave him modded hair bc I headcanon that he’s gonna let it grow out between ME2-3.

ugh sometimes the game’s lighting makes his skin look waaay lighter and somewhat grey

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For Sidon... I'm kinda curious and this is embarrassing but would zoras go into heat/have a mating season? How would Sidon act around his s/o? This is super embarrassing haha ;w;

Honey, this is hardly the most embarrasing thing ever. You’re good.Since this isn’t specified for scenario or headcanon, Imma respond to this normally, since I like bouncing theories off.

-Mod Pinks


According to wikipedia, since sharks are egg layers, they do have a breeding season between winter and spring, so assuming the Zora are anything like them, yea, they should have a mating season about that equivalent time in game. 

Sidon, if he’s anything like sharks, gets very handsy. Very, very handsy. As a prince who’s been taught to be prim and proper, there’s not a doubt in my mind he’d do his best to hold back. But the second they’re in private his hands are one them and his smoothness is at 2000%. He’ll do his best to be careful with his teeth, but he will get bitey, liking to leave some sort of visible mark, and by the time the deed is done, both parties will be thoroughly exhausted.

Around other males(or females, both can be aggressive), he’ll be super protective of his s/o (albeit lowkey, because again, prince), and the second they’re alone he may want to have a rump or two to work out frustration.

Honestly, he’ll do his best to stay under control, he really will, but push him far enough and he’ll be a lot rougher than usual (aftercare is still on point though)

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please number 1 +2 sfw and number 2+6 NSFW from your headcanon game for zsasz

Victor Zsasz Headcanon (SFW/NSFW)


1. Dating Headcanon:

At first, no one knew you and Victor were dating. The only time the two of you were seen together was when you both were with Oswald. When your parents found out however, they disapproved. Everyone in their right mind knew who Victor Zsasz was, and they also knew that they should stay away from him. Dating Victor lost you friends, but you didn’t care. It’s love after all.

2. Dinner Headcanon:

Victor is almost never around for dinner. But to make it up to you, he takes you out. Either to Oswald’s club, or to a Falcone owned restaurant. His connections allows him to clear the place, allowing the two of you to have a candle light dinner alone.


2. Rough or Gentle? Fast or Slow?:

Victor is a double edge sword. Things going on in the bedroom are usually up to him, so it’s what he’s in the mood for. He can go hard and have you coming in minutes. Or he could go slow, with his hand on your throat, dragging himself in and out of you, for hours. Stamina is not a problem.

6. Sensitive Spots/Favorite tricks:

Victor lives for neck kisses, and hickeys. If you start, he won’t let you stop till he’s gotten you on to a smooth surface. He also loves it when you kiss his scars, they mean so much to him, and for you to recognize that blows his mind.

A lot of the time, Victor ‘goes to bed first.’ That leaves you to get comfortable on your side of the bed. Once you settle down, he reaches an arm over to pull you closer to him, and usually his hard on. Spooning sex is one of his favorites.



Triad Verse week will be March 26th - April 1st. Above is a list of proposed themes for each day, though people should feel in no way obligated to follow the themes. As always, all fandoms are fair game, but please keep any rpf historical, involving only people who are no longer living.

How does it work? During the week of March 26th - April 1st, post your triad verse headcanons, fic, meta, art, vids, whatever you’d like, with “triad verse week 2017″ in the first five tags. Also, please put @triadverse on your post, as we’ve had trouble with tracking tags in the past. We will reblog all posts, so feel free to follow if you’d like to see everything.

Happy Triad Verse Week!

-Mod Ptera

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If you like Dragon Age and Skyrim, you should look into trying Enderal. It's a Skyrim mod that basically staples on a new game on top of Skyrim and it is filled with fun things and Sadness and Existential Nightmares.

Sadness and Existential Nightmares do seem to be right up my alley. Thank you, I shall give it a try once I finish the Witcher 3

Don’t Starve Together Modding- Principles of Design and When it Applies to Modding and Common Game Sense

What a mouthful. Hopefully by the end of this post, you should be able to determine what mod ideas are worth working on and which ones are nice to just look at on paper and not in practice.

All we’ll need for this process is a brain that’s well-rested, properly nourished and hydrated (Please eat, nap, and drink water!), a few sheets of paper (copy or lined is fine), a pen or pencil and some music perhaps to get ideas flowing.

Ready, set, world build! It doesn’t have to be rational ideas, just write anything that comes to mind when you think about making things for this game. Even if it’s as ridiculous as “A rubber duck”, write it down. Get every idea out of that creative noggin of yours. Just keep in mind that if you’re adding a bunch of things or mechanics at once, keep them moderately relevant to each other, or else you’re not going to know what kind of theme to give your mod.

Keep reading

I’m this close to write a big post about this patch thing. But I will not.

I’ll only say - this should’t be forced on every player. I have the right to not wanting to install any OOC patches only to please someone. If it’s not in the main game canon after release date, it’s a mod. Many things gets cut from games and being restored by very talented modders. And mods are used by wish. I do not wish this mod in my game. 

Of Mario Party and Stolen Stars

This is based on my post involving Dadster headcanons where the Skelebros and Gaster play Mario Party. I’m also listening to “Take My Star” by Yungtown while writing this, so…. this will be interesting.

Anyway, here’s a story involving Dadster and why there is no Family Game Night.


Undyne and Alphys had been invited over to hang out and play games with Sans, Papyrus and Gaster. Undyne banged on the door, and an argument was heard inside:

“Why don’t you get it, let the professionals handle this game!”

“Why should I trust you? You took my star!”

“I was just getting it back! It was my star first!” Undyne and Alphys glanced at each other.

“Let me handle this.” Undyne said, before punching a hole in the door and unlocking it.

“Hey, punks, what’s going on?” Undyne called, stepping in.

“MARIO PARTY!” Three enraged skeletons shouted back.

“Oh no…” Alphys whispered. She slowly pointed at a jar in front of Gaster, then looked at Undyne.

“Is that… a swear jar?” Undyne asked.

“Yeah, we’re saving up for some better stuff around the house. Looks like we got enough for at least a new door, thanks to SOMEONE who doesn’t know how to keep a clean mouth!” Sans replied, glaring at Gaster. The taller skeleton glared right back. Papyrus looked at the duo, then glanced back at the TV screen.

“HUH…. I LANDED ON THE GHOST AGAIN…” he trailed off. Gaster and Sans stared at the other, horror on their faces.

“Cheater!” Sans exclaimed.

“I WOULD NEVER CHEAT!” Papyrus shot back.

“Alright you three, just calm down! It’s just a game!” Undyne shouted.

“H-h-h-how about you t-t-take a break?” Alphys asked.

“…fine.” Gaster muttered.

“I GUESS WE SHOULD…” Papyrus agreed.

“I’m done if they are. Now… if you’ll excuse me, I should get going.” Sans grumbled.

“Where are you going?” Gaster questioned.

“Grillby’s.” Before anyone could object Sans vanished.

“Well, if Sans can go to Grillby’s, I can go to my lab.” Gaster stated, before leaving.

“Hey, Papyrus, everything ok?” Undyne asked.



Papyrus explained to Alphys and Undyne his side of what happened, and the three decided to get the help of Toriel, Grillby and Asgore to get Gaster and Sans to speak to each other again.

Since Sans was close to Toriel and Grillby, and Gaster trusted Asgore, it seemed like that was the only way they could get the two to talk to each other.

The plan was started at Grillby’s. Sans and Gaster wouldn’t look at each other, and once it was time to close Grillby stopped Sans and Gaster from leaving. The other patrons left, and Grillby let Toriel, Alphys, Undyne and Asgore in.

“…What’s this about.” Sans grumbled.

“Sans, please, this fight has gone on for too long!” Toriel began.

“It’s not my fault!” Sans interrupted.

“Oh, so it’s my fault?” Gaster spat. “You stole my star!”

“I was taking it back! I had it first!” Sans shot back.

“…you were playing… Mario Party… weren’t you?” Grillby asked.

“Yes, so? It wasn’t my idea to begin with!” Sans exclaimed.

“Look, why don’t you just calm down and have some tea?” Asgore tried. Gaster shouted something in a strange language, and Sans shook his head.

“Swear jar!” he shouted.

“Stupid swear jar… why did you come up with that thing? It’s not like anyone else understands!” Gaster raged.

“If anyone ends up repeating it you’re going to be in big trouble! Especially if Paps swears, then you better watch out!” Sans was standing on his bar stool now, glaring at his dad.

“This isn’t going according to plan…” Undyne noted, as the two skeletons continued screaming at each other.

Eventually Sans seemed to calm down, but glared at Gaster before vanishing. Gaster sighed.

“All of this because of a star…” he muttered, before slinking off.


Papyrus caught Sans sneaking into the fridge late one night, and grabbed his brother’s hand.

“SANS… PLEASE STOP THIS FIGHTING…” he whimpered, looking at Sans with the largest, saddest eyes he could manage. Sans sighed.

“He has to apologize first.” he stated, before looking at what was in the fridge.

“Papyrus… is too sweet. I’m sorry.” Sans jumped, turning around with one eye glowing blue. Sighing again when he saw it was just Gaster, the glowing vanished.

“I’m… sorry too I guess. Let’s never play any type of game like this. Ever again. No group games.”