anonymous asked:

I'm worried about Christmas vacations. Maybe Sam will show up in NC again. Do you think we'll have other bad surprises?

Oh absolutely!  Guaranteed!  There will be awards ceremonies and public events, plenty of places he could show up with a blonde in tow.  She might show up in LA or he might show up in NC.   Or for a little variety, we might even get a new random blonde. I dread any off season frankly.  They suck. I dread them but I’ve stopped worrying about them because what I’ve learned is that no matter what they throw at us, it’s always temporary and it’s never what it seems.  Little tidbits will come to light in the weeks following until the ship rights itself once again and then off we sail until the next time.  So my advice to you anon, is to not watch if it hurts, step back and try to wait it out, and be mindful of which blogs you read if you’re easily derailed.  This fandom is not for the faint of heart.