And bromance of the year goes to… 


First of all thank you anon, I’m glad people like my silly ideas!! Second soryy for being late, shitty conexion lately!!! Here are some headcanons for you, enjoy this idiots being idiots!!

-When they start their relationship they are really bad at normal affection. For example, Atsushi wants to hold hands, but doesn’t know how to ask Akutagawa, Akutagawa knows what Atsushi is thinking but is waiting for Atsushi to make the first step. So the result is a painful to watch the scene, were Atsushi is fidgeting, flustered and an eager; and Akutagawa feigning obliviousness. (Everybody thinks: IDIOTS)

-Atsushi always carries tea flavored candies for Akutagawa’s coughing. He always had them, even before they started to date. Atsushi gave them to  him after trainings or missions, Akutagawa didn’t even know that this brand and flavor existed until then. The little gesture meant a lot to him, and when Atsuhi gave him a package he carried them in his pocket for a long time, because he didn’t want to finish them.(he is such a sap, they are for eating you know?)

-I don’t know if Rashomon applies to any clothes or only the coat, but let’s pretend it applies to anything Akutagawa wears. With time, Rashomon gets used and attached to Atsushi and acts on its own when Akutagawa is relaxing at home with him. When they are reading or chilling on the sofa, Rashomon wraps a tendril around Atsushi’s hand and he plays absent-mindedly with it. Akutagawa pretends he isn’t looking, but he sometimes glances at the scene and smiles fondly. Sometimes when Akutagawa wakes from a nightmare, but Atsushi is still sleeping, Rashomon wraps around the boy’s whole body, tight and protectively, in case the threats in his dreams are real a try to attack while they are vulnerable. Rashomon would stay all night activated even when Akutagawa goes back (if he can) to sleep. In the morning, Atsuhi would wake up with Rashomon still around him and he will cuddle Akutagawa until they get up.

-The same way Rashomon gets attached to Atsushi, the tiger gets attached to Akutagawa. On the full moon nights the tigers cuddles with Akutagwa, protecting him from anything and anybody that comes near. Even when he is in his human form, Atsushi will growl at any insult or threat to Akutagawa’s surprise. And when they are fighting together and Akutagawa is knocked out or severely injured, Atsushi will become completely feral and act on instinct. He would stand over Akutagawa protecting the unconscious body, not letting go even when reinforcement arrives. It takes Dazai coaxing for letting go of Akutagawa or even using his ability in the end. Akutagawa would wake up with the man-tiger latched to his side, clutching his hand. He is actually glad to wake up to this, rather than an empty room.

-Tea houses dates!!! On their days off they go to any tea house, cafes or traditional restaurants they discover or read about in magazines. They plan these dates every week. Akutagawa finds Atsushi’s enthusiasm charming. If there is nothing new, they spend the day at Yokohama’s china town (remember always that, irl Atsushi and Akutagawa were big fans of Chinese culture)

-Atsuhi strike me as the type of person that goes on automatic when he wakes up in the morning. Imagine him waking up in the morning, Akutagwa already awake telling Atsuhi to move his ass, and Atsuhi just sits up on the futon, looks at him drowsily, hugs Akutagawa kisses him and walks to the bathroom. Akutagawa is just frozen in place and Atsushi realizes what he has done once he wakes up and is dying of embarrassment inside the bathroom    

-Akutagwa knows how to dance. It was obligatory education for social mafia events. Imagine Akutagawa patiently and calmly trying to teach a clumsy Atsushi how to dance the waltz or something. It’s so out of character for Atsushi, yet it’s so nice, because Akutagawa is focusing his attention on him and not insulting him too much.

-They usually bath together, but just because one time, Akutagawa almost drowned in the bathtub due to a coughing fit and the temperature being too hot for him to handle. Since then, Atsushi has been a mother hen whenever Akutagawa wants to take a bath and insist on entering in the bath with him, and washes him, much to Akutagawa’s embarrassment.

-Time passes, they grow up and shin soukoku becomes well known by everybody. When the mafia and the ADA have to work together officially and the rookies meet Atsushi for the first time he becomes instantly popular. He is pretty, kind and caring with everybody he has to work with him. CAN. YOU. IMGINE. AKUTAGWA!?!?! He has to put distance with Atsushi while working, because that’s the kind of guy he is (look at him and Gin), but he is grumpier, more murderous and ready to kill friend and foe. Thank goodness for Higuichi and her prep talk about how you cannot hit on Atsushi sempai if you want to life. DON’T DO IT.

-little extra: Chuuya is a fucking good sempai and will cover for Akutagawa when he secretly goes to see Atsushi at the beginning of their relationship. Dazai is basically number 1 shipper of this ship, so he is always somewhere documenting everything. He has like, a fucking album of every little moment.

Ruby X Dorothy REALLY needs more screen time

Because Ruby would definitely be the teasing cute girlfriend while Dorothy would be the tsundere. Just look at them, they’re like:

‘Hey Kansas, can we go say hello to a few Munchkins after gathering the poppies?’



‘Okay you win, Wolfie. But only because it’s you who’s asking. *and then to herself* What wouldn’t I do for this girl…’