pierced by cupid (the ship that sails itself)

author: actualflowerhoseok

length: oneshot

word count: 3666

rating: T

author’s summary:

Should have brought something to drink. That was Yoongi’s second mistake.

His first was bringing Jimin along for this job.

(In which Yoongi is distracted by his thirst for Jimin, BigHit is a company of hunters that kill modern-day boogiemen, and kisses really can save lives.)

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I’ve seen speculation and theories on this particular scene from early in the Jaya arc, when a ship from the sky falls into the ocean and Luffy, Zoro, and Sanji put on makeshift scuba gear to investigate. Luffy breaks things, Zoro gets a friend, and Sanji finds an interesting photo (before collecting rare seashells for Nami): 

(Also here’s Zoro and his friend) 

Anyway, Sanji has an odd reaction to the photo of the woman. But even though she does resemble his mother… 

Especially with the ringlets, and not to mention the ship is from the North Blue according to Robin… but it has to be a coincidence (plus the women in OP nowadays have same-face same-body syndrome goin’ on). The ship itself, and therefore the photograph, was doomed to sail the open White Sea 208 years ago. 

Basically, Sanji probably reacted that way to the photo because the woman resembled his mother, and nothing more.