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What did you think of the episode?

For Sanvers, I think it was pretty good! It was nice to have more than 5 seconds with them.

At the same time, though, it all seemed kind of rushed? Like boom here’s Emily, here’s the confrontation, here’s the resolution. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely loved their interactions, and I fell even more in love with Alex Danvers, but still.

Also their last scene was like a minute long and then the ship-that-shall-not-be-named got like 3 minutes and it was like full on domestic interaction like where is my three minute domesticity between Alex and Maggie on a couch eating food and being stupidly in love together 😩😩😩

Rogue One died, to a man (or woman, or other gendered individual). That is a fact. This is also a fact: the corridors of every rebellion ship echoes with their names. Hushed whispers I heard they live in the transmission. I heard the Force protected them. I heard no one saw the bodies, no one confirmed as if anyone gets to say goodbye in a war.

This is also a fact: Cassian Andor, protect me in this mission. I shall fear no evil, for Chirrut Îmwe walks with me. Baze Malbus, bless my gun bless my aim let me blow this motherfucker down. Bodhi Rook, guide me as I fly. K-2SO, we remember we remember we remember. Jyn Erso, bring my mother my brother my father my sister to the truth do not let them remain lost show them the way forward.

Check Please/Back to the Future AU

Okay, so when Bitty wears his puffy vest, it has always reminded me of… well, you’ve guessed it, Marty McFly from Back to the Future.

This Back to the Future AU needs to happen.

So, this is how it’s going to go down.

Bitty needs a final science credit to qualify for graduation, but the only class he can get into last minute (and doesn’t require a prerequisite course he doesn’t have) is Theory of Physics for Non-Majors that’s taught by an eccentric professor who may or may not sound like Rasputin from that one animated Anastasia movie that Bitty secretly loves. (He has a crush on Dimitri, okay? But who doesn’t???)

So, Bitty and this Physics prof get on surprisingly well and the Professor says that he’s been looking for a lab assistant this semester. Bitty, after checking that it doesn’t interfere with his hockey schedule, takes the job because he could use the money. (Going to see Jack in Providence so often is starting to add up quickly.)

Bitty’s job is mostly filing papers, picking things up around the lap, and helping the Professor with various experiments and projects he’s building. Most of the time, Bitty has no idea what’s going on when the Professor starts talking Physics. Bitty nods along and holds stuff like ends of wires and stuff like that. It it seems to make the Professor happy.

One evening, Bitty gets called into the university labs. When he gets there, the Professor announces that he’s invented a time machine! (Said time machine is also powered by some illegal plutonium, but uhhhh, if Samwell admin asks, that’s not true.)

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im so late i can’t forgive myself BUT STILL


you deserve all the gifts on this world, so all the squad + tae congratulates you with all these presents

you’re so important sobs

The song that told us about the GPF banquet but we didn’t know it yet

We all know how Yuri on Ice likes dropping hints of what’s happening in the story through their soundtracks. Stay Close to Me is a fandom favorite to analyze, followed by Tales of a Sleeping Prince, which a lot of people saw similarities between the lyrics and Viktuuri’s story. 

The other songs with lyrics all make sense to their own characters - Still Alive talks about Leo de la Iglesia, Shall We Skate references Pichit’s passion and motivation, and JJ’s song is… Well, about himself. Yet, we’re left with a song with lyrics that still made no sense until episode 10.

I’m talking about Intoxicated, Chris’s short program song.

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your fav is problematic: antonio
  • falls hard for sebastian after knowing him for? a couple days?
  • is lowkey a pirate kind of?
  • so extra you wouldn’t believe
    • “if you will not murder me for my love, let me be your servant” aka i will literally die if you don’t let me serve you
    • “i have many enemies in orsino’s court, else would i very shortly see thee there. but, come what may, i do adore thee so that danger shall seem sport, and i will go” aka orsino will arrest/kill me if he sees me but i love you so much idgaf
  • bonus: sebastian is just as gay
    • “antonio, o my dear antonio! how have the hours racked and tortured me since i have lost thee!”
  • in conclusion: these gays

Just to clarify for you kids out there…. Ahmen. 

2MIN IS TAEMIN AND MINHO i don’t want to come in my sacred tag and see Taemin and Jimin. While i dont care if people want to ship it… Please come up with your own damn ship name…. My lord the amount of disrespect…lol Oh Kbs…. I like their friendship dont get me wrong… but this has to stop before it gets out of hand….lol i dont want to wake up one day to the whole 2min tag filled with Jimin and Taemin lol I shall call them the MinMin ship lol its like 2min without calling them 2min you see compromise can be made ^^ (Im not creative at all someone come up with something better) lol

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how soon after season 2 started, did you start shipping Lena and Kara? and did you think that Kara would end up with person - who - shall - not - be - named?

So, I first fell in love with Melissa when she was on Glee and Chyler way back when she did Not Another Teen Movie. I always wanted to watch Supergirl but I never got around to it. Back in November, a bunch of girls I met at the Hayley Kiyoko concert convinced me to just watch it. I had four episodes left to season one when I saw Lena Luthor on my dash… I then excused the four episodes and went straight into season two. I got all caught up for when Alex’s storyline came about. This is the moment I started to ship SuperCorp.

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I don’t know about you guys, but I know chemistry when I see it. And I’m a sucker for brunettes and beautiful eyes. 


Gabbie and Shane testing their compatibility. Kissing was one of the tests <3 Ugh I got so many butterflies watching this!!!

I SHIP SHABBIE! Or Ghane? Hmmm…

Original video here:

I do not own the video, of course. :P

Oh, and yay me for figuring out how to make gifs and putting it on Tumblr. I shall make more!



Jace and Alec or Will and Jem



[hot apple fritters bro.
looks like we got ourselves another supporter of this ship- ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 👌💕]

Wizardess Heart Fanfic Directory

sometimes i think it would be great if when you joined the fandom you got a little welcome package with cookies, your beverage of choice, and a manual listing ship names and where to find the best fandom stuff

but lacking that i feel a fanfic directory is the next best thing. 

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Don’t tempt me…Woman

I shall love this ship into my grave and when I’m reborn I shall continue to ship it in my next life time.
Ulquihime have a secure spot in my 10 top shipping list.
To say I love Ulquihime is an understatement, I will breath this ship.
I’ve nerved share my Ulquihime art before because I didn’t feel my art skills were sufficient enough at the time (this was a couple of years ago), so I ended up doing a WHOLE LOAD of sketches, then proceeded to save them in a folder on my hard drive.
I have so much unfinished art on there, it’s like a treasure hunt whenever I’m trying to find something important, I just end up instead, procrastinating, finding old art to cringe at or to find sketches I’d actually like to finish one day.
This was one of them, I found my old Ulquihime  art folder, filled with sketches, this was the “angstiest” one of them, the rest was just stupid fluff, so much fluff. My god, I’m corny. But I love drawing them, I found sooooo many sketches I’d like to finish, so much potential stupid fluff and I’ve gotten so many more ideas, whilst going through my old ulquihime art, it gave me an ocean of inspiration.

Why am I this weak.
Shipping is dangerous kids, avoid it at all cost, don’t end up like me.
Get a life while you still can.


Jaime’s Tarth sighting & inner monologue


Sailor, come thou here.

I wouldst thou speak this southern isle’s name,

So green of hill, dazz’ling blue of water–

Is it Estermont? Or yet another?


‘Tis Tarth, Ser Jaime. Hailed the Sapphire Isle.

JAIME [solil.]

In faith, I knew it true, ‘tis no surprise;

These seas are mirror’d in Brienne’s blue eyes.

How I long to toss my cares asunder,

To roam this blessed isle full of wonder;

I’d wander rocky paths where she hath been,

And bathe in gentle springs kiss’d by her skin.

Would th’Evenstar, her father, welcome me?

Tut, what musings these–never shall they be;

My ship sails south, her horse rides ever north,

Such idle thoughts enfold my heart for warmth.

The Seven keep her safe. I’ll now to Bronn

This sickness to talk off ‘ere reach we Dorne.

[exit JAIME]

Exo masturbating you

How would EXO masturbate you? Sorry if this is too dirty. I just never seen anyone write my toughts so perfectly. ( Ex. With their fingers/mouth/toys, etc. Please include Kris <3 ) love your “reactions”, or wgatever it’s the name of it. Xoxo, Becca

Oh my thanks Becca! I shall include Kris just for you x Pfft nothing is too dirty for me aha~ please enjoy!


Suho: he would eat you out soo good. Oh god you can only imagine the things this boy could do with his tongue. he would love it too. He would love the way you softly moan against his touch.

Baekhyun: he would change it up so much to keep things interesting. One day it would be toys galore. The next his tongue and so on. he wouldn’t have any preferred way instead just loving to please you.

Chanyeol: have you seen this boys tongue? he would tongue fuck the shit out of you. Enough said really.

D.O: he knows how much you love his lips and he knows how to use them. Eating you out is his favorite past time.

Kai: he would finger you the most. he would want to kiss you will he was as well depending on height of course. he would bring up your hips and watch you buck them as he scissors them.

Sehun: Experimenting with everything he would enjoy your reactions to all the different toys he would buy for you. he would love just watching you as he control you with just toys.  

Xiumin: He would use his mouth and fingers together. Sucking your clit and fingering you so hard and rough. he would love the way you tighten around his fingers so much.

Lay: Keeping it simple he would softly eat you out and every now and again he may slip in a few fingers.

Chen: A mix of Sehun and Xiumin. He would love trying new toys out on you and relishing in your satisfied reactions. Then again he loves the way you feel around his fingers and loves the way you taste.

Tao: As much of a kid he is he wouldn’t really like toys in the bedroom. You’re stuck with this boys mouth but you aren’t going to complain when he’s through with you.

*Kris: He’s going to prefer to just use his mouth all the time. If you want to try out toys he will oblige but would rather stick to basics. Toys are not his style. With those large hands expect some finger action too.