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you deserve all the gifts on this world, so all the squad + tae congratulates you with all these presents

you’re so important sobs

Exo masturbating you

How would EXO masturbate you? Sorry if this is too dirty. I just never seen anyone write my toughts so perfectly. ( Ex. With their fingers/mouth/toys, etc. Please include Kris <3 ) love your “reactions”, or wgatever it’s the name of it. Xoxo, Becca

Oh my thanks Becca! I shall include Kris just for you x Pfft nothing is too dirty for me aha~ please enjoy!


Suho: he would eat you out soo good. Oh god you can only imagine the things this boy could do with his tongue. he would love it too. He would love the way you softly moan against his touch.

Baekhyun: he would change it up so much to keep things interesting. One day it would be toys galore. The next his tongue and so on. he wouldn’t have any preferred way instead just loving to please you.

Chanyeol: have you seen this boys tongue? he would tongue fuck the shit out of you. Enough said really.

D.O: he knows how much you love his lips and he knows how to use them. Eating you out is his favorite past time.

Kai: he would finger you the most. he would want to kiss you will he was as well depending on height of course. he would bring up your hips and watch you buck them as he scissors them.

Sehun: Experimenting with everything he would enjoy your reactions to all the different toys he would buy for you. he would love just watching you as he control you with just toys.  

Xiumin: He would use his mouth and fingers together. Sucking your clit and fingering you so hard and rough. he would love the way you tighten around his fingers so much.

Lay: Keeping it simple he would softly eat you out and every now and again he may slip in a few fingers.

Chen: A mix of Sehun and Xiumin. He would love trying new toys out on you and relishing in your satisfied reactions. Then again he loves the way you feel around his fingers and loves the way you taste.

Tao: As much of a kid he is he wouldn’t really like toys in the bedroom. You’re stuck with this boys mouth but you aren’t going to complain when he’s through with you.

*Kris: He’s going to prefer to just use his mouth all the time. If you want to try out toys he will oblige but would rather stick to basics. Toys are not his style. With those large hands expect some finger action too.

♡ Group Ships ♡

Hyelloh everyone. Alright so after a gazillion days, I’ve decided to do ships because I was HELLA bored. BUT, it’s group ships which means, I’m doing it with the one and only queen, michalcliffo  *audience applause*

Okay, so get the ship, this is what you shall have to do:

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Then, from me what you’ll get is:

Boyfriend :
Best friend :
Frenemy :
Brother Figure :
Ship Name :
A Compliment:
Who gets drunk at your wedding:
Who trips on you:
Who cries:
Who’s the Godfather:
Who makes the embarrassing wedding speech:

And from Becca, you’ll get:

What name suits you:
What plant you remind me of:
What colour you should dye your hair:
What animal you would be:
What song you remind me of:
What piercing you should get:
A random word in Romanian:
A random song:

And that’s the end of it x

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Hayzelle or some other uncommon yet relatively unoffensive (*coughs*) Haymitch ship

Hahah, okay, five pitches for unoffensive (WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY THAT I WILL ACT COYLY LIKE I DON’T KNOW :D) Haymitch ship fics: 

  • The most interesting Hayzelle setting for me would be when they’re both young adults. Haymitch has won the Games, Hazelle isn’t married yet, and it’s the story of how they had a fling that eventually ended in Haymitch’s final retreat from the district, and in Hazelle marrying her husband. It would be very sad and framed by the story of how Hazelle started working as Haymitch’s housekeeper many years later. (one thought that’s just occurring to me… has anybody ever considered the possibility of Haymitch being Gale’s dad?? Not my cuppa, I think, but has anybody ever?)
  • The story of how Finnick survived the war; when Haymitch starts drinking again during the trials in the Capitol, he and Annie convince Haymitch to stick with sobriety and move to Four with them. Followed by an epic Annie/Finnick/Haymitch threesome romance story. I might or might not have thought about that one before. A lot. 
  • This would probably end up a friendship story but I once wrote a district swap fic (x) where Johanna and Haymitch are both from D4 while Annie and Finnick became the figureheads of the revolution. I’d be interested in the Johanna POV backstory with a focus on the Johanna/Haymitch dynamic. They were so interesting together in that fic. 
  • It’d be very sweet to have a story set years and years after the end of the trilogy wherein Haymitch gets a late happy ending, starting a new relationship as an old man. Because both Haymitch and Hazelle have grown too tired of letting the past matter. “Oh fuck this shit, let’s hold hands on the porch.” :)
  • After the end of the story when Kat can live on her own again, Beetee and Haymitch retire together to a district of choice and become the gay weirdo victor couple that all the kids gossip about. “I heard they killed people! I heard Haymitch  killed SEVEN PEOPLE WITH A SPOON! I heard Beetee built BOMBS in the war and that’s why Marty’s mom gives him those dirty looks in the supermarket!” :D And Beetee and Haymitch have just learned ultimately to not care. 
Things I never thought I would ever have to say till this year
  • "So who's gonna get the bag of cat bones?"
  • "Why are people shipping animatronics!?"
  • "Stop eating the airhorn!"
  • "We shall name him....BIG BUTT THE HORSE!"
  • "Drop the swordfish"
  • "Octopus shaped cocktail weenies"(waits for someone to tell me where this is from)
  • "Why did you throw pockys at my face!?"

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This may not be appropriate or answered since I haven't read through the whole blog yet but I happen to have a dragon of my own and I recently found out he's also into boy dragons and likes the smart ones!!! He uh...looks a bit as if vinyl scratch (dj pon-3) was a teenage dragon. He loves music. Shall I make jayjot a thing (his name is Jason or j.j.)

{{Mod-Serenity: While we encourage you to ship the characters on this blog with whoever you like through fanart and other creative works, Jot belongs to Ponies With Pockets Productions and we cannot canonically ship him with the characters of our followers. This blog is a small extension of his series, making a good deal of it canon to audio drama (aside from some little mess ups I made at the beginning of the blog that were due to me not checking in with Brill first, but those will be fixed) }}

Tagged by the lovely krisdeul-is-so-real thank you dear! :)

Name: Jenika

Nicknames: Jen

Gender: Female


Height: 5 ft

What time and date it is there: 8:41 pm 15-04-17

Average hours of sleep: 5-6

Otps: chanbaek kaisoo and hunhan (i ship everyone with each other tho)

What I Last Said to a Family Member: “not hungry”

One place that makes me happy and why: Home. because bed.

How many blankets do I sleep under: 1 

The last movie I watched in the cinema: (hollywood film) furious 7

Three things I can’t live without: family friends food

Something I plan on learning: how to not procrastinate

You HAVE to listen to this song: nothing in mind that i think you’ve never listened to before haha

postmortemlullabye asked:

EmMi xD

send me a ship

  • Who cooks: Emil. Lami can only bake cookies and cakes, and with a pout and a pair of puppy dog eyes, it’s pretty easy for Lami to bully persuade Emil to cook.
  • Who does the laundry and other chores: Lami. She feels guilty about Emil cooking all the time, and tries to make up for it.
  • How many children do they have: 2, both adopted. One is a boy called Corazon, and the other is a girl called Stelea.
  • Who’s more dominate: Emil. Lami is too embarrassed shy to admit she likes kissing and stuff, so Emil probably has to make the first move.
  • Favorite nonsexual activity: I can see Emil teaching Lami how to cook, but Lami probably screws up purposely so she can leave the cooking to Emil. Cuddling on the couch is a big favorite of Emil’s, who’s probably a huge cuddle monster. 
  • Their favorite place to be together: On a secluded beach, where Emil can skinny dip and swim to her heart’s content. Lami can take pictures of her bae the beach and the fish in the rock pools.
  • Any traditions: They’d probably visit Law’s submarine to annoy him at least once a week. I can also see them visiting the graves of their loved ones together (sounds morbid, I know), and paying a visit to the remains of Lami’s hometown.
  • Their “song”: Lucky (It’s a cliche, but I thought it was cute.)
  • What they do for each other on holidays: Lami’s the overly sappy one who remembers every single holiday, from Christmas to birthdays, and the more embarrassing ones like the one month anniversary since we first did the do, and would probably get Emil little gifts to celebrate the occasion.
  • Where did they go for their honeymoon: Fishman Island. Lami’s never had a chance to explore the place, and anything would be better than Dressrosa, where a certain flamingo lives. (Emil suggested Dressrosa, but Lami refused.)
  • Where did they first meet: In the kitchen of Law’s submarine. Lami was hungry, and wanted food. Emil just so happened to be there visiting, and offered to make Lami a meal.
  • Any pets: There’s Bor, but I can see Lami getting a couple of pet goldfish and celebrating the fact that her Brother is finally unable to dissect her pets.
  • What do they fight over: Lami thinks Emil is too carefree, and would probably fight with her about her ability to look after herself. I can also see Lami lecturing Emil about being more careful - she’s lost a lot of people, and doesn’t want to lose her too.
  • Do they go on vacations, if so where: Emil would probably drag Lami off for those sudden vacations. (“Lami, let’s go!” “But I’m not even packed yet -” “You’d look good in anything. I like you naked too~” *SMACK*)
Robin and Zelena

Ok, as much as the thought of Robin being with Zelena disgusts me I’ve decided to create a ship name for these two because I think that it’s always easier to cope with something if you give it a label. Therefore, I’ve decided to refer to them now on as Wicked Thief. This shall stand forever until the end of time!


I feel like shipping Athen and Eirikr. |D I’M SORRY AND I KNOW THEY’RE IN DIFFERENT DIMENSIONS AND EIRIKR LOVES FARKAS but I feel like it would happen. They’re so similar but so different that it would just be painfully hilarious to watch them interact.

“Athen, could you sharpen Wuuthrad for me? I have to-”
“Goddammit, Eirikr, you paid me to fight with you, not be your servant!”
“That is not what you-”
“Fine! Fine. Just don’t mention… that.”

Ohhh, fuck. Help. |D I should not be shipping this.

This is wayyyyyy premature but I have this headcanon that in some universe Jo and Dean’s daughter would be best friends with Riley and Sam’s daughter and also Jackson’s dorky kid but idk who Jackson’s shipped with so I didn’t include him but THEY WILL CARRY ON THE LEGACY (sorry I’m such a dork omg).

HOLY CRAP I LOVE THIS rabbit-holes-and-looking-glasses!! Those two are honestly the perfect face claims for their kids too!! And as for who Jackson is shipped with… hehehe, we shall see ;)  BUT OH MY GOD YES THEY WILL! It will be the next generation of awesome badass hunters! This gave me such feels you have no idea. AND ITS OKAY WE CAN BE DORKS TOGETHER! Thank you so much for this!! I seriously should write an AU of this… names. I need names of these precious badasses. :D 

extra-biasa asked:

I was reading Play by Kylie Scott, and the characters Mal and Anne reminded me of Clint Barton and Darcy Lewis. Which in turn made me think of you... although I typically associate you with ShieldShock, so I'm really sure what's going on up here. Figured I'd say hi anyway. Hiiii. :D I'm a fan.

HI!!!! *waves then hugs you*

I TOTALLY ship Steve x Darcy like omg! They are my OTP of OTPs!!! Though I do like Clint x Darcy too :) You know who is fantastic with Clint x Darcy? Kates! Her user name is twistedingenue :)

Btw, we shall be friends! Drop me an ask or message anytime :D

Turn the Waters

Paint me a place inside your esteem
a handhold in heaven that I can cling to.
When the people swell up around us,
a hungry ocean hoping for your hands,
pick a place beside you
and pin me there
to hang in the night sky forever
so ships can find their way by me,
so that every telescope knows my name,
so when they see you
they sing to me, too.
Set me around your neck
to hang by the finest silver chain
make me a holy symbol
warm and comforting
against your smooth, white skin
and when the disbelievers come
touch me gently and say,
“This, too, shall pass,”
and watch me part the ocean
with you.

*whispers* send me ship names and i shall give you my thoughts upon… or just send me messages so i dont fall asleep again lmao