BTS Fic Recommendations

There seems to be a weird divide in this fandom between reader x member and member x member stories, but I’m just here in the middle like “all Bangtan smut is good smut!” A good story is a good story and good writing is good writing. Some of these have no smut at all and some are so filthy that I can’t believe I’m recommending them, but, you know, BTS ruined my life and I have no shame anymore. 

I’ve probably read hundreds of BTS stories by now and these are the ones that I go back to over and over. I tried to pick only one per author, but all of these authors are amazing and you should go check out their whole masterlists. These are the authors that I personally fangirl over and stand in awe of. None of these are particularly similar to mine (eg. they are way better) and none of them are particular similar to each other. These are the fics that, for whatever reason, I couldn’t forget about after I read them.

Warning: Some of these are very explicit, so use caution. Anything marked with an M is definitely NSFW. 

Hope you enjoy!

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Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader
Rating: Teens and Up
Summary: Reader bakes cookies for the first time and it turns out pretty interesting and funny when Chris comes in the kitchen.
Word Count: 1.3k
Genre: Fluff!
Warning: suggestive themes.
Author’s Note: it’s inspired by a scene in One Tree Hill involving Leyton (Lucas & Peyton), my one and only ship/otp! This series is actually really good; it’s my childhood even if it wasn’t suited for children… oops.

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As you baked a large number of cookies for your family, specially visiting you the next day, your boyfriend sat on a sofa - with Dodger - in the open-plan living room. He checked his e-mails and other important information about his next films coming up in the following years.

“Chris, it’s ready!” You pulled out the first pan from the oven and dropped some of the dough by large spoonfuls onto another one. The rest containing either chocolate chips or white chocolate chips was divided into two different bowls for the next couple of batches.

“Hey.” Chris appeared behind you and you turned your head to peck his cheek. He winked, stretching his arm and he took one of the cookies on the worktop.

As he chewed the chocolate biscuit still quite steamy, Chris made a face that said a lot about the taste of it. He pressed his lips together until he brought a paper towel to his mouth, spitting the cookie out.

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Winter Anime Final Impressions

I was supposed to do this like two weeks ago but with Gundam ending so late and me getting swept up with many things, I didn’t have the time, but here’s a quick rundown of the best and worst of the Winter season. I’m gong from best to worst and also since I watched very few shows this season, I ‘m not gonna break them down in best/meh/worst

Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Sukeroku Futatabi-hen

A masterpiece to the very end, as heartbreaking as it was full of joy and love. There was this weird insinuation at the end that didn’t sit well with me at all and I’m not sure why they felt the need to do it, but I can overlook it because the rest of the picture is so wonderful and special and heart-wrenching. When Konatsu asked Yakumo to make her his apprentice, I actually cried. What a beautiful show. Don’t let the obscure antique Japanese art keep you from experiencing one of the best anime of this decade.

Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto-hen

I was a bit worried about this one because lately, when an “old” show gets a sequel many years after it last aired, said sequel turns out underwhelming and poorly done. See D.Grayman HALLOW (which also adapted my favorite arc from that manga) and Berserk (production values aside, the decline of this is due to Miura’s gross storytelling, so I guess it was inevitable). But I was more than surprised and ecstatic to see this rendition of the Kyoto arc did justice on the source material, with excellent production values, a good pace and wonderful emotional and action scenes alike. AoEx is one of the finest examples of the battle shonen genre and that translated wonderfully to this new iteration of the anime. I can only hope we’ll see Izumo’s and Shura’s arc eventually too.

ACCA-13-ku Kansatsuka

I was a Little on the fence on this one at the start, but once they laid down all the cards and tied all the loose threads, it became absolutely amazing. I’m sorry I ever doubted you Natsume Ono, your ability to craft smart and fascinating adult stories shall never be questioned again. Definitely worth checking out if you want to try something different to your usual anime genres. Helps that the visuals are really interesting and that Mauve is such a bae. I still feel Jean was the weakest link with his absolute nonchalance, but even that somehow worked at the end. Definitely worth going through the somewhat slow initial episodes.

Yowamushi Pedal: New Generation

NGL i’m not a fan of Kaburagi, he’s so much like Naruko I don’t feel he adds anything to the team. But this is now officially the Teshima show and that compensates for the snooze that is Kaburagi because Teshima has become so fabulous and cool I’m just excited every week to see what he’ll do next. Also the First-year race was a true highlight and I’m very disappointed Sugimoto didn’t make the cut, they did a fantastic job in making him likable, so it was sad to see him lose. Hopefully he’ll get to assist Imaizumi when they’re 3rd years.

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Little Witch Academia

This show’s a lot of fun, with really sweet animation and it also sports the Best Girl of the season, Sucy Manbavaaran, although I gotta say there were a bit too many fillerish episodes and it was frustrating to see them take so long to get the plot going. I’m not hating on the show, it is in fact extremely entertaining, but it’s a little lacking on the plot department. Hopefully we’ll get more of that on the second cour.


I’ve never been happier of not quitting a show as I am about Classicaloid. By episode 3 I was on the verge of giving up because it wasn’t what I had expected, but I kept going and I ended falling so hard in love with this show I’m ecstatic it’s getting a second season. Once I embraced the absurdity, it became the best comedy of the season, and I honestly would watch Schubert’s fishy misadventures for 52 weeks a year. It’s an acquired taste for sure and not easy to recommend, but if you’re willing to let go of all reason, you’re sure to have a good time.

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All Out!!

I have a lot of love for this show and its characters (and Sekizan’s ridiculous hair), but I’m afraid the pacing they chose basically doomed them because with the abysmal sales, it seems unlikely we’ll ever see a second season and therefore we’ll never get to see if Jinko does get to Hanazono. It’s a perfectly competent sports series, that does a really good job of developing its huge cast, definitely much better than the likes of Prince of Stride or DAYS, but its inconclusive ending is quite frustrating. I really do hope we get to see more of these boys, but Madhouse’s never been all that good with the whole getting-sequels-done so…

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Kuzu no Honkai

In spite of its low ranking, this is actually a really good show and a unique take on teenage female sexuality that you wouldn’t normally see in this mostly sexist medium. Hanabi made for a truly interesting protagonist and I liked seeing her explore herself and her relationships. I was however quite disappointed by how little focus we actually had for Hanabi and Mugi’s relationship. I felt there was more telling than showing in that regard, especially in the latter half of the show. The ending was pretty good and mature in spite of everything, and as always, I’m just really fond of all the vaginal imagery in the ED animation. Could’ve done without Moca though.

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Gundam: Tekketsu Orphans

At the end of the Fall season, I expressed my concern about pointless, meaningless deaths. Clearly the Gundam writers thought I wasn’t concerned enough because the amount of characters that died pointless deaths went on to, I think, the double digits. I wouldn’t have minded the carnage if there had been some sort of payoff to the sacrifices. For example, if Shino hadn’t stupidly and conveniently missed his one shot because the show couldn’t afford to kill Rustal yet. I always felt Orga, Mika and Akihiro had a ton of death flags looming over their heads, but I certainly didn’t expect all three of them to get to the chopping block. Orga’s death was particularly random and pointless, but then again, what they did with Orga in general was very confusing. That he agreed to McGillis’s sketchy propositions to become “king of Mars” never made a whole lot of sense to me and that’s the result we got. I’ll also never get over how creepy and weird the whole Atra giving Mika a baby thing was. In short, I have very mixed feelings about it.

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Hand Shakers

I could write thousands of words for everything that was wrong with this series but I think it wouldn’t make justice to the absolute experience that is watching this amazing trainwreck. Go watch it to see a masterclass of how not to anime. Honestly I had such a good time hating this show, it was so horrible in every possible way. Good job GoHands, even animate, who sponsored this show, won’t give it any publicity.

Super Lovers

I’m not sure of how this production team managed to put out 20 episodes of nothing actually happen. Like you just have to give kudos to the writers for managing to simply not do anything over the course of 6~ hours of content. No drama, no decent comedy, no character development, not even relationship development in a BL romance. It’s kind of amazing how pointless the whole thing is. The dog’s still cute and the relationship is still creepy and gross and that’s about all there is to say about this.

Although most of the shows I watched turned out great, it did feel like a weaker season because there wasn’t that much that was interesting (my Wednesdays were literally empty). Or maybe everything looks lackluster in this post-Yuri on Ice world D: But there was Rakugo and rakugo is good and I’m glad we live in an age in which such a niche, quiet and adult artistic show could be made and tell a complete story.

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Hi!! So I love your writing! Masterpiece was honestly such a beautiful series and Purple is really good and just all your scenarios are amazing! I was just wondering if you could recommend some bts fanfics to read? Thank you :)

Really? That’s so sweet of you! Masterpiece and Purple are basically my favourite pieces that I have written :)

So yes, I have a few fanfics that I would love to recommend but ask other people too because I haven’t been able to read that many on my time here, and I would love to read more.

Note: None of the pieces of writing I recommend will be smut because I don’t read smut but I know some of the writers do write smut so if you like reading that then check do out those as well :)

Also, make sure you check out every writer’s masterlists and all their works because they’re all amazing writers, I’m just recommending a few in particular which are my personal favourites 

And I have a fic rec tag to which I reblog some of my favourite fanfic so definitely check that out too!

I even made a banner for this guys

It’s serious

They are in no particular order, I just love them all, okay?

And sorry if the majority is Jimin fanfic *hides*


I am so thankful I found this author because I don’t really see much of platonic BTS scenarios and she writes platonic BTS!!! And I just started reading LaFT and let me tell you DAMN it’s amazing. By the way, the last two aren’t actually called that, that’s just the prompt she used to write it, but it’s one of my favourite pieces by her :)



Honestly so good!!! I loved it! It was so fluffy and cute and just !!!!!!!!

I don’t KNOW how to describe how this fic made me feel except:



Photographer Yoongi is so adorable and this fic is so adorable and my heart couldn’t take it. She’s so good at describing and making each moment worthwhile to read.

I loved it <3


This story hurt me and I can’t explain how much I loved that pain. I love the way the author writes, it just made me keep wanting to read even though I started to fear what was going to happen




This story is actually the first gang au I’ve ever read and it’s so good?? L is so good at writing, like her descriptions are amazing and you can tell she put so much thought and work into her writing

Make sure you read all her stories

ALL of them


Idk if you know how much I love angst, and heartbreak so like… Farewell is literally my type of scenario, while Simply Loveable is super adorable and asdfghjkl imagine dating Taehyung like…. it’s so cute



I love me some Jimin CEO stuff and she writes tHE BEST CEO PARK JIMIN


This story is so angsty I love it so much. I honestly don’t know why I do this to myself but I just love reading angst even though it hurts me both mentally and physically… I still do it

Make sure you check out this scenario as well as all their work!


Okay but who doesn’t die when they read about Jimin as a dad? (Was about to write Daddy Jimin but…) This story is so cute and fluffy and asdfghjkl You need to check out all their work!


So, as I stated before, I love dying. So I read angst, it’s good for the soul you know? 



It’s angst guys


Idk if you know by now but I love angst more than anything else in this world and






This writer is amazing and I keep reading fluffy stories so like…. it’s super fluffy and cute.


SO FLUFFY I DIED WHEN READING THIS. I just love the character Jimin has in this story and ahhhhh she’s such a good writer!!


If you’re have a BTS tumblr and you don’t know Kaye, then what are you doing with your life? And if you haven’t read the story about the adventures of Prof V, what are you doing with your life? This is personally one of my favourite stories on tumblr/wattpad, so if you haven’t read it, get to it! And if you already have read it, why not read it again? XD


This is super cute, if you like super cute then read this super cute fic


Beautifully written, honestly


So some are super cute but then the others…. you know…



Guys!!! This is so frikin heartbreaking I just-

I love it so much


Both of these are sooooo damn cute!!!! I especially love the first one because like I feel like I could totally imagine it happening. The writer is actually so good in their detail and I just love reading her work <3

And now you see that I really haven’t read that many fics in my time here, and the ones I read are mostly Jimin

Love you guys!!

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Has anyone been reading the Batman ‘66 Meets Wonder Woman ‘77 comic series? It is really, really good. Still campy, but there are some dark themes popping up in the background. Ra’s al Ghul is main villain right now and it’s great.

The most recent issues have moved forward to 1977 and check out some of the awesome artwork.

Dick has graduated from Robin into Nightwing (I love his outfit):

I also like the older Bruce Wayne:

And Catwoman has joined the forces of good:

Well worth a read.

Please Watch Shin Sekai Yori

a plea by me, tumblr user findingschmomo

Shin Sekai Yori (Also known as From the New World) is a fantastic anime that little people know about and it deserves to be more popular. So hopefully by the end of this post I’ll have convinced a few of you to go check it out. 

First of all, whats this anime even about?

Shin Sekai Yori takes place 1000 years in the future, in a world where everyone can use telepathy. Their society is the product of this new ability. The story follows the lives of a group of children as they grow up and learn about the world they were born into and the dark secrets it holds. In fact, we follow their lives and progression from the age of 12 to their late twenties. 

The artwork is also fantastic. The animation is usually superb. 

The greatest part of Shin Sekai Yori though is the world that it has developed, and the puzzle that the children and viewer piece together at the same time as they discover the darkness within this new society. Plus, there is no wrong in Shin Sekai Yori in a traditional sense. No one is right. No one is wrong. It’s the kind of story that is conflicting for the viewer. It does not put you at easy. It does not offer easy answers but provides difficult questions. It’s the kind of show that spawns discussion on what humanity even means.  

Also of note: Canon Bisexuality. The characters in this show explore their sexuality, and it’s not looked down upon. It’s integral to the relationships they build with each other. But its portrayed as something normal and that is honestly refreshing.

I don’t really want to talk about all the things that I adore about this show because that would ruin it. The best thing is to go in blind and immerse yourself into the world this show creates. And to figure it out yourself.

One last thing though, unlike most shows, the ending to this anime is honestly the best part of the series. It sticks with you. It fucks you up in more ways than one. It leaves an impact. It makes everything worth it. When I finished it, I couldn’t think about anything else for weeks. Nor could I rid myself of the pain in my heart. 

To be completely honest, this is the kind of series to marathon. The pacing will keep you wanting more, to know more. And you should let it take you on this journey. 

Idk. This series is really good and you guys should watch it. I’m done my rant. 

If you’re interested you can find the whole series available to watch on crunchyroll here for free. It’s only 25 episodes and it’s completely worth your time. 

Thanks for reading this post. 

canonthought  asked:

Were they any good books on storyboarding, blogs, or tutorials that you found to be essential, or extremely useful when you started pursuing your career? Terminology, annotation, techniques for conveyance?

Some things I personally own:

Understanding Comics - Scott McCloud

Paper Dreams - John Canemaker

Disney Archive Series: Story

A really good YouTube series to look through:

Every Frame A Painting

Also pretty good to check out:

The 5 Cs of Cinematography - Joseph Mascelli

Honestly a real good way to study is just to go through good movies (classic ones are a good place to start; they’re usually classic for a reason) and go through a scene shot by shot to see how it’s laid out!

EDIT: Looking at this question again, I feel like I should also add that honestly a LOT of my help came from having a mentor who was willing to take the time to walk me through everything, explain some terminology, give me (sometimes harsh) critique and be honest with me on what I needed to do to improve. SO, I know that’s not an easy thing to just go and check out, but having an actual real experienced human being who was willing to work with me made a world of difference. 

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hey sorry to bother u but if ,, one wants to start watching AT but wants to skip the first few episodes where its still like kinda bad , which season do you think should they start? sorry if this doesnt make sense hhh have a good day!

a lot of episodes are important unfortunately, even in early seasons :(

@cryptolalias made a list of episodes that are ‘plot relevant’, though! i understand it’s a pretty long series, though most episodes are really good and you shouldnt skip at all imo

there are other lists people’ve made floating around but i can’t find them atm :(

Eric x Reader (Soulmate AU) Drabble: Part V

AN: Ooookay, so, next part of the series. I feel really good writing this one, despite the obstacles in the beginning. (so, if you find discrepancies, my apologies) My favourite part is the second portion of the story. I feel like I can see where this is going now. LOL.

Now, part 5. 

Warning: Fights, language and a character death

Originally posted by sugawarakouhsi

It had been a long day at work. There had been multiple Factionless attacks in the last month and every day, more and more soldiers came in with varying injuries ranging from stab wounds, broken bones and a whole lot of concussions.

After Initiation, you have chosen to be a medic, both in the field and at home. Although, away missions are far and few in between, in the last 6 months since you started working, you have seen your fair share of injuries in the Compound itself. After months handling reckless soldiers refusing treatment, you felt like you’ve aged about 10 years.

Sighing, you plopped yourself down at your usual table, greeting your friends there tiredly. Lia smiled, wordlessly sliding a tray over to you, already filled with a healthy portion of food. “Tough day?”

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awesome-reading-bitch  asked:

I always believed in past lives but when I watch that show the ghost inside my child I WAS SHOOK like it's so amazing

GOD that series IS really good! So many chilling moments like

- The 9yo son who’s father was about to leave to a war. Instead of saying “Dad don’t go, dad don’t die” the boy just looked his dad seriously in the eyes and said calmly “When the bombs start falling, just lay flat down and you will make it.” He had had a past life during WWII. His advice actually saved his father.

- The girl, who fell crazily in love with 1920′s actor, just to find out she had known him and they had had a past life together.

- The little American boy who was watching Hitler speaking in TV and laughed out loud. Parents were shocked and scolded him saying that he shouldn’t laugh, that is a bad man. The boy just shrugged “He told a joke how he’s a woman” - and surely the subtitles appeared confirming this and Hitler was gesturing like a woman. So, the boy understood German perfectly, because it had been his previous life’s native language. 

- The boy who was crazy about Titanic, drawing countless of pictures of it. He also had nightmares of Titanic sinking. Mom asked once why he had drawn 4 chimneys on his Titanic but only 3 were emitting smoke? The boy noted that “They added only 3 real chimneys; that fourth one is fake.” Later they found out that it was true and the boy just knew it. 

- The boy who had been a screenwriter and kept saying he had been making movies. His parents jokingly asked about famous movies like “Did you make this one?” His father asked “Did you make Gone With The Wind?” and the boy’s eyes brightened. “Yes! That’s the one! I made it! Have you seen it?” After that he started to have more vivid memories about that life and he knew many details of that man’s life, was it Victor Fleming? Can’t remember the name. 

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Can you recommend some good Harry Styles angst?

I adore the one shots about forgetting your b-day as well as one called “Worry” by @bubblecumhxrry 

The DFMO series by @roseonhissleeve is really really good. 

“Sweeter” by @aboutalighthouse is amazing. 

The one shot “Mess o’Mine” by @smut-hub is one of the best I read in a while. 

Those are my favorites I can think of right now. I might add to the list if more come to mind. Hope you’ll love those stories as much as I do.

What’s to come after I’ve healed


Bucky x Reader drabble about Bucky moving in with you and there’s an embarrassing shower scene that leads to smut.


Bucky x Reader fic where you’re new to the tower after working under Tony Stark for the past year. When Bucky meets her, it’s love at first sight, or so might one say.

I’m in Charge

Bucky x dom!Reader fic where Steve convinces you to act on your feelings towards Bucky.


Bucky x Reader fluff fic where Bucky keeps making up flimsy excuses to come visit you while you’re stuck in bed. 

I Know My Place: Part Two

You and Bucky have dinner and discuss his life, his girlfriend, and why you’re so feisty.

Barnes and You: Part Four

You struggle with your breakup with John and Bucky pulls some sly shit.

A New Beginning: Chapter Nine

They’ve come to save you, they weren’t going to let you stay locked away for the rest of your days. But…where were you going to go? What had happened with the other Winter Soldiers? What had happened to Bucky?

Unnamed Fics

I’m going to try writing some quick fics containing the pairs:

Ivy x Harley
Natasha x Reader
Wanda x Reader
Sara x Nyssa
Harley x Reader
Felicity Smoak x Reader
Peter Parker x Reader

I’m also thinking about writing some fanfiction based on The Raven Cycle series because it’s really good (I’m on Book Three right now) and I’m in love with the story and the characters. 

I’ll accept another other pairs that you guys have in mind but I’m still not taking requests and, as you can see, I have a lot of stuff to work on so I may not get to said pair for a while. Patience, young ones. 

Okay, that is all. Carry on with your day :)

*finishes a 60 episode american cartoon series*
Man, that was really good! I wanna get that on DVD so I can watch it over and over!
Amazon: That’ll be $25 + free shipping!

*finishes a 12 episode anime*
Man, that was really good! I wanna get that on DVD so I ca–
CDJapan: That’ll be $782.67 + $95 shipping and it won’t arrive for 3 months and in 12 separate boxes